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IC is a non-profit Social Enterprise promoting Education for Citizen Entrepreneurship in Cameroon. R


* Promote Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship development through career education and orientation, and professional development.

* Contribute in meaningful youth participation and contribution in sustainable development, decision-making at all levels through lobbying and advocacy.

* Establish viable networks of youths in Cameroon and beyond for the actualisation of career and pro


Impact Creators is obliged to suspend two of its new national projects launched last year in Cameroon because of the ongoing political stalemate between the government of Cameroon and Anglophone Teachers and Common Law Lawyers that has caused schools to closed since November 21 2016.

The "1 Tablet 1 Student Excellence Award" project that was suppose to run from 2016-2019 in all 10 Regions of Cameroon; awarding 7 inch Android tablets to meritorious young leaders has thus been suspended till further notice.

We had already paid 50% of the tuition of the three beneficiaries of our pioneer "She Read2Lead" Scholarships for Underprivileged Girls and were working on completing their tuitions last month, January 2017. Claudette, the physically challenged girl we visited at CEFED in Santa, NWR was going to be our fourth beneficiary with the intention to have her scholarship as a special need girl child renewed every year. Unfortunately the project too is suspended till further notice.

However, we will remain in contact with the institutions, the parents, public and private education stakeholders as we pray that the situation normalises. Impact Creators is a growing and committed social enterprise promoting education for citizen entrepreneurship for all, irrespective of social background.

Thank you for all your likes and words of encouragement.


We are a growing Social Enterprise promoting

The "E" in UNESCO = Education, the foundation of any lasting .


Peace Child International

January - February Opportunities for Youth.

Start 2017 with these life-changing experiences.


Impact Creators submitted two workshop proposal on our the transformative role of our project under the domain of informal learning, and another proposal on the "Failures of Bilingualism and Biculturalism in a country like Cameroon" looking at the root causes of the ongoing Lawyers and Teachers strike action in Anglophone Cameroon. If interested, do follow the link and apply.

Calling all leaders! Are you committed to creating better futures through ? If so, apply now to take part in a UNESCO conference in Ottawa. To be considered, simply answer the question in the picture below in the comments section and fill in the application form here via UNESCO MGIEP


Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium

Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium Press Release No 9. Reacting to the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee's Declaration (Report) in Bamenda on the 27 December 2016.


Impact Creators' 1Tablet 1Student Excellence Awards would fit pretty good.

Registration is open for Mobile Learning Week 2017! If you work in ICT and Education (& their intersection) and want to apply your knowledge to education in emergencies and crises, register for the Paris conference from 20-24 March at UNESCO Headquarters! Head to our website for registration forms and more info:


When Jesus traveled from heaven to earth, He used a round-trip ticket with stops along the way. He left the throne for the manger, the manger for the cross, the cross for the tomb, and the tomb for the throne. He left blessings behind at every stop. He emptied Himself so we might be filled. That’s the true story of Christmas. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2017 to all our followers and supporters.


African Union Youth Program

OPPORTUNITY! Are you a young African writer, author or blogger? Do you have a passion for African issues? Well, here's an opportunity to feature in the African Union's official newsletter, the AU ECHO. Simply head over to our website, download the "Call for Papers'', submit your work and your article could be featured and read all across Africa and beyond :)

Here's the link and good luck:

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IOM - UN Migration

On International Migrants Day, it's time to stop counting and start protecting migrants.

Stand . 15/12/2016

Apply for the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development 2017 in Canada

Apply for the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development 2017 in Canada.

UNESCO and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO are jointly organizing the “UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development: the Role of Education” will take place from 6 to 10 March 2017 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

Deadline: December 23, 2016 | TAG YOUR FRIENDS | SHARE Location: Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Canada.Date: March 6 -10, 2017.Organizer: UNESCO and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO are jointly organizing the “UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable…



United Nations Volunteers is looking to recruit qualified candidates with different profiles and nationalities to , , , and .
- Volunteerism and Knowledge Management Specialist | Moscow, Russia | NO-A, National Professional Officer | Closing: 2016-12-07
- UN Youth Volunteer in Programme Coordination | Dakar, Senegal | NO-A, National Professional Officer | Closes: 2016-12-18
- Engineering Specialist in Sudan | Darfur | International Volunteer Closes: 2016-12-15
- Staff Counsellor in DR Congo | Kinshasa | International Volunteer Closes: 2016-12-18
- Official de terreno - Colombia | Bogotá | International Volunteer
Closes: 2016-12-18

Please note the closing dates! Click on this link for more information and how to apply:


Afrika Youth Movement

Understand the strikes in from youth voices

Following the recent civil protests in Cameroon in the capitals of the southwest (Buea) and northwest (Bamenda) respectively, we reached out to young activists across both regions and the diaspora to get firsthand the true nature of events on ground in Cameroon.

The lawyers are protesting against the non-eradication of common law system and transfer of francophone magistrates to common law courts, in other words unfair judicial appointments and judgments, teachers are disturbed about the harmonization of the educational system and curricula against their interests and the students are protesting hike in fees and denial/delay in government scholarships funds by school administration.

