So - a few days to go... before the current EITW students submit their exam projects.
EITW alumni and anybody familiar with the EITW programme will know that these deadline days collide with the arrival of good weather in Aarhus! This year is no exception to that rule.
However, there are other exceptions: While text based exam projects have been the standard until now, multimedia and social media have taken over. So this time, the majority of the group will submit their exam projects in rather mixed formats.
Our active and talented Europe in the World students also host a weekly radio show - Juncker in the Buncker.
See their page https://www.facebook.com/junckerinthebuncker/
And listen to their show: https://www.mixcloud.com/Genlud/
All good in Aarhus.
80 international students gathered Monday morning for breadrolls and coffee, and the welcoming speech from the head of the International Department at DMJX. Among them the 20 EITW students who just arrived from Utrecht.
Everybody presenting themselves, and their reasons for being right here right now.
It's going to be a good semester. Welcome, everybody!
Thanks to all participants, organisers and speakers - for a a good, fun and inspiring Friday - celebrating the first 25 years of the Europe in the World programme.
We will move it further.
Any EitW's who wants a ride in my car from Denmark to Utrecht for the reunion/anniversary? Or South from Utrecht (Brussels/Paris/Madrid) after the event? Please send a message

Europe in the World - the joint journalism education programme. Run by the journalism schools in Utr

Run by journalism schools in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Aarhus (Denmark).


CANCELLED or at least postponed until 2021:
(due to corona related restrictions)

To all EITW friends and partners around the world:
In June 2020, we will celebrate the EITW 30 Years Anniversary in Aarhus - in the new premises of DMJX.

More information on https://europeintheworld.com/

Europe in the World – One-year journalism programme for advanced undergraduates and young professionals Rising illiberalism, migration crises and financial turmoil are shaking up Europe. Will Europe stand in an increasingly globalised world now that the United States slowly retreats and China is on the rise? This advanced journalism programme gives you the confidence to approach these urgent topics an...

FEARless 15/03/2019

Fearless is here!
Fearless is the name of the 2019 version of the Foreign Policy magazine - produced by this year's EITW class.
Read it here: https://issuu.com/onedirection_wd/docs/magazine_eitw
On the photo: Responsible teacher Lasse Nørgaard during the newsroom feedback session after the launch.


Photos from EitW's post 14/03/2019

Getting ready for Europe! The Euroviews staff prepare for their own branding with a group photo here at DMJX.
The topic for this year's EITW flagship project:
Italy, Serbia, Northern Ireland.
Travel period:
28 March - 18 April.

Photos from EitW's post 18/01/2019

Still going strong, the EITW programme. In numbers, it is a small group this year. But in terms of topics and content and attitude, not small at all!
I (Asbjørn) had the opportunity to meet the group Thursday in Utrecht.
- What about this, from their short presentations of work: Euthanasia tourism;
- The secret arts collection warehouse under the EU Parliament; and
- Getting an internship offer from a Commission spokesperson.,
The group were wrapping up their Utrecht semester. I look forward to seeing them in Denmark very soon!!

www.euroviews.eu 26/04/2018

Proudly launching:
The 2017-2018 group of EITW students finished their breathtaking and busy Euroviews course, reporting from 4 European countries: Kosovo, Ukraine, Hungary, and Spain.
Check it out: http://www.euroviews.eu/


Photos from EitW's post 25/03/2018

This year's team of enthusiastic journalism students are about to embark on their next adventure as they travel to Ukraine, Kosovo, Spain & Hungary to report for the new edition of Euroviews magazine: On the Edge.

Home | The Outsider 12/03/2018

The Outsider is here!
“The outsider” is the online magazine created by the EITW class of 2017-2018 as a visible end product of the Foreign Policy course.

Read it at this web site: https://euroscopemag.wixsite.com/theoutsidermag

The magazine was also turned into a print edition - an initiative taken by a group of students to practice their paper magazine design skills. Print version editor and instructor Jesper Gynther ‘wall publishing’ the print magazine in the main corridor of the DMJX journalism school in Aarhus.

Home | The Outsider Home


Yes! Finally. The 2017-2018 group of EitW starting today in Aarhus. Welcome here.


Just 6 weeks until the 2017-2018 EITW group arrives in Denmark. Snow in the Netherlands, there will be snow in Denmark, too.!
And: Applications for next year's EITW are opening in Utrecht and Aarhus - that's academic year 2018-2019.

Timeline photos 21/06/2017

They did it. We did it again: Graduation from the Europe in the World programme.
Congratulations to the EITW class 2016-2017.

Timeline photos 09/06/2017

Yes! Everybody submitted their exam projects on time. And now for a lot of reading and watching while the EITW class take a well deserved break over the weekend :)

Photos from EitW's post 21/03/2017

Euroviews preparations: When it's "Editors' Hour", breakfast-in-class is sooo needed, apparently.
And quite a diverse menu, isn't it :)

Photos from EitW's post 14/03/2017

It's getting closer - the next edition of Euroviews!
This year, the magazine crew will be visiting 4 different countries: Russia, Romania, Poland, Cyprus.
They ar enow in the detailed preparation phase, with internal country presentations today, and first story pitching Wednesday and Thursday.
On the group photo: Noah, Emily, Loly, Emil and our Polish guest Edyta Gromacka.
On the other photo, Samantha is enthusiastically talking about Romania with her group fellows Fieke, Sergei and Matthias supporting.

Photos from EitW's post 26/01/2017

Welcome, EITW group of 2016-2017; ready for the Aarhus part of the programme. With standard Danish welcome breakfast: Breadrolls, coffee, talking. With our international admin staff Inger and Anna, and teachers Roger, Jesper, Asbjørn.
And on the same Thursday: Inger is caught between two 'great Danes', Simon and Kasper, during their graduation here; the two have been on a 1 year exchange to Australia under the same exchange scheme which brings 6 Australian students to this year's EITW group. Congrats!

Photos from EitW's post 06/12/2016

The 2016-2017 EITW class is getting closer to the end of the Utrecht semester - and took good care of the visiting lecturers from Denmark before going on this week's study tour to Brussels.

Timeline photos 15/06/2016

Congratulations and celebrations.
All exam projects made it through the oral exams on Monday and Tuesday - only one student has a delayed submission due to other formalities. The exams and the year were celebrated at a reception.
Good luck, everybody!
And see you all.


Photo exhibition to open today here at DMJX in Aarhus - to honour former EITW student Camille Lepage and the work she did.
Camille was killed two years ago in Central African Republic, on duty as a photojournalist there.

Timeline photos 04/04/2016

Take a look at the youngest 'euro-reporter' group's work out there - the theme is 'identity': http://www.euroviews.eu reporting from 5 European countries.


Foreign Policy magazine just launched, online naturally. And now, readying for the next big task, traveling for Euroviews to all over Europe.

Timeline photos 01/03/2016

Social media wizard Kristian Strøbech from DMJX is talking professional use of facebook, twitter and other media.
We are building our 'euroskills' before one of the annual highlights, the Euroviews travel period.


Today is the day. 25 years of the Europe in the World study programme. Celebrations in Utrecht with alumni and staff gathered - and looking into next quarter of a century.


EITW - now with an Honours level!
As from the fall 2013, students can follow the one year EITW programme not just an regular BA, but also on an optional Honours level.
See press release: http://tinyurl.com/akajp7g

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