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Peak Performance Personal Training


Fabulous 2 days out in North Wales with Couch2Summit clients Arun, Ranjini and Sapan. A scramble up the ultra classic Bristly Ridge and then a rock climbing day in the shadows of magnificent Tryfan. Nothing better than getting out and about on our great mountains! As always, big thanks to our guiding partner Rock N Ridge and fitness partner Peak Performance Personal Training

We believe getting Fit and achieving your goals should be fun,and our individually tailored training

Wie gewohnt öffnen


Client shoutout 📢

I for one couldn’t be prouder of Christina 😀 Over the past few months she has really committed to her nutrition and training (both in our sessions and on her own!) and I think we’ll all agree, IT SHOWS !!! 🤩

Set a goal ✅
Commit to that goal ✅
Trust the process ✅
Achieve the goal ✅


Shout out to another one of our awesome clients Amanda for smashing out 70kg on her Trap bar deadlifts today 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

here we come !!! 💪

Pt | Peak Performance Personal Training | Englefield Green 20/01/2022

Pt | Peak Performance Personal Training | Englefield Green

Personal Training where results are very visible 👀

Whatever your goals…
• Weight loss
• Toning
• Sports Specific

We’ve got you 💪

DM today and a member of the team will be in touch 📲

Pt | Peak Performance Personal Training | Englefield Green Results driven personal training whatever your goals are, be it weight loss, toning, improving fitness, bodybuilding or sports specific. Available as 1-2-1 sessions or as group sessions

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Attention all residents of @the_garage_psl in Englefield Green 📣

Not only do you have an awesome gym within your development, BUT you now also have access to elite level Personal Training onsite !!!

And as an introductory offer, we are offering 20% off all PT packages during January 🤩

Give us a message via Insta, FB or we even on your app 📲


The pallof press is a fantastic core based exercise which we’ve incorporated into Matt’s plan, as being an Ironman developing a strong core to help with the rotational movements associated with the sport is crucial !!! 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️


Yes Louise 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

115kg today, this girl is a machine 😏🦾


Shout out to this superstar, absolutely smashing her sessions and a solid 8lb weight loss during last phase of programming 👏🙌👏🙌


with big man Scott taking the 35’s out for reps today 💪


Coaching the to @daivabyou this morning 😅

Still some work to do, but for a first go 🙌🙌🙌


Split Squats with SSB

Daiva got to play with the Saftey Squat Bar today 🏋️‍♀️

Photos from Peak Performance Personal Training's post 21/10/2021

New toy for clients 🤩

The Safety Squat Bar by @watsongymequipment 💪

The Watson Safety Squat Bar (also known as the Hatfield Bar) allows you to perform all types of squat movements in much more comfort than with a traditional straight bar.

Handles at the front of the bar reduce shoulder strain and the design of the Safety Squat Bar allows you to let go completely of the bar and it will stay securely positioned with the load spread comfortably over the 3 pads.

A fantastic and essential bit of kit!!!


Thought for Thursday 🤔

What’s your WHY???
• why do you go to the gym…
• why do you go for that run…
• why are you mindful of what you’re eating…

When you have the answer to these questions, then again ask yourself WHY???

And when you have that answer you’ll find a deeper reason to keep yourself motivated to achieving those goals! And if you still haven’t got the answer, ask yourself WHY again, you’ll get there eventually!

And then when you have “YOUR WHY” make sure your actions/behaviours are taking you step by step closer to achieving those goals.

If you’re struggling to get to the bottom of “your why” and your actions aren’t currently inline with your goals, drop us a DM and let’s get you sorted 💪


Great session with Triathlete & Ironman Matt this morning!

Working on building some off season strength in prep for the 2022 season 💪


Exercise of the Day

Cossack squat regression to bench/box.

This is a great exercise to not only build strength in the hip but also improve mobility!!! By regressing the exercise to a bench you add in some additional stability and provide a means of measuring progression by moving onto a box and lowering the height, with the goal of eventually performing a Bodyweight Cossack squat to full depth with proper form.


