This mobile application stands as a strong assistance in the educational sector in Cameroon. We ensu

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Happy Sunday Fam❤🤗

We are here to lighten your load and ensure success is you!!

With all the challenges in your , Insta-Skul has come to uplift suffer from your calendar and together with Capees Comedy World, we stand to say “YOUNOGOZOVA - GO CARRY YOU"🤗

Startupper of the Year 02/02/2022

Startupper of the Year

Hi 👋🏾
Help us position Insta-Skul on the Total StartUpper of the Year Challenge. Help boost us now by liking our project on the website ❤️
Remember, with Insta-Skul "you no go zova" 🙏

Project Name: Insta-Skul
Project Category: EduTech

How to Vote (It's FREE)

1. Visit the Link below

2. Create an account with the email on your phone Now

3. Open Your Email App and open the mail from StartUpper ...... and click on the link.

4. Scroll down and use the small search icon 🔍 and type in "Insta-Skul"

5. It will popup with a lady mascot holding a phone with "Insta-Skul" written on it.

6. Like the Project and there you have put us a step ahead.

It takes less than 3 minutes to get tis done if your network isn't stable.

Thank you very Much!!

Cc; Capees Comedy World DD JuniorAlpha

Startupper of the Year Insta-Skul is a Video on Demand Mobile Application that works as a Personal Academic Assistant for Secondary and High School Students specially designed for students in crisis-stricken zones.


We are here to lighten your load and ensure success is you!!

With all the challenges in your , Insta-Skul has come to uplift suffer from your calendar and together with Capees Comedy World, we stand to say “you no go - go carry you”

Kindly follow us on all our social media handles as seen on the flyer. We are also available on WhatsApp.


It’s our undiluted pleasure to announce the signing of another Brand Ambassador from the UAE 🇦🇪

DD JuniorAlpha is an artist based in the UAE.
His music has blessed many around the world and with his love and passion for Education, decided to join forces with us at Insta-Skul to make a difference and ensure sustainable and quality education for the students.

Congratulations and Welcome.
Happy New 🍾


A lot happened behind the scenes to have this deal signed and amazingly this is the first endorsement deal that has been officially signed by the rib-cracking and of Capees Comedy World

As consistently seen in their comedy skits is the aspect and end goal to educate. Having them on this project is simply a timely decision made to reach a goal.

With the trying times in our nation and Africa as a whole, this innovation in the Educational Sector is quite timely.

It's our thing and you have a part to play.

Founder Epie Mabrice Njume

UNESCO Rebecca Enonchong Orange Cameroun

Photos from Insta-Skul's post 27/12/2021

Official Update:
& of Capees Comedy World have now signed as Brand Ambassadors for

This is a great team and we believe they will grow our vision and help us reach our company goals.

Today Monday 27th day of December 2021, we had the official signing of a 2 years Brand Ambassadorial deal with the phenomenal duo.

Happy New Year in advance 🤩


“Education has to be made fun, playful with the right methods to ensure quality retention and obvious results”
Meet - a Vice Chancellor at the
ICT University, Yaoundé who applauded the initiative.
He was visited by our team headed by the CEO
Epie Mabrice Njume

Photos from Insta-Skul's post 22/11/2021

Which one would you want to go for?
Let's have your comments in the field below!!


Mobile uploads 21/11/2021

Happy Birthday Syndy Emade. Your participation in Cameroon’s Movie Industry is quite loud!!

Keep making the nation proud!!

Photos from Insta-Skul's post 21/11/2021

Happy Sunday Folks!
Have you visited our website before to understand the we are bringing to assist our Sec & High School Communities? you should.
We are not replacing the formal school walls, we are building an Academic Personal Assistant for every student

Photos from Insta-Skul's post 17/11/2021

Guess whose Signature this is and win a T-Shirt 👕 from INSTA-SKUL


Use frame 🖼 numbering to propose an answer.
You have just one trial and the winners will be announced after 24 hours.


Good Morning!
Our websites are all down and will be back up in 24 hours - we had some maintenances and upgrades to do. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.
Stay updated with our Social Media handles - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

Thank you!!


Who will take hold of this market?
MTN Cameroon, Orange or Nexttel Cameroon ?

We are open to calls plus we have our pitches ready.

For your reference:

Photos from Insta-Skul's post 10/11/2021

Imagine TECNO Mobile becoming the only Mobile Phone Sponsor to with a potential market of 100,000 + students they’ll be advertising to directly on a daily basis. This is TV advert never seen.
We will implant your brand in their minds.

Send us an email on [email protected]
Or call +237 652385521


Happy Weekend to you all.

This weekend, I will focus more on Insta-Skul - Your Personal Study Assitant.
This is a Mobile App that we are putting together for Sec and High School students’ across CMR 🇨🇲
It’s made to help 80,000 Students yearly.


Stephanie Tum Official - you have done well indeed and you are worth celebrating 🥳.

You have shown us that you are indeed a woman of virtue.

