RoboKoding, Tammiste Video May 10, 2018, 2:27pm

Videos by RoboKoding in Tammiste. Enabling children to learn basics of programming and electronics in a fun, interactive and collaborative way.

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We finalised the workshop with the students trying their codes on the #SumoRobot field. All in all, a lot of fun through learning by doing! Make sure to follow us and for more awesome events like this

We are at and the students are currently learning how to program the #SumoRobot and testing their code. Follow us for more updates and a mini #SumoRobot competition

Our ongoing #SumoRobot Workshop in Hacklab Kika in Skopje

RoboKoding at the International Tool Fair XII
Lots of fun at the SumoRobot workshop today here on the #InternationalToolFairXII #toolfairxii #sumorobot with Associazione EUfemia Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG A big thanks to everyone for the active participation and the encouraging feedback! Upcoming tonight: "Open Market for Tools in Youth Work"

#Rosalia, #JohnnySix and #RosaliaZP are the three SumoRobots trying to win the 1st place at the #SumoRobot competition with Associazione EUfemia, Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG and Filter Veritas Skopje

Pasquale and Silver are presenting the #SumoRobot on the Italian Tool Fair organized byAgenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANGG with Associazione EUfemia and Filter Veritas Skopje

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