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A permanent open air dancefloor in the park, barrier-free accessible and available anytime for every

Wie gewohnt öffnen


Que viva nuestro tablao callejero!


Arsa esas guitarras del tablao!


This Sunday 15h, tablao!

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Countdown for our last concert this summer on Tuesday 5th September 7:30 PM. Tickets available:

Some impressions from the last one made by .pro

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beautiful moments from the last concert captured by .pro

Don't miss this SATURDAY 05.08, 19:30h a fully renewed repertoire with a lot of friends of the flamenco scene from Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.

Among them:



See you in


About our collaboration at LesbischSchwules Stadtfest Berlin
Prideradio last Saturday

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We're very glad to be part of the schwul-lesbische Stadtfest Motzstraße for the second time, this time with a 45 minutes show! Category is: flamenco eleganza xtravaganza!


We've been at en español with and with many other voices talking about "flamenco in Germany" Link to the podcast in the comments


algunas voces amigas hablando sobre "el flamenco en Alemania"

Los enlaces para escuchar este episodio 👇 abajo, en los comentarios.
Gracias a Raphaela Stern y al Centro De Arte Flamenco. Gracias a Miguel Ortega y toda la gente querida del DerTanzboden TempelhoferFeld y a todas y todos las flamencas y flamencos han sumado sus testimonios: Carmen López, Josel Ratsch, María Prenda, Beatriz Cobos, Susanne Zellinger, Miguel Cordero, Sybille Hoffmann Märklin, Piera Celeste y por supuesto a todas y todos los y las que nos escuchen, recomienden y nos comenten el episodio.

En nuestra sección Panorama, al final de este episodio, les presentamos el proyecto solista del multiinstrumentista argentino Gabo Naas una bellísima fusión de voz, guitarra y estilos criollos tradicionales latinoamericanos con aires de jazz.

Conducido por López

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Flamenco open-air Concerts at Tempelhofer Feld!
This summer, we are delighted to present the highlights of the past four seasons in three breathtaking Flamenco nights at
Experience two hours of Flamenco dance and music featuring more than 20 artists!

Tickets from 6€ to 10€ are already available under

Thursday, July 6th, 6:30 PM
Saturday, August 5th, 6:00 PM
Tuesday, September 5th, 6:00 PM


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Next Tablao / Jam Session will be this Saturday Juni 3rd.
Bring your flamenco outfit / accessoires
Looking forward to see you there


Ab Juni bei uns....


NEXT MEETING: This Sunday 04.09. at 4pm.

We are very glad to host a great flamenco show this weekend! Raphaela Stern's Centro Flamenco ( will be showing the work of a whole year in our Tanzboden! After the show there will be also a Tablao, open to whoever who wants to join.

This is gonna be the event of the year, so don't miss it!

Bring a blanket, something to eat and drink and enjoy this unique flamenco afternoon!

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About today




Pataita sunset


Finally a dry and sunny weather! Flamencos de Berlin, let's meet this weekend!





Looking back to the last tablao. In 2 weeks more to come


some impressions of our last tablao

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Oops, she did it again... captured again the most of our with her camera


Next meeting: this Saturday April 23rd, 2PM.
We'll celebrate a colorful and queerful "feria de abril"

(Collage from pictures by the great artist Nazario)

Photos from Frau Koffein's post 03/04/2022

About last weekend...


Thanks to everyone taking part in the fotoshooting today, and above all thanks to for making us shine like starts with your camera!

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We've already seen the group. Now let me introduce some beautiful persons working together for a dream.
Not to see in the pictures (bc standing behind the camera) is

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Thanks to all these beautiful people that put last weekend their hands and their hearts on the construction of the dancefloor. Thanks for capturing all that magic


The time has come! This weekend we're building our dancefloor! Feel free to come by if you want to meet us or ask anything about the project


First new of the week: WE'VE MAKE IT TOGETHER! We've reached our first goal!

Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone who has supported us!

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Second new of the week: WE KEEP ON DREAMING!
We've now set a new goal: making our dance floor customizable to host open air concerts.
Priority #1: a folding backstage tent. Priority #2: folding benchs.

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