Tallinna Psühhodraama Kool

Tallinna Psühhodraama Kool koolitab psühhodraama rakendajaid, lavastajaid (CP) ja koolitajaid (TEP). Kool organiseerib ka tutvustavaid psühhodraamagruppe, supervisiooni ja koolitusi mitmete valdkondade spetsialistidele.

Tallinna Psühhodraama Kool koolitab psühhodraama rakendajaid, psühhodraama lavastajaid (certified practitioner, CP) ja psühhodraama koolitajaid (trainer, educator and practitioner, TEP). Kool organiseerib ka tutvustavaid psühhodraamagruppe, supervisiooni ja lühikesi koolitusi tervishoiu, sotsiaaltöö, psühholoogia ja pedagoogika valdkonnas tegutsevatele professionaalidele.

Mission: Tallinna Psühhodraama Kooli soov on saada Eestisse heal professionaalsel ja kõrgel eetilisel tasemel töötavaid psühhodraama rakendajaid ja lavastajaid, kes töötaksid Eesti ühiskonnas psühhodraamaterapeutidena, grupijuhtidena ja sotsiodramaatikutena.

98 aastat psühhodraamat maailmas ja 21 aastat Moreno Keskust Tallinnas! Palju õnne!

On April 1st, 1921 J.L.Moreno performed his first psychodrama and sociodrama in Vienna, Austria. "I stood alone on the stage that night. I was entirely unprepared for an audience of more than 1,000 people. As I look back on that night, I am amazed at my boldness… (1989, Autobiography of J.L.Moreno. Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry, Vol. 42)"

Tulge konverentslile! Kasutage juhust, et FEPTO tuleb Eestisse, Tallinnasse 17-19. mai 2019.

Mindful Action for Development (17-19 May, 2019) and From Creativity to Functionality (19-23 May, 2019) - here are the new logos! More information and registration: http://fepto.com/


Action Explorations: Using Psychodramatic Methods in Non-Therapeutic Settings


amazon.co.uk Action Explorations: Using Psychodramatic Methods in Non-Therapeutic Settings

"Healing and sociometric circles" (J.R. Mosher, A.Hale) seminar in Helsinki - wonderful co-creating with Finnish and Turkish psychodramatists!

European Best Destinations

Congratulations Tallinn, Estonia ✨👏

Discover Tallinn Christmas market: https://ebdest.in/tallinn

Moreno Museum Association

We wish to inform you that the screening of "Psychodrame"in Torino, Italy, was a great success.
The footage was included in 36° Torino Film Festival programme, in an off competition Documentaries Section, because of its relevant historic and experimental value.
It was shown at Cinema Massimo, a cinema near the Mole Antonelliana, linked to the National Museum of Cinema. The screening was completely sold out in a room of 147 seats. The showing on the 26th November was sold out too.
Our president Marco Greco introduced the footage, after a short speech by Sergio Toffetti (the actual president of the National Museum of Cinema in Torino) who took care of the restoration of the film, thanks to the involvement of the Archivio Nazionale del Cinema di Ivrea–CSC.
In the audience, there were many students and teachers of Psychology, and of Psychodrama. There were many friends of our Association and the archivists involved with Anne Ancelin Schützenberger's archive.
In our hearts, Moreno, Zerka and Anne were there too.
At the end of the showing of the film Marco asked the audience to manifest their appreciation of Moreno, Anne and Zerka and they received a warm round of applause, a little tribute to these giants who gave us new reference points, by their exploring original paths with enthusiasm and courage.
As Jim Enneis began his interview in the film saying that “Psychodrama is an atmosphere”, we are pleased to conclude this report adding…”Yes, it is true. A very warm and encouraging one!”
In the picture you can see Felice Laudadio (presidente del CSC - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia), Sergio Toffetti (presidente del Museo Nazionale del Cinema), Davide Oberto ( sezione Documentari Torino Film Festival), Marco Greco (President Moreno Museum Association) before the screening of "Psychodrame" in Torino, Italy.


Kuldsed Kartulid jagatud | EATL

Meil on rõõm teatada, et Eesti Asenduskodude Töötajate Liit tunnustas Moreno Keskust ühe nominendina Kuldse Kartuli auhinnale, panustamise eest valdkonda. http://www.eatl.ee/kuldsed-kartulid-jagatud-2/
Aitäh superviisoritele, kes juba enne 2016 alanud projekti valdkonda panustasid ja kõigile praegustele superviisoritele, kes on superviseerinud juhte, töötajaid ja meeskondi 30 asenduskodus üle Eesti!
Detsembris teeme 2,5-aastasest tööst kokkuvõtte ja plaanis on 25. jaanuaril 2019 korraldada vastavasisuline konverents. Jaksu ja indu meile kõigile supervisiooni olulisuse kinnistamisel igapäeva tööelu lahutamatu osana!

eatl.ee Eesti Asenduskodu Töötajate Liit korraldas 5. aastat Kuldse Kartuli galat, mis toimus 06.11.2018 algusega kell 19.00 Tallinnas Filmimuuseumis. Ürituse eesmärgiks on tunnustada asendushoolduse valdkonna parimaid.

