Damit alle eine Chance bekommen, AcroYoga vertieft zu erleben. Endlich. Die Möglichkeit zu schaffen, tagelang AcroYoga zu machen, war einer der Gründe, warum das Center Of Gravity überhaupt eröffnet hat.

Natürlich mit Übernachtungsmöglichkeit im Zentrum.

* AcroYoga Beginners Weekend, für Level 0 (mit Schnupper Workshop am Freitag Abend)
* Want Mooo AcroYoga Weekend, für Level 1 + 2
* I Am Monkey Weekend (kommt!), für Level 2 bis 4
* Thai Yoga Massage Weekend, für alle (mit Schnupper Workshop am Freitag Abend)
* Therapeutisches Fliegen Weekend, für alle (mit Schnupper Workshop am Freitag Abend)
* Und darüber hinaus zum Valentins-Tag ein AcroYoga Weekend speziell für Paare! (mit Schnupper Workshop am Freitag Abend)

Du findest alle Termine und Beschreibungen im Abschnitt Veranstaltungen auf der Facebook Seite.

Oder noch ausführlicher auf der Homepage im Abschnitt Wochenenden

Unser Können & unsere Ideen für Euch.

Komm, flieg mit uns über Deinen Schatten!

Embodied consent and facilitated spaces for playing, learning and connecting Practicing consent opens up to safe and deep connections with others and ourselves


Thai yoga massage immersion on Saturday.

For 5 hours you learn techniques to release and relax the body of someone else, while staying in contact with your self. Slowing down and being aware of breathing are keys to stay connected. The beauty of Thai yoga massage is that with time as you become familiar with the techniques, they will heal your body, as well as the body of the receiver.
Giving weight, creating space and rocking the body are key elements to support flow and well being in the physical. And as we work on the physical body, the mind, interconnected, will also be more spacious and heal.
You can join alone or with a partner.


On September 24th I give a 5 hour immersion in Thai yoga massage.

We spend 5 hours in Rört on a Saturday to learn and practice how to give connected touch. With a foundation of presence you learn beautiful techniques that opens, releases and relaxes the body of the receiver, and at the same time feels good to give.

You can join alone or with a partner.
Read more and sign up:

Photos from Meetings's post 08/08/2022

For 4 days on Møn in September we are diving into body work and deep listening.
I am co-teaching this retreat with the wonderful Morten Svenstrup.
He is facilitating the practice of Deep Listening, a beautidul, meditative way of listening to the world around us.
I am teaching bodywork, with the foundation of Thai yoga massage, where you learn simple techniques for how to give healing, energizing touch while staying connected and present.
Together the practices will support our ongoing presence in the moment, and the quality of slowing down in order rest, enjoy and connect.
We will have the wonderful surroundings of the forest and the sea nearby to deepen the practice.
The cooking is taken care of by inventive and skillfull Lise Hovesen with an emphasis on locally grown, healthy food.
Read more about the retreat on the event page:


Urban retreat in the weekend.

In 2 days we gather for a weekend of touch and consent with practices such as Ritual play and Wheel of consent, and a safe space for exploring the way we relate to others and how we can cultivate integrity, trust, generosity and gratitude in our relations.
I love this work, and sharing these practices while holding space for the explorations.

You can still sign up for the weekend through the event

Photos from Meetings's post 29/05/2022

Meetings can be calm and quiet or wild, aggressive and powerful. We practice staying connected in whatever energy arises.

Photos from Meetings's post 29/05/2022

When we meet with integrity and curiosity magic can arise


Thai yoga massage is learning how to move your body in order to move someone else's body.

The techniques in thai yoga massage are healing your body as you do them, at the same time you learn how to bring flow and well being to the body of the receiver.
The foundation for the practice is mindfulness and metta: loving kindness. The practice is a beautiful way of being present with your self as well as the other.

You can join for a 5 hour immersion on May 1st in Rört.



RITUAL offers a time and a space outside of everyday consciousness and gives us a a possibility to explore free from
habit-patterns and prejudices.

PLAY is the creative field where we don't strive to reach an outcome, but are in it for the exploration.

Join our next Ritual play night, with the theme of Sensual Play.


Dear ones.

As we are slowly going forward to more openness, I am offering Thai yoga massage sessions again.
Most of us have probably felt the body quite neglected in these months with much less touch and getting together to move and be moved. Now it seems to be a good time to come back to body, and back to touching and being touched.

I am offering sessions on Møn most of the time, and in Copenhagen from 11-16th of june.

Book by messaging me, mailing me at [email protected] or calling at 31363132.
Much love Line


Join for a guided thai yoga massage tonight at 19-21with your isolation buddy, where you both will give and receive.
Love, Line

"THAI YOGA MASSAGE WORKSHOP - Touch in times of isolation"

A few weeks ago we had a full studio for a Thai Yoga Massage workshop - unfortunately that is not possible a the moment, but Line Bangsbo Andersen will guide a session ONLINE tonight for us!

