European Student Parliaments

European Student Parliaments

The EUSP project aims at strenghthening the dialogue between students and scientists.


Looking back on the student parliament in Toulouse we're so proud of everyone for their hard work and new ideas. Thanks for debating science with us!

Photos from European Student Parliaments's post 11/07/2018

Here are some highlights from the in Toulouse. We thank all of you for your great and innovative ideas regarding the 'Future of Mobility' in Europe! We all enjoyed the last days with you so much and wish you just the best for your future.

A special thanks goes to: city2science, Europäisches Schülerparlament Herford, מוזיאון המדע ע"ש בלומפילד ירושלים, Cork Institute of Technology - CIT, USI Università della Svizzera italiana (Official Page), ScienceView, Intersection Centre for Science and Innovation - among others!


We are on the move, keeping mobility as motto after . Aviation got us back to Germany quickly. We hope you also had a safe trip back home and enjoyed the European Student Parliament as much as we did.
It was lovely meeting all of you!


The "cherry on the cake" of this year's Finals is our visit at the ESOF 2018 Toulouse! We are heading there right now, to join the flash talks at the Palais du Sport.

EuroScience Open Forum - ESOF 2018 Toulouse Join us for the largest interdisciplinary forum on science and innovation in Europe, 9-14 July 2018 in Toulouse, European City of Science


Day 3: What a weekend!

Today is the last day of this year's here in Toulouse. Join us during our final debate, starting at 9am Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Garonne!

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Team building and expert hearings: It was a great first day at in Toulouse. Here are some pictures of our first sessions at the Student Parliaments.


Day 1: Today, we will start with a team building session and focus mainly on the expert hearings.


Everything is ready for the European Student Parliament in Toulouse! We look forward to meeting all of you tomorow!


Apart from scientific and political discussions, our participants will get to know the beautiful city Toulouse. The city in the South of France has so much to offer. For further info, take a look below on the page of the local tourisme office in Toulouse:

Tourisme à Toulouse : Vacances, Séjours et Sorties - Visite de la ville Rose | Toulouse Tourisme Préparez votre séjour sur le site officiel du Tourisme à Toulouse : Séjour, activités, sorties… Des centaines d'idées et bons plans pour réussir vos vacances !

Siège de Toulouse 30/06/2018

One week from now, we will be opening the Final in Toulouse!

For three days, students from 10 different countries will be drafting resolutions and have a final plenary debate at the Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Garonne!

SAVE THE DATE: We invite all of you to join our delegates when they debate their ideas about the Future of Mobility, and hand over their resolutions to the Commissioner Carlos Moedas from the European Commission on 9 July, 2018.

For further info or registration, please send a short message to [email protected]. We are looking forward to welcoming many of you!

Siège de Toulouse A Toulouse, le siège du Conseil départemental est constitué d’un ensemble de bâtiments qui héberge l’hémicycle où délibère l’Assemblée départementale et les bureaux des services assurant les missions de la collectivité. Situé à proximité du centre-ville et desservi par les trans...

Photos from European Student Parliaments's post 20/06/2018

We are happy to introduce to you the second half of moderators for the :

Gregor Beck, Germany – Aviation and Space Flight
Wendy Oke, Ireland – Neo-nomads and Digital Natives
Nicolas Cercle, Switzerland – Mobility in the City

Photos from European Student Parliaments's post 18/06/2018

The moderators play an important role during the student parliaments by supporting and guiding the students through the sessions, expert hearings and the final debate. That's why we are happy to announce that we have found an excellent team of moderators for this year's EUSP in Toulouse.

The following moderators will be on hand with help and advice for our students! Let us introduce to you 3/6 moderators:

Neda Živanović, Serbia - Chair of Moderators
Nathalie Ferko, Germany – Autonomous Vehicles
Cecilie Andersen, Denmark – Carbon-neutral Transport


Last but not least, topic #5 of the is Mobility in the city:

In large cities, millions of people and tones of goods move around every day. The city’s live ability is affected by roads, traffic, bicycle lanes and public-transport networks. Which modes of transport should have priority in urban planning? How does transport infrastructure use space in a city? And how does that affect pedestrians, cyclists or people dining outdoors? Is the concept of a personal car out of date?


