Bible Core Course / Estudios Biblicos Intensiva (UofN CCM 301) San Jose, CR

Bible Core Course / Estudios Biblicos Intensiva (UofN CCM 301) San Jose, CR


Getting ready for our next BCC. We have 6 confirmed students so far with room for a few more. Let us know if you are interested in the school. The countdown is on.

D. and staff.
Bible Students check out this new school:

Hi, my name is Odessa and i have been praying about taking the BCC course, i am wondering if you could let me know how much it will cost, and if it would be a possibility for me to stay on staff after the course and how much is the staff fees please get back to me thank you and God Bless.
Excelente Escuela! Si en realidad quieren que sus vidas y Ministerios tengan un fundamento fuerte en la Palabra de Dios,La Escuela Biblicos Intensivos es lo que ustedes necesitan.
YAY! sooo excited!!
This is great!!! I will definitely be a part of this!!

BCC/EEBI (CHR 211) The BCC or Bible Core Course (CHR 211) is a 12-week-long school build around the inductive Bible study method. During that time we will read through the entire Bible and do in-depth study in 14 different books from both the New and Old Testament.

The basic goal of the school is to teach the students how to study their own Bibles with skill and confidence so we spend a lot of time reading and re-reading the Bible so that we can better see what it actually says and what it means. Each week we also wrestle with the deep truths that we are confronted with as we study God's word, how to let it change us and how we can communicate it the people

Photos from YWAM San José's post 10/11/2014

Great group of students. Love you guys!


The next BCC is just around the corner. Arrival day is the 19th of September. Email us for more information at [email protected]


Your friendly BCC staff

Photos from Bible Core Course / Estudios Biblicos Intensiva (UofN CCM 301) San Jose, CR's post 04/02/2014

Our fall school ended in mid December with 6 graduates. It was a great school with wonderful student and staff. We are already preparing for our next school in September and are hoping for a good group. If you are interested in more information you can write us at [email protected] or visit the YWAM website

Formularios 05/08/2013


Buenos días a todos. La próxima escuela de la Biblia ya esta acercándose muy radio y todavía tenemos campo para unos alumnos más. Les animamos inscribirse hoy para asegurar que lugar para ti. Se puede bajar la inscripción por el enlace abajo. Recuerden que la escuela se arranca el 20 de Septiembre.

Greetings to all. Our next Bible school is rapidly approaching and we still have space for a few more students. Sign up today to reserve your spot. You can download the application for through the link attached below. Please remember that the next BCC starts the 20th of September.


Douglas and Staff



Formularios YWAM San José, Costa Rica. We are redoing our applications so they will be PDF format. Some of these forms are still Word Documents which you can download and fill out on your computer. Then email them back to us. You can also email the reference forms to the appropriate people.


Hello to all you Bible students our there,

We are officially moving the BCC from July to September. If any one want to apply please contact me at [email protected] We would love to have you. It is going to be a great school

Hemos oficialmente cambiado las fechas de las escuela de Julio a Septiembre. Si tienes interés escríbeme a [email protected] Sería un placer tenerte como alumno con nosotros. Va ser una escuela excelente.




Recuerdan que la próxima escuela arranca el 28 de Junio.

Remember that the next BCC starts the 28th of June.



Timeline photos 01/02/2013

La vida real en la escuela de la Biblia.

Real life the the BCC.

Timeline photos 19/12/2012

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 19/12/2012

Timeline photos


Estamos terminando semana 12 con el libro de Hageo. Todos estan emocionado para la navidad. Ha sido una escuela excelente y estamos emociados para la proxima que arranca al fines de Junio.

We are finishing up week 12 with the book of Haggai. Everyone is ready for Christmas. It has been an excellent school and we are excited for the next one which start at the end of June.


¡Ya tenemos uns 12 estudiantes y solo tenemos espacio para unos más! Si quieren matricularse nos avisen pronto, la escuela arranca el 28 de Septiembre.

We only have a couple of spots left so if you still want to apply get it in soon!! The next school starts on the 28th of September!


BCC Staff


UofN recently converted the course code for the BCC world wide from CCM 301 to CHR 211)


We just wrapped up our last BCC on the 15th of December. An awesome group of students who grew a ton in there understanding of God's word and in their personal lives as well. Congratulations to of you for a job well done.

We are already looking forward to our next school which starts the 6th of April. We have 11 students signed up so far so if you still want to take the school let us know ASAP.


BCC Staff


Ya tenemos unos 6 alumnos y unos más que van a entregar solicitudes. Si tenés ganas de hacer al escuela aprocheche del tiempo y aplicar ya!!!!

BCC Staffing Needs 06/05/2011

BCC Staffing Needs

We are hoping to grow the school a good bit this year and to do it we need staff! If you are interested or know anyone that might be PLEASE let us know.


Queremos que la escuela crezca estw año y para hacerlo necesitamos más personal. Si usted tiene interés o conoce a otra persona que puede tener interés en ser personal para la escuela, por favor escribanos.


