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Bound to Berlin tomorrow! [РУС ниже]

Happy to concentrate on work and art (ists) Did I tell you we have two art fairs coming up? Well watch out for us in Budapest ( one of my fav cities ) and Hamburg 💝

Tell me what would you love to read more about? My day to day duties don’t interest you as much as I saw this month… so here is the list.

A. Art history
B. Gallery Business
C. Advise for artists
D. You own answer

Завтра отправляемся в Берлин!

Предвкушаю сосредоточиться на работе, искусстве и художниках ) А я вам уже говорила что у нас скоро две ярмарки искусства? Ну Что ж, ждите нас в Будапеште (одном из моих любимых городов) и Гамбурге 💝

И ещё напишите мне о чем бы вы хотели знать и читать больше?
Мои повседневные обязанности не интересуют вас так сильно, как я заметила в этом месяце… итак, вот список.

A. История искусства
B. Галерейный бизнес
C. Консультации для художников
D. Вашего предложение

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I think I discovered another passion 🫶🏻 - for stylish furniture


Cheers to , Malvasia 🍷and Istria

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I had a dream..

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Time for


Our family totem 🐺🐺





Graphics by .art

Available at .gallery showroom


“That is one of the secrets of life - to cure the soul by means of the senses, and the senses by means of the soul. You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.”

Oscar Wilde
"The Portrait of Dorian Grey"


“We have art in order not to die of the truth”., -
Friedrich Nietzsche


True art is not necessarily expensive.

I agree!

I have been selling art since 2019. And in my experience, I can say that Artists engaged in contemporary art are really accessible!

Those with a reputation and “Name”, yes - their work can start from 5000. But many young artists give their good works from 500 to 5000. At the same time, they participate in open calls, go to fairs, try to be in the art crowd. It is important to see who you like and who is ambitious in terms of career development.

I would like collecting to become something ordinary. We have a very strong stereotype about the high cost of art, even the fear of price. How tiring!

Calculate how much you spend on alcohol and clothes.

Tomorrow it will be a good opportunity to start collecting original art! See you at .gallery from 7 pm

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Sometimes, it's just enough to look at ordinary things from a different angle…

For this photo all I needed was the sunlight, my T-shirt, perfume, water spray for the plants and a lupe - voila

More ideas in the stories 💫


Various ways art is sold (🥁)

Independent, direct to collector:

Nice! Because you don't have to share % with anyone else! You do your own shows, manage your website, go to art fairs AND handle your own sales!

Gallery: Gallery owner, as myself, sells art for you and promotes you! You are not involved except to be present at a showing to Q&A and to be seen! Usual % to the gallery is 50.

Selling prints: making prints used to be expensive as it required an up-front investment. Now you can opt for print on demand.

Commissions: whether it is pet portrait, people, street art or smth else, commissioned work can be steady source of revenue! It can be hard at the beginning but after a while ( hard work) you will get a client base that feeds you!

♥️ if you you found your motivation $


“My favorite time of the year is June, the beginning of summer, when everything still ahead. This is how you have to live without looking back and believe that all summer is ahead, and all winter is behind.”

Ray Bradbury

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Every Vernissage different 💜 and always one to remember!

Thank you everyone who came!




„I don't believe in art. I believe in artists.“

Marcel Duchamp

Me too Marcel - bless u


Finding your voice as an artist.

As a curator and a gallerist, I often ask my artists, - „what is it that you would like to say with your art? Is there any particular message you would like to voice?“.
Apart from my Q‘s, there is always that artist statement that you need to have ready 😅

Some of the artists know exactly what they are doing and are willing to talk about it freely, but in my experience most of the artists concentrate on creating and usually can not put the idea into a structured monologue or text! ☺️😁 - I understand that!

Well in fact, developing your voice can be a lifetime journey, a continual process of discovery and reinvention. You values and beliefs may change over time and you may learn new techniques..the progress is for everyone different… see it as opportunity to create YOUR UNIQUE STAMP on the world.