Workout Wednesday with @nickdmabey and we were training all things Pull today 💪

Here we have tasty little super set of chest supported Swiss bar rows, and chest supported dumbbell reverse flys 🔥


Building some decent strength with Suzy in today’s session, and week by week we are slowly rehabbing a hip issue which has plagued her for years, sometimes so bad that it’s stopped her doing day to day activities and being dependant on pain relief on a daily basis. And by sticking to the plan, she’s been a symptomatic and off the pain relief for a few weeks now 💪👏🙌


Louise came to me a while ago requesting an interest to perform some front squats.

Due to the fact that Louise has had both carpal tunnel surgery and trigger finger surgery in the past, conventional front squats (with hands on the bar) wouldn’t have been advisable due to the extreme angles of flexion in her wrist, and I’ve never been a fan of the cross armed approach.

That being said, we didn’t ignore the request and say it wasn’t possible but instead we adapt the exercise to meet her needs using a pair of lifting straps as demonstrated in the video!


Coaching the hip hinge technique to Daiva and it’s safe to say she’s nailed it 👏👏👏

I’ve said it for years and stand by it, this is potentially the most IMPORTANT movement any new client must learn as it’s the basis of so many other movements, such as the deadlift, squat, kettlebell swing and much more!

As a coach I so often find that largely due to inactivity and sedentary lifestyles most new clients are very tight and restricted in this movement and the awareness of hip movement in general.

Don’t be disheartened though, I’ve yet to find a client I can’t teach this technique to efficiently 😎

Do it correctly and reap the benefits, do it incorrectly and suffer the consequences


with @nickdmabey and would like to applaud this young man 👏

Nick has trained by himself for years incorrectly (and he won’t mind me saying that now that he’s training correctly!) Like many blokes he’d chase big weights with poor form and inevitably land up injured 🤕

It was at this stage that he decided he needed some guidance 🤓 During our initial consultation I suspected a frozen shoulder, but as this isn’t something I’m qualified to diagnose nor treat during the acute stage, I referred him to @staineschiro for treatment.

After his initial treatment and positive response from @nickjmetcalfe we got the OK to begin his rehab in the studio. We followed a 5 week rehab plan where the goal was to improve strength and mobility in the shoulder, and can say that’s been a huge success 🥳

Now onto week 6, and we can begin on a new plan whereby we’ll continue to structure his rehab into his normal training plan, and session by session correcting bad habits and in turn making Nick a stronger and more functional human 💪 To compliment his training I’ve also advised that Nick receive a weekly Sports Massage with Izzy from @synergy_physio

Well DONE Nick, keep it up mate 🙌

Trainers take NOTE, to ensure your clients are achieving their goals, don’t be a Jack of all trades, identify when to refer and work alongside other professionals and essentially create a team for your clients to achieve success.

Need help with your training, rehab, technique? Drop us a DM to get you on track 📲


Lunging is fantastic unilateral exercise which is so often performed with lots of ‘bad habits’ such as driving the front knee too far past the front foot, putting too much weight on the toes of the front foot, lunging with a flexed spine, and lunging without proper core engagement, to mention just a few 😅

I’ve found that by adding in a controlled knee grab/hold there’s far more emphasis on control and correct ex*****on of a lunge, and only after this can be achieved will I think about loading the exercise!

Have a go, it’s far tougher than it looks 😆

Thanks for a great demo @modelthelook 🙌


Another episode of and here we have Claire 🙌🙌🙌

Let’s hear what she has to say,
“Mark is an excellent personal trainer, he takes me to my limits and beyond. He listens to your goals and helps you achieve them. With Mark's assistance and dedication to my goals I have lost 70kgs over 3 years. It was a long journey, but he continued to encourage and support me when I felt like giving up. I have never been fitter or stronger 🙂”

Fantastic effort Claire, always a pleasure to train !

Interested to find out how we could begin your transformation? Get in touch through our website, links in bio!

