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New Year – New Program! CPE Vet Prep is making improvements to help prepare you better for your CPE exam. We are focusing more on CPE aseptic technique while providing you the surgeries you need to feel confident on the big day as we know this is an area of concern for many candidates. If you feel you need more training in any specific area, remember we offer private or customized sessions or add-ons.


Happy 2023! What a way to bring in the New Year as many of our participants passed CPE Exams and shared their good news. “Thanks for all the training and support you have given me. I owe you so much” (Patricia). “Passed…done…thank you for everything” (Prassad). Congrats as well to Halah and Craig. Keep on sharing the good news.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 16/12/2022

CPE aseptic technique with Dr. Cho and Dr. Lee. Excellent surgeries today!


Results are coming in! Congrats to Dr. Sam who passed all subjects in the CPE on the first try! We are very proud and thanks for the kind words for CPE VetPrep. "I passed surgery, anesthesia and the rest of the CPE on the first try. I am very happy and would like to say thank you to Dr. Medrano. I did learn surgery in a very appropriate way and thank you very much Dr. Belinda! Your training was amazing. The rest of you fingers crossed and keep us posted.


So happy that summer is almost here in Costa Rica - after a very long and hard rainy season. Thanks to Dr. Estrada who made some cool improvements to the stalls to help keep you all a little drier during equine practice. Looks great.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 14/12/2022

Not all work no play at CPE VetPrep! After a day of surgery and anesthesia Sehar and Teg shared a very special moment in Costa Rica....the World Cup Costa Rican match! We didn't win, but we had a blast trying!


Preparing for the PSA? Need CPE Surgical Experience Documentation? No surgical experience? If you are not ready for our surgery and anesthesia CPE course, join our Basic Surgical skills course. Increase confidence and develop core surgical skills and techniques through theoretical and hands-on sessions, including anatomy review, aseptic techniques, draping, gowning, gloving, suture patterns and of course surgical skills and tips.


Having a nice cup of Costa Rican coffee before the day begins! I want to thank all of our staff for their hard work over the past two months. You guys have been amazing as we have sterilized over 200 underserved animals in the past two months! Buenisimo!

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 10/11/2022

Halah you might have come to us for training, but you are a true inspiration to all of us. I have no doubt you will do well on the exam, but in your career as a veterinarian. I hope to see you back in Costa Rica soon!

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 10/11/2022

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Dr. Danielle was also crushing all areas of the CPE! “I really enjoyed your program! I will recommend to everyone” Dani (Danielle the pleasure was definitely all ours – we will miss you). Thanks to Allan for role playing as her client during the SAM day.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 10/11/2022

Imagine going into the CPE surgical exam knowing you can do a large dog spay in under 45 minutes? Congrats to Lee and Wael who have been crushing it with their surgery times! They are patient, kind and confident doctors – it has been wonderful to have you both.


My experience at CPE Vet Prep. “From day one, lessons are taught in a systematic manner focused on building step-by-step techniques, confidence, and skills. This structure is especially beneficial for surgery and anesthesiology, where the improvements are noticeably seen daily in speed and efficiency. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and straightforward. The golden jewel is that they train you on the dos and don'ts specific to the CPE format. Many techniques I thought were appropriate from years of general practice were not, while others I give no thought to were time savers. This is a huge revelation and something many other programs are unaware of. The final big bonus of the program is the networking connections made. You aren't just learning from a few instructors but have access to past and recent graduates to help give mentorship and up-to-date advice. Ps, the food, culture, and relaxing environment of Costa Rica are a plus. All taking the CPE should look into it. Not necessarily to learn how to be a vet but to fine-tune all the required skills to pass the examination.” Craig


What a month! October has been our busiest month all year so that means many of you have your exams this month. Best of luck - we are thinking about you!!!!!!


Now scheduling for 2023. Want to join the group CPE Vet Prep Comprehensive or Surgery and Anesthesia training only? Don’t have a partner? No problem – we will place you with one. We are now will filling spots for the first half of 2023 so click on our calendar below to see what dates are available. We recommend coming AT LEAST one month before your exam date. If you don’t see a date that works for you – just ask. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s552MIWg5qSU7Tu9g3H02vc3RIqfjNLPYUx1DhX0GoI/edit#gid=0


¡Celebremos el día del Médico Veterinario!

Participe en el sorteo de
3 días y 2 noches todo incluído en el Hotel Best Western Jacó para 2 personas.

