International Masterclasses Berlin

International Masterclasses Berlin

Integrity, Reliability and Professionallity

IMB is the leading organization worldwide for Internati In some cases to 12 but never more. The IMB team

International Masterclasses Berlin is a group of motivated and exciting professional musicians, led by condcutor Gil Raveh, who gathered to make a change and suggest a different way for music studying, teaching and performing in the orchestral conducting field. Our team consists of very experienced musicians, from all the musical performing, production, managing and teaching fields. Based in Berli

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Happy new year!
Looking forward to welcome you all in Berlin in 2023! Cheers! 🥂
Not like the others


New masterclass announced:
March 27th-April 1st 2023
Maestro Colin Metters
Berlin Sinfonietta
Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn

Limited number of active participants!
Auditors are very welcome!

New! Introducing new exciting features to enhance the masterclass’ learning experience. ACTIVE participants and AUDITORS, you don’t want to miss this rare opportunity! More details:

Early birds rates for limited time.

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Dear friends, we recommend to choose your masterclass wisely.
In 2023 join the best organization @
International Masterclasses Berlin
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Hello friends! Just before the holidays we are getting ready for an exciting announcement! Great things are on the way! 2023 in Berlin….Stay tuned…!
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Here’s a one of the messages we have received after our very successful 50th masterclass. We couldn’t put it better! 🙂 We are constantly developing more innovative and challenging masterclasses with very exciting additions and programs. Stay tuned for further announcements!
Make the right decision - 2023 in Berlin with International Masterclasses Berlin!

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 13/11/2022

Last night we ended our 50th masterclass with a successful final concert! As always, huge thank you goes to this special group of conductors, who chose us and came to Berlin in order to learn and further develop their passion to music. It is not taken for granted and extremely appreciated! Thank you to Prof. Metters for his dedication and unique teachings that allows conductors to explore and understand more about conducting and even more about themselves. Above all we would like to thank the beloved Berlin Sinfonietta, our exclusive partner in 50 very successful masterclasses since 2012… this one of a kind orchestra, with its rate generosity, dedication and patience is the heart of these classes, and it has a huge part in making IMB the world’s leading organization for conducting masterclasses. Thank you!!! See you all next year!
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Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 10/11/2022

Work in progress:)

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 08/11/2022

Second piano session! Getting ready to meet the Berlin Sinfonietta tomorrow!
Mozart 36, Haydn 88 and Beethoven 5th! 50th Masterclass!!

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 07/11/2022

No. 50! Good luck to everyone!


Great to keep receiving these feedbacks and see that all of our hard work to ensure a top notch masterclass experience is felt and appreciated. We are thankful for the conductors who trust in us and joining these classes. It is not taken for granted.
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Getting ready for our 50th masterclass!
Who would have imagined that we will be doing it for so long? All credit goes to all of our partners, first and foremost the Berlin Sinfonietta, and the huge support of hundreds of conductors who trusted us and joined our classes during the past ten years! Join the ride!
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Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 09/10/2022

Another masterclass ended yesterday with a very nice final concert! All we would like to say is Thank you!! To the conductors who gathered together in Berlin, to St Lukaskirche der Berliner Stadtmission, to Prof. Metters for his devotion, to Fiona for her engagement and playing, and above all to the unbelievably patient and supportive orchestra, our Berlin Sinfonietta Thank you!!

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 08/10/2022

Final Concert!
Good luck to everyone!


Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm!


General rehearsal!
This evening 19:30 at St. Lukas final concert with Berlin Sinfonietta
Haydn, Beethoven symphonies and Mendelssohn violin concerto with Fiona Milla Jäntti
Free admission!

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 07/10/2022

Some pictures from yesterday’s afternoon session with Fiona and both of our indispensable pianists, Nora and Jerome. It is a great opportunity for conductors to work with such a good (and incredibly patient!) soloist, and to really dive into, face and overcome the challenges of accompanying a concerto. All under Prof. Metters’ careful attention and valuable insights. Thank you!
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Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 06/10/2022

Second rehearsal, today joining us our beloved soloists Fiona, focusing on the art of accompanying the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto! Amazing music!

