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Bear Grylls Survival Academy


Hi Bear sir .I am a big friend of u.I want to work with you
It's A home maker's always took popular person ,on your show .why you don't think about home maker/house wife.
Kuntala das .Assam .India.
Hi sir ,I am a big friend of u.iwant do work with u .....kuntala das .Assam India.
Hi sir, I am a big fan of yours. You always took celebrities in your show "Man vs Wild". Why don't u think of taking homemakers in your adventures.
Regards, kuntala das
Assam, india.
Just want to say a massive thanks to Shaun, Anna, Dilwyn and Jude for a fantastic weekend surviving Snowdon. They collectively made me push myself to the limit and what a feeling of accomplishment at every level. Thanks guys now considering doing the highland one.
Bear grylls sir is real hero in the world and best survival in the world
where you are academy in London
We had a great time on the Bear Grylls survival academy at Sandford park / Parkdean holiday resort on 8th & 9th August.
Ronnie and Damion were really good with the children and really knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this activity.
My 2 daughters aged 9 and 13 have just done the protection course in Sandford Holiday Park (Parkdean) and they loved it. Would thoroughly recommend. The trainers were brilliant with the kids. Would definitely book them on the other courses. 😀
Took my daughter to two of the sessions with Damian and Ronnie, who were fantastic. This was done at Sandford Parkdean Holiday Park. She learned all about surviving with different foods and protection with building shelters. The instructors were very knowledgeable and really attentive with my daughter. She absolutely loved it. Fantastic value for money and a real experience. Would thoroughly recommend it.
Anything on in Brighton at all? My Daughter River just did a course at Nodes Point and it salvaged her holiday/birthday. Amazing stuff. Thankyou. 🤍
Hi sir
From my childhood days i was very interested to live my life within the beauty of nature, but i am from India were I don't see such Institute which can prove our dreams then recently I see the bear Grylls Institute on your page. Please tell if want to get admission in your Institute, then what is the proseger thati have to follow. Please repely as soon as possible.

We design dynamic Survival Courses and Events around the world, challenging combinations of remote land/sea survival and adventure tasks and wilderness expeditions designed by Bear and his team.

This is a rare chance for a lucky few outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques.

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Timeline photos 19/06/2022

Sunday Funday on our BGSA Family Adventures.⁠

Timeline photos 18/06/2022

Tarp/Tarpaulin, or Basha, shelters are great pieces of kit to have as they are easy to put up and can be used to create a low-level shelter when in a hurry. ⁠

They offer a simple and effective shelter against rain, sun and wind. And can prove to be literally life-saving at times.⁠

Timeline photos 17/06/2022

Fancy a dip in the chilly waters of Dartmoor? 🥶⁠

Timeline photos 16/06/2022

Nothing says Team Building like squeezing into a tiny shelter 😆

Join us on our Corporate Team Building Events and put your team to the test 🤝

Timeline photos 15/06/2022

All the moisture in clouds eventually falls as liquid rain, icy hail or snow.

Water circles between air, land and oceans. We call this the Water Cycle ☁️⛰️🌧️🌊

Timeline photos 13/06/2022

The Commando Crawl ⁠

Lie on top of the rope with one foot hooked on the rope and bent at the knee. Your other leg hangs straight to maintain balance. Move forward by pulling with his hands and arms, and pushing with the leg that is hooked on the rope. ⁠

Timeline photos 10/06/2022

Our Young Survivors working together on their 'River Crossing' activity in the Brecon Brecons.⁠

Timeline photos 09/06/2022

Summer time brings the opportunity for refreshing swims. Especially in the cold water of the Brecon Beacons! 🥶😄

Photos from Bear Grylls Survival Academy's post 08/06/2022

Weather fronts are zones where warm and cold air meet. The front is named after the temperature of the advancing air.

1. Cold Front - An advancing mass of cold air burrows below warm air, which quickly rises.
2. Warm Front - A warm air mass slides over denser, colder air.
3. Occluded Front - When a cold front overtakes a warm front, it produces an occluded front. The cold air lifts the warm air off the ground, producing clouds and rain.

