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President and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday respectively sent congratulatory letters to the ninth meeting of the dialogue mechanism between the ruling parties of China and , held via video link.
Xi expressed his warm congratulations to the meeting.
Xi said this year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good-neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation between China and Russia, and the establishment of relations between the CPC and the United Russia party.
Xi said in the past 20 years, China and Russia have carried forward the vision of lasting friendship and the principle of a new type of international relations while maintaining close comprehensive strategic coordination, which has set an example of developing relations between major countries.
The long-term institutionalized exchanges between the two parties have consolidated political and strategic mutual trust and promoted mutually beneficial cooperation in all dimensions between the two countries, Xi said.
The combined forces of changes and a pandemic both unseen in a century have brought the world into a phase of fluidity and transformation, he said.
Xi called on China and Russia, as major powers of global influence, to deepen comprehensive strategic coordination in the new era, and to play an underpinning role in safeguarding international fairness and justice, maintaining world peace and stability, and promoting common development and prosperity.
Xi expressed his hope that participants from the two parties can engage in in-depth exchanges and build consensus to open a new chapter of strategic cooperation between the two parties and contribute wisdom and strength to comprehensively deepening bilateral relations in the new era, promoting the establishment of a fairer and more reasonable international order, and building a community with a shared future for humanity.
In his letter, Putin noted that dialogue between the two parties has always been an important component of the two countries' comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership, and in spite of the impact of the , the two parties have maintained comprehensive exchanges from the central to local levels.
Putin said the two sides have engaged in in-depth discussions on major issues of bilateral cooperation, and have coordinated to form numerous social-political initiatives on party building and legislative work that meet the needs of reality.
Putin said he hopes participants of the meeting will carry out constructive and effective work to further consolidate the friendship and mutual understanding between the two countries and the two peoples. (Xinhua)


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Play & Pray
Discovering God together in everyday life

How it works

To help you get started, we are happy to offer one-off taster sessions in Edinburgh or other areas of Scotland and the north of England, and to being contacted for help and advice from anyone around the world! Here, we also make the material we have created freely available to encourage you to deliver the sessions yourself in your own community, or to use the ideas at home. Please do get in touch through our page. We are not currently accepting invitations to bring Play & Pray’s full six-week course to local Edinburgh churches.

What is Play & Pray?

Play & Pray is a fun and imaginative series for pre-school children and their parent/s, grandparents or carers, helping to bring God into our daily conversation and experience. Over six one-hour sessions we lay out various ‘stations’ around a hall, room or church and invite everyone to engage with them at their own pace. The Stations are linked to a theme for each week such as You are Special or A Nature Walk, and there are lots of transferable ideas that parents can also try out at home, such as praying with bubbles, making a prayer flower pot, massaging covid19 dancing hands and blessing our hands and feet pads . You can explore our outlines of sessions and ideas for stations.

We have run 3 six-week Pray & Play courses, as well as several taster events. Our youngest participant has been six weeks old and, so far, most children are around two years old. They have brought with them mummy, daddy or granny. The flexible nature of Play & Pray We have found that weekday morning sessions work well. It is worth considering how the times fit in with local nursery hours and school collection for siblings. Two volunteers from Play & Pray set up the materials, facilitate and tidy up. Host churches provide refreshments and pay for resources.

How are sessions structured?

As participants arrive, they are welcomed and shown where to leave prams and coats. We gather on cushions with some cheerful music (we’re fond of Fischy Music’s Welcome Everybody, God Beside, You are Star and Music Maker), and some percussion shakers to play with. The group is led in Capacitar exercises, and then everyone joins in a song. While attention is focussed on the singing, who perform from ever-more ingeniously devised theatres – so far a pulpit, a set of half-doors and a blanket-laiden coat rail. popular and engaging for pre-schoolers, and are met with squeals of delight.

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