Happy Baby Schlaf

Happy Baby Schlaf

I help new moms resolve terrible sleep deprivation by sleep-coaching their babies so they can get th

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Dear Friends,

I take this chance to thank you for your trust and confidence in sharing your baby experience with me and for giving me the chance to accompany you on this challenging but beautiful journey towards better sleep for the entire family. 😴

More than 3 years ago I made it my mission and commitment towards each and every one of you to do my best to support you and your baby get more restorative sleep.

And in most cases I kept my promise and we, as a team, managed to achieve our goals. 💪

We realised that with patience & consistency, love & endurance, we managed to carefully set a solid foundation with healthy sleep habits on a long-term basis for your baby.😇

And your “life changing” words at the end of your sleep journey are truly rewarding for me. Thank you for your testimonials again! 🙏

Because I honestly believe that good sleep makes us better human beings and helps us overcome a global sleep-deprivation pandemic too. ☮️

Happy Easter, dear parents! 🐰

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 24/03/2023

Time will change this weekend! ⏰
That means we will lose 1 hour of sleep during the night between Saturday and Sunday and 7am on Sunday will become the former 6am.
So, what will happen to my baby's sleep? 😵

👇Find some ideas below for a RE-active approach to Daylight Saving Time in Spring and still help your little baby adapt to the new change. 😴


Today, the 17th of March 2023 is the World Sleep Day.

So, we should celebrate SLEEP! 💤

This day is meant to bring awareness around sleep, give it the credit it deserves and recognise the essential role sleep has for our health.

Because sleep is indeed one of the three main pillars of our health, besides eating well & exercise. It’s just that it’s taken for granted because it is free. But we only appreciate when we lost it, like many other good things in life, right?

So, let's raise our hands up for sleep and its benefits:
☑️it helps us conserve our energy,
☑️it allows our cells to repair and restore themselves,
☑️it helps the brain’s glymphatic system cleanse itself,
☑️it supports emotion regulation and mental health development by adaptive response of the brain during sleep,
☑️it helps weight balance by controlling the hunger hormones and the blood sugar levels during our sleep,
☑️it boosts our immune system by giving our body the chance to produce antibodies and immune cells to destroy harmful germs, thus preventing illness,
☑️it protects our heart ❤️

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 15/02/2023

⁉️ If you wonder when and which nap should be the next to drop and what are the main signs your baby 👶 is ready for such a transition, check this post! 📌


3 recommendations regarding kids' sleep during this special night:

1. Try not to delay bedtime more than 1 hour extra since it might impact your kid’s sleep at night
2. Talk to your kids and explain them that there could be some noises during their sleep coming from somewhere and they are just fireworks
3. Turn the volume of the white noise machine up that night so it can cover (to some degree) the loud noises of the fireworks.

Above all, appreciate these precious moments within your family & friends and enjoy everything you are and have right now!
Tomorrow is a new beginning…😉

Happy New 2023 everyone! ✨🎉🥳


💤Did you know that a few days before Christmas cortisol (the stress hormone) of children reaches sky-rocket levels?😳

Did you know that this is a natural response to excitement too? 🥳

The same thing happens when babies or toddlers cry.😢
They release more cortisol, but at the same time this is a normal reaction of the human body in any stressed situation which helped us survive throughout the history of mankind (fight or flight reaction). 💫

📈As research shows, cortisol release is damaging only on a long-term basis, which is not the case of baby sleep training which is a short-term process. 👍

This huge rise of cortisol around Christmas in our kids does not alarm us at all, does it? On the contrary, it brings us joy and fullfiment. 😍

We would never consider cancelling Christmas for this reason, right?😜

Maybe for the same reason, we should not exclude baby sleep coaching from our list of Christmas presents…A voucher for baby sleep coaching would surely be an original gift for any tired parents. 💸
👉 https://happybabyschlaf.com/packages/baby-sleep-gift-voucher/

🎄Anyway, in case you are travelling home for Christmas and need some help with your kids’ sleep, here are some steps to take to make the most of these Magic Holidays, without compromising family sleep all together. 😴
👉 https://happybabyschlaf.com/going-home-for-christmas/

May the magic of sleep bring you everything you need! 🪄

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, my dears! 🤗


💤The Magic of Sleep...✨

🪄 If I had a magic wand to make my wishes come true, a good healthy sleep would be on top of my list.😴