Timeline photos 07/06/2022

Keeping the smiles while trudging through the mud 😁⁠

Timeline photos 05/06/2022

Survival can be summed up in three words - Never Give Up ~ @beargrylls⁠

Timeline photos 05/06/2022

Survival can be summed up in three words - Never Give Up ~ @beargrylls⁠

Timeline photos 04/06/2022

The Highlands of Scotland are calling once again 📢

Today the team embark on a 2 week excursion to the Highlands, taking 2 groups through their paces and teaching them about survival skills.

So long boys 👋

Timeline photos 03/06/2022

That Friday feeling!!!! 🤩🤸⁠

How are you getting your weekend started?⁠

Timeline photos 01/06/2022

Simple method in how to estimate the remaining daylight and get a rough idea of how many hours/minutes are left before sunset. ⁠

Each finger represents 15minutes. ⁠

Timeline photos 31/05/2022

Surviving the Highlands ⛰️⁠

Timeline photos 30/05/2022

Situation, get up and go! ⁠🔥

Timeline photos 29/05/2022

We all love a comfortable, relaxed Sunday. Especially if it's done in this style! 😆

What's your ideal Sunday Funday?

Timeline photos 28/05/2022

Do you have an effective method for packing your rucksack? ⁠

There are some packing techniques to it, but as @beargrylls would say 'Pack the right attitude and you won't need much else'. ⁠

Timeline photos 27/05/2022

Courage doesn't always mean achieving the objective or goal, it's having the guts to try 💪⁠

Timeline photos 26/05/2022

Surviving the wet and rainy forests 💧🌲⁠

We don't mind, as long as we're outside.⁠

Timeline photos 25/05/2022

Clouds are floating masses of moisture - either tiny water droplets or ice crystals ☁️

Different types of clouds suggest that fine weather, storms or rain are on their way, so recognising different clouds is an important survival skill to have 🌦️🌧️⛈️

Timeline photos 24/05/2022

Kind of like playing darts but not. How good are your axe throwing skills? ⁠

You can see what they're like on our BGSA Corporate Team Building Events. ⁠

👉 Head over to our website to find out more 🔗 Link in bio⁠

Timeline photos 23/05/2022

What gets you up and going in the mornings? ⁠

📍 Brecon Beacons, South Wales⁠

Timeline photos 21/05/2022

In a survival situation, a few simple items can mean the difference between life and death.⁠

Pack a survival kit according to your needs, and keep it with you whenever you are in the wilderness.⁠


When you get the correct camping memo 😮☀️
📹 @kirsten.jones89

Bear Grylls Survival Academy updated their phone number. 19/05/2022

Bear Grylls Survival Academy updated their phone number.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy updated their phone number.

Timeline photos 18/05/2022

As we know, our planet has 4 seasons - Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring.

But what causes seasons?

Earth tilts at a 23.5 degree angle on its' axis. The tilt always points the same way in space, so when one half of the Earth leans towards the sun it experiences Summer, and the other half Winter. Six months later the seasons are reversed 🌍

Timeline photos 17/05/2022

Sending it over the edge

Timeline photos 16/05/2022

Jump into the week with positivity and excitement. ⁠

Timeline photos 15/05/2022

Sunday Funday on our Survival Family Adventures. ⁠

Timeline photos 14/05/2022

What adventures are you going on this weekend?

Let us know 👇

Timeline photos 13/05/2022

Head down, full steam ahead into the weekend 😅⁠

Timeline photos 12/05/2022

Learning to communicate well and work together to achieve a common goal can be the difference in success or failure, life or death. ⁠
Whether in the office or in the wild, teamwork is required in many different forms. ⁠

Have a go on our BGSA Team Building Events 🤝⁠

🔗 Link in bio

Timeline photos 11/05/2022

Knowing the difference between which plants are safe to eat or not can play a vital role in life and sickness, or even death. ⁠

This time-consuming but super handy step by step process is a great way to test whether plants you are unsure about are safe to eat. ⁠

What BGSA offers

This is a rare chance for a lucky few outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques either own their own, as families or even with their colleagues! Each course has been designed by Bear and is delivered by his hand-picked team of Instructors to deliver a truly memorable and challenging experience.



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