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 05/10/2022

First orchestra rehearsal! Working today on both symphonies, Beethoven 7th and Haydn 104th. Concert on Saturday 8.10 at 19:30, free admission.
Great music!

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 04/10/2022

First day with two piano sessions together with our lovely soloist for the week, Fiona Milla Jäntti! Great work!
Thank our pianists Jérôme Quéron, Nóra Füzi and Yuri for his help 🙂
Tomorrow we’ll meet the Berlin Sinfonietta!


Only in Berlin, the world’s cultural melting pot! 😅

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 04/10/2022

49th Masterclass… ready to rock!
Welcome conductors from the Czech Republic, USA, Greece, Argentina, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Germany, China and for the first time from Panama 🇵🇦! Final concert this Saturday!
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IMB and the Berlin Sinfonietta are extremely happy to invite conductors to celebrate with us our 50th masterclass! We are thankful for being able to have such a long and fruitful cooperation! Check out the amazing program and hurry up to contact us for securing your place. Auditors are warmheartedly encouraged to join as well!


Getting warmed up for the 49th masterclass with the Berlin Sinfonietta Prof. Colin Metters! Conductors are still encouraged to join as auditors, and attend these special sessions, which are priceless even without the active element of the class. Final Concert on 8.10 at St Lukaskirche der Berliner Stadtmission!
See you soon:)


Following the “conducting” “competitions” in the last few years, one can notice that too many competitions are not giving the first prize. The “jury” (with their fake grandiosity) decides that the level is not high enough for their prestigious first price, so they don’t give it. Even though all the contenders were selected and paid their application fees. It’s a competition, the best wins anyway. Just if it’s the 2nd prize, they have to pay less. 2nd is the new 1st, but cheaper. Or maybe it not so new… Despicable bu****it.


It seems that conductors today are practically having no other option than to pay “registration/application” fees for masterclasses and competitions. We say, don’t pay these non refundable payments. There is absolutely no reason to charge it, either than taking advantage of your sensitive situation in this difficult “industry”. Disgusting!


Hello friends, our next masterclass with the one and only Prof. Colin Metters is getting full. 😯 For those who showed interest, we recommend to register as soon as possible to secure a place and enjoy limited tone special offers!
(Link in first comment)
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We have changed the program for October a bit:
Haydn 104th instead of Schubert 5th.
Make sure to apply as soon as possible!
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We are happy to announce our 49th Masterclass:
Prof. Colin Metters
Fiona Milla Jäntti – Violin
Berlin Sinfonietta
October 4th-8th
Limited number of places!
Apply now!
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IMB in 4K!


A great success! Thank you to all the conductors who trusted us and gave us a chance by joining the Orchestra Days! The Berlin Sinfonietta were absolutely incredible, flexible, patience, and having to deal with so many pieces! Thank you as always you are one of a kind orchestra! We will learn from this experience and promise, as always, to improve for the next times! Stay tuned and have a great summer!
Not like the others
(By far) 😉


Very refreshing… zzzz

🎉🎈Happy Birthday to our Paula! 🎂🎉


Good luck to everyone!


Keep ‘em (All) coming! 🤘🔨
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Thank you for sending these emails! They just keep coming 🙂 Offering our participants the best experience is our main goal! What more can one ask for when joining a masterclass? Second to none Organisation? Patient, friendly and supportive orchestra? A great teacher? We have it all! So next time make sure to join us in Berlin for the best musical abd learning experience.
Not like the others
Berlin Sinfonietta


Thank you for sending these great and encouraging feedbacks! It’s great to know that our efforts are being recognized and appreciated.
Not like the others 🙂


Always great to receive these emails!
Wouldn’t be possible without the helpful people in St Lukaskirche der Berliner Stadtmission and the Berlin Sinfonietta.

Photos from International Masterclasses Berlin's post 19/06/2022

What a concert that was!☀️🌞☀️🌞
Huge thank you goes to this special group of conductors from all over the world who gathered here in Berlin, in order to share their passion to music and learning with Prof. Colin Metters who, as always, shared his invaluable insights. And of course the Berlin Sinfonietta, the most flexible, patient, and incredible group of musicians, our exclusive partner for more than ten years! Stay tuned and have a great summer!
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