Indeed, good and restorative sleep has so many benefits we cannot even imagine, until we don't have it anymore.😜

❗️Sleep is essential to our overall health because:

• it helps us conserve our energy, 💪
• it allows our cells to repair and restore themselves,
• it helps the brain’s glymphatic system cleanse itself,
• it supports emotion regulation and mental health development by adaptive response of the brain during sleep, 🧠
• it helps weight balance by controlling the hunger hormones and the blood sugar levels during our sleep,
• it boosts our immune system by giving our body the chance to produce antibodies and immune cells to destroy harmful germs, thus preventing illness
• it protects our heart.❤️

‼️ For babies, good sleep has even more benefits:

• Sleep helps babies learn better and consolidate their memory,
• A baby who sleeps longer stretches of sleep at night and naps well tends to have a better mood, an easier temperament and is less fussy,
• Because the growth hormone is mostly released during sleep, babies who sleep better tend to develop better and reach their age-appropriate weight sooner, whereas babies who sleep poorly are at higher risk for obesity,
• Due to good restorative sleep, babies’ immune system gets stronger and they tend to get sick less than a fussy, under-slept baby. 👧🧒

👉So, my wish for you during these fussy times goes like this:
"May the magic of sleep bring you everything you need!"


💤Did you know that changing the clock forward & backward ⏰ is a common practice only since 1916 and is observed only in some parts of the world like most of Europe and North America, parts of Asia, South America and Oceania? 🌎

💤Did you know that Germany was the first European nation to enact this measure in an effort to cut energy costs, in the context of World War I? ☮️

Despite the fact that some countries and most sleep specialists ;) want to abolish this seasonal change now, it seems like we need to do it again, even if it’s not very clear how to actually save energy in this context. 🍃

❓So, are we ready?

In less than one week, we have to set the clock backward. In other words, 7am next Sunday, the 30th of October 2022, becomes the former 8am. ⏱

Changing time could be very stressful for many people, even if it’s just for an hour. 😳

In 2020 the American Academy of Sleep Medicine stated that “this shift, by disrupting the body’s natural clock, could cause an increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular events, and could lead to more traffic accidents”. ‼️

Moreover, for many parents the DST can throw babies’ bedtime into chaos. 😭

The good news is that, despite this disruption, there are a few things we can do to help our babies go through this transition as smoothly as possible, without compromising their healthy sleep habits. 😴

⏳ On the one hand, we can have a PRO-active approach and start preparing the field in advance by moving wake-up time, naps and meals as well as bedtime for babies 15 minutes later every second day. Check the table below for this! ⤵️

⌛️ Or we can choose a RE-active approach, by waiting until the time changes and then move naps and bedtime 30 min. earlier for 3-4 days.

👉 Here is the link if you want to find out more: https://happybabyschlaf.com/daylight-saving-time-babies/


💤 Did you know that "neither mothers’ nor fathers’ sleep fully recovers to pre-pregnancy levels up to 6 years after the birth of their first child”? 🥹

❗️ This is what a solid research study from 2019 undetaken by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) on 2541 women and 2118 men - parents from Germany, revealed after observing their behaviour between 2008 and 2015. 📉

‼️ Moreover, the same study shows that “the effects of sleep deficiency are more pronounced in first-time parents, in mothers compared with fathers, and in breastfeeding compared with bottle-feeding mothers”. 😳

🤔 So, why wait up to 6 years after the birth of your child to fully get your sleep back and relax, if you can achieve a restorative sleep for the whole family in just 2-3-week time, even before your baby turns 1? 👼

➡️ Let's find out more about how to identify a reliable study and what you can do next to improve your baby's sleep!😴



“The key about sleep training is realising that crying is not abandonment".
This is what Kim West or the famous Sleep Lady, wrote in her book “The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight” in 2010. She is the same one who developed a gentle sleep training method for babies and toddlers - Gradual Withdrawal - embraced by many tired parents out there.

If we look at crying as a baby's main way of communication, especially during their first year of life, then maybe we would be able to wait a bit and listen when they start grizzling. Pause and listen and try to understand what your baby is trying to tell you.

Moreover, remember that crying is not always a sign of hunger, pain or suffer for babies.