We had a beautiful session two weeks ago and we're happy that Line will bring another workshop straight into our homes tonight.

Open for anyone, no previous knowledge needed.
Read more and sign up:



Information skriver idag omkring manglen på fysisk kontakt med andre mennesker:

»Hvis vi berøves berøring og fysisk kontakt, vil huden degenerere til blot at være kroppens ydre grænse – og så ophører den i en vis forstand med at være en portal til verden.«…/hudsulten-gnaver-sker-naar-lae…

Tag med til thai massage workshop i aften kl. 19-21 med dem du er sammen med i den sociale distance isolering.
Det er en god måde at tilbringe tid sammen med dem du må være i fysisk rum med. Og at give hinanden en god nærværende massage.
Jeg guider to sekvenser, sådan at i kan skiftes til at give og modtage.

Du kan finde eventet her og tilmelde dig online:

Information Dagbladet Information blev stiftet natten til den 5. maj 1945. Resten af historien er daglig virkelighed, som bedst følges med et abonnement. Kom og prøv!


Dear ones.

Join me for 5 hours of thai yoga massage. You will get a sequence to take home with you. Here is a video from the bodyplay retreat in Spain this October.
We will learn some of the techniques in the video.
The immersion is for all levels, and we will spend time understanding the basic principles of how to move your body so it feels great to give and to receive.
The 5 hours aims to give you the tools to work creatively and intuitively with the body, as well as getting a 1 hour long sequence you can practice at home.
You can join alone or with a partner.
Get you ticket through the event, I will post it in the comments below.

Love, Line


Dear ones.
The best presents are the ones that are not stuff.
Get you loved ones a thai yoga massage for Christmas.
It's 600kr and you get a gift certificate to wrap, maybe use a news paper or the gift wrapping from last birthday.
The session is 1 1/2 hours and takes place on Nørrebro or Møn.
Happy Christmas and the returning of the light, and greens and sun.
❤ Line



Dear ones.
Here a recommendation to come and join Rört.

The last 3 months the new movement studio in Copenhagen, Rört has unfolded.

I have been teaching and will continue to teach Berört, a class that offers a space to share touch, allow wordless connection and letting the bodies speak.
In these classes we have been investigating what kind of touch and movement makes us connect outward and inward, and how we can allow touch to touch us deeply.

I have very much enjoyed teaching these classes, and even more so I have enjoyed being a part of the community around Rört.

In the future I will teach an anergetic firday morning yoga class, followed by Morgenbadstu, morning saunagus. This will be amazing.

Rört has a very generous attitude towards movement, and the ideology behind rört is to move in diverse ways in order to challenge yourself, get to know yourself in many different ways and ultimately to keep moving and being moved your whole life.

I am fully supporting that thought, and feel very lucky to teach there and to unfold movement classes with the unusual goal, not to get better at anything, but to practise opening in intimacy to ourselves and the relationships we are in.
Furthermore than moving, Rört is also among many other things hosting singing, and every thursday I lead a kirtan along with Niels&Christina, the amazing kirtan mamma and pappa of Copenhagen.

It´s also in Rört i will be teaching the Thaiyoga massage workshops of this fall.

Jeppe Skovgaard has created this place, out of a wish to not only move, but to build community.
And he is doing an amazing job to offer the space to move together, but also to sing together, eat together, have a sauna together and much more.

Until september 1st, you can join Rört for half price of a full membership, 275kr/month.

I fully recommend you to swing by and try out some of the classes, and be part of the community around the movement.
Yoga, dance, fighting, touching, singing, jumping on stairs and doing acroyoga.

You can try the first class for free.

With love, Line

Movement and meditation can touch us and change our lives. We are building a community around that basic promise in the heart of Copenhagen.

Come and join. We think you belong


Jeg gläder mig til at undervise denne workshop pä söndag.
Kom til introduction til akroyoga, thaimassage og partner arbejde baseret pä tillid og sensitivitet. Du behöver ikke have en partner med. Kh Line


Denne workshop har fokus på oplevelsen af at arbejde tillidsfuldt med en partner. Det vil bringe et element af leg og lethed ind i vores praksis og ofte kan du gå hjem med opdagelsen af, at din krop kan mere, end du tror.

Vi afslutter med en lille sekvens thaimassage, hvor du lærer at bruge din egen krop til at give healende berøring og stræk til en anden.

Læs mere om workshoppen her:

-------- • • ❖ • • --------
Underviser: Line Bangsbo
Pris: 300 kr. inkl. te og snacks
Tidspunkt: d. 6. november kl. 12.00-15.00
-------- • • ❖ • • --------


Come and join singing this friday. 2 hours of Kirtan, and meditation, lead by Line Bangsbo. Everybody is welcome, everything is welcome.
Bring your friends of your mother and dive into Bhakti yoga.


