Kung Fu Dance

Kung Fu Dance


Hello everyone
Kung Fu mit Kerem Shemi im MOVISION Garten🌳
Das ganze Video gibt's hier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL6yRRJ8nwg
Ein lauer Sommernachmittag in Lichtenrade, die Vögel zwitschern, der Himmel ist leicht bedeckt, aber die Temperatur sehr angenehm. 🌤Interessiert äugen unsere Nachbarn in Lichtenrade in den MOVISION Garten, denn dort gibt es wieder einmal ein ungewöhnliches Treiben zu beobachten: Eine bunt gemischte Gruppe übt gemeinsam bestimmte Bewegungsformen, welche ein wenig an einen Kranich erinnern. 🐦 Dazu erklingt asiatische Musik aus dem Verstärker und die ganze Action wird auch noch von Kameramännern aufgenommen.🙇🏼‍♂️
Was für das unwissende Auge ein wenig merkwürdig scheinen kann, war eine Masterclass zum Kranich des 5 Animal Qi Gong Systems. 🐉 Wir freuen uns, dass Kerem Shemi von Kung Fu Dance ihr Wissen und Können mit unserer Community geteilt hat! Einen guten Einblick bekommst du im neuesten Video auf unserem YouTube-Kanal (Link in Bio). Alle vergangenen und anstehenden Masterclasses findest du auf unserer Website.🙂
Vom Kung Fu Workshop ging es direkt weiter zur Movement Jam im Görlitzer Park.🌿
Was wir dabei erlebt haben gibt’s zu sehen im neuen Vlog 🙃 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laiiWeRK8fI&).
Nachdem wir Kerem Shemi bei der Movement Jam im Weinbergspark kennengelernt hatten, sind wir am nächsten Samstag zu ihrem Kung Fu Workshop gegangen. Nach drei intensiven Stunden mit ihr in der Wudang Schule in Wilmersdorf fühlten wir uns selbst fast wie Qi Gong Drachen. 🐉 Kerem hat wirklich eine tolle Art zu teachen und wir können dir ihre Kung Fu Dance Workshops nur wärmstens ans Herz legen.
Im Anschluss ging es direkt zur Movement Jam in den Görlitzer Park, wo schon viele auf uns warteten. Die große Treppe bot für jedes “Trainingslevel” viele Challenges zum Springen, Klettern und Krabbeln - und auf den Flächen drum herum konnten wir kämpfen, rollen, tricken und Handstand üben. Es ist jedes Mal wieder cool zu sehen, wie sich verschiedenste Gruppen bilden und jeder das machen kann, worauf er/sie Bock hat. Und wie so viele andere Menschen, die im Park chillen, sich uns anschließen und einfach mal was ausprobieren!
Jeden Samstag geht es an einen anderen Treffpunkt in Berlin - die aktuellen Infos findest du auf Facebook.🥳

Kung Fu meets dance. The Class is teaching how to use the principles of the Chinese martial arts to

Wie gewohnt öffnen


Walking the bagua circle, as the sun goes down. I realized that the circle of the bagua is more like a spiral, it seems like one walks the same circle, but every round is a completely different experience - a never ending exploration.......🙃


בספטמבר זה מתחיל!! שיעור יסודות שבועי בירושלים (עוד פרטים כאן למטה👇). לרגל החגים ותחילת השנה יהיה ניתן להגיע בספטמבר לשיעור בודד במחיר מוזל (מאוקטובר ההתחייבות היא מינימום לחודש), אז אם בא לכן/ם להתנסות ולבדוק זו ההזדמנות שלכן/ם. להרשמה - [email protected]
איוונט בתגובה הראשונה.
שיעור יסודות שנתי באמנויות לחימה סיניות פנימיות.
בשיעורים נחקור ונתנסה ביסודות התנועה של אמנויות הלחימה הפנימיות וניצור מרחב אשר שואב מהמסורת הסינית ומוצא חיבור אישי ועכשוי.
התירגול הינו שעתיים ויחולק לשני חלקים, הראשון יתמקד ביסודות יותר ‘פנימיים’ כמו צ’י גונג בעמידה, צעדי בסיס של טאי צ’י וחמשת החיות. בחלק זה נתרגל יציבה, נכוון את התודעה לגוף, נמצא תחושה של מרכז והשתרשות ונילמד תנועה מתוך נוכחות וחיבור.
החלק השני יתמקד ביסודות יותר ‘חיצוניים’ כמו עמידות בסיס, מהירות, יצירת מומנטום, גמישות וחוזק, בו נמצא ביטוי חיצוני לאלמנטים שביססנו בחלק הראשון של התרגול.
עקרונות תנועתיים ופנימיים שנתרגל בשיעורים:
יציבה / מבנה / השתרשות / חיבור למרכז / תנועה ספירלית / מומנטום / יין ויאנג / כוח מתפרץ
מה שנלמד בשיעורים מקורו במסורת וודאנג משושלת שן וו (Xuan Wu Pai), ומהאינטרפרטציה האישית של כל אחד ממוריי -
איסמט הימט, רפאל סקוליון וסטפן מולר.
מתי: ימי ראשון 18:00-20:00
איפה: סטודיו קילומבו, רחוב הרכבים 13, תלפיות, ירושלים
מחיר: 250 לחודש
רמה: לא נדרש נסיון קודם
הרשמה: [email protected]

