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If growth is your interest then you are in the right place. Along with training, recruitment, and HR

If growth is your interest -- be it as a small company, a fast growing start-up, or a corporation -- then you are in the right place. SMARTFUL Growth OÜ was born out of a desire to contribute to a better future of work by helping companies:
🟡 recruit the right people for the right roles
🟡 advance their knowledge and skills
🟡 develop the leadership ability, working environment, and conditions that

Operating as usual


Year of growth at Smartful

This year was a year of at Smartful!💛

The growth was so tremendous that while there were only four of us at the beginning of 2022, we will start the next year with as many as thirteen great members & partners.🌱🤩

We are happy that our desire to contribute to the of the work of the future and the promotion of the well-being of companies and their employees inspires so many to think and act along.🤸

We would like to inform you that to start the New Year with fresh , our Smartful team will be engaged in active resting during the period between 26.12 - 01.01.

See you in the New Year and have a Merry Christmas!
Your talent partner🦉✨


Today we want to talk about helping others.☃️

Smartful's mission is to contribute to the development of the work of the future and the of companies and their employees, which is why one of our hearts matters is to do projects from time to time.

During these years we have helped several companies, such as MTÜ Peaasi, MTÜ Köömen, and Lapse Heaolu Arengukeskus. Mainly because it is important to us. However, today we would like to invite you and your company to join us.🧦🤝✨

As of today, many Estonian families are going through difficult times, caused by the rapid growth in market prices and slow catch-up of wages. We wish to inspire everyone to find an initiative or method to give back to society and to contribute to something they believe in.

A good deed does not always have to be large-scale. If everyone contributes even a little bit, it will be big in the end.

Let’s care about each other!🦉💛


There are a huge number of people in the labour market, but it's hard to find the right one among them?🦄😶‍🌫️

This week, on the 16th of December, Helen Pärli will give a public training called 📣"Targeted search for successful recruiting".

The is aimed to help recruiters and to find and use wider opportunities to get the best specialists and managers to in their team.🦉🎉

During the training, Helen will take a closer look at the following topics:

✨ How to approach a person who is not actively looking for a job?
✨ What are the right channels to find suitable potential ?
✨ What does a successful targeted search look like?
✨..and much more !

The training will take place in Äripäeva Akadeemia and will be held in Estonian.

More information:


🥳Ilja Džalilov joined our as both our Recruitment Partner & Sales Specialist,

who will be managing full-cycle processes, doing active , and helping Smartful to grow.✨

At Smartful, Ilja hopes to challenge himself and gain more knowledge, by helping companies and to find each other.

In his free time, Ilja
🚴‍♂️…loves riding BMX,
✈️…enjoys travelling,
💛…and spending time with friends.


Having a busy time at work?😕💛

Have you considered being more like Marko? Hiring an Interim HR can your business run much more smoothly.

Marko Simkin
NorthHammer OÜ, Board Member🏠

"We involved Helen Pärli as an Interim Human Resources Manager, mainly to organize the documents related to our staff because we did not have the knowledge and time to prepare them properly ourselves. In addition to what was initially planned, Helen checked the documents related to our work environment and developed the missing and instructions for our employees. She also gave advice on recruitment issues. The use of an HR Manager service provided us with the to quickly resolve the most urgent issues."

🦉✨More information:


Come and join us in the picture!😊✨

Smartful is looking for a Sales Assistant Trainee to join our team.

As a , you will be helping our Sales Specialist in creating quotations 💼, managing contact lists ☎️, with clients 👋, and the best part is yet to come. You will get the opportunity to become a part of a supporting & motivating with the chance to work from home 🏠☀️.

The duration of this traineeship is three months.

Apply here!👇👇


How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Could one of them have been related to a job?👀🎉

Regarding our soon-to-be-happening , called “Training for Junior Recruiters”, we asked one specific question from our CEO Helen Pärli.

Why is attending this training necessary?🧐

“Recruitment as a separate specialty is not taught in school, although there are in my opinion so many stages that would need to be taken through. Systematicity and are needed, otherwise, the results will come much harder. A more informed start is needed! Recruiting isn't just chatting, it's also goal setting. How different parties are involved and how to bring real results. It is worth coming to this training at any age and . If there is no experience, then maybe it is even better, but if you already have an experience as a and want to become better, then this is also a good chance.”

“Training for Junior Recruiters” will take place on the 6th of December at Smartful office.🦉✨

More information 👉
NB! The training will be held in Estonian.


