The book focuses on job responsibilities of patient care pharmacists, separated from those of doctors and nurses, with the most recent information. Various aspects of pharmacist-led patient care services are incorporated in a single book. Chapter outline, abbreviations, synopsis, learning outcomes, cases, key terms and further references are added like a textbook.
This book focuses on the expanded role of the pharmacists in total patient care including prescribing, dispensing, compounding, administering and monitoring of drugs at home, hospital, community, hospice, critical care, changeover and other care settings. The purpose of this book is to guide the pharmacists in their daily interactions with patients and to ensure collaboration with other health professionals. The contents are mostly based on recently published articles related to patient care, with most recent ideas and activities followed by the patient care pharmacists around the globe. (

Afghan European Pharmacists Association (AEuPA) is an association of Afghan pharmacists and pharmacy students in Europe.

Our first aim is to gather a group of afghan pharmacists in Europe who are volunteering and willing to work with us. You can share, collaborate and explore yourself through this group. Our second aim is to help and support afghan pharmacist or pharmacy students in Afghanistan. There is a great need for more staff with pharmaceutical expertise in pharmacies and hospitals in Afghanistan. The pharmac

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Afghan European Pharmacists Association - Home

AEuPA is searching dutch board members!

AEUPA(Afghan European Pharmacists Association) is een Europese organisatie bestaande uit een team van vrijwilligers met als hoofddoel het verder ontwikkelen van de farmacie in Afghanistan.

Momenteel heerst er in Afghanistan een groot tekort aan professionals met adequate farmaceutische kennis in apotheken en ziekenhuizen. Dit komt o.a. door een gebrek aan scholing, apparatuur en literatuurbronnen om de kennis up to date te houden. Ook worstelt het land met een tekort aan geneesmiddelen en zijn er veel vervalste geneesmiddelen en geneesmiddelen van slechte kwaliteit in de handel. Kortom, er is veel verbetering mogelijk en nodig op het gebied van scholing, wetenschap, kwaliteit en regelgeving in de farmaceutische sector in Afghanistan.

Wij als AEuPA vinden het belangrijk om onze farmaceutische ervaringen en kennis te delen en voeren daarom verschillende projecten uit om de farmaceutische zorg in Afghanistan te verbeteren. Onze projecten lopen uiteen van o.a. farmaceutisch inhoudelijke projecten tot aan inzamelingsacties en organisatorische projecten. Op onze website ( kun je een overzicht vinden van alle projecten die we in het verleden hebben uitgevoerd en projecten die momenteel lopen.

Heb jij passie voor de farmacie en lijkt het jou leuk om een steentje bij te dragen aan de farmaceutische zorg in Afghanistan? Word dan nu lid door een mailtje te sturen naar [email protected]

Voor meer informatie over AEuPA en onze werkzaamheden verwijzen we je door naar de website Afghan European Pharmacists Association's kabul university, afghans association medication 02/10/2017

Afghan European Pharmacists Association - Buddy project AEuPA

Dear Friends,

We have another exciting small project to announce: The buddy project

To help Afghan pharmacy students in Afghanistan with finding up to date articles on the subject of their thesis. This leads to more knowledge and a higher quality of the thesis written by pharmacy students in Afghanistan.

Afghan pharmacy students in Afghanistan and in the Netherlands can sign up for the “buddy project” by contacting AEuPA. AEuPA connects pharmacy students in the Netherlands with pharmacy students in Afghanistan. Every student will be matched with a “buddy” in the other country. The buddy in the Netherlands provides the buddy in Afghanistan with articles about the subject of their thesis.
Pharmacy students in the Netherlands

Are you a pharmacy student in the Netherlands and do you want to help Afghan pharmacy students in Afghanistan to write a high-quality thesis by providing them with articles? Sign up to this buddy project to help!

Pharmacy students in Afghanistan
Are you a pharmacy student in Afghanistan and do you have trouble finding high-quality articles to write your thesis? Sign up to this buddy project to get some help!