From our interviews, it is clear that the response of the government has been brutal and has executed unfair clampdown on peaceful protesters mostly youth. About 400 people have been reportedly arrested, detained and being tortured at undisclosed locations while armed forces continually fire at unarmed protesters.
While the southwest region is engulfed in these protests, the northwest region has seen an increase in tension and fear as people are not going to school and businesses affected.

Recent history is full with outcomes of peaceful protests and oppressed young people when they are violently suppressed by their government as opposed to dialogue and responding to their demands.
From the streets in Bamenda to the schools in Buea, listen to first hand interviews by young activists, student leaders and journalists on their demands, responses from the armed forces and government’s negligence. 03/12/2016

Cameroon: Call for Restraint, Concerns Over Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Diplomatic statements in the eyes of the common man could be just business as usual but I have confident they go beyond words and "Calls". The United States is deeply concerned by the loss of life, injuries and damage as a result of protests that turned violent in Bamenda and Buea, the respective capitals of Cameroon’s Northwestern and Southwestern regions. We call on all parties to exercise restraint, refrain from further violence, an...


Impact Creators shares the lost of Longla Comprehensive College (LCC) family whose proprietor has been laid to rest today November 11, 2016. Our two pioneer beneficiaries of the Scholarship for Underprivileged Girls are students of LCC. Investment in education is the best.


How on earth can one justify the fact that 25 point GCE A/L scorers sell sim cards while 6 point scorers glide smoothly into the University of Buea medical school? Impact Creators, a non-profit social enterprise promoting education for citizen entrepreneurship unequivocally condemns the "francophonization" of the Anglophone sub-system of education. We support the Anglophone Teachers' Trade Unions' call on the Cameroon "...Government to be more transparent in its management of admissions into Medical and other professional Schools in the Universities of Buea and Bamenda, where Anglophone students were numerically marginalized and where the heroes of the Cameroon GCE seemed to have no place. Students with twenty points fail, while those with six points pass easily...Anglophone students continue to be sent to Medical institutions they did not chose...Government's silence especially the indifference of the Minister of Higher Education means the Anglophones can go to hell. It is government policy to discriminate, alienate, humiliate and disenfranchise Anglophones. The Anglophone "Teachers' Trade Unions and Associations of Anglophone extraction - SYNES-UB, CATTU, TAC, PEATTU, CEWOTU, BATTUC and Parents, under the banner of UPTA hereby declare an indefinite strike action beginning on Monday 21 November 2016. During this strike there shall be a definite shutdown of all schools, public, private and confessional; from nursery, primary, secondary to university under the English sub-system until definite steps are taken by the Government to stop the plunder of the Anglophone education...Anglophones can no longer stay silent in the face of such mounting injustice, we cannot stand idly by, while our educational heritage suffers genocide. Enough of the neglect, enough of the disregard and abuse."


Information gotten through Social Enquiry/Identification Forms facilitated Impact Creators' project Scholarship for Underprivileged Girls in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The parents and/or guardians barely save enough to feed their families as they strive under the scourging sun. Our focus are the girls with incredible results who we hope to contribute in giving them an educational future beyond borders.


World Economic Forum

When we choose to remain on the ground when we fall (failure), that to me is the worse form of failure. When we choose to blame the circumstances and point fingers when we touch bottom, and make no effort to prove "them" and/or the circumstances wrong, we become even a bigger failure to ourselves and to those who look up to us. Trust me, somebody is looking up to you.

"Some of the best lessons in life are also the toughest to accept."


Youthpolicy Community

"The 2016 YDI is a tough reminder: when it comes to youth, no country can afford to be complacent."


Resilience. That's what impact creators are made of;

"Fall seven times, stand up eight." – Japanese proverb.


World Economic Forum

Education is evolving pretty fast, skills are evolving faster. Pick up the steam or be left out, not behind but out. Impact Creators is contributing through our Scholarships for Underprivileged Girls and our upcoming

What does the university of the future look like, and what does it do? 24/10/2016

MasterCard Scholars Program • Enrolment Services

Full scholarship for undergraduate students from Sub-Saharan Africa 2017. Deadline Dec. 10, 2016. Disseminate further. The University of Toronto and the MasterCard Foundation have partnered to offer the MasterCard Foundation African Scholars Program. The program provides full scholarship opportunities at the University of Toronto for economically disadvantaged youth who have excellent academic potential and a strong...


Besides cultural norms that do not prioritize the education of the girl child, girls face a plethora of socio-economic barriers when it comes to their education. According to Women Deliver, "Globally, 62 million girls between the ages of 06 and 15 are not in school." Neh Konjeline, a form 3 Commercial student of Longla Comprehensive College (LCC), Bamenda is the next beneficiary of Impact Creators' She Read2Lead Scholarships for Underprivileged Girls. We are proud to say we're .