Dance-movement weekend in Tallinn lead by Leandra Perrota. Kogemine, tajumine, hingelisus, iseendaga ja koos. Hea täiendus psühhodraamale. Thank you, Leandra!

Anne Ancelin Schützenberger International School Transgenerational Therapy

Transgenerational Therapy Workshop
PARIS 2019

We would like to invite you to attend the Transgenerational Therapy Workshop to be held in Paris on the 30th – 31st March 2019.
We will also be celebrating Anne Ancelin Schützenberger's 100th Birthday on the evening of March 29th and you are all most welcome to participate.

TRAINERS: Manuela Maciel and Leandra Perrotta

WORKSHOP DATES: Saturday March 30th - Sunday March 31st, 2019

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: 10:00 - 13:30 & 15:00 - 19:00 (15 training hours)

LANGUAGE: English will be the main language used in the workshop. Language is however a cooperative effort and translation will co-creatively offered with help from the group. Manuela speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French and Leandra speaks English, Italian and French.

This year, a special commemorative ceremony will be held on the evening of March 29th 2019 to celebrate Anne`s 100th Birthday. Hélène Schützenberger will be present to celebrate her mother’s lifetime achievements and the Trainers Manuela Maciel and Leandra Perrotta, will be present to officiate the ceremony and honour Anne’s scientific work. Close friends and colleagues, as well as graduates from the School will also be present to honour the memory of Anne. Participants of the workshop are invited to attend this special commemorative ceremony to honour our great teacher Anne Ancelin Schützenberger.

VENUE of BOTH EVENTS: Bibliotheque of the Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre, a suggestive venue close to the house and University where Anne used to live and work in Paris, France.

ADDRESS: Maison des étudiants belges et luxembourgeois, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, 9A, Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris, France.

Further information is to be found in the flyer attached.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Warmest regards,

Manuela Maciel and Leandra Perrotta

Anne Ancelin Schützenberger

International School of Transgenerational Therapy

[09/04/18]   Koolis viidi läbi küsitlus - Miks sa käid koolis? A research was held at school - Why do you go to school? Õpilane: "Peab käima. Aga seal on sõbrad ka ja mõnikord on päris huvitav." Õpetaja: "Peab käima. Aga seal on sõbrad ka ja mõnikord on päris hivitav." Pupil: "I have to. But there are also my friends and sometimes it is even interesting." Teacher: "I have to. But there are also my friends and sometimes it is even interesting." Head koos õppimist meile kõigile! Lets's continue studying togeteher!

Moreno Museum Association

In 1918 Jakob Moreno Levy published the first issue of Daimon magazine.
In this venture J. L. Moreno brought together emerging names of the expressionist avant-gardes and involved scholars interested in new social, philosophical, literary and artistic approaches after the devastating experience of the First World War. We remember the most internationally known names: Arthur Schnitzler, Franz Werfel, Martin Buber, Max Brod and Alfred Adler since 1919.
100 years after its appearance, Moreno Museum Association wants to celebrate the magazine:
On 20th September, 2018, as our honorary member and consultant, the prof. René Marineau will open a Symposium dedicated to this anniversary at the headquarters of the Austrian Society for Literature in Vienna. On 21th September, the Austrian scholars and teachers Bianca Maria Göhr, Murray G. Hall, Kira Kaufmann, Johann Sonnleitner, and our vice-president Michael Wieser will offer their contribution.
The symposium wants to remember the Daimon magazine and explore the commitment of J.L. Moreno and its intellectual environment also in reference to the current time.
The event is a cooperation between Moreno Museum Association, Austrian Society for Literature (ÖGL), University of Vienna and Psychodrama section of ÖAGG.
The entry is free.

Here beside the program --> http://www.psychodrama-austria.at/termine/100-jahre-daimon-symposion-der-oesterr-gesellsch-f-literatur-zu-jakob-levy-moreno/


Workshop Registration Form

Head huvilised, 24. augustini on prof. Joseph Moreno töötuppa registreerumine soodushinnaga, veel on kohti. Äsja lõppenud psühhodraama konverentsi Baltic Moreno Days 2018 - Time 2.0 valguses võin kinnitada, et loovmeetodid mõjuvad inimese peale maagiliselt, jõustavalt ja puhastavalt. Nende kogemiseks ja juurde õppimiseks tasub aega võtta, see tasub end ära! Registreeruge ise ja kutsuge kolleegist sõber ka kaasa: https://goo.gl/forms/4QWovTshRlimhMK42

docs.google.com Workshop title: Acting Your Inner Music – Music Therapy and Psychodrama and Related Group Therapy Processes. Held by prof. Joseph J. Moreno (USA) Audience: psychodramatists, group leaders, music therapists, creative arts therapists and trainees. There is no prerequisite musical background required...


