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Студия изобразительных искусств

Catherine Kehoe

My Modern Met

Practice makes perfect ✏️ (Artist: Efrain Malo Arte)

Svyatoslav Brakhnov Academy of realist art

Пластическая анатомия в учебной программе академии

Владение знаниями пластической анатомии позволяет художнику понимать сложную структуру пластики человеческого тела и работать по представлению воспроизводя любые ракурсы фигуры без натурщика. Знание анатомии это не только умение на память перечислять все мышцы с их функцией, местами их крепления, знание костей, но и понимание, как те или иные единицы костной или мышечной системы влияют на внешнюю пластику и форму человеческого тела. Именно поэтому преподаватели нашей академии Евгения Григорьева и Святослав Брахнов создали адаптированный авторский курс анатомии для художников, направленный на устранение пробелов и заблуждений в анатомических знаниях. Занятия по пластической анатомии являются обязательной частью программы обучения во всех группах. В классах скульптуры - это лепка скелета, послойная лепка мышц и теоретический курс. В классах рисунка и живописи это вписывание скелета, рисунок экорше и лекционные занятия. Студенты всех групп также могут свободно посещать еженедельные занятия по кратковременным наброскам обнаженной фигуры, где можно в полной мере на практике оттачивать полученные знания.

Graphic Arts . Эскизы / Графика / Орнаменты

Different poses. Analysis of the poses of classical sculpture.

Ilusat uut loomingulist roti-aastat!

Sirlett's cover photo

Whichford Pottery: How we make our pots

Poti sünd algusest lõpuni.

Jim and Dominique Keeling established Whichford Pottery in 1976 with two apprentices and now lead a team of 30 local people. We design and make a wide range ...

Svyatoslav Brakhnov Academy of realist art

Лепка скелета головы и шеи с послойным анатомическим анализом глубоких и поверхностных слоёв мышц головы и шеи. Авторская методика. Преподаватель Евгения Григорьева.

Canvas Arts

This is pure talent! 😍

Credit: Sculpture Geek (

Unistuste aken.

JT McMaster Artisanal ceramics - Custom and opensource ceramic transfers

Canvas Arts

Ringid, kerad.

Let's draw a perfect circle like a real artist with these techniques 🥰

Credit: Fine Art-Tips (

The Ceramic School

How to alter a vase ❤
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"A few years ago a potter wrote to me in response to one of my first altered pot videos… It was one of those Super well put together old world type potters… you know the type— have the awesome minimalist thing going on… Everything in earth tones… dimly lit studio ... Can make a teacup seem super exciting… Yeah, that type of craftsman .
His email was brief— I believe he was navigating quite a language gap, but something tells me this individual probably speaks in limited and powerful maxims anyhow. I say that truthfully without sarcasm, I was actually-really impressed with his thing.
After watching me year a pot up into a face of some kind, He simply said “your style of throwing, is too powerful.“
Now, I don’t mean to blow someone’s social media post out of proportion…and can easily dust my shoulder off when some hater pops up— as they do. but I really oscillated between nonchalance and insult with this one. And, you know, it sank in.
Every time I thought about it… I had a new way of chastising myself... not traditional enough, not using on trend neutrals, potters don’t like hip hop.... lol stuff like that
Over time, this individual’s (I assume) honest critique, albeit unelaborated, caused me more pause than I would’ve expected.
Until it hit me one day… Like a bolt. This style of pot making is ABOUT POWER.
Not some weird government power… Or power over somebody else… Not some way of saying the style is better than some other style… Nope. This style of work is about the power we have inside of us, the power of spontaneous creation… The power of a smile or a stare or frown… The power of raising an eyebrow just so…
The power of parting with tradition, it’s a little out of the ordinary... but meant with all the reverence still.

So, overall… after a few years to think on it. I feel my man, thank you."

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My Modern Met

Watch how David Bayo skillfully and patiently draws millions of dots to create three incredible portraits of women. ✍️

Canvas Arts

The sea is a beautiful source of inspiration - and so is this painting! 🌊

The Ceramic School

How to make handles ❤
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Relaxing Stuff

this ceramic glazing technique is mesmerising to watch 🌀

240 värvuse nime.

240 названий цветов.

Sirlett's cover photo

[12/20/19]   Sirleti õpilaste lühifilm.

Business Insider


This is why kolinsky sable watercolor paintbrushes are so expensive.

Mesmerizing Translucent Waves from 19th Century Paintings The late 19th century Armenian-Russian painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky created some truly spectacular paintings of seascapes that capture the

Pixelated Palette Knife Paintings Capture Energetic Cityscapes in Hazy Hues

Pikseldatud maalinoa maalid! Artist Jason Anderson is an expert at making blocky layers of paint actually look like beautiful cityscapes.

Keila TV

Ilusat jõuluaega!

Ilusat esimest adventi ja kaunist jõuluaja algust! :)

Sirlett Keila I advendilaadal.

Centre Pompidou

MON ŒIL | Message in a bottle... 🎶

© Kirsten Lepore

Kruusid. Joo sooja teed ja ole terve!

Sirleti õlimaalid.

Sirlett's cover photo

Sirlett on kohal!


Ettevaatust nende värvidega.

Beware of these three pigments:

Sirlett`i keraamikas N 7. novembril teeme siiditrükki savile.

Canvas Arts

This painting comes alive like owl in the night 🦉. Amazing detail!

Sirlett's cover photo

Sügis keraamikas.


Pottery Clay ดินปั้นเซรามิค


HOW TO THROW WITH HAND TOOLS @seangarrettceramics

Photos from Sirlett's post

Põnevad hetked Sirleti
tilgatrüki töötoas!

The Ceramic School

How to make an Artist Cup ❤
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Artist Hand-Draws 3D Optical Illusions on Walls That Play With Depth and Perspective Artist Katy Ann Gilmore combines art and math to transform flat surfaces into three-dimensional illusions.

Now I've Seen Everything

Talented self-taught ceramic artist portrays color, light and energy with colored clay. The patterns he creates are absolutely stunning. EVERY ONE OF THEM 😍

Scribbled Portraits of Brooding Figures by Adam Riches Artist Adam Riches uses pen and ink to create frenetic portraits of brooding anonymous figures. The monochrome illustrations emerge out of blank backgrounds, with broad, gestural lines skittering and looping across the paper. Often, pen drawings fall into two stylistic categories: contour drawings t

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