For more information and/or cooperation please contact Yasamin Latify ([email protected]) International pharmaceutical federation (FIP) is the global federation representing three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists worldwide


AEuPA wishes every pharmacist; Happy Pharmacist day 🎉


Afghan European Pharmacists Association - Project FMIC

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time that we have not announced anything about our activities.
But we haven't kept quite and it is time to present our new upcoming project. It is a project about post education for pharmacists in Afghanistan. We start our project with the pharmacists in FMIC Kabul. For more information please visit our website (

We are planning the first phase of our project by visiting FMIC in Kabul in August.

For more inquiry and/or information please contact Tamanna Lashkari ([email protected])

Keep visiting our page/website for more news.

AEuPA team International pharmaceutical federation (FIP) is the global federation representing three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists worldwide


Dear friends,

AEuPA is officially registered in the Netherlands (kvk-registered) with the following team:

Tamanna Lashkari - Chairwoman
Shafiq Farsad - Secretary
Yasamin Latify- Treasurer

The projects are monitored and conducted from the Netherlands. The Dutch team has as well their own bank account (NL42 RABO 0138178699- Afghan Europ. Pharm. Ass.)

For collaboration or any other info contact Tamanna Lashkari ([email protected]).

Team AEuPA


Project: Laboratory equipment's


Project: Laboratory equipment's


PharmAbroad Foundation

Project update:

The equipment's are packed and ready for the transport!

We are glad to announce that everything that was donated by Leiden University, especially the departments of LACDR has been packed and shipped to Kabul University. 10/06/2016

Afghan European Pharmacists Association - Laboratory equipment’s

Dear Friends,
It has been a while that we have posted on our page. But here is an update of what we are currently working on.

Our next project is to provide the Pharmacy faculty of Kabul University laboratory equipment's.

This project is possible due to help of different sponsors and supporters:

- Leiden University (donation equipments)
- Farmacie Mondiaal (financial help)
- PharmAbroad Foundation (organisational work)
- Parcel International Nederland (transportation)
- Friends of AEuPA (financial help)

Keep visiting our page for updates about this project

AEuPA team International pharmaceutical federation (FIP) is the global federation representing three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists worldwide

Board Selection 28/02/2016

Board Selection

Shafiq Farsad (President)
Tamanna Lashkari (Secretary)
Dunya Hadad (Treasurer)
Khatira Mansoori (Chief scientific officer)
Yasmin Latify (Regulatory affairs)
Said Fakhri (Marketing and Public Relation)


World Health Organization (WHO)

What is ?
Is there treatment?
Should I avoid travelling to areas where virus is occurring?
What can I do to protect myself and my family?


World Health Organization (WHO)

: What health workers can do 11/10/2015

Afghanistan National Formulary introductory and Presenting the findings of Pharmaceutical... General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs (GDPA) held one day workshop on introducing the Afghanistan National Formulary and presenting the findings of Pharmaceutical Logistic Information System (PLIS) at Ibn e Sina emergency hospital’s conference room.


Great news for the fight against fake medicines!

The Convention against counterfeiting of medicines and devices – Medicrime – officially enters into force in January 2016. With 24 signatories and 5 ratifying countries, the latest Guinea on 24th September 2015, the text promoted by the Council of Europe (COE) now becomes the first international legal treaty to protect patients from the threat of fake medicines.

Great news for the fight against fake medicines!

The Convention against counterfeiting of medicines and devices – Medicrime – officially enters into force in January 2016. With 24 signatories and 5 ratifying countries, the latest Guinea on 24th September 2015, the text promoted by the Council of Europe (COE) now becomes the first international legal treaty to protect patients from the threat of fake medicines.

