We kindly invite you to the Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2017!

Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2017 will gather stories of Local & Decentralised governance. Tapping into the shift from centralised - capital based economies to de-centralised peer based resource distribution, we offer the Pixelache Helsinki festival as a meeting point for local initiatives and the wider public working on similar experiences.

The focal point of this year's festival will be the so-called Public Assembly and organisations, informal groups and interested individuals are welcome to come and propose themes for discussion for the main event the PUBLIC ASSEMBLY FOR LOCAL AND DECENTRALISED GOVERNANCE.

The event is free of charge and open to all, please find the application form for proposing new themes below:

Ptarmigan is a creative platform in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. Ptarmigan is an artist-run platform in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia.

Organised by a collective of volunteer, non-profit artists, Ptarmigan seeks to enable unusual cultural forms and trans-disciplinary practices. We favour events based in participation, though we also provide a platform for challenging performances, art, music, and other scenarios. Ptarmigan operates from Toom-Kooli 13 in Tallinn and from various roaming locations in Helsinki. Check our website(s) t 25/08/2014

Report from Kompass - day 2 | Icewhistle

Some reflections on Kompass, part 2 of 2: Friday was the main day of Kompass, which I felt was a modest event, organised around an afternoon un-conference format. Unfortunately, the turnout was much lower than I had hoped - we had ten people who remained from Thursday night, and only o... 07/08/2014

Kompass (21-22 August 2014)

Announcing KOMPASS - an unconference for Latvian and Estonian organisers, artists, urbanists and activists to seek solutions to problems of public space and culture production. 21-22 August.

SPACE IS LIMITED so register now through http::// Kompass is a gathering of organisers, artists, urbanists and active cultural instigators, held in Tallinn, Estonia on 21-22 August 2014. Kompass is a joint initiative of Totaldobze Art Centre in Riga and Ptarmigan in Tallinn, and seeks to connect Latvian and Estonian minds to address collaborative c…


Vienna performers invade Tallinn:

TONIGHT: collaboration #014 by Bilwa/Jasmin

WEDNESDAY 6.08: Untitled by Arai Mayumi

FRI-SUN 8-10.08: sense and experience workshop with Bilwa/Jasmin

SUN 10.08: sense and experience performance 30/07/2014

Workshops and performances (Human Space, sense and experience)

Coming soon at Ptarmigan! Ptarmigan is a trans-disciplinary cultural platform based in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. 25/07/2014

Mario de Vega presentation and discussion | Ptarmigan

Reminder: sound artist/composer Mario de Vega (of Mexico) artist talk at 15:00 today! Concert tonight at Kanala. Ptarmigan welcomes Mexican sound artist and composer Mario de Vega to give a presentation of his work, before the evening Sound Room X concert at Kultuurikatla Aed.  Mario's work ques... 22/07/2014

Late summer events

Here's what's coming up so you don't miss anything! There's a lot happening at Ptarmigan during the rest of the summer. Workshops: Sara Evelyn-Brown & Meera Shakti Osborne (UK) visit Tallinnn with their Human Space project, which explor... 15/07/2014

Interview: Hannah Harkes, organizer of the Guessing Game Jam

New Baltic based blog Plus 37 published an article about Guessing Game Jam, the 24 hour event that took place here at the end of June. 24 hours intense session of game design guessing took place last weekend in Ptarmigan, a creative project space in Tallinn. We spoke to Hannah Harkes, the main organizer of the Guessing Game Jam ab... 04/07/2014

Cut The Trust: Sloganeering Poster Printing Workshop | Ptarmigan

3 spots left for tomorrow's slogan-screening workshop at Grafodroom! Register here: During the workshop participants will design, screen print and distribute an A2 slogan poster. The workshop will take place at the print studio Grafodroom. The slogans, random and ultimately meanin...


Thursday 10:00 (bring your own jam)


Podcast: 'but we choose to stay?' post-film discussion

New podcast! Discussion on 'Future My Love', with lots of talk about change, Utopia, and human progress (you don't need to see the film to enjoy). Artist-in-residence Nikki Kane screened the film 'Future My Love' (directed by Maja Borg, 2012) and then led a discussion after the film about the ideas in the film. Though it is of course more hel...