Para participar debe seguir los siguientes pasos:
1. Darle ME GUSTA a nuestra página de Facebook e Instagram: Colegio de Médicos
Veterinarios de Costa Rica.
2. Darle ME GUSTA a la publicación: ¡Celebremos el día del Médico Veterinario!.
3. COMENTAR la publicación con una fotografía ejemplificando su labor profesional.
4. REACCIONAR a la fotografía.
5. La fotografía con MAYOR CANTIDAD DE REACCIONES al 10 de noviembre 2022
ganará el premio.

Participan de esta promoción las personas colegiadas activas y a día al Colegio de
Médicos Veterinarios de Costa Rica.

Fecha máxima para participar:
Jueves 10 de Noviembre 2022.

Ver Reglamento en:https://colegioveterinarios.or.cr/docs/Reg/Reglamento%20promocio%CC%81n%20Celebremos%20el%20di%CC%81a%20del%20Me%CC%81dico%20Veterinario.pdf


Running two clinics at the same time means we got to help twice as many animals! Last week we had enormous support from different associations both in San Jose and Cartago who enabled us to reach the most underserved communities. It was a very rewarding week thanks to all our participants, staff and organizations. Here are just a few of our precious pups.

CPE Vet Prep 10/09/2022

CPE Vet Prep

Montana was the first spay carried out under CPE Vet Preps new agreement with the local government to help the community's underserved population spay more dogs! We feel privileged to be selected to work side by side on their animal welfare project.

CPE Vet Prep We provide hands-on clinical instructional experience in all 7 sections of the Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE): anesthesia, surgery, equine and bovine practice, necropsy, radiographic positioning and small animal medicine.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 10/09/2022

Why does CPE Vet Prep offer two locations? Do I choose Cartago or San Jose, Costa Rica? Many of you ask what's the difference? There is no difference! We offer the same high-quality experience and knowledgeable staff at both locations. Due to high demand for our program, this allows us to accommodate more CPE candidates. And there is no need to choose as we will assign you a site when you register. Here are some highlights from both sites this week :) As always, it was a pleasure to have you all.


Results are in! Congratulations to all CPE candidates who passed the exam this month! Especially our dear Engy - who not only felt the course helped her pass surgery and anesthesia, but also helped her become more confident and professional. Very exciting news and we have no doubts you will continue to do amazing things! Your hard work paid off!


Queen Elizabeth - In celebration of a beautiful life who lighted up the hearts of so many – both people and animals. As we mourn the Queen's passing, we look back at the life of the world's longest reigning monarch and one of her biggest and most famous passions, her beloved dogs. Our sincere condolences to the royal family on your loss.


Small Animal Medicine (SAM). Many of you requested a day dedicated just to SAM and we now offer this! This additional day is more in depth and can be added to our current comprehensive package. We cover physical exams, timed clinical cases and skills practice! For those of you who are not currently working in a vet clinic or just want more hands-on SAM practice, this day is for you. Post a comment here on FB what you are most concerned about this day or send us an email and we will listen! We started last week with Dr. Carolina and they loved her 😊


If you are wondering… I already passed some sections of the CPE can I still take the courses for the sections that I did not pass? Absolutely! If you don’t need the comprehensive program, CPE Vet Prep offers a variety of group and private sessions tailored to fit your needs. Just let us know what sections you need to work on and we will provide you with a program right for you.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 22/08/2022

Need to refresh your radiographic positioning and necropsy skills? CPE Vet Prep offers a 100% practical, hands-on course, including theory and practice with fresh specimens (necropsy) and live patients (x-ray). This course can be taken on its own or added to any other CPE Vet Prep course.


How is our program different? Why come all the way to Costa Rica to join our program (besides being a beautiful country)? We value your time and know your economic resources are limited; therefore, we offer a one stop shop to practice all seven CPE sections - one place, one team, one goal. Our team has over 18 years of combined CPE teaching experience. All of our courses are 100% hands-on, including one week dedicated to surgery and anesthesia. Join us today!


Capnography can help alert you to anesthetic problems before your patient is adversely affected so they can be promptly corrected. Lots of resources are available to help you better understand capnography and we especially like thinkanesthesia.education - an educational platform focused on anesthesia and analgesia. Check it out to help better prepare yourself for the CPE.