Timeline photos 17/08/2020

Opened the day dragoning around with the amazing girls from אַרְכָּה - Dance Group. Was such a pleasure to teach there and be part of this beautiful project 🐉


Meditation in movement


Since the beginning of the Corona time, I couldn't really dance. I tried few times to work on new choreographic ideas that I had, but It was hard for me to feel the relevance of it at this period. So yesterday evening it just came - the simple need to dance - and made me remember how much I love dancing, just like this, without the need for aim or sense. I highly recommend it🤸‍♀️

Music: Runaway by Veshza


The unfamiliar Corona situation invites new experiences, some of them which I've never imagined that I will do. Such is teaching online martial arts (and a bit of dance) classes. I always found the idea of teaching online dance or martial arts very far from myself, but now I learned that it also enables beautiful things, for example that people from Israel or from other countries can also join:) In the current situation it gives an appropiate alternative for some encounter and sharing together space of movement. In the picture you can see my - ha technology(?!) face🥴
In the sessions we focus mainly on internal martial arts (as I found it more fitting to the online format) and take few minutes in the end to explore the movement more free.
Monday 9:30-11:00
Thursday 17:00-18:30
(Berlin time!)
Write me on private if you would like to join.


An excerpt from the form that I was supposed to perform at the Xin Nian Cup last Saturday, which was obviously cancelled. Instead we managed to film all the forms (and one fight) just before the lockdown and to do our own online tournament (WGC) that will be online from today or tomorrow! Stay tuned - everyone can vote:)


The secrets of the Ma Bu
Explanation: Stev Lee
Modeling: myself😅


This Saturday - The Space that is Us workshop!
come and join us;)

22nd of February, 14:30-18:30, at Urbanraum.

On the video leemans and me playing with receiving the other from the center, going with the direction that the other offers without disappearing in the moment of the encounter.


Next Kung Fu Dance workshop coming up in two weeks!! Saturday 22nd of February, 14:30-18:30. More detailas on the event - https://www.facebook.com/events/586042628898145/

On the video below - improvising with the theme from the last Kung Fu Dance class - playing with the attempt of letting emptying motion from the center combined with spiral motion to initiate impluses that create explosiveness and momentum.

Music: D fine Us, Howling at the moon


The next 'Basic Camp' of Wudang Deutschland Academy is coming very soon! It's a great opportunity to learn, refresh and train your basics... Bring your kung fu into your everyday life😉


Tomorrow morning - two hours of Kung Fu Dance at URBANRAUM!
Come to dance🤸‍♀️


Taking a break from wintry Berlin to enjoy the sun of Tel Aviv:)

This Friday we will have the second session of The Five Animals Workshop in Jerusalem. If you curious to glance into the basics of Wudang's art - you are most welcome to join!