Who wants to be the first to play 'Whokkake?' ? Join us this Saturday, 3pm at Ptarmigan to invent, develop and play games during our 24 hour Guessing Game Jam. Read more + register ->


June 28.–> 29., 3pm-3pm we will host an intensive guessing game development session, working in groups to design the rules and framework for face-to-face multiplayer games during a period of 24 hours. We will be talking about methods of hinting; subtle suggestion; symbolic confession; tenuous (mis)understanding and risky communicative shots taken blindfolded.

Register here : 13/06/2014

The coming week at Ptarmigan

This week at Ptarmigan (13 June) Hello! This week Ptarmigan has been blessed with two short-term artists-in-residence, Nikki Kane and Will Slater. Some of you already met Nikki at Tuesday's screening. Both artists independently proposed walking-based projects, which will happen on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Nikki is also faci…


Walk with us, through Tallinn...

We offer two walking-based events on Monday and Tuesday, by artists Nikki Kane and Will Slater!

Nikki's performance:

Will's tour: Nikki Kane and Will Slater answered our open call, proposing peripatetic projects, based around the act of walking through spaces urban and emotional. Though both of them hail from the st...


Tonight at Priit Raud's Avatud Toimingud talk/discussion (starting at 19:30) we have a rice/cucumber salad and cold sesame-peanut noodles, while supplies last.


Ptarmigan podcasts

Announcing Ptarmigan podcasts! Up now is the first Avatud Toimingud presentation and discussion, with future events and archival material to follow. You can subscribe on iTunes or through our RSS feed. Ptarmigan podcasts contain audio recordings of talks, discussions, workshops and other events that have taken place at Ptarmigan. While we are initially posting our Avatud Toimingud/Opening Operations events, we hope to unearth other recordings from the archives.


27th May 2014: Around The Worlds

Artist-in-residence Kimmo Modig writes about Daft Punk, why artists like pop music, and on the fun of not having art in art events. 16. What would happen if we would spend as much time and effort on choosing which art events we'll attend to than we spend on looking for love? Relational aesthetics happened because it's m... 18/05/2014

This week at Ptarmigan (18 May)

This week at Ptarmigan There's a few events in Tallinn this week - the third SUNDAYS WITH KIMMO (Workshop!), the first AVATUD TOIMINGUD event, and our regular free improvisation night. If you don't want to be on this list, you can get off easily (see below) and if you'd like to join again, you can browse to eitherwebsite…


Ptarmigan's cover photo


Tonight's programme for Liminal Images. 10/05/2014

This week at Ptarmigan

Ptarmigan activities in Tallinn, this week This week, Ptarmigan Helsinki announces the City Ghettoes Today project, while in Tallinn we have SUNDAYS WITH KIMMO #2 and the return of our 'Liminal Images' film screening. Thanks to all who turned up last week for SUNDAYS WITH KIMMO, the free improvisation night, and the AtgRuioFallA performance!…


Kimmo Modig, artist in residence at Ptarmigan, May 2014

For your reading pleasure: Kimmo Modig: Tallinn stories. Each one of these texts have been written in an hour. I haven't edited them after writing. This is how I express myself in 2014. 03/05/2014

Ptarmigan activities in Tallinn, this week

Ptarmigan activities in Tallinn, week of 4 May If you don't want to be on this list, you can get off easily (see below) and if you'd like to join again, you can browse to eitherwebsite and enter your email in the box on the frontpage.  As always, our websites contain more information on events future and past, as well as links to Facebook events…


Unfortunately, Martins Rokis has had to cancel his performance at Ptarmigan on Friday (25th of April) due to health reasons. adhesion will perform in the city soon, but not this time - event cancelled. Have a nice Friday evening elsewhere!