The next beneficiary of Impact Creators' She Read2Lead Scholarship for Underprivileged Girls is....has been identified :). Details coming up very soon. 14/10/2016

Call for Submissions / Appel A Candidatures / دعوة لتقديم طلبات – #AYD2016 – African Union Youth Division Call for Submissions / Appel A Candidatures / دعوة لتقديم طلبات – October 13, 2016 Chris Fleming Latest News, Uncategorized Addis Ababa, 13 October 2016 – This year, the continent of Africa will be commemorating the Africa Youth Day on the 1st of November 2016 under the theme: “Promoting yo... 12/10/2016

Seven-Year-Old Making Literary History

In line with ' new scholarship project. Good job. Michelle Nkamankeng is considered one of the world's top 10 young writers.


Happy International to Claudette, our beneficiaries & every other girl child. Our new project, couldn't have come at a better time. At , we believe that every effort to assist a girl child go and/or continue her education is not only a blessing to her but a blessing to her children and her children's children. Do not undervalue your contribution. Be a


According to a recent UN report, "Girls spend 40% more time on chores than boys..." by so doing limits the amount of time they spend reading, doing homework or even attending classes. Meet Atia Mambo Beldesh, the pioneer beneficiary of Impact Creators' Scholarship for Underprivileged Girls. She was forced to sell banana around Bamenda town while her sick mother stays home and her sister goes to school. Our social enquiries reveal she is extremely bright and is a form 4 Commercial student at Longla Comprehensive College (LCC), Mankon Bamenda. Beldesh benefited from Impact Creators' Scholarship for Underprivileged Girls (Tuition, Books & Uniform) started school on the 3rd of October 2016, that's 3 and 1/2 weeks after classes started. We met with the Principal of LCC, presented our organization, the project and he was thrilled to have a beneficiary of our project in his school. Her story, how we met her and the stories of the remaining two beneficiaries shall be documented and archived.


More teachers, more educated you citizens, more adult citizens trained as teachers and the cycle goes on and on.

On World Teachers’ Day (5 October), the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) has released the first-ever estimates of how many more teachers are needed to ensure that every child is in school and learning by 2030. See >>


As a non-profit that recognizes the very essence of good education, Impact Creators joins the world to wish every teacher in every part of the world a very happy Teacher's Day 2016. We do not only promote but we also Value Information, Teachers And Learners (VITAL) Impact Creators' future project for teachers.


Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

project brochure. Descriptive, detailed and informative. We welcome your kind remarks. Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.


Tablets and pouches. Our 2016/2017 innovative ICT award project is set to go. Informative letters being dropped off at Regional Delegations for Secondary Education, Governor, radio stations, and other educational stakeholders.



African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALT) Scholarship Program 2017 for Young African Professionals to study in Canada (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: October 14th 2016

The African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALT) Scholarship Program commemorates the late Nelson Mandela’s commitment to social justice and equity. It supports young African professionals to become leaders in public policy and administration.

The ALT Scholarship Program grants full scholarships based on merit to women and men from sub-Saharan Africa to pursue a Master’s degree in public administration, public policy or public finances in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements:

The ALT Scholarship Program grants full scholarships based on merit to women and men from sub-Saharan Africa to pursue a Master’s degree in public administration, public policy or public finances in Canada.

You must meet ALL the requirements to be eligible:

Be a citizen AND resident of sub-Saharan Africa;
Be between 22 and 35 years old (at the beginning of the study program);
Have completed a university degree meeting the minimum academic requirements for admission into a Master’s degree in Canada (a minimum average of B [75%] – check equivalencies at bottom of this page);
Have a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years of full-time work experience in the public sector, civil society sector or a research institute in Africa;
Be fluent in French or English;
Meet all the academic requirements of the study program of choice.

The ALT scholarship includes:

Return airfare (at the beginning and at the end of the program)
Tuition fees
Monthly living allowances and installation allowance
Fixed allowance to cover purchase of books and attend conferences in Canada
Health insurance coverage
Fees for study permit


Impact Creators on the 16 of September, 2016 visited the Center for Empowerment of Females with Disabilities (CEFED) in Santa Sub division, in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The Center accommodates both the physically & mentally challenged, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) of both s*x and all ages. The primary objective of our visit was to carry a need assessment of the educational & physiotherapeutic needs of the OVCs. CEFED is going to be the first beneficiary of our upcoming social project . Claudette, a primary 4 girl without arms using her feet & toes to open her book and write, is more than an inspiration. The challenges of the center are just so much and many other such centers in Cameroon. We will be recruiting interested national/international volunteers, fundraisers, physiotherapists and any other person to join our pool of in Cameroon.


Room to Read

Every effort to support the education of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), no matter how minimal counts enormously. It is in line with this that will launch the pilot phase of its OVC Scholarship by awarding books and other educational material to a group of OVCs in the days ahead. More specific details coming up.

The 2016 Report UNESCO, shows that, on current trends, contrary to global commitments for 2030, universal primary education will be achieved in 2042; universal lower secondary completion in 2059; and universal upper secondary completion in 2084.

Join Room to Read's movement and let's accelerate this timeline together.





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