Lately I feel a bit like Felix the rabbit. The background of my life is changing frequently and I realize more and more that I'm actually a person who needs a base, roots and a home. In the internal martial arts I found a sense of coming back home. Maybe it's the biggest present I received from this art. A sense of home that I can take with me wherever I go and whatever I do. On the upcoming Five Animals Workshop I will offer a taste of this feeling, through diving into your center, into your roots and of course into the joy of moving:)

Big thank you to my teachers: Ismet Himmet, Raphael Scullion, Stev Lee

For more details about the workshop: https://www.facebook.com/events/541957169948976/


Next workshops in Jerusalem:

# Kung Fu Dance - 3/11-8/12, every Sunday 12:00-14:00 (6 meetings), part of the program פרקטיס practice (for people with dance/movement background). More details - https://www.facebook.com/practice.MASH/

# The Five Animals - 15,22/11, 13,20,27/12, Fridays morning 10:00-13:00 (5 meetings). More details - https://www.facebook.com/events/541957169948976/

It will be great to meet you there!

Video from - Ali Ahmad


The Five Animals Workshop in Jerusalem - early birds price till the end of October!

On the video below parts from the crane, which will be our main focus on our first meeting on the 15th of November.

More details on the event - https://www.facebook.com/events/541957169948976/?event_time_id=541957173282309

It will be great to see you there!

סדנת חמשת החיות - מחיר הנחה בהרשמה מוקדמת עד סוף אוקטובר!

בסרטון למטה חלקים מתוך תנועת העגור, אודותיו נלמד במפגש הראשון ב-15 לנובמבר.

פרטים נוספים באיוונט - https://www.facebook.com/events/541957169948976/?event_time_id=541957173282309

לשאלות מוזמנים/ות לפנות אלי במייל- [email protected]
או בטלפון- 052-5660488

אשמח לראותכם/ן!


Wudang Deutschland

Getteing ready for tomorrow with the best team😎

Our preparations for the next competition are done. Now its showtime for the fun and performance at Saturday.
After a three weeks preparation period I can happily say that the real competition was fought already.
We challenged our students with an intense training period and many tests on the way.
In the last test two days now before the competition, the students had the instruction to fully focus on their form,
diving into their own zone of emptiness, where nothing can disturb them. While doing that they had to perform in front of
the whole school while being unknowingly disturbed during their show with sudden loud talking, the camera constantly coming to close or a sudden strange change of loud music. No matter what we tried all of them stayed in their focus without showing any sign of distraction.
This is just a small and funny example of how gong fu is happening in the "backyard" for us. With time the movements become more clear and more obvious beautiful, but the real Gong Fu skills are these that we show when we constantly practice, using Gong Fu as a tool for improving our life in all areas.

Great work Moulan Seyoung Kerem Shemi Ffekiou Aymbatmann and Nayann Mandaya!


This Sunday we will have the next (and the last for the coming period) 'Kung Fu Intensive'🐢.

The kung fu intensive series is addressed to dancers and movers from all physical disciplines who are interested in nourishing their own art through the insights of kung fu practice.

When: 29th of September, Sunday morning 10:00-13:00
Where: Wudang Deutschland school, Berliner str. 46, 10713
To whom: beginners and advanced practitioners from all disciplines are welcome
Fee: 25 euro
Registration: [email protected]

More details on the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1373844296115122/

The pictures are from the last crane workshop at the beautiful MOVISION MOVEMENT comunity, taken by Devin Rüzgar!


Kung Fu Dance

This Saturday - The Center Workshop!

***** Last chance to register *****

When: September 21st, Saturday, 10:00-14:00
Where: Urbanraum, Urbanstraße 93, 10967
To whom: beginners and advanced practitioners from all disciplines are welcome
Fee: €40
Registration: [email protected]

Event- https://www.facebook.com/events/1532698220188405/


Tomorrow classes -
Morning 10:00-11:30, 'from Kung Fu into Dance' at URBANRAUM,
evening 20:15-21:45, Mo.Ré, a collective for movement research at Berlin.
Come to research your movement and dance...


The Center Workshop

This Saturday - the Center workshop!

In the Kung Fu Dance workshop – 'the Center', we will explore how can we create flow, movement and explosiveness from the center, through using different directions and energies such as sending, receiving, pushing, pulling, and others. How can we connect to someone else's center and to the space around us, what kind of presence can we have by being 'centered' and how this physical knowledge can lead us into creative movement and dance.