The Core Techniques of Morenian Psychodrama: A Systematic Review of Literature

frontiersin.org The original theory of psychodrama proposed by Moreno in 1921 has been adjusted and re-interpreted by several authors over the last three decades. This resulted in the proliferation of techniques whose definitions and contexts of application are unclear and poorly documented in the literature. The p...

June 1, 2018 - Moreno Center 20 anniversary and CP graduating party at our first teacher's Sirkku home!

FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Organisations) Konverents ja Annual Meeting 2018 toimus Bulgaarias, Pravetsis. Järgmisel aastal kohtume Tallinnas! Next FEPTO meeting in Tallinn May 2019!

Latvian Moreno Institute has a new very good TEP (Trainer Educator Practitioner) Jolanta Baltina, exam taken on March 24 in Riga. Congratulations!

Lõpetas 7. Kovisiooni koolituse grupp (48 h). Palju õnne!

5.01.2018 a trainers' meeting of Tallinn, Tartu and Helsinki Psychodrama Institutes took place. Lot of ideas and plans for training programs and further cooperation. Psychodrama is alive and developing!

Superviisorid võtsid aasta kokku ja kaardistasid olulised teemad. Tänu teile tehtu eest ja rõõmsat koostöö jätku!

Annika Okamoto's Dissertation. Congratulations! Uhked oleme su üle, armas Annika!!!


Action Methods/tegevuslikud meetodid mittepsühhodramaatikutele 6.-7.06.2017 - Psühhodraama Instituut

psyhhodraama.ee Psühhodraama meetodeid kasutatakse tänapäeval väga laialt. Lühikursusel jagamegi tegevuslikke loovmeetodeid, mida saab ohutult kasutada nii teistes psühhoteraapia koolkondades kui ka laiemalt – õpetamises, sotsiaaltöös, (projekti)juhtimises, inimeste arendamises, jne. Kursus sobib  spetsialistidele…

NBE Trainers' Conferenece "Sociometry and Shadow" 21-23.04.17 in Tartu, Moreno and Jung, inspired by Tulla Grandell's book A Journey to the Fountain of Creativity. Lectures: Kirsti Silvola and Pille Isat - Sociometry; Giorgio Tricarico - Shadow. Workshop leaders from the Board of NBE: Tuula Grandell, Inara Erdmanis, Eduardo Verdu, Reijo Kauppila, Urban Norlander, Pille Isat

Mõnus vestlusõhtu Tallinna Ülikooli psühholoogiatudengitega psühhodraamast, õppimisest ja oma teest. Uute kohtumisteni!


Se rörande filmen som gör succé på nätet - Nyheterna - tv4.se

Moreno's Sociometry used against polarization and prejudices in a Danish film. First the groups are divided into Muslims, Danish, man , women, bosses, nurses. Then they have been asked to step forward by categories as fathers, mothers, stepmothers, bullied, etc. A wonderful mix of people got contact with each other by these new categories and shared their experiences with each other.

www.tv4.se Först står de uppdelade i grupper – men när de får svara på olika frågor händer något. Fördomarna vänds till gemenskap. Här är det sociala experimentet som fått ett enormt viralt genombrott i Danmark.

Tallinna ja Tartu CP õpilaste ühine seminar 12-14. jaanuaril 2017 Moreno Keskuses! Eesti psühhodraama tulevik on kindel! Estonian Psychodrama is alive - common seminar or CP students of Tallinn and Tartu Institutses.

Psykodraama ja jungilainen psykologia

21-23. aprillil Nordic Boardi psühhodraama koolitajate konverentsil "Sociometry and Shadow" saab sellest teemast rohkem kuulda!

TAMPEREELLA SYMBOLIT koulutuksesta ja muista järjestettävistä koulutuksista on tullut minulle kysely. MoreJung koulutuksia on ilman muuta mahdollista toteuttaa myös Tampereella, jos kiinnostusta alkaa tulla riittävästi.Jos olet siis kiinnostunut, niin ilmoita reaktiona tänne tai mieluusti myös sähköpostiyhteyden saamiseksii minulle suoraan [email protected]. Jos riittävästi kiinnostuneita, niin alan järjestää ao. koulutuksille tilaa ja ajankohtaa - ensisijaisesti käytän Pirkanmaan Ihmissuhdetyön tiloja Yliopistokadulla lähellä rautatieasemaa. Helsingissä tarjolla oleviin koulutuksiin ei tästä järjestelystä synny muutoksia. Yleiskuvauksen teemoista löydät kotisivuilta tai kiinnitettynä Morenoinstituutin FBsivulla. Näistä jokaisen olen valmis toteuttamaan myös Tampereella.