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It’s again and “WOW” done to our client Nicole 🤩

From somebody who by her own admission was a couch potato to somebody who now climbs mountains 🧗‍♀️

What a truly life changing transformation 👏👏👏

Let’s hear what she has to say…..
“I've been with Mark for about 2 years now and gone from a lazy lard a*** who would stuff her face before a gym sesh (in the gym no less) to a pretty strong confident individual capable of... Anything at this rate. Mark pushes you, but not enough to be put off. He always has your best interests at heart and is a genuinely nice guy behind it all. 100% recommend to my ex fellow couch potatoes and anyone who needs that's push to get you going in the right direction.”

What you waiting for? Give us a shout, what you got to lose?! 📲


Shout out to this superstar 💪👏

110kg Rack Pulls at bodyweight of 55kg 🤩


time again !!!

Awesome work from our client Jane and let’s hear what she has to say……..

“Mark is an absolutely amazing Personal Trainer, for years I have suffered from a bad back and knees but after a short time I felt so much better. Would definitely recommend 👍👍”

Well DONE Jane !!!
As you can see from her feedback and the picture, training goals can and should be multi disciplinary, and normally compliment each other well! For Jane we not only lost some weight but rehabilitated muscular imbalances and previous injuries.

Get in touch today for your consultation to discuss how we can transform your lives in whichever way that may be! 📲


It’s that time of the week again where we showcase another clients awesome results 👀 😲

And in the same usual format, let’s hear from Louise about her journey……

“I cant reckon Mark enough as a personal trainer, I have been training with Mark a few years now. Every session he makes me work hard to achieve my goals but at the same time making sure I have fun and enjoy the session. Mark has a huge amount of knowledge not just on training but also on nutrition I feel I always learn something new with each session. If you are new to the gym or even have a plenty of gym experience I would definitely recommend to try out some PT with Mark, you wont regret it!”

Awesome work Louise 👏👏👏


The diet is going a little too well 😂🤪


Did someone say it’s transformation Tuesday ?!

Over the next few weeks we going to highlight some of our clients success stories 👏

We going to do things a bit differently by allowing them to describe how they’ve found the process.

First up we have Alison and this is what she has to say.....

“Mark has taken me from someone, lacking complete confidence after knee surgery, to seeking more challenging goals. I am now competing in triathlons, overcoming many fears a long the way.

Mark has helped with the rehab of my knee, given advice on nutrition, and, has helped me achieve my goals.

He is now helping me regain the strength in my right arm, after a cycling accident, which resulted in a fractured elbow, that required surgery to reconstruct.

I can't thank Mark enough for what he has helped me achieve, and would thoroughly recommend him”

Need help with your training? Give us a message to get booked in for a consultation!


Posted @withregram • @mark_peak_performance_coach I’m Super Proud to announce that I’m now a @myprotein affiliate 😎🤩🥳

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Shout out to this legend 🙌

Only started back in the gym 4 weeks ago after many many years being out of it, and Boom benching 70kg with decent form and for reps 💪👏


Gyms have been back open now for just over 4 weeks, and all our clients have been progressing through their plans 💪👏

At this stage, we’ll be going away over the weekend and writing new plans for the next 4 week phase of training 🤓

By changing your plan every 4-6 weeks you allow continual adaptation by throwing different training stimuli at your body, and ultimately allowing continued progression through structured periodised training! 💪

When last did you change your training plan?

Are you still making improvements?

Are you progressing??? 🧐🤔


A client asked this morning whether it’s ok to essentially drop the bar after lifting it?


During a deadlift we aiming to build strength and power during the concentric phase of the motion (I.e on way ⬆️) and not focusing on hypertrophy which is largely achieved during the eccentric phase of the motion (ie, on way down when the muscle is lengthening under tension)

By allowing the weight to just drop you remove a lot of sheering forces on the spine.

Note: remember to be really engaged with no slack in Arms before the lift, James wasn’t during his first 2 reps but was corrected !