Contemporary Circus at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen

Contemporary Circus at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen


Miriam Swartz
HJÆLP cirkusbørnene fra Salling Cirkusklub. Lige nu ligger klubben på 5. pladesen i kampen om titlen som årets forening. Klubben har brug for endnu flere stemmer. Alle stemmer tæller og det tager under 1 minut. Du kan hjælpe ved at stemme her🙏🙏🙏
hey y'all look at my freaking awesome circus audition video - schools all over the world are already contacting me, real talk.

Frank Kraft

Frank Kraft

Æsel Fritzl

Jeanette Bonde

karsten pflum

Ulrik Tjørnelund Bossen

Volum Hmbd Bertelsen Dirigent
Felix Seth Cirkusman
Margrete Henrichsen
Stine Vestergaard
Hej Vind
Oda Margrethe Buck Sæthre
Frederik Schou Vestergaard
Ilinu Lee
Eik Leknesund Elnes
Fie Dal
Camilla Hjortdal Sindahl
Dominique Nielsen

Ena Westerdahl Tesch

Anna Kristin Peterson

Frank Kraft


Declan Mee
Friederike KrahlL
Lù Preståch
Julia Christopher
Liv Mikaela Sanz
Christa Skau Hansen
Simon Alsing Busk
Eske Nørholm
Thomas Trier
Hartig Dolberg
take a moment and listen to some fantastic music - this EP is done by Mikkel Schoubo Povlsen in the moment an student on our Hojskole on the EM line and from next semester on on our Contemporary Circus Line. Thanks for sharing this with us Mikkel
schön das ich dabei bin :-)
thanks for this nice comment on the final production No Ground :) Anmeldelse af "No Ground" på ZEBU.
Fængslende perfomance, ved første bevægelse tænkte jeg "tics" og temaet blev hurtigt tydeligt. Dygtigt fortolket psykiatri, det påvirkede mig fysisk, og jeg følte ubehaget. Den visuelle styrke i dansen blev lækkert og indlevende understøttet af musikken. Jeg kunne især godt li hjertepulsen og den plaskende regn. Anden halvdel var blidere i sit væsen, jeg fangede ikke om der var et tema, jeg oplevede også her, flot, dygtigt sammensat, veludført og underholdende perfomance. Jeg ville gerne ha' klappet mange gange undervejs, i stedet klappede vi alle meget til sidst. Og så fandt vi ud i virkeligheden igen. På gensyn !
Anmeldt af Hanne Monefeldt

Contemporary Circus is a performance art that combines theatre and dance with traditional circus disciplines.

Contemporary Circus is a performance art that combines theatre and dance with traditional circus disciplines constructing a new environment for creativity to flourish in. We focus on the movement in the performances which are theatrical, involving character work with a theme or story. Even though, we focus on your physicality you will also work with the theatrical elements such as interpretation,

Åben som sædvanlig


Cool ny-cirkus-elever varmer op på græsplænen i sommersolen☀️⛱

HØJSKOLE HACK: Lær at jonglere med 3 bolde 10/06/2020

HØJSKOLE HACK: Lær at jonglere med 3 bolde

🎯🤹‍♀️🎪 - lær at jonglere med Anna Emilie


HØJSKOLE HACK: Lær at jonglere med 3 bolde Anna Emilie Pedersen underviser i ny cirkus på Musik og Teaterhøjskolen i Toftlund. Her giver hun en god og enkel vejledning til hvordan du lærer at jonglere...


The show was launched and everybody survived! Amazing performance by our students who are now taking a well deserved rest day.
Playing thurs-fri, the show is pretty much sold out, but if you’re lucky there might be a single seat available here and there.


Premiere tomorrow:
Teatret Svalegangen Musik og Teaterhøjskolen Kulturmarkt DK


Premiere in three days:
Teatret Svalegangen Kulturmarkt DK Off The Record Musik og Teaterhøjskolen


Always a massive joy to have Ida Langkilde visiting


We love having visitors! Last week Sigrid from 9th grade spent a week as an intern.

Photos from Contemporary Circus at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen's post 09/10/2019

Gorgeous before and after split pics by which are not so much about the difference in her splits as it is demonstrating her ability to look absolutely effortless in a demanding position. Guess one of the things that circus teaches us is that the more it hurts - the more you smile!


