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😂 Brilliant! More of this please! Happy Weekend! Woo 😂
So... I'm going for completion on my challenge that i started! Oh it hurts 😂
If you've never been to a Parkrun, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's fun, fulfilling and FREE! Every Saturday morning at 9am, there's bound to be one that starts near you so put it in the diary for next week! Whether you walk, jog or run the 5km route there'll always be someone with you and encouraging you to the finish line. Do it! x ❤️ x ❤️ x
Friday 'fitness' (or Friday Foolishness) challenge anyone?! 😂 😂 😂 #FacePlantBurpees #FunnyFriday #FridayFun
I'm taking that first step again, Nika I think this is going to be harder than walking into your zumba class for the first time. This time I know how hard it is, 😂
I’ve got a confession ...... when we shout “WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE” in that Zumba track ......
I actually don’t want more, sorry to have lied 😆🤥😳
Hiya Nika i am gettin Married in 4wks..
Whats the want Dance Tunes for Reception
Pitbull Song Called??
Also Beyonce one we all walked up and down to???
Anything Else You can Think of????
Thankyou ###
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Great health and fitness deals...
Saw this page recently...some really excellent fitness deal/bargains. I've just bought a few bits 😊

Nothing is more valuable than health & wellness. This page aims to help you get back on track with your fitness & health or provide you with reasons and motivation to keep going!

Aspire to your optimal fitness, wellness & vitality! The road to wellness may not be straight or smooth. There may be several bumpy journeys along the way, but you will get to your own version of it! Join the tribe for regular Dance Fitness classes and Small group fitness coaching. Positive Lifestyle tweaks enable a life of peak vitality and abundant wellness.

Wie gewohnt öffnen


If you've got out of shape & finding the thought of getting fit again overwhelming, don't fret because you're closer than you might think. There are some tiny changes that you can make today which will make a massive impact of your & .

Regain fitness & health by watching my new YouTube video (link above) & get inspired to make that tiny change & set off that chain reaction of positive change 💪🏾


My body has been speaking to me & I haven't been listening. I just couldn't hear it...

Teaching dance fitness will always be an honour for me & a massive love but for AGES now, I've had a hip injury that I just can't dance through the pain of anymore.

My Tuesday night class at the awesome @puregymaylesbury will be on pause for the time being & I'm really going to miss seeing my ladies faces each week.

Its never an easy choice to make when you feel like you're letting people down but just as I tell my clients: you must look after your body by firstly hearing it when it speaks. So I'm walking my talk & resting my dancing shoes until I'm fixed.

If you really listened to you body- what would it tell you right now?


This may not look pretty but it's making me feel pretty dam good!

Due to ill health, I've been quiet but thanks to remembering to the power of plants & my awesome blender- *renewed health loading*!

Feeling so blessed to have been exposed to incredible products over the years & timelessly, they've helped me maintain or get my health back on track. When it comes to finding products that work, shiny-object-syndrome ain't a thing 🙌 Stick to what works 💜💫

The new 7-day water challenge details are in my bio-link so come level up your basic health with me this new year 🙌


What a fundamental & BADDAS substance! Many of us don't realise the power & transformative nature of water for our health and well-being.

Come join the free webinar & discovering 5 secrets you wish you already knew about water!

Click on bio link & register to join!


Here's a little nibble for thought... have you ever thought about it?

Each choice you make today is either going to make you (your health wealth, relationships) better or worse.

Can you name anything that's neutral?
I find that kind of empowering & if you don't then it might be time to re-think your habitual choices. Either way, I hope it makes you think.


I'm loving the shared experiences, growth & encouragement of working with small groups online! I can't wait to do another Fitness Reboot in the new year!

Share a 🔥 emoji if you're planning on awesome health & fabulous fitness in 2022


Like, seriously WHO eats broccoli raw & enjoys it?! 👀 😄

🙋🏾‍♀️It wasn't always like this though. NOT AT ALL. It can take some time to take on board & start to enjoy food in a different way.

When you learn to feed your cells instead of your emotions (bordem, anger, happiness, sadness & everything in between...) food starts to serves YOU instead of IT being your master.

The broccoli was dressed with the BEST tasting dressing though (olive oil, garlic, salt, lemon & lime), I'm not nuts 😜

❓What food have you learned to love that never thought possible?


Someone said I should practice more self care... OK then 😍 Got my HURR DID & enjoying this style.
Definitely gotta make this self care shizz a habit.

What good habits do you need to create?


Changing any habit is NOT easy. This, we know.

But can I ask you something:

Is it then easier to live with the results of your poor/destructive habits?

Changing anything is far easier with a team or in tow. That's what I like to call myself- I'll be the loudest one cheering on your success to that leaner physique, stronger body or clearer skin. I love that I get to do this & see such beautiful transformation 😍!


You'll never 'find' the time for self care so we have make you a priority.