It could be that your baby is frustrated because he doesn’t get anymore what he wants or is used to (e.g. to be breastfed to sleep and taken in the family bed), he is over-tired or that he is trying to fall asleep but still needs our help or that he just needs to steam off.

So remember not to jump to rescue your baby the minute he makes a sound...wait a bit and listen! By doing so, you give him the chance to resettle back to sleep without over-stimulating him.

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 19/09/2022

💤Have you heard of the 2-3-4 rule? 🤔

It's a simple technique we can use in sleep coaching to track down the awake times of your baby. 😴

👉Let's see who's it for and when it works!


❗️The main problem with baby sleep usually occurs during the transition between sleep cycles (or during the so-called partial arousals), when they get out of a sleep cycle, wake up briefly but then, they do not know how to drift off again.

🤱Of course what matters the most is how they fell asleep at bedtime in the first place, be it in mom’s arms or at her breast or more or less independently in their own cot.

👉And this is what we actually do with baby sleep coaching: we teach the baby how to connect sleep cycles, how to self-settle and resettle back to sleep more on their own and with less assistance from the caregiver. 🍼

💤Understanding a baby’s sleep cycle is important for parents interested in sleep training.

👶Because newborn babies do not have a solid circadian rhythm and their sleep is very fragmented, there is no actual sleep training at this young age. In this phase it is more about organising the right sleep conditions for them and set healthy sleep habits.

😴However, the earliest we should expect babies to have the ability to settle and resettle back to sleep more on their own and give them the guidance they need to achieve this stage is closer to 6 month of age, when their nervous system matures.

💡At the same time it is very useful to know when our baby is in deep sleep or light sleep phase so we can then have an idea when to wait and not stimulate the baby and when it is okay to make some noise or help our baby transition to the next sleep cycle.

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 31/08/2022

💤 After going through the main sleep regressions with your baby during its first 2 years of life, here are some tips on how to cope with them without disrupting healthy sleep habits:

• Do not panic!
• Have a consistent bedtime ritual
• Prepare for an early bedtime
• Support your baby fall asleep in its cot
• Organise a sleep friendly environment
• Work towards an age appropriate routine
• Benefit from the power of natural light
• Increase connection with your baby, especially during the day
• Trust yourself and your baby
• Be aware it is a normal developmental phase and it shall pass
• Stay consistent!

📞If you need more support with that, feel free to book a Discovery Call here: https://calendly.com/happybabyschlaf/20min so we can chat! 💬

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 29/08/2022

This is probably the last notable sleep regression for a toddler which coincides with the "infamous" terrible 2s. 😣

It can come with lots of personality expressions like tantrums, toddler fighting bedtime, lunch nap, waking up too early in the morning and so on...😜

However, there is always a way on how to cope with it and find a conscious way of parenting your child.

➡️ Let's see first how this important developmental leap impacts the child's sleep!

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 26/08/2022

This is a mild sleep regression which can be quickly overcome if parents are consistent in their approach. 😴

Even if toddler's personality gets stronger and they become more vocal and mobile, they also start to communicate better with their care-takers. 🥳

Therefore, if parents show calmness, trust and confidence, their kids might surprise them and go smoothly through this developmental phase.

➡️Let's see how this impacts their sleep!

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 23/08/2022

This is a huge one, a big milestone in baby development which marks the transition from infanthood to toddlerhood!

It implies important emotional, cognitive and physical leaps and can affect your baby's sleep significantly.

However, remember not to panic! It's just a phase and if handled well, your baby's sleep can improve significantly as well.

➡️So let's dive into it!

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 19/08/2022

The next one is the 8-10-month sleep regression, which is usually a mild one as babies continue developing emotionally.

Some babies have it, some don't or some go through it without major leaps....so there is no reason to worry about it, just consider it and continue building healthy sleep habits for your baby.

➡️Let's see how the 8-10-month sleep PROgression manifests!

Photos from Happy Baby Schlaf's post 16/08/2022

We continue with the 6-month sleep regression, a phase marked by baby getting closer to a matured nervous system, introducing solid food and reaching several developmental milestones like rolling back and forth, sitting unassisted and increased sensitiveness to the environment.

➡️ Let's see how the 6-month PROgression impacts baby's sleep.

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