Monier is looking for a Call-off Planner! 😎✨

BMI Monier, BMI Icopal, Schiedel Eesti is a part of BMI Group, which is by far the largest roofing system provider in Europe.🏘️🏗️

As a Call-off at BMI Monier, you will get the opportunity to communicate daily with suppliers, manage chains 🚛, measure and analyze performances 📊, and much more interesting 👀.

BMI Monier offers a competitive salary, a supportive team, and great developing opportunities within the company.

Read more 👉👉:


What is a personal mental crisis plan, and why would you need one❓

If you live in Estonia, you have probably found a preparation page in your mailbox 📫, which lists what kind of food to stock up on and how to survive in difficulties. But what you may not yet know about is a mental crisis plan.🦉

A crisis plan is a plan that helps you better survive crises and emerge victorious from them.🏅 Having thought through and analysed how you behave in a crisis situation will help you maintain common sense when you truly need it.

Having a plan will not only help you to be more effective in a crisis but will also help you to be a better to others.💛✨

November 22nd, Smartful will have a titled "How to Keep Your Mental Health", where together with communication trainer & coach Ly Kivikas, we will focus specifically on talking about this topic.

How to recognize the behavioural patterns of the crisis in yourself and your loved ones, how to find your personal , and draw up a personal crisis plan - all these questions will find an answer.🤗🤝

❗The webinar will be held in Estonian❗

Sounds useful? Register here & see you next week. 👇


What is coaching? Can it replace therapy? Is it only for entrepreneurs?🤔✨

Coaching is one of many that has in recent years gradually begun to gain popularity in Estonia.🚀 As it is with everything new, we have noticed that when it comes to people tend to have many unanswered questions.

Taking it all into consideration we decided to write an with three of our Smartful coaches!🦉💛

In the article, Helen Pärli, Ly Kivikas, and Neidi Kompus share their opinions and answer some of the most common questions regarding coaching.

It indeed came out to be a very insightful reading, certainly recommend.🤩👉


If only there was a way for this year’s Christmas to go without a total panic at work. 🙏👀🎅

Whether we like it or not, the fastest time ⏰ of the year is soon about to knock on the door and so the acceleration of the pace of work in most companies has already gradually begun. 🏃💼

In case you have already thought that you would like to avoid the rush this year or feel that your company would need additional workforce in the company then here is one potential for you – the involvement of an ❗

What are the benefits?

🌟 Interim HR Manager helps to point out problems that may have gone unnoticed;
🌟 you can use the Interim HR Manager’s competence and knowledge in the interests of your company;
🌟 Interim HR Manager helps to share your workload and get more things done with the same amount of time;
🌟 It brings diversity to your company and diversity fosters & .

Sounds like something interesting, but you would like to read more about it? Here is the possibility to do so. 👇


Making calls isn’t a problem for you. If you answered yes to this statement then the next offer is going to be really awesome.📞🤩

Tele2 is an international company providing services in several countries across Europe 🌍. Tele2 Eesti goal is to become the company with the best customer experience 💁 in Estonia.

Now is your to take part of this amazing journey, because Tele2 is on the hunt to find a new Sales Consultant!

Apply here and let the adventures begin.✨😎


🥳 Neidi joined our team as a new ,

Who will start offering coaching to our clients, who want to maximise their potential!✨🦉

Neidi believes that the of a company begins with the well-being of employees. If a person feels safe in the working environment and has the opportunity to in a healthy way, then one is motivated to contribute to the development of the company.

In her free time, Neidi:
🧗‍♀️… loves to do rock climbing,
📖 … read books,
🌳 … and spend time in nature.

Alustava värbaja koolitus - Smartful Growth 31/10/2022

Alustava värbaja koolitus - Smartful Growth

Want to have a great headstart as a Junior Recruiter?😍🚀

On 6th of December Smartful is having a public called 📣 "Training for Junior Recruiters".

The training is held by certified trainer, coach & HR professional Helen Pärli and is specially meant for starting in the HR sector.

During this course we will cover the following topics:
✨ how to plan an effective recruitment process;
✨ how to map needs;
✨ how to choose channels for reaching desired ;
✨ how to do closing in recruitment;
✨ and much more useful!

Take your employer by the tail and ask if perhaps any of your colleagues also want to take part in the training.

All interested are warmly welcome!💛

Ps. This time the training is being held in Estonian, but feel free to contact us in case you have a group of friends who would be interested in learning about it in English.