Ensimmäiset ovat ilmoittautuneet jo Symbolit koulutukseen ja jokunen jo kaikkiin neljään Helsingissä. SYMBOLIT koulutuksen tarkemmat tiedot löydät tästä.


Zerka Moreno Believed Psychodrama Could Change the World

nytimes.com She had little doubt that acting out experiences and feelings could save people — and help with child-raising.

TEP onsite exam done! Congratulations Kodu Tani-Jürisoo and Ene Velström. Thank you trainers Mari Rautiainen and Pille Isat!

TEP written exam was taken on November 19. We will greet new TEP-s in 2017!


The Most Influential Psychiatrist Of The 20th Century Might Be Someone You've Never Heard Of (NEW BOOK)

Lets get to know J.L.!

huffingtonpost.com One hundred years ago, a 23-year-old University of Vienna medical student attended a lecture by Professor Sigmund Freud. It was a dream analysis. As th...

Täiskasvanud õppija nädala raames kohtusid Moreno keskuses Triin Siineri kutsel andragoogika valdkonna inimesed psühhodraamaga, õppija/õpetaja rolliga ja iseendaga!


Hallo, Kosmos! 277: Vaimse tervise kriis – Merike Sisask, Maire Riis, Aigi Vahing, Aivar Simmermann

Hallo, Kosmos! 277: Vaimse tervise kriis – Merike Sisask, Maire Riis, Aigi Vahing, Aivar Simmermann


r2.err.ee Depressioon, läbipõlemine ja teised kriisid

Zerka Moreno 1917-2016.

FEPTO Training Committe tööhoos!

Last week end we had an effective, inspiring and energizing meeting of FEPTO Training Committee in Tallinn, Estonia. We were 10 professionals from 7 training institutes (all FEPTO members) from 5 countries. We created and defined core and specific competencies of psychodramatist. Thank you very much - Pille, Hannah, Nita, Koidu, Triin, Tuuli, Endel, Evaldas, Peter and me Reijo (hee) - for inspiring co-creation! Next meeting will be in January 27-29, 2017, in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

[09/01/16]   Rõõmsat ja inspireerivat uut kooliaastat kõigile elukestvatele õppijatele ja õpetajatele!

Meenutusi Balti Moreno Konverentsilt Kaunases. Töötube tegid eestalstest Pille Isat (koos Reijo Kauppila ja Gerd Nerdal Moeniga), Küllike Lillestik ja Endel Hango. Tublid! Kohtumiseni 17-18. augustil 2018 Eestis, kus toimub 10. ehk juubelikonverents!

Balti Moreno Konverents Kaunases juba sellel nädalavahetusel!

Dear Zerka! Hope you receive this message. It was year 1998 when we got a fax from you with a permission to use the name Moreno four our psychodrama center and your blessing. We are a strong and lively organisation today! Wish you happy 99th birthday!

FEPTO in Greece, Marathon 13-15 May 11th Conference "Shedding Light on the Shadows. Voicing the unspoken in psychodrama" and 15-19 May 24th Annual meeting "Cooperation in times of conflict and change: Challenges in Psychodrama training and practice". Some photos from our dear colleagues.
Veel uudiseid:
2019 toimub FEPTO Eestis! Korraldavad Tallinna, Tartu ja Helsinki instituudid. Reijo tegi sellise ettepaneku, rahvale väga meeldis just koostöö mõttes. Kui council selle kinnitab, siis nii jääb.
2018 on FEPTO Bulgaarias.
2017 juunis on FEPTO 25. aastapäev ja toimub Rootsis, Sigtunas. Korraldavad asutajaliikmed rootslased. Konverentsile võiks meie inimesi palju minna!
Seekord oli palju mõtteviisi ja praktilist tegevust just psühhoanalüütilises võtmes, Freudist räägiti rohkem, Morenost mitte. Ka gruppides, kuhu mina sattusin, kasutati analüütilist psühhodraamat päris palju. Sain kogemuse, mis on erinevus ja sain aru, et meie arendame ikka Moreno psühhodraamat edasi ja õpetame selles võtmes. Moreno on mängulisem , tegevuslikum, rohkem on abiminade kasutamist ja dialoogi, laval tekib elu, mitte üks inimene ei analüüsi oma sisemaailma erinevates rollides. Vähemalt selline pilt jäi mulle. Kui kokku saame, jagame rohkem!

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