Horsed School

an English language private school, running since September 2002

Beginners' Student Book.

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Horsed School

Horseed school direction wishes y'all the best of wishes. #UNITE #EGALITE #PAIX

Horsed is my source of success

The British council is about to land in Djibouti next year. In this occasion, we received a delegation of two important members tonight in Horseed School of English.

30 schoolgirls from horseed school of English took part the first ever edition of the walk "Stop violence against women" on Sunday November 25th.

On Thursday night, We #HorseedTeam, paid visit to Barwaqo school in #Hayabley. Thanks a lot for the warm welcom

[11/20/18]   The D-Day.
Happy mawlud-an-nabi
To every muslim around the world.
Our best wishes. #TeamHorseed

[11/19/18]   D-1
Prophet Muhammed birtday (PBUH)

The Birthday of the prophete (PBUH)

Horsed School

Horseed Speaking team, traditional dancing team
#MotivatedStudents #TeamHorseed


A piece of the 13th graduation ceremony

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see the #Alhmdullilahi at the end

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Horsed School

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So many thanks to everyone of you.
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an English language private school, running since September 2002

[10/06/18]   Happy Teacher's Day
Horseed School direction is wishing all its actual and previous teachers a prosperous day of the teachers.

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October 1st 2018 has been a big night for the level 4 of 8h to 9h. It was their first in house stage (IHS) under instructor Eng. Mohamed R. Abdillahi's guard. The night turned to be very instructive for lower level students, for seeing students from higher level speaking in english in a very pleasant way. However, this is step every students dreams of doing it.
#Instructo_Medrob #Stay_Tuned

[09/21/16]   STUDENT: Sir, can I ask a question?
STUDENT: How do you put an elephant inside a fridge?
TEACHER: I don't know.
STUDENT: It's easy, you just open the fridge and put it in. I have another question!
TEACHER: Ok, ask.
STUDENT: How to put a donkey inside the fridge?
TEACHER: It's easy, you just open the fridge and put it in.
STUDENT: No sir, You just open the fridge take out the elephant and put it in.
TEACHER: Ooh...ok!!
STUDENT: Let me ask another one. If all the animals went to the lion's birthday party, and one animal went missing which one would it be?
TEACHER: The lion of course! Because it wud eat all the animals.
STUDENT: No sir, it is the donkey becoz it's still inside the fridge.
TEACHER: Are you kidding me?
STUDENT: No sir, 1 last question.
STUDENT: If there's a river full of crocodiles and you wanted to cross, how would you?
TEACHER: There's no way, I would need a boat to cross.
STUDENT: No sir, you just swim and cross it because all the animals went to the lion's birthday party.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

The culture wonderful

Horsed School celebrated it's 11th graduation cérémony and 13th anniversary

Horsed School

[09/04/13]   Notice

Horsed is going to build up a relation with japanese solders nearly, they will start teaching their mother language which is japenese in Horsed School of English.

Horsed always cares about your developement skills........

Director assistant

[08/31/13]   Since its foundation Horsed School of English became the cradle of English language in our area. Several generations succeeded one to another by winning their performance in the English language. Namely we have the enormous pleasure to inform you the following:

The September 1st 2013 there will be our 9th Graduation ceremony and it’s indeed the 11TH Anniversary of the School. It is with great joy that we welcome you on this occasion. The ceremony will be held in theatre of Saline, under quite appropriate for this celebration. We count on your presence from 19h30. Thank you to confirm your participation through a return before. Waiting to see you, sincerely,

Director assistant
Hamza Farah Adaweh

[08/09/13]   la direction de Horsed School et l'ensemble de ces personnels vous souhait une bonne fete de l'AID al-fidri avec prosperite et du paix surtout que des bonheur et qu' ALLAH accepte vos recompense de hasanat du mois benit et qu'on puisse assister a celui de l'année prochaine. Amin Amin
salamullah 3aleik

[03/21/13]   Tonight, horsed is going to promote its relation with Barwako School in Hayabley. we are wishing the best and a hardest link will build up between the two School.

Horsed School's cover photo

Horsed School of English

Postal Box 3001
Balbala city, Arta street
Tel : 77 67 98 09/ 77 82 87 99
E-mail: [email protected]


PSE (Horsed) is one the most populated school exists in Djibouti. This school shares by the side of teaching English language with other schools. It is familiar with providing a comprehensive systematic way of teaching English language in a companion with competent teachers who have good pedagogical experience in satisfactory teaching.

Horsed was established on September 2002. The general conception of founding this school has been devised by the high principal of the school Mr BILAL ROBLEH AWWALE

The main objective of creating this school was to expand the learning English language through the country and facilitate our people to study this exotic language officially, because the more educational centres are found the more educated people increase. From founding time of Horsed up to now, it has played a major role in coming up with an excellent study that is satisfied by its learners in any way.

The Administration of direction

Horsed direction rules all the school issues. It works as the top sector organizes everything concerns about the school and study. Nothing can be done without being discussed. It is leaded by the assistant director Mr MAHDI ROBLEH ABDILLAHI. In terms of preparing lessons examinations and its entire maintenances. It is the core of arbitration between teachers and students Horsed direction also follows all the external affaires as how the public opinion consider the school and foreign organisations.

Horsed direction has a part of library that hundreds of important books are available which have various types of English books. And its administration comes under the Horsed office, particularly librarian sector; this library is open for every person who wants to read more and improves his/her knowledge in English language because there is proverb which said He who read more knows more”.

The system we teaches English

As usual, the English language is an international language that is used all over the world. It is the language that communizes the world nations to the global communications and world trade development. Despite, this language plays a main role in social life; it has different accents. By doing so, each region uses one of these accents for instance; this region (horn of Africa) mostly uses British. Since Djibouti is in this region, (horn of Africa) and most available books that can be found are written in British language, Horsed has preferred to use the British and American Accent. Sometimes teachers differentiate the pronunciation of the two accents to their students.

The kind of books that Horsed teaches

Horsed teaches the curriculum of new concept English which is regionally used and available in Horn of Africa. In Addition to that, there are two essential books, called (learn and act) which are basically very important at the beginning of English learning. On the other hand, the four books of the new concept English are taught in Levels, from level three to level six including all other principle subjects, like Grammar, the conjugation of English verbs, vocabulary and practical speaking English language orally and how to pronounce English word exactly.

What about Horsed teachers:

Horsed gained skill full English teachers who have adequate experience and pedagogy in teaching English, the teachers always provide their lessons in the right simple way of learning with students using all their efforts and talents to satisfy them Horsed teachers see themselves as en engaged in the process of teaching English language well, they impart instruction, they assign work, they assess student learning, and they grade students on their achievement of English learning. The teaching of Horsed teachers is proved and witnessed by the students who learn something from them.

The learning days and hours of HORSED

Horsed teaches the English course in days and hours as the other private schools of English in Djibouti teach or as the international institutions do. The days that the Horsed teaches are five days in a week which account twenty days in a month, (Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). And the hours are five hours in a week that account for twenty hours in a month. There are six levels, from level one to level six. Each level consists of two or three levels taking schedule hour and specific subject. More over, there are additional hours that the teachers voluntarily give the lessons to the students who have difficulties to learn English and also the students who want to improve their speaking progressively.

The English discussion group

Since American from camp lemonier began to discuss or improve the oral of the Horsed, the school has gained more reputation and started to register more students every night. Thanks to them for them trough students all the furniture of learning English or even including cleaning, clothing and the other useful material.

The English discussion group caused that students already disappointed to restart learning and increase the hope of the students in the side of their future life.

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