When: September 21st, Saturday, 10:00-14:00
Where: Urbanraum, Urbanstraße 93, 10967
To whom: beginners and advanced practitioners from all disciplines are welcome
Fee: €40
Registration: [email protected]

Event- https://www.facebook.com/events/1532698220188405/



August - September workshops and classes:

- 31st of August, Kung Fu Intensive #4 - the Snake, Berlin

- 2nd-30th of September,Kung Fu Dance - 9 sessions of basics, Berlin

- 8th of September, 11:00-17:00, Kung fu - Tai Yi 18 form, Dresden

- 21st of September, 10:00-14:00, Kung Fu Dance Workshop - the Center, Berlin

- 29th of September, 10:00-13:00, Kung Fu Intensive #5 - Turtle and Crane, Berlin

For more details and registration: keremshemi.com

Music: Austin Plaine - Something More


Wudang Deutschland

Black Tiger Form ***work in process***🐯

Black Tiger Form in working process by Kerem Shemi!

One difficulty of these exercise set is to keep the structured and explosive motions, while expressing light and fast movements.

In her daily practice Kerem gets better in expressing the tiger, here at Wudang Deutschland.



Dancing with... alone

The regular kung fu dance class is on a summer vacation till the end of August.

On the last few classes we explored one of the most elusive elements from the tai ji (and martial arts in general), the way of being present. Bringing in to our dancing space the multiple invisible entities that are moving with us (as in the tai ji forms the 'opponents'), is bringing the awareness not just to where the gaze is or what the arms are doing, but also to the space behind and all around the body. Creating a presence that removes the hierarchy between the inner and the outer awareness, that is able to move from the center and still perceive the happenings in the space, that is everywhere but nowhere specific.

There is so much more what to explore:) See you in September!

On the video below, an excerpt out of my solo 'Dancing with a partner alone'.


Wudang Deutschland

Some impressions from the last Xing Yi camp at Wudang Deutschland. The camps give amazing opportunity to bring the focus on one theme and deepen your skills together with a group of people, who are also passionate about it:)

Next camp - Tai Ji, 22-25 August.

Check out all our seminars and register at:

After the Xing Yi Camp is already over a month past, it is time for a small flashback.
The camp was a great success in terms of having great people there with us, but also in the point of view of how fast people learned and progressed!

Next on is our Tai Ji Camp in August 22.

Check out all our seminars and register at:

Big Thank you for the music to:
to uktersh, check his song kyoto on spotify:


It was a beautiful Yin & Yang workshop last Saturday☯️🙏

During the workshop, we were contemplating with the body concepts of:


Thank you all the wonderful people who came to research and dance together, and for the inspiring space of the URBANRAUM!

To be continued🙃

Clara Conza, Clara Lohmann, Piró Lantos, Ido Sternberg, Sunia Asbach, Nohar Shemi, Amitai Shemi, Yaniv Koder, Carmen Volpe, Rebecca Ann Tess, Iftach Vi, Frieda Staire


Me and Stev Lee are experimenting with ideas of opposite and complementary qualities in the body, in our own dance/martial arts solo and through the encounter with the other body. Playing with Yang qualities such as structure, expansion, rooting and being explosive, in relation to Yin qualities such as softness, receiving, releasing and lightness.

Come and join the next Kung Fu Dance workshop coming up this Saturday!

We will learn about different Yin and Yang attributes and how they support and transform each other in order to enrich our movement and presence.

More details on the event - https://www.facebook.com/events/446717512805190/


*you should definitely put the music on:)

Experimenting with Fa Li (soft power development) mechanism, out of the martial context. Finding connectivity in the body and connection to the ground in order to transfer movement freely through the body.

Two more weeks to the next Kung Fu Dance workshop!!
Main topic - Yin & Yang Expressions.

When: 6th of Jily, 10:00-14:00.
Where: Urbanraum, Berlin.
Registration: [email protected]

It will be great to see you there:)

More details on the event - https://www.facebook.com/events/446717512805190/


Kung fu intensive - Dragon

Some momentes from the Dragon workshop that took place on Saturday - taking the patterns into more free movement in space, exploring some qualities from the dragon such as owning the space, be everywhere and nowhere, having wild but control step-work.

It was a great pleasure to share this time and space together with amazing people, thank you all for the experience! Looking forward for the next workshop, coming up in two weeks!! More detail on the event -

Rebecca Ann Tess Sunia Asbach Lei Tzeshi Fiori Wang MOVISION MOVEMENT Sebastian Baranowski

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