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Empowering communities in Northern Pakistan through education.

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These girls who attend SLI’s partner village schools have quite the adventurous and scenic walk to school in . What did your walk to school look like?


Each Thursday, we’ve been introducing you to one of our devoted Board Members. Without these men and women who devote their time and resources to SLI, we simply would not be where we are today.

Tyler Gordon: Board Secretary

SLI is so thankful for his leadership abilities. He handles a lot of responsibility well and is very reliable. Steadfast is a word we would use to describe him. He understands Pakistan well because of living there for so many years and setting up businesses there. We value his input on the board and especially in operational decisions.

To learn more about the board click here:


At SLI we love to provide for, and meet practical needs. But we are also in the business of helping to transforming hearts. Our care is wholistic, and we work in a connected way with individuals. We know that a single person’s life matters, and through transformed hearts, you can transform a nation!

If this mission resonates with you…join us! 👉🏼


Beautiful stained glass in the Baltic fort overlooking Hunza Valley ✨


Each Thursday, we’ve been introducing you to one of our devoted Board Members. Without these men and women who devote their time and resources to SLI, we simply would not be where we are today.

Charles (Chuck) E. Odegaard : (Former Chairman)

We value his wisdom and vast experience in Central Asia, his practical knowledge and his pastor’s heart. He has served over 25 years in Central Asia in every “Stan” country. He has guided SLI through many sticky situations with the Pakistani government and officials. He has guided the SLI board well over the years and we are blessed by his humble, servant leadership.

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We love sharing the inspiring stories of Shining Light’s Scholarship students. They are full of HOPE and inspiration for how the next generation in Pakistan will thrive.

If you’ve been loving the stories of Gulshan, Sameer, and Summera, be sure to check our blog for more stories of impact!


Spring in Gilgit-Baltistan! Have a wonderful weekend friends ☀️


We’d love to introduce you to each board member individually. Without these men and women who devote their time and resources to SLI, we simply would not be where we are today.

James Groves: Board Vice-Chairman

We are so impressed with James’ eagerness to invest in SLI and its mission in Pakistan. He is humble, generous, and eager to serve. His business experience has proven invaluable to SLI’s future as we seek to expand our presence and impact in northern Pakistan. Not to mention he travels with us to Pakistan nearly every year to be a part of the mission with “boots on the ground”!

To learn more about the board click here:


Sameer Masih is a 7th grade student and a current recipient of the Scholarship Program. He is originally from another region in Pakistan, but his family had heard about the amazing opportunity to receive an education through Shining Light and the scholarships we provide. His parents agreed to send him Gilgit to live with an uncle, and be the FIRST student in his family to attend school.

This is the cycle of poverty finally being stopped; with Sameer. He has great dreams to become an educated man and hold a respectable job in society. He has been working hard, and receiving good grades on his final exams. We believe that because of Sameer, his family will have new opportunities a better economic future.

“My teachers always help me with my studies and ask me to work hard. My life goal is to become an educated man and help my family by bringing them out of poverty. I am thankful to all those who are supporting me to go to school and I pray for them everyday!”

You can invest in more young men and women like Sameer who could be the first ones in their family to go to school 👉🏼


We’d love to introduce you to each board member individually. Without these men and women who devote their time and resources to SLI, we simply would not be where we are today.

Gary Uber: Board Chairman

Gary has a lot of business savvy. We greatly value his humor and positivity. He is one of our biggest and long term supporters of the work in Pakistan. He has been key in helping us fund different projects and inspired vision for the monthly donor program; “The Ray of Hope Club”.

Read more about our board and how you can get involved here:

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Partner Spotlight: TEN4GOOD

We’d love to introduce you friends to one of Shining Light’s newest partners that we are linking arms with to make a difference in Pakistan and beyond. We love their model - to start changing the world right where you are at. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just one action, one step toward what you believe in….and inviting friends to do it with you!

Did you know they’ve chosen Shining Light as one of the recipients of their new social movement in charitable giving? We are so honored, and want to share with you, the exciting momentum this organization has started and how YOU can get involved!

Check out their website to learn more:

🌱 A few inspiring words from their Director:
We find where good work is happening and how we can help. Then we share the needs with our growing community of givers, and together we fund projects to help good grow all around the world. We believe just $10 a month can change the world...for Good!

Our model is simple: Give, Gather, Grow

Give $10 a month to help fund a constant stream of charitable projects.

Gather 4 friends to give along with you and encourage each of them to find 4 more.

Grow good all around the world and become part of a movement of generosity.

We help Good grow all around the world by crowdfunding a constant stream of charitable projects that provide relief, care, and hope to impoverished, displaced, and despairing communities in need. The Good that we seek to grow in the world always points to the Greatness, Compassion and Nearness of God. Greatness, because God is strong enough to help, Compassion, because God is loving enough to want to, and Nearness, because in Jesus God came to rescue us.


“Many times, my father wanted me to quit school and learn to sew, but each time my teacher talked with him and convinced him to keep sending me.”

Attending school is just a simple decision in Pakistan. It often means that if school fees are paid, there isn’t enough money for food. Many families have to make the tough decision whether or not to allow their daughters to continue their education. Young girls like Gulshan have been given a second chance at a future because of programs like Shining Light’s Scholarship Program.

Though Gulshan struggled in her studies when she was younger, our tutors came alongside her and helped her to perform well in her studies and continue on to university level courses!

“Now I see more clearly that education is becoming the first priority in my life. This education has changed all of my priorities and I work toward my future goals. I want to go into the government sector! Please pray for God to give me wisdom.”