Fondation Chirac Le Médicament De La Rue Tue IRACM IFPMA International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Partnership for Safe Medicines Minilabs save lives U.S. Pharmacopeia World Medical Association 07/09/2015

Afghan European Pharmacists Association - Donate Now

Dear friends,

We need your help in order to proceed our work. Since AEuPA is a private nonprofit association, we rely on the generous financial support of donors who support us in a variety of ways, to provide our work. AEuPA is grateful to all our friends who donate to continue our mission for improving the pharmacy sector in Afghanistan. Support from foundations, corporations and individuals help us achieve our goals, and enables, us to make a lasting community impact.

You can help us by making a single donation or regular monthly donations. Please check our website for more information.

AEuPA team project,Afghan European Pharmacists Association AEUPA.Kabul University's Faculty of Pharmacy


AEuPA team wishes every muslim Eid Mubarak
Enjoy the days with your loved ones!

Conference: GMP and its role in quality of medicine 26/05/2015

AEuPA, ANPA (Afghan nationwide pharmacists association) and the Pharmacy Faculty of Kabul University gave the first annual conference about GMP and its role in quality of medicine


AEuPA is searching for you!

Are you an Afghan residing in Europe? Do you have a pharmaceutical background? Have you ever wondered what you can do to help build up your homeland?

Than join us and become a member of AEuPA.
AEuPA is searching for new active members to run new projects that will help to improve the pharmacy sector in Afghanistan.
Contact us now!

AEuPA team


Programme Conference: GMP and its role in quality of medicines


Mobile Uploads


Aeupa's cover photo



Dear colleagues and AEuPA members!

On behalf of AEuPA I would like to thank all of you for your efforts and contribution to our last projects in 2014-now! Without your dedication, contribution, good spirit and hard work, the Projects would not have been possible. It has been a pleasure to work with you, be inspired by you, and achieve results with you.

2014 has also been a productive year for AEuPA. More or less we have conducted two projects. I would like to use the opportunity to share with you the latest results of those efforts:

Book collection/ library projects (ended march. 2015) : We have donated more then 441 pharmacy books ( 129 donated books, and 282 purchased books), 180 pharmacy related E-books, 5 new computers, 1 new printer with accessories, 3 used Computer, 4 used printer, 7 Cartridges For HP printers, 2 microscope, 2 Pumps for HPLC, 1 FAX and 10 bookshelves to the library at the pharmacy faculty . Furthermore we can proudly inform you that the library is now open and the students have access to the books since august 2014. A Special thank to DRC (Danish refuge council) for their financial support, ANPA(Afghan NAtion wide Pharmacists association), AFPSF(Afghan Pharmaceutical Students Federation) for their efforts and contribution to the projects and Gronningen and Copenhagen University for the donated books and other materials.

IPSF membership: unfortunately the students from the faculty of pharmacy could not attend the IPSF world congress in Lisbon last year due to some visa issue at the Italy embassy in Kabul. But we can inform you that the students could achieve IPSF membership throw online communication with IPSF audience supported by AEuPA active members.

I am looking much forward to continuing our cooperation in 2015;where we will have a strong focus to strength our relation with ANPA to have joint future projects. We have already planned to have a 3 days conference in co-operation with ANPA and AFPSF in 2015.

Best Regards
AEuPA Chairman
Shafiq Farsad


Diaspora Programme

Last week, Diaspora Programme Coordinator Mingo Heiduk visited Kabul. Below two photos from a visit to the Afghan-European Pharmacists Association's (AEuPA) project at Kabul University's Faculty of Pharmacy. In cooperation with Afghan National Pharmacists Association, AEuPA has supplied up-to-date textbooks and computers to the faculty library. An interesting collaboration, with the two organisations being linked on the base of a common profession. Great potential for future cooperation in areas such as knowledge transfer and academic Exchange!


Dear Friends,

Although our project is still not finished but here is a gallery how the library looks now. The books and the computers are available for the students to use.

Till now around 250+ books are delivered to the library, the desktops with UPS (uninterruptible power supply), all-in-one printer, bookshelves, chairs and tables as well.