Hang in there!!! Only one week to semesterstart!!! Musik og Teaterhøjskolen

Photos from Contemporary Circus at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen's post 25/07/2019

Contemporary circus line is not just about training circus skills! It’s about creating and cooperating! About exploring who you are on stage and what you can do in space. Making friends with gravity, finding new relationships with objects, melting into floors and flying in to air.


Turn your life upside down to find your feet.


We’re really looking forward to having Ida Langkilde - back with us next semester. Watch the video and you’ll see why!


Contemporary circus line at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen is not just a prep and intro school for circus disciplines, but a place for contemplation, exploration and experimentation. Both physically, artistically and socially!

Photos from Contemporary Circus at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen's post 21/06/2019

As we come towards the end of a semester, looking back at one of the highlights, which was touring and performing our final presentation “polari”. Have a look with us:


Packed theatre and standing ovations!
We couldn’t have asked for more and are proud of what has to be one of the most ambitious performances we have ever presented fromthe contemporary circus line.
A huge thanks to Musik og Teaterhøjskolen for letting us go on a pro tour! To Anna Emilie Lauge Pedersen for co-instructing and Miriam Swartz for instructing and following us through to the end of it all!


Tonight we premiered with our show “polari” and a big thanks goes to everyone who came out to see it! Thanks to Godsbanen Åbne Scene - Godsbanen for having us in your theatre - more shows to come!


Three days until the premiere - hope to see you there!
Åbne Scene - Godsbanen


Fake auditions where held to prepare the students applying for professional circus schools this semester. We wish them all the best and hope they are not judged too harshly by their juggling skills ☺️

Photos from Contemporary Circus at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen's post 01/05/2019

We were so lucky to be attending KROBs festival last weekend! Three days of workshops and movement makes mondays a little heavier 🙈
A big thank you to everyone who hosted us! From Gøglerskolen to Bpolefit and everyone in between 😊


The last two weeks we have been lucky enough to have Ida Langkilde - circus artist visiting the school once again as a guest teacher. Always amazed by her skills, we are also thankful for her never ending good energy and a smile that will melt even the hardest of circus hearts.
Hope to have you back soon ❤️


This week we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Jonathan Bendtsen as our guest teacher, working on dance and a performance that we will premiere on Monday!


A new semester has begun, and even though there’s quite a bunch of familiar faces, we are super excited for this new group!
Mikkel Skadhede Clara Tone Haagen Olya Tsap Mathilde Højberg Bitsch Nia Roblin Emilie Birkelund Signe S. Borgen Oksana Khrypko


Last show this time around! A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved - it was not possible without each and everyone of you. A huge thanks goes out to Ida Langkilde for co-instructing with Miriam Swartz! You have been a vital and inspirational part of this process!
Thanks to everyone who hosted us AMoC - AFUK Dynamo - Gellerupscenen Cirkus Tværs Gøglerskolen and all the teachers that have passed by Musik og Teaterhøjskolen this semester! Anna Emilie Lauge Pedersen Martin Moesgaard Villads Bugge Bang Sebastian Sadiki Sarah Downs Moesgaard Emil Ingemann Berg Nielsen Tatjana t'Felt Anders Skat Henningsen
The biggest and best hug goes to our wonderful students (4 of which you can find in next semesters performance!)
Mikkel Rosi Odilie Nia Emilie Emilie Blå Bergþóra
Plus the coolest musician in town, Jakob Hast Prins
You are the awesomest bunch of yes sayers I have had the good fortune of being amazed by!


Last show in aarhus today at 16 at Gellerup scenes! Hope to see you there!


Rehearsals are on! Show is at 19!!!

Photos from Contemporary Circus at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen's post 10/12/2018

How lucky can one circus school get?
On our way home from performing at AFUK we stopped by at Dynamo - Workspace for circus & performing arts to see a show. It was a kids festival but we think our students fit right in anyway...


First stop of our tour was at AFUK Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet where we had our premiere of our show, Faust & the furious!
Thank you so much to everyone who came out and to for letting us perform at your beautiful space!
Big thanks to Ida Langkilde for setting it up and co-instructing ❤️


It’s tonight! We are premiering at AMoC - at 18.00. It’s for free and we hope to see you there!!


9 days to our premiere! It’s going down at AMoC - Akademiet for Moderne Cirkus December 8, 18 o’clock! It’s for free and we’d love to see you there!

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