So do try to have a few words ready what your art is about at this exact moment, you may alter it over time!


See you all tomorrow? Time to collect real art!

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“What you see is not what you get” (22 Exhibitions) Karin Sander at until 16th July.
and Nathan Carter ( 2nd pic.)

Worth of your attention! ✨


The thriving artist’s mind set

Believe it or not your mindset is the key to your success! Struggling artists often create obstacles in their minds by making false assumptions about the the way things work.
In that way, they hold on to the starving artist myth and keep it alive by believing in it..
Creating a thriving artists mind set comes from your passion for what you do, talent and hard work!! Promoting your art means more people will notice it and selling your art will support you and allow you to produce more art!
Artists who develop this mind set are not afraid by the notion of making money! They think of possibilities and opportunities not limitations and negativity!
They give themselves permission to thrive and succeed!

What are your assumptions that limiting you?

Work by .tchrelashvili represented by


Caught in a moment 💫🐾


Caught in a moment 💫


In general, I usually don't care... - honestly.

I'm one of those people, who thinks bad PR is a PR anyway!

But man , I don't like a spit in the back. Well, if you don't like me or what I'm doing, tell me into my face.

But to write sh*tty reviews to Google about the magazine and the gallery if didn't get accepted , it's so-so…

Вообще мне обычно все равно …- честно. Я из тех кто считает плохой Пиар это тоже Пиар. Ну блин я не люблю когда плюют в спину. Ну не нравится тебе я или то что я делаю - скажи мне в лицо. А так писать писульки гуглу про журнал и галлерею если тебя не взяли ну это так себе…

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Шрамы жизни


My favorite 🤍


Мама я в музее


Are you an artist?


to be a successful artist you have to start to acknowledge this fact about yourself first! A bit like a mantra 🕉

That means not to get stuck up or superior above anyone else, but acknowledge the fact that - yes, I do have a talent, and I am thankful for that! I want to share it and live from it!

Do you acknowledge it? Or you are still “not sure”



All sold but now available again in print, pure inspiration! Limited edition hurry up to order via website or DM!

Cover Credits

Talent | Yang Ge
Photographer | Dusya Sobol
Stylist | Miguel Maldonado
MUAH | Nadia Kosh
Producer & Ed. in Ch. | Irina Rusinovich .art


Back to Berlin 🖤


New for

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New at Art & Fashion Mag


With super talented artist at Lasha’s Solo Exhibition at

See our ( .gallery ) Programm in November 😎💜


Be attentive to ART!

Thank you for inviting me

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How to start selling your art?

I think that every artist dreams of recognition and success. In fact, that's maybe one of the most important reasons why you paint 😃 - to be creatively fulfilled and to find admirers, buyers and collectors for your art.

As the saying goes: "The artist who is truly happy, is the one who is engaged in his favorite job and who also earns money from it".

There is no doubt that, apart from joy and satisfaction, you want a material reward for your job! Nothing inspires an artist as much as the demand for his creative work!)

In this post I will give you some ideas on how and where emerging artists can start selling their paintings.

To begin with, you need to make a statement about yourself in social networks and post good photos of your paintings with a comments that the painting is for SALE. You can put a price right away or write a personal message to a person who is interested in your work.
Instagram is the top social media to begin with ))
Almost every town or a city have open calls for painting exhibitions where you can sell your paintings.

Take every chance you can!

But to get a deeper insight into art sales, I've invited an art sales expert Olga Tishurova, whom I am going to meet online this Tuesday, 01.06 at 7pm CET as part of HAZEGALLERY DIALOGUES so save the date and join us!

The workshop will be held life here on my Instagram account!


Les parfums de 55 rue de Babylone
Photographer Constantine Enquist Constantine Enquist]
Model Veronika Oginskaya
Style Rhizome prod. Constantine Enquist] / .production
MUA / hair stylist Evgeniya Kondrashova .kondrashova

Photos from Irina Rusinovich's post 24/05/2022

Photography by

Published in

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