Levelup - Sports Revolution

At LevelUP we make video analysis simple for sports teams.

Mission: Bringing Pro to every level of sports

Filming the @the_startup_traveller ‘s game in CPH 🏀


App Developer @ LevelUP

We are looking for an app developer to join our company!

Could this be you? Perhaps you know somebody for the job?

Check out our listing: https://thehub.dk/jobs/app-developer-4

#ios #csharp #cofoundermaterial

thehub.dk We make it simple for sports teams to work video. We developed an iPad application that helps coaches to film, tag and share the important moments of their games. We are now looking for an app developer to join our team!

Back in Denmark 🇩🇰 #hejsa


T4G video training

Sweet testimonial video 🙃💪🏀


Credits: T4G

Wow, thanks for sharing these Howard Frier!

It reminds me of one line I use in my pitch:

"Why an iPad? It's all about this, sharing the screen with someone, immediately after the game. No video transfer, no internet connection needed."

Now including a finger sleeve in our packages to make it easier to hold the button during the game.

It was a blast to attend TechChill conference at Riga!

Doing business in the beautiful Faroe Islands 🇫🇴


#12 Why I’m grateful to the Startup Wise Guys and Gals

An honest look back at the last few months and going through the Startup Wise Guys accelerator program. 🇪🇪🗓️❤️

#swg #accelerator #estonia


blog.getlevelup.com A look back at the last few months attending the SWG accelerator program.

Using the Lightning to HDMI adapter for team presentations.


#11 Bringing Pro to every level – LevelUP


Going behind our mission statement, product roadmap and how are we thinking about AI.


blog.getlevelup.com Thoughts on our product roadmap and AI strategy.

New basketball trial. Indoor sports seem to be a great match for our software.

Presenting LevelUP at the Robotex conference.

Levelup - Sports Revolution's cover photo

We just got our custom bags, that come with the yearly plan and are designed to carry our accessories:

👍 if you dig the black one
❤️ if you prefer the white one

Doing basketball for the first time!

Levelup - Sports Revolution's cover photo

Levelup - Sports Revolution

The new gorgeous iPad Pros showed up at the stores today.

Looking forward to work with them :)

New pack of cards, SWG edition 😎

#moo #swg #tallinn

Check out our new landing page and get ready to our launch to the AppStore 🙂


Credits: https://primate-culture.com/


#10 Starting a new chapter – LevelUP

A lot of you have been asking about the updates around the company, especially after posting pictures from Estonia. I can now share that we've been selected into Batch 12 of the Startup Wise Guys accelerator program.

I've written this blog post to explain what does this mean and to tell the story of how did we get there.


blog.getlevelup.com Opening up about our new accelerator program and the way I ended up there as a solo-founder.

No matter where you, you will always find people playing football.


Our new co-working space 🙂

#wrkland #tallinn #swgb12

Experimenting with filming and live streaming simultaneously. It's hacky for now, but the goal is to make this seamless, using only one device.


Nice day for filming at Dana Cup’s final day.

Meeting coaches at the massive DANA Cup.

Listening to Tommy Ahlers’ (Podio, Løvens Hule) presentation at Aalborg University.

Hosted by: SEA - Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University


Startup Dating

Pitching on Monday at the Startup Dating event.

Check out the event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/startup-dating-tickets-37285974353

Great chance for us to practice our pitch, spread the word and recruit people. Feel free to drop by at our table!


eventbrite.com ▶ WHAT? Upcoming Startups will pitch their venture, while jobseekers, intern hunters, investors and wannabe entrepreneurs are listening. Afterwards participants can meet and network with the Startups. The event will be recorded live. Refreshments will be served after the pitching have ended. Agenda:...


#9 Building a great company – LevelUP

Do you have well-defined values at your organization?
While these things can change as the company progress, it's a good thing to take a certain position and express what is what do you believe in, what do you not believe in.

We share some values among the founders, which we are now making public, so you can see how do we think and what's our take on building a great company.

Because that's what we are up to.


blog.getlevelup.com In the final part of the trilogy (Why: Thesis, What: Product, How: Company) I’ll go over the principles that give the foundation to our…

Picture from today’s testing session. We are doing a lot of these now.

What does it mean exactly?

We go to your game with a camera, a Flic button and a tablet running our app. We do a video breakdown of your match which we can show you immediately after it ends.

Afterwards, we’ll send you the links for all the video playlists, including all the chances and each individual player.

Here is an example: https://dashboard.getlevelup.com/#/guest-video-player/31:80

We plan to charge for these sessions in the future, but for now you get all of this for FREE! Just send us a message on Facebook and we’ll find a day to visit you 🙂

ps: we do these sessions primarily in Denmark but if you are from another country, just contact us, we travel a lot so we might go your way!


#8 How we think about our product – LevelUP

New blog post: A deeper look into the strategic decisions around our product and how are trying to solve the football industry's "video problem".


blog.getlevelup.com Building a next generation software for football clubs.

Making sure our app works on all Android tablets #testing

Attending Wolves Summit in the great city of Warsaw. And yes, this is the building that hosted the conference...

#palaceofculture #warsaw #wolvessummit

Somebody stopped by to take a look at our camera and tried the 60x optical zoom!


#7 Our thesis

Thoughts on the current state of the sports analytics industry and our case for the future: https://blog.getlevelup.com/7-our-thesis-816f05cafb2#.c9jmh29lr

blog.getlevelup.com The “why” behind our company.


#6 Starting a Medium publication

We moved our blog to a new place and we are extending its content: https://blog.getlevelup.com/6-starting-a-medium-publication-1daeff2885be#.f5284mukt

blog.getlevelup.com When we started a blog, the first obvious thing to do was to write about our company’s journey, or as the headline reads:

We are super-excited to announce that our company was accepted to the InnoBooster program!

Our project is running between this March-July and with the funding we are receiving, we'll be able to accelerate our product development and get closer to deliver our long-requested features. It's certainly a milestone in our company's life!

More about the InnoBooster here: http://innovationsfonden.dk/en/investment/innobooster


#5 Being entrepreneurial pilots — Part 2

This February we ended our "mandate" at the Entrepreneurial Pilot program which two of us joined about a year ago. Here is our summary of the program, including Slush, our budget and an honest self-evaluation: https://medium.com/@dk.levelup/5-being-entrepreneurial-pilots-part-2-f6418e5f7d35

medium.com Two of us in the company just finished our “mandate” as Entrepreneurial pilots.

Startup Weekend!

-3 degrees ❄️️

Training season begins.


#4 Tools we use

Our latest post on the tools we are using at the company. Hope you find it useful :) https://goo.gl/YNLQhK

Share your list!

#productivity #tools #services


LevelUP Pinterest page

Check out our new Pinterest page :) https://dk.pinterest.com/levelup0246

#culture #tools

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LevelUP Pinterest page
Jakob in Aalborg





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