BCC Staffing Needs Youth With A Mission (YWAM) San Jose exists to raise up and equip relevant leaders who will impact and transform the spheres of influence in society.

Timeline photos 06/05/2011

Estan ampliando la aula y re-haciendo los piso. Ya hay espacio para unos 10+ estudiantes!

They are expanding the classroom and refinishing the floors. Now there is room for 10+ students!


BCC January 2011 02/05/2011

BCC January 2011

Bible Core Course 18/11/2010

Bible Core Course

We are updating our YWAM SJ website! Just click the link below for more info.
Estamos actualizando nuestro sitio web. Solo haga click en el enlace abajo para mayores informes.


Bible Core Course YWAM San José, Costa Rica. Schools / Biblical Core Couse (BCC). Our desire is to provide an avenue for people called to this area of ministry, which will develop their skills and passions, so that they can effectively use them to touch God and disciple Nations.


The seven students for the July 2010 BCC were from:
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Saint Lucia (the Caribbean Island)

The next BCC is scheduled for January 2011, coming up soon, and applications are coming in now. So if you are interested, this is an amazing 12-week intensive school.

After that, it's September 2011, for the following BCC in beautiful Costa Rica!


The San Jose Costa Rica BCC (UofN CCM 301) was such a great success.

Our school leader visiting from Australia was just great, and Douglas, our local leader, fresh back from Argentina's BCC (and who will now be leading the San Jose BCC's) was fantastic, with the help of our 'Grace'ful sister from Korea!


It's application time! We are just a month away from the BCC, starting July 9 in San Jose, Costa Rica, but we still have space for more students. So please let us know if this is what's on your heart! and email us: [email protected] for the application or more info. Thanks!


Anoche y hoy, me acaban de confirmar dos invitados maravillosos para la próxima EBI en San José, Costa Rica. Uno enseñará el libro de REYES, y la otra enseñará el libro de ESTER. Pedimos oración y dirección para que invitemos los maestros de acuerdo con el gran plan que Dios tiene para esta escuela EBI que empieza en julio.


Nuestra lista de estudiantes va en aumento: Tenemos 6 estudiantes que están en el proceso de aplicación. 50% son mujeres y 50% son hombres. Además, 5 nacionalidades diferentes están representadas en esta lista. Es emocionante ver lo que Dios está haciendo!


Last night and today, I have just confirmed two wonderful guest speakers for the upcoming BCC this July in San Jose, Costa Rica. One will be teaching KINGS. And the other will be teaching ESTHER. Please pray as we invite and confirm the right speakers.


Our student list is growing: We have 6 students who are in the process of application. 50% male 50% female. And 5 different nationalities are represented in this list. It's exciting to see what God is doing!


One of our applicants was asking today if there is a difference between School of Biblical Studies Core Course and the Bible Core Course. The answer is NO! BCC is just the new name for what was known as SBSCC. And the UofN course code remains as CCM301 and San Jose is registered with UofN for 12 credits of lecture phase and OPTIONALLY.. up to 12 credits more for outreach/internship (OPTIONAL)


Knowing our student numbers in advance help us with staffing needs and accommodations. So please get your application in, or tell us of your interest!


If you want to apply for the Bible Core Course (BCC), we need your applications sent to [email protected] soon. We still need more personnel, and we believe that God will provide.


Join us for our next BCC, three months of fun, stimulating and interactive learning withcreative activities, that will change your life forever; a time apart to allow God to overwhelm you – and to penetrate your heart and mind with His powerful, living, Word!


Come to Costa Rica and encounter God through His Word! Be challenged in your relationshipwith Him. Find your purpose in the Great Commission. Get the tools you need, and embarkon this adventure with others just like you!

BCC 18/03/2010


San José de Costa Rica 18/03/2010

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BCC 03/01/2010





YWAM/UofN San José
San José

Información general

We are located in San Jose, Costa Rica about 45 minutes from the international airport.

The BCC was planted here at YWAM San Jose in July of 2010.

It is a bilingual school, English and Spanish. All aspects are interpreted and translated according to student language needs.

Testimonies from other international BCC students:

"This was one of the best choices of my life. It is foundational to life choices. My perception of the Bible has changed and I have learned not to be afraid of asking the question "why?" and to dig deeper." Solveiga from Latvia

"This was the best thing I've done in 32 years of ministry. I fully recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about God." - Steve Aherne, Youth With A Mission Australia National Director

UofN Academic Information:

Prerequisites - Successful Completion of the Discipleship Training School (DSP 211) and Outreach/Field Assignment (DSP 212).

Although the Bible Core Course (CHR 211) is a complete, stand-alone 12-week course, it is designed to interface compatibly with the original, and longer, nine-month SBS (School of Biblical Studies)

Should a student so desire, they may proceed on to the second and third quarters of the SBS (CHR 315/316) at any other YWAM location, upon successful completion of the BCC in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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