Just last shipment is left, keep visiting our page for more updates.

AEuPA team


Hello everyone,

Our AEuPA secretary had today a meeting with Afghan Pharmaceutical Students Federation - AFPSF members.
Although we have worked together before and had several skype meetings but this was our first official meeting. During our meeting we discussed certain issues and future plans of afspf.

As we mentioned in previous posts afpsf is now officially registered as ipsf member. This is due to their hard work and contribution. We wish them further progress and succes.

AEuPA is proud of these group students that are working hard despite their own work. And we are here for any kind of support.

Special thanks to Safiullahjan, Omaidjan, Fazl jan and Haidarjan for receiving us with great hospitality.


Dear Friends,

AEuPA received today an appreciation certificate for our work. Our secretary (Tamanna Lashkari) received it from prof. Babury, prof. Sediqqi and assoc. prof. Jhakfar.

AEuPA is very gratefull for this certificate and we are very honoured receiving it.
We are wishing for more future co-operation and projects.

AEuPA team


Dear AEuPA members,
As already indicated in the earlier post on our FB page, we didn’t let our supportive work take a summer holiday.

The last couple of weeks/months we have been working together with Safiullah jan and Omaid jan from the AfPSF on getting an IPSF membership for the association. It required a lot of administrative work and preparations, which was guided and supported by a few of our board members. Safiullah jan prepared an oral presentation for the IPSF conference that is currently running in Portugal. And Omaid jan a scientific poster that was supposed to be presented for a poster competition at the same conference. However, because of the unexpected and disappointing rejection of the Italian embassy to provide the boys visas, they were not able to present their work personally. Despite our success in obtaining funding for their trip and enrollment. IPSF made a good gesture by allowing the inauguration to be presented as a video, that was subsequently coordinated by FazelRabie jan.

From now on we can congratulate and be proud of our colleague students in Kabul receiving IPSF membership. This is a remarkable achievement, mainly because no other group succeeded getting a membership that soon after the establishment of the association. Let us hope that the success that we have received, in the near future will open the doors to global networking and collaboration for our Afghan students.


Dear friends,

AEuPA wishes you and your family a happy and peaceful Eid!

Eid Mubarak!


Hi everyone,

The first books are on the shelfs of the faculty library today!

Thanks to Samman, our AEuPA board member for delivering the 135 persian books, printer, papers and computers to the university.

More to come soon, keep visiting our page!


Just in time for the new books! - A Small-Library Makeover



Dear friends,

The computers, printer and the persian books are safely transported to Kabul (from Herat). One of our board members, who will spend the next weeks in Kabul to make sure things run smoothly, received them yesterday (17th of July) and blessed us with the following pictures.

Stay tuned ... more updates to come!

Best regard,
Team AEuPA 28/06/2014


Dear friends,

Team AEuPA wishes you and your family a blessed Ramadan. May it bring us all peace, joy and prosperity - Ameen.

As for now, here is a summary of what we have been doing behind the screens.

- The computers, printer and persian books (100+) are now in Herat and will be send to the University this month.
- 100+ English books are gathered in Europe, and will be send to Afghanistan this month.
- A new statute has been uploaded on our website.

Best regards,

Team AEuPA AEuPA is an humanitarian association seeking to unite Afghan pharmacists and pharmacy students in Europe and supporting the pharmacy sector and pharmacy students in Afghanistan. We invite Afghan professionals from all areas of pharmacy sector whether they are working in industries, institutes, priva…

Board members 2014-2015 26/04/2014

Board members 2014-2015

Chairman: Shafiq Farsad
Secretary: Tamanna Lashkari
Treasurer: Dunya Makis Hadad
Chief Science Officer: Shekeb Sediq
Public Relations: Meena G. Gulabzoi
Regulatory Affairs: Samman Azim
Marketing & PR: Suraya Alikhil



Internet side


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