When you wake up & make movement, meditation or simply quiet time the first thing you do, you'll set yourself up to win your day & in turn, win your life.

Would you like to join me on my next online training? Yes, it's early & YES you're definitely worth the effort 💜🔥💪🏽

Comment with your fav emoji below & I'll send you details 💚


Keep your connection. The constant noise telling us to do the opposite these days can be overwhelming & if you buy into it, it can be massively detrimental to life & health- both physically & mentally. Connection is one of the pillars of (science & evidence based) : I wonder if they know something that the power obsessed 'leaders' don't want the majority to know? 🤔

I had the pleasure of taking my neice out for a WELL overdue bday treat recently & it was just lovely.

She reckons she looks like me, what do you think?


So...that thing you do...
That thing where you presume because it was great for you, it'll work for everyone, right..?

Well, no: Not everything is for every body.

We have to be open minded enough to say 'OK, it worked for me & I'll invite others to try BUT I'll be humble enough to accept that everything is not for everybody' & my thing may not be their thing.

On Friday, I'm doing a free talk on how I cleared eczema, NATURALLY. I hope (& do think 🤪) that what I share will work for others but I know that it just may not 🤷🏽‍♀️

Comment below if you know someone who wants a powerful route to being eczema-free, naturally.

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More often than not, many of us mistake thirst for hunger.

It's a weird one but as we've become so conditioned to never feel what hunger is (food is EVERYWHERE), we assume the call from our body is a hunger urge rather than the thirst urge it usually is.

Mad statistic: 80% of people are dehydrated! 🥵

Once you've rehydrated your body & maintain that level of hydration, you will find less of an urge to eat randomly & in turn your body will be better at flushing out toxins & burning fat efficiently

Link below: Click it, register & details will be emailed to you shortly 💜


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You know this! But do you really know...? If you're not drinking enough water you might be underestimating just how much it can do for you.

Follow the link & register for the free 7 day Water challenge:

Let's get Juicy!



Let's talk about barriers to working out... This little thing is a femme cycle menstral cup & it literally changed my life. If you have [heavy] periods & are conscious of having leaks due to sanitary fails (normal moon-cups have failed me previously 🤦🏽‍♀️), this is definitely something you might love if you don't want anything getting in the way of your movement.

Hands up 🙋‍♀️ if you're a fan 🙋‍♀️

Eyes up 👀 if you've never heard of these 👀


Hello September… 👋🏾Let’s get back to it, shall we?! I don’t know about you but any break from the ‘norm’ tends to really throw me off my stride! It’s the consistent water drinking that suffers, every single time. Even though, I KNOW it pays to drink a decent level of water each day- I’m not doing it right now 🤦🏽‍♀️. I sleep better, my skin is better, my mood is better (YES!) loo trips are better & I just look better! The list of benefits goes on but yet I still struggle to get on it once I've slipped!
💧☔💧I feel a water challenge coming on- hands up if you want to join me!💧🌧️💧

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The moment the penny drops & you realise that something which had been staring hard, waving madly & screaming loudly for your attention finally catches your eye...👀

Through my years of fitness coaching, personal training & group classes, there's been a silent struggle going on in the background.

It's been an issue since birth & was always one of those things that I've just got on & dealt with.

Not many people even knew about it it unless it was really bad & prevented me giving my best.

This thing was .

Working towards fixing & clearing my eczema was a constant ongoing mission. I've finally come to a place where I've fixed the issue naturally & at the same time stumbled upon a blueprint which I can use to serve others going through similar challenges.💪🏽

Many people want fitness & health but for those who struggle with eczema or similar skin conditions, it can make things quadruply (is that a word?) harder. 😤

It HURTS when you're trying to move your limbs against what feels like raw, sore tightened skin stretched over you or when your skin starts to sting from your own body sweat. To the point of having to psych yourself up or push through the tears just to get started...😓

If you're on a journey of healing & fitness, then follow me & let's go on an adventure of natural healing through fitness & natural goodness, without a single steroid cream/ointment in sight! It's not all smooth sailing or easy but the destination will probably end up being somewhere you've always dreamed of. 💟


Fitness is life. Your options are limited without it.

Not having to ask questions such as "where are my keys?" make life so much smoother. That's why I have a hook in one place where I always know my keys are. I never need to ask that question 👌

You use your keys all the time. You need your health & fitness all the time, so it's worth setting up daily habits to make it part of your life and not an additional "chore" or something you need to give all that extra head-work to.

Make the effort to get into a habit and then the habits just becomes part of you 💜👌💪🏾


What will your revolution look like this weekend?

We're really good being hard on ourselves instead of recognising that gentleness often achieves the same if not greater results.

Be kind to yourself, say no, that extra 5 mins to rest, do something you enjoy (no matter how small), say nice things to yourself, accept that complicated. 👈 Just some of the things you can make a start with.

Revolutions start quietly & grow into tidal waves.

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