We are so proud of you Gulshan!

Thank you for investing in young men and women like her through Shining Light. You can help provide education for more students like her


“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, the least costly, and the most underrated agent of human change.” - Rob Kerrey

How can you share an unexpected act of kindness today?


We hope you are enjoying a lovely Spring so far, and that the sun is shining on you this weekend 🌼 The smiles on these girls faces are what we live for! Thank you for investing in THEM!


Shining Light International is supported and strengthened by a wonderful active board comprised of international professionals, business men, and nonprofit experts. Everything that we do is made possible these leaders who give generously of their time and resources to advocate for hope and education in Northern Pakistan.

Meet SLI’s Board of Directors! Give a 👍🏼or❤️ to tell them “Thank you!” For all they do!


“…the Scholarship Program showed me light in the darkness.”
- Summera

The Scholarship program that Shining Light provides to children is not only impacting the future of a child, it is providing HOPE for entire families. Summera had been trying to gain admission for her child to attend school for the past two years but they could not afford the fees. Two years ago her husband had a stroke and has been receiving treatment ever since. Most of the income they receive goes toward medical bills, and school is not option. When she contacted Shining Light, we assured her that we would be able to help. Her son is now attending Shining Light Academy, and Summera’s prayers have been answered!

✨Because you gave! These are stories of hope, and real families that are given a new chance at a future when you donate to SLI. ✨

You can make any gift toward education and the Scholarship Program here:

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Did you know that SLI shares all of of it’s financials and program reports, outcome, and data on Candid/Guidestar? If you want to see more details of where your gifts are going, as well as their great impact- check out our Platinum level badge of transparency on Candid!


Ms. Naseem is the registrar at Shining Light Academy and we recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary with us! Her dedication and the heart that she puts into her work is what makes SLA a beautiful place for the children of Gilgit, Pakistan to attend. Thank for 10 years Ms. Naseem! We hope you are encouraged by her reflections share here:

“Over the past decade, Shining Light Academy has been more than just a workplace for me; it has become a second home—a place where I have grown both personally and professionally. Throughout my time here, I have had the privilege of working with an incredible team of dedicated educators and staff who constantly inspire me.
As a registrar, my primary goal has always been to ensure that our students receive the best possible education and support. From managing enrollment processes to maintaining student records, every task has been meaningful in contributing to their educational journey.
I am especially grateful for the relationships I have built with our students and their families over these years. Witnessing their growth and achievements has been incredibly fulfilling. Being able to play a small part in shaping their futures is truly an honor.

Shining Light Academy's commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do—from our academic programs to our co-curricular activities. It is this dedication that sets us apart as an institution, and it fills me with pride knowing that I have contributed to that legacy through my role as registrar.

These last 10 years at Shining Light Academy have been transformative and rewarding beyond measure. Receiving this award shield today is not just recognition of my individual accomplishments but also a testament to the collective efforts we all put into making this institution a shining beacon of education.I am honored and looking forward to many more years of serving the Shining Light Academy.”


“We don’t have to be perfect, just engaged and committed to aligning values with actions. “ - Brene Brown

Do your actions align with your values? How can you take action today to reflect your deepest convictions? Join SLI in our mission to provide HOPE in northern Pakistan and beyond

Photos from Shining Light International's post 22/03/2024

It is and we are still celebrating that because of YOUR generosity, SLI was able to provide a fully functioning water storage facility in the village of Kunis, Pakistan. Water is one of the most basic needs of life and one of the greatest felt needs of this community, and with your help it was able to be installed before winter came.

Read more about this exciting community development project, and how you can get involved with others like it on the blog:

Photos from Shining Light International's post 21/03/2024

Continuing the work of community development and education is not always easy. It is not an overnight success story, but one slowly built over time, even taking years to see the outcomes you strive for. It certainly takes steadfastness, but we’re so grateful you’ve chosen to walk this road with us by investing in education that will change lives and communities starting at the roots.

Invest in long term solutions in northern Pakistan here: 👆


Shining Light programs would not exist with out the incredible staff that devote their lives to them. Did you know that there are 82 Pakistani staff on the ground responsible for daily operations?

We’re celebrating THEM today, and thankful for all of their service, sacrifice, and commitment to seeing their fellow Pakistani’s thrive. Like, comment, or share if you want to leave them some words of encouragement!


All of SLI’s programs began through genuine relationship, listening to felt needs, and steps toward collaborative support and partnership.

Read more stories of our connections, community development and stories of impact on the blog 👉🏼


We hope you’re headed into the weekend to do some of your favorite things and hobbies! The boys at Shining Light Academy had a blast at their recent “Sports Week.” ⚽️

Enjoy your weekend friends!

Photos from Shining Light International's post 14/03/2024

SLI’s third Core Value is Excellence. To read more about our sustainable education and vocational training programs, check out our stories of impact on the blog:


Science, chemistry, and experiments are an integral part of the upper student’s education at SLA. Here, Ms. Huma is assisting 10th -grade students with a Chemistry experiment in the laboratory.

Many years ago, it was just a dream for SLA to have their own science lab…but today, hundreds of students benefit and learn in this very room that you so generously gave to provide!

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of science in education, especially in Pakistan, read more here:


The students at Shining Light Academy are enriched through many different programs and services while they are enrolled here.

The 9th grade class recently became First Aid Certified from Red-Crescent Pakistan. Not only will these skills serve them in their personal lives, they may lead to their career path. We are so proud of you all!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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