Topic #4 of the is Neo-nomads and digital natives:

People are becoming more mobile in physical and digital space. Modern communication technologies may seem to negate the need for physical mobility, but are we travelling less frequently? How does our mobility vary across work, free time and holidays? What are the environmental and ethical consequences of travel? How are our habits changing and what does that mean for our mobility in the future?


Topic #3 of the is Aviation and space flight:

While not an everyday mode of transport, aviation moves people and goods globally and emits a considerable quantity of greenhouse gases. In contrast space flight remains a small scientific endeavour aimed at exploration rather than tourism or mass-transit. Closer to the ground, small autonomous aircraft known as drones are being tested for deliveries. How can the carbon emissions from aviation be reduced? How should drones be regulated in civil air space? And will commercial space flight become a reality in our lifetimes?


Topic #2 of the is about Carbon-neutral transport:

Transport generates almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, with road transport responsible for more than 70 per cent of emissions in the sector. How can we transport people and goods more efficiently? How could alternatives like electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles reduce emissions? What infrastructure do we need to support new types of vehicles? Can we produce biofuels from waste? And how can we speed up the transition to carbon-neutral transport?


This year's European Student Parliament Finals are about "The Future of Mobility". But mobility has many facets. How do we want to move along in the future? During the next days we will give you an overview of our topics.

Topic #1 is about Autonomous vehicles:

Truly autonomous vehicles are not just operated remotely, but respond intelligently to their environment. Automated subway trains have been operating for decades. Now the first driverless cars, buses and trucks are hitting our roads. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are also being tested. What role will these vehicles play in future transport systems? How should they be regulated? And how can they be integrated into existing transport systems?


Did you know that the ‘Debate Science!’ project European Student Parliament 2018 initiated by Wissenschaft im Dialog and funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 involves 11 partner organisations who select the delegations of students?

We're looking forward to meeting, among others, City2science, Europäisches Schülerparlament Herford, מוזיאון המדע ע"ש בלומפילד ירושלים, Cork Institute of Technology - CIT, USI Università della Svizzera italiana (Official Page), ScienceView, Intersection Centre for Science and Innovation!

The participating countries are Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Serbia & Switzerland.


Good morning!
Today our team is heading to la ville rose to get everything ready for the European Student Parliament Finals 2018 in July.


We've got some good news!

After our great experiences in Copenhagen and Manchester, we are excited to announce another round of EUSP Finals funded by the European Commission.

This year we will be heading to Toulouse in the south of France to debate 'The Future of Mobility' with 70 students from different countries. Join us on our journey !
Stay tuned for more update & info here on facebook or via

See the video below for some short impressions of our last final European Student Parliament 2016 in Manchester:

Final European Student Parliament – Manchester 2016 The final European Student Parliament took place in Manchester 25-27 July 2016 conjunction with EuroScience Open Forum 2016 (ESOF). Over three days, around 1...

Timeline photos 21/10/2016

Fruitful discussions with Robert-Jan Smits and his colleagues from the DG Science and Innovation of the European Commission. Anastasia, Diana, Queralt and Tung have made a really good job! Congrats!

Timeline photos 14/10/2016

Brussels calling! Robert-Jan Smits (DG Science and Innovation, European Commission) has invited four of our EUSP delegates, Diana (Sofia), Tung (Rostock), Anastasia (Belgrade) and Queralt (Barcelona), next Friday, 21st October, to discuss some of the resolutions. Credits: WiD/C. Rieken


Moving pictures often say more than words: Here is our video documentation of the finals 2016! Credits: WiD/Johannes Giering

Timeline photos 26/09/2016

"It was like a gourmet dinner for my brain," said one student. We love this analogy about the student parliament!

Timeline photos 26/08/2016

Too short! This feedback says it all. Three days of meeting people, questioning scientists, writing resolutions, debating... and suddenly it was time to go home. Congrats on the good work and we hope you have happy memories!

Final EUSP 2016 in Manchester 29/07/2016

From 25-27 July 2016, the Final European Student Parliament (EUSP) took place at Salford University and Manchester Town Hall in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Timeline photos 27/07/2016

All done! The students hand over their final resolutions to Robert-Jan Smits, the Director General DG Science and Innovation of the European Commission, and MEP Julie Ward. Thank you so much for your hard work during the past three days - you can be proud of yourselves!

Timeline photos 27/07/2016

Dame Nancy Rothwell, the EuroScience Open Forum Champion 2016, emphasises the need for science to be open to young voices.

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“Like a gourmet dinner for my brain.”
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