Ungravity Kiosk at Ptarmigan today, open from 2 to 6 30/01/2014

Waste workshop II: Art upcycling, or making waste from art | Ptarmigan

There's still 58 spaces left in Saturday's art upcycling workshop. It's free, all you need to do is bring some art piece to turn into waste, so please sign up if you'd like to come. Art upcycling is a process to change art pieces into new products of better quality to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce ... 28/01/2014

MAAJAAM | Open Call 2014

More great things happening in Estonia this summer! MAAJAAM is operated by Timo Toots and we're very excited to have another like-minded culture initiative operating. This is an OPEN CALL for people and projects to be involved with MAAJAAM in the season of 2014.All artists/hackers/makers/thinkers are welcome to apply! 24/01/2014

pixelversity | Bambuser

Our friend Eero Dinero is doing a 72 hour nonstop webcast performance at Culture Factory Polymer this weekend. It's maybe the final gasp of life for Polymer, a pivotal place in Estonia culture. Check it out. Live broadcasts by pixelversity on


Open call: Ptarmigan summer 2014

Come to Ptarmigan this summer and make some good things happen. Details below; please spread the word to any appropriate (aka "slightly nuts") people. Ptarmigan project space (Tallinn, Estonia) is looking for creative minds! We're looking for people who can contribute to Ptarmigan's activities from April - September 2014. Proposals are we...


Anyone thinking of breaking a ritual among the most ritualistically dense time of the calendar, check out our call!


Jeffery Byrd, Corporal Outis & Collaboration #5, Dimanche Rouge at Oksasenkatu 11 |...

jeffery byrd today at oksasenkatu11 just started - 480 beautiful notes - streaming live from helsinki

Live broadcast by dimancherouge on


Peter Shaw and Corporal Outis at Oksasenkatu11 Helsinki | dimancherouge | Bambuser

Live broadcast by dimancherouge on 15/10/2013


Ptarmigan is one of the partners in the City Ghettos of Today project that will come to Helsinki in fall 2014 All the partners of our new international project “The City Ghettos of Today” will meet in Bologna between 9th and 13th of October to discuss the methodology and activities of the project during the following months. Apart from the group meetings of the project partners we invite everybody to partic... 13/10/2013

| resonance | workshop | william "bilwa" costa (us) | Ptarmigan

On Tuesday, Bilwa returns to Ptarmigan for a |resonance| workshop (last seen in Estonia in 2011). There's still space to join so please register via the Ptarmigan site! | resonance | is a workshop for performance, movement, sound, theatre, and other performing artists. To reverberate mindfully with one another during duet and ensemble improvisation, we practice li...


Amelia Beavis-Harrison

[scroll down for English]


We are looking for a couple more performers to take part in exciting performances by international artists Amelia Beavis-Harrison (UK) and ROOMS (USA)..

1) THE ELEPHANT DANCE - 18th October 2013
We are looking for elephants and performers to take part in a new art work by British artist Amelia Beavis-Harrison for the Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France festival which will take place in Helsinki from 17-20 October. The new piece called The Elephant Dance will see six people take on the roles of elephant and hunter as a durational performance plays out around the Helsinki Art Museum. The performance uses movement as a way of interpreting traditional tribal dance to create a re-worked performance but is not a choreographed piece.
Who we are looking for:
- People prepared to give their time to a workshop to develop the work and a subsequent performance
- You can be an artist, dancer, student or someone with a general interest, 18 years or over
- There is no requirement to come from a dance or performance background, there will be no set dance steps to learn
What you will be asked to do:
- Take part in a day workshop led by the artist that will incorporate learning performance techniques which will lead into development of the performance
- Take part in the durational performance around the Helsinki Art Museum
- Wear a costume for the duration of the performance
Overall this aims to be an enjoyable experience where you become a part of a new and evolving piece and get to meet other new like minded people.
For more about Amelia’s art practice see:
PARTICIPATION --> please email [email protected] with the subject heading 'elephants and performers'

2) ROOMS - PERFORMER CALL-OUT - 16th-18th October 2013
Chicago based performance installation duo, ROOMS, is looking for seven to nine performers to perform in Ritual No. 1: Counting Birds, for Dimanche Rouge Experimental Performance Festival which Ptarmigan is co-producing in Helsinki. One rehearsal is required on October 16 (3pm-5pm), 2013 with performances on October 17th and October 18th (2.30pm - 5.30pm). The performance is three hours long and requires very little performance experience but endurance to stand and speak with minimal movements is necessary. Counting Birds is interesting to perform as it provides a meditating experience for the audience as well as the performer.
ROOMS, is comprised of husband and wife, Marrakesh and Todd Frugia. They are a performance art installation duo from Chicago, USA.ROOMS maintains the belief that the power of art lives within the visceral reaction to the questions that mystery and ambiguity provoke.Please visit for past artwork. Video to see Ritual No. 1: Counting Birds first performed in ROOMS gallery can been seen here:

If you are interested to participate as a performer please contact:
Christian Cruz - [email protected] / ROOMS / Studio Manager || Curator (with the subject heading ‘Counting Birds’)

1) Esiintyjähaku Norsu tanssi teokseen - 18.10.2013
Haemme esiintyjiä brittiläisen taitelijan Amelia Beavis-Harrisonin performanssiesitykseen. Beavis-Harrisonin uudessa The Elephant Dance -esityksessä kuusi ihmistä ottavat omakseen elefantin ja metsästäjän roolit pitkäkestoisessa performanssissa, jonka tapahtumapaikkana toimii Helsingin taidemuseo ja on osa Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France festivaalia. Performanssi tulkitsee perinteistä heimotanssia liikkeiden avulla luoden näin työstetyn mutta ei ennalta suunnitellun esityksen.
Ketä haemme:
- Taiteilijoita, tanssijoita, opiskelijoita tai ylipäänsä asiasta kiinnostuneita, 18-vuotta täyttäneitä henkilöitä
- Emme vaadi tanssi- tai performanssitaustaa. Esitystä varten ei tarvitse opetella tanssiaskeleita.
Mitä pyydämme esiintyjiltä:
- Osallistumaan taiteilijan vetämään yhden päivän kestävään työpajaan. Työpajassa tutustutaan performanssitekniikoihin, jotka toimivat pohjana esitykselle
- Osalistumaan pitkäkestoiseen performanssiin Helsingin taidemuseossa
- Käyttämään esitysasua performanssin aikana
Tavoitteena on luoda miellyttävä kokemus, jossa pääset osaksi uutta ja kehittyvää taide-elämystä ja tutustut muihin samanmielisiin ihmisiin.
Amelian taidetoimintamuodosta enemmän:
ILMOITUKSET--> [email protected] ('Norsu tanssi' otsiko)

2) ROOMS - ESIINTYJÄHAKU - 16.--18.10.2013
Performanssikaksikko ROOMS etsii 7-9 esiintyjää Ritual No. 1: Counting Birds -teoksensa esittämiseen osana Dimanche Rouge Experimental Performance -festivaalia. Harjoituskerta järjestetään 16.10.2013 (klo 15-17) ja itse esitykset ovat 17.10. ja 18.10. (klo 14.30-17.30). Performanssin kesto on kolme tuntia eikä vaadi esiintyjiltä kovin paljon esiintymiskokemusta, mutta kestävyyttä seistä ja kykyä puhua erittäin pienieleisesti edellytetään. Counting Birds -performanssin tekee mielenkiintoiseksi juuri se meditatiivinen kokemus, jonka se antaa sekä yleisölle että esiintyjälle itselleen.
ROOMSin muodostaa Chicagosta kotoisin oleva performanssitaiteeseen keskittyvä pariskunta Marrakesh ja Todd Frugia. ROOMS perustuu käsitykseen siitä, että taiteen voima elää niissä tunnetason reaktioissa joita salaperäisyys ja monitulkintaisuus aiheuttavat. ROOMSin aikaisempiin töihin voi tutustua täällä: Ritual No. 1: Counting Birds -teoksen ensimmäisen esityksen voi katsoa täältä:
Ilmoitukset englanniksi: Christian Cruz - [email protected] / ROOMS / Studio Manager || Curator

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06.06.12 at Kontaining (Helsinki)
Pop_x & the Nasty Power Bitch



Toom-Kooli 13

General information

Ptarmigan is an entirely volunteer, artist-run project in both cities. While we have received support for some projects, mostly our artist-in-residency programme, the day-to-day operations of Ptarmigan occur without any funding or other official infrastructure.

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Lavakas Lavakas
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Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia lavakunstikool | Drama Department of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

World Ballet Class World Ballet Class
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World Ballet Class - a specialized ballet online video service with lessons of World ballet Stars and Famous Ballet Masters

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Tantsutunnid suurtele ja väikestele Уроки танца для больших и маленьких

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TALLINNA BALLETIKOOL Toom-Kooli 11 Tallinn Estonia

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Reverie Aerial Arts is an aerial community aiming to help reaching each student's personal goals. Classes are held in partnership with RubyAir studio.