Vi glæder os virkelig meget til at fylde studiet med både lyd og stilhed fredag d. 21. oktober kl. 19-21, når Line inviterer til mantra & meditation. Vi skal sammen skabe et rum fyldt med glæde og hengivelse til øjeblikket.

Læs mere om workshoppen her:

-------- • • ❖ • • --------
Underviser: Line Bangsbo
Pris: 100 kr. inkl. te og snacks
Tidspunkt: d. 21. oktober kl. 19.00-21.00
-------- • • ❖ • • --------


Jeppe Skovgaard will be teaching to progressive acroyoga courses in the fall, one for people new to the practice and one for the most experiences.

See you in the air. Courses start 24. of October in spacious dance studio.

The ROOTS of Acroyoga: A beginners course with Jeppe Skovgaard

MORE than the looks 2.0: For seasoned acroyogis


Yesterday we finished our acroyoga introduction course with belly savasana and kirtan singing. Such pleasure to bring new people in to this world of moving, resting, singing and playing.



Fra den 29/4 er der akroyoga klasse med Line Bangsbo kl. 19.30-21 hver onsdag i Polestudio.
Kom og vær med!
Intro time 50,- og 10 klip for 800.

Polestudio Freja Polonius

Dance Studio 11/04/2015

Munch tester: Halsbrækkende akrobat-yoga

Also check out this video on, where you can get the official explanation of what akroyoga actually is all about.. Akroyoga kræver balance, core og mod til at være tæt på sin partner.


Akroyoga is getting mainstream.
Today we made front page in Lørdagsliv, in Politiken. See you in the parks this summer!




Akroyoga's cover photo


Look how much space we were taking up in the park this summer in week 31. At that time it felt like a peak, but looking at the community now, it was obviously just the beginning.

We are now in the planning of Copenhagen Acroyoga Week 2015 (week 31) and are looking at potential international acroyoga instructors to bring in. Who are you hoping to see and who would you like to learn from?


Blindflight teaches us so much about listening and sensing, instead of thinking and talking. And then there is the sheer joy of being moved in total trust. The faces speak for themselves:

Afslutning 8X 18/11/2014

Sådan så det ud da vi sluttede 8x akroyoga klasserne. Vi legede med Toss the flyer, unconventional moves, blindflight og simpel cool down, med det magiske i at røre og blive rørt.
Tak for disse tirsdage!


Pauline Willrodt Photography

Hi Kula.

Consider having a photo-shoot with Pauline. She is an amazing photographer, you have probably seen her pictures from acroyoga festivals all over the place.
Check out her webpage and book a shoot with her. She is here in Copenhagen from 22-25 of november.
Her pictures are perfect for homepages, bios, and christmas presents for proud parents :)
Follow the link for more info.


AcroYoga basic flow

Basic flow from the danish national wonder, the Iceberg in Thy Nationalpark.

This video is to introduce some basic AcroYoga flows for beginners. This type of flow can be learned in a weekend of training. Softness and stability developes with…

SENSOMMER RETREAT 2014 16/09/2014

The celebration of coming fall by acroyoga, swedish bodywork, food cooked on the fire, nature walks and lots of singing.
Photos by Valtteri

Copenhagen Acroyoga Week 03/08/2014

Pictures from the Acroyoga week. Unconventional moves, blind flight and lots of handstands..

Akroyoga Mexico 12/03/2014

I am so amazed and thankful, to again and again experience that anywhere you go in the world, Acroyoga brings people together!

Master Sessions Copenhagen 12/03/2014

Two days of inspiring acroyoga, working hard, playing hard.

Akroyoga Mexico 23/02/2014

I am so amazed and thankful, to again and again experience that anywhere you go in the world, Acroyoga brings people together!


I am so amazed, to again and again experience that anywhere you go in the World, Acroyoga brings people together!


Last class in Mazunte!


This piece of paper from our notebook says something important about 2014:

24. - 27. April: Thaimassage and therapeutic flying (all levels)
6. - 9. June: Pinseretreat (all levels)
11. - 14. September: Sensommerretreat (intermediate/adv.)

All three takes place @ our beautiful old school Östmargård in Sweden.

På gensyn!

Vil du plassere din skole på toppen av Skole-listen i Nørrebro?

Klik her for at gøre krav på din sponsorerede post.

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Thai yoga massage immersion on Saturday.For 5 hours you learn techniques to release and relax the body of someone else, ...
On September 24th I give a 5 hour immersion in Thai yoga massage. We spend 5 hours in Rört on a Saturday to learn and pr...
Thai yoga massage is learning how to move your body in order to move someone else's body. The techniques in thai yoga ma...
Dear ones. Join me for 5 hours of thai yoga massage. You will get a sequence to take home with you. Here is a video from...
Blindflight teaches us so much about listening and sensing, instead of thinking and talking. And then there is the sheer...





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