Alustava värbaja koolitus - Smartful Growth Oled alustav värbaja ning soovid saada ülevaadet efektiivse värbamise protsessist ja tööriistadest. Tule koolitusele!


The end of October is near as it is the time to share our final tip with you! 🎃🍂

This week’s tip is shared by the newest member of our team - Teet.

“ on how to maintain mental health 🤔 : find time to be without any and do what you seriously like to do. This facilitates the release of possible stressors, as well as increases the ability to manage your emotions when interacting with the world. In my case, it is , especially in the open air from time to time, whatever the weather 😄 - Stronger people are harder to kill and are more useful in general.”

Share your thoughts with us down in the comments. What has been your tip so far and have you had the opportunity to try something out?🦉✨


Attention all people!🦉💼

Mobire is looking for a Business Manager in the field of mobility.

Mobire is a company that offers full-service , short-term rental and 🚙 park management services. In addition to the Estonian company, Mobire Eesti also has companies in Latvia and Lithuania. Mobire's fleet has more than 3400 vehicles, and the turnover growth so far has been 20-30% every year.🤯

As you will get the opportunity to be responsible for the profitability of the business line in the Baltics, coordinate the conduct of car procurements, have a of 4-5 👫 to lead and much more interesting!

In addition, while working in the Mobire, the company gives you the opportunity to use a work 🚗, which fees for fuel and car wash will be paid by the company.

‼️ Hurry, because there are only 11 days left to apply for this job ‼️


It’s time for our weekly tip!🙌

Today it is the turn of our Recruitment Partner Mai-Liis Tamm to share her ideas!👀🤪

"My is that travelling helps to get your thoughts away for a while and enjoy a more or less active vacation - depending on the destination. I feel truly rested and charged with new when I can discover new destinations in the🌍, meet new people, try new foods. I would also like to add that you don't have to go far to , but can also relax in your home country by going to nature, 🌲🌲, spa or somewhere else."

When was the last time you travelled? Take a moment and weigh that idea, maybe you'll find time to go for an already this weekend😉


🥳Teet joined our as our new Sales Specialist, who will start taking care of as well as will be engaged in communicating with our customers and introducing to the world!

At the moment Teet is studying to become a qualified on level EQF4. He has done voluntary work in Practical Consciousness and worked in sales for 1,5 years.🏃‍♂️💛

In his free time, Teet:
🏋️ …enjoys working out
📖…loves to read
📽️…and watch movies.


Would you want to work in a responsible and field that creates a better life for the majority of people living in Estonia?🌲🤔

The Estonian Information System Authority (Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet) is looking for an eID Architect.🧑‍💻

Electronic Identity Department is responsible for the security of the secret 🗝️ carrier of the eID tools, the contained therein and for the functioning of the -software aimed at the end-user.

As an eID Architect you will get the opportunity to develop a digital nation, have a possibility of advancement within the company and be surrounded by top specialists in your field.💛✨

And this is just the beginning, read more from here:👇


As promised, the time has come to share the next tip with you!👀✨

This week's tip is shared by our Recruitment Partner Mai-Liis Tarum😊☀️

“One mental health I've discovered for myself recently is meditation, OSHO 🧘, and different breathing techniques that help bring . The easiest way is to do a few minutes of meditation in the morning or in the evening, where you take the time for yourself. Those who want to develop stronger mental health and to deal with their emotions in depth, OSHO and breathing 🌬️ will be of great help.”

Have you already tried doing OSHO ? If not, maybe now is the time to try it out!


Playing during business hours?

We have heard that in several Estonian companies it is possible and even recommended, as it is supposed to encourage , but also help to prevent burnout. Knowing this, and that it is the month of , ideas have begun to sprung in our heads resulting in a decision.💡😎

🎉Starting from last week we started playing BINGO!🎉

Why you may ask. Well, you see, this is not an ordinary bingo game because instead of numbers it is filled with different activities boosting one’s mental health. Our CEO, Helen Pärli, spent her time composing this and came out with many fun and inspiring things to do, like for example, “wash your 🙌 while being mindful” or “pay someone a compliment.”

All our team is now actively trying to tick the boxes, as there are 25 tasks to complete before the end of October and a surprise awaiting all who manage to finish the game.💛🍂

This is not only a fun to do, but also a good opportunity to discover and learn something new about yourself.

Have you thought about organising a for your employees in order to drive their attention to their mental health? This surely is one fun way to do it!🦉✨

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