Best of luck to all those with exams in August! Remember do as Dr. Dani always says..... STOP (Stop, Think, Observe and Proceed). You will all do great.


Ready for another surgery tip? The Aberdeen knot has been shown to be stronger and more secure than a surgeon's knot for ending a suture line. Check out one of the many videos online - or we recommend this one. https://youtu.be/tRX5cyZMlSA


Millers Knot

Ligating the ovarian pedicles in an OVH in a large or obese dog can be a challenging. We use the modified Miller's knot because they are more secure than other ligatures. Check out our very simple video on how to create this knot and practice before you come!


Exam coming up soon? Still unsure of joining us before your exam? Listen to what you colleagues have to say about our program. Thank you, guys, for your help! The program really helped me gain the confidence I needed in surgery and anesthesia – and I passed all areas! The equine and bovine review was amazing and all my medical questions were answered. Necropsy was so informative and just what I needed. We still have a few spots open in August – for surgery and anesthesia only or the comprehensive program. Inquire about august specials.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 18/06/2022

Stay tuned for the revealing of the new location of CPE Vet Prep San Pedro. We are relocating to the new Medical Pets Veterinary Clinic not too far the the old one, but will have a lot more space :) If you have registered with us at our San Pedro location - don't worry its still very close and we will contact you shortly with more info. Congrats Medical Pets on your new clinic.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 18/06/2022

Surgery time is not everything...but when you add confidence, skill and time together...wow...you rock guys. Look at those times. We are proud of you and it was a pleasure having you Drs. Laura & G. Best of luck.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 27/05/2022

Welcome to the CPE Vet Prep team. Always a pleasure to know as we grow, we incorporate more experts into our team. We welcome Dr. Maria Jose (bovines) and Dr. Leo (equines). Outstanding and accomplished veterinarians in their fields :) Remember all of our courses can be taken individually or in the comprehensive package.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 27/05/2022

So proud of all our vet participants! It has been a wonderful month being a part of the professional growth of such amazing vets. The surgical skills and times enjoyed by the last few groups has been priceless to watch. Amir, George, Emad, Mina, Mari, Ted and Jen.. so happy to have had you and wish you all the best on the exam. I mean look at these times (and skill) guys! So proud.


CPE Vet Prep Program - Dates Available for June & July, 2022.
June 5-15, 2022 (1 spot comprehensive program)
June 26- July 6, 2022 (2 spots comprehensive program)
July 3 - 9, 2022 (1 spot surgery and anesthesia ONLY)
July 16-26, 2022 (2 spots comprehensive program)
July 24-30, 2022 (1 spot surgery and anesthesia ONLY)
Please contact us directly by whatsapp or email if interested in joining our program during one of these dates :)


Many of you have asked us...so what happens once I pass the CPE and would like more surgical training? CPE Vet Prep offers limited courses in soft tissue surgery, which includes a wide range of procedures involving internal organs, the body wall, masses or tumors, and hernias or defects. If this is something that interests you - don't hesitate to contact us by sending us a message.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 01/03/2022

Reserve your spot today! FYI if you would like to join us before August, our spots are filling up quickly. Our most popular program is the CPE Vet Prep Comprehensive program, however, we do offer only surgery and anesthesia as well. If you have any questions or doubts...please do not hesitate to ask.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 05/02/2022

Happy Anniversary CPE Vet Prep! Special thanks to all the great people who have helped us grow personally and professionally - especially our amazing team of veterinarians, vet techs, administrative staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure our program runs smoothly. Also excited to share our latest addition - our new van to help get those animals who need our services most to our clinics.

Photos from CPE VetPrep's post 29/01/2022

For those of you who have joined us know you keep me to busy to be posting! But this month has been our busiest yet and I want to let all of you know that we are sending positive vibes your way for those with their exams coming up. Remember when in doubt STOP (STOP, THINK, OBSERVE and PROCEED). You got this! Cheers.


CPE Vet Prep partners up with local university for improved large animal experience! We are so excited to continue working with our experienced Dr. Daniel Zeledon at our new location where we will have access to newer installations and more animals. For those of you who need large animal experience as well as small animal - come join us soon!


And what a way to start off the New Year! Dr. Halah is a positive and kind doctor to whom we have had the pleasure of working with this week. I guess it doesn't hurt to mention her OVH surgery time decreased from 60 to 23 minutes?? Best of luck on the exam - you will do great!!





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