We will like to make an open proposal to make you one of our for a 5 years long 3% Equity Share on Profit in all 10 African Countries we will operate in, in the course of those years:- Cameroon 🇨🇲, Swaziland 🇸🇿, Kenya 🇰🇪, Rwanda 🇷🇼, Gabon 🇬🇦, Egypt 🇪🇬, Nigeria 🇳🇬, South Africa 🇿🇦, Equatorial Guinea and one other country to be announced later.

In Cameroon alone, we are targeting 60,000 students yearly.
We know you are on set right now and we will be so glad am honored to have you on board. We believe in the value you will bring on the table in making a vision a true success but also the revolution we will bring together in the Educational Sector in Africa which has been suffering for many many years now.

Together let’s bring smiles again on the faces of our people.

Epie Mabrice Njume
Founder, Insta-Skul


Can you guess who this is for?


Good evening our lovely family 💝 We are pleased to announce the launch of our Brand Ambassadors Program for 2022 to 2027 (5 Years) renewable & reviewed after every 3 months! Do you know someone (tag them) or you think you can be the Face? Reach out to us today


Today we celebrate our and you have contributed a large part to our becoming!!

We’re because you sacrificed your time, family, love and everything you held dear just to bring out the best in us.

We love you our dear teachers 🧑‍🏫!
Tag them in


UPDATE 2/10/2021


Bk Claud our Celebrity Teacher 🧑‍🏫.

The Chart continues, do you have anyone you think should benefit from our FREE CLASSES or a teacher you think we should work with?
Tag them in the comment section and or send us a DM.


We have as at now more of the Ordinary Students Registering.
It looks like students in this Level need this more. True?


Did you know?
INSTA-SKUL is a free mobile application that assists learners in Cameroon in preparing for The GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels certificates especially in the restive North-West and South-West Regions where there is an ongoing political crisis and schools are irregular and some closed. The App contains full curriculum with videos on demand to helps students to better prepare to take and pass their exams and it is all for free. Please visit to read more.

INSTA-SKUL is a Community Project that depends on your donations to keep this dream alive. Deep your hand now, please donate today via

for any clarifications or to book an appointment, please Call/WhatsApp +23765385521

Our Offices
- Bonduma Gate, Buea.
- Bastos, Yaounde


Good Morning and Happy New Week.

It's been a continuous non-stop work to our journey of building top-class Mobile Application (Insta-Skul) for the Students in our nation to ensure Sustainable, Reliable, readily Available and Quality Education for all.

This year, we are bringing it to students preparing for the GCE Examination.

Please visit our website for more information and if you'd like to support us, kindly click here

Kindly share this with a friend or two and let's build our nation together.

For any other information and Opportunities kindly reach out to us via;
Call/SMS/WhatsApp 237 652 385 521
Email- [email protected]

Thank you ALWAYS!!

Photos from Insta-Skul's post 18/09/2021

Hello everyone, can we raise the followership on this page to 1k before it's Monday?
We have planned some exciting events for Secondary Schools around Cameroon as we continue to build our solution.
is Cameroon’s 🇨🇲 first E-Learning Mobile Application 💙🤍🧡


Want to know more about our Solution Insta-Skul?
Join the conversation on FM 95.3 CBS Buea.
11:00 AM.


Happy Birthday Salah Kimmie

Thank you for Supporting Us and we know and appreciate your talent! It inspires and we love you for that.

Best of Celebration 🥂


I came to help even those who had left the classroom 📔 for different reasons; Fee through school, to seek survival, etc. Now you feel like you can't sit back in those classrooms because of , or whatever.
We are here for you right in your palms.


Thank you, Sir.
We are truly honoured to wake up to this. Indeed, it's been a transformational time for all of us at Insta-Skul.

You make us know that the world is truly watching!!


Logo Introduction 💙🤍🧡

King Bonteh Engelbert


Logo Introduction 💙🤍🧡

After meeting with Syndy Emade of Syndy Emade Foundation, here are the next set of persons we would love to meet in this coming week into September; Stanley Enow Muriel Blanche, Tzy Panchak, Wax Dey, Kang quintus LOCKO, -c
Do you know any artists and actors we should meet?

Write to us or tag them directly in the comment section.

If you can also facilitate us meeting any of these persons, we would be glad.

Let's join forces and make Education a thing for all in Cameroon 🇨🇲.


Insta-Skul is Cameroon's First E Learning Application. Designed to make easy the study plan of every student.

You called and we answered.
Powered by you.

Syndy Emade Ade Devine Bonteh Magazine


Looking for a place to thrive?
We are looking for a Project Coordinator for our Office and it will be great to receive you.

- Have at least a Diploma or a Degree 🎓 in Education, Project Management, or any related fields.
- Must be at least 23 years
- Open Minded and Willing to grow
- Minimum of 4 hours of work daily
- Mastery in English Language• Both Written and Spoken.
- MUST be Resident in Kumba.
- Result Oriented.

Send your Applications to;
[email protected]
Subject: Insta-Skul Kumba

Dateline; 30th August, 2021.

Photos from Insta-Skul's post 20/08/2021

The CEO of Syndy Emade Foundation in a closed-door meeting with the founder of Insta-Skul voiced her opinion about the impact of education on the nation and Cameroonians. This is what she had to say "Education is the building block to every nation. For any nation to thrive, the youths must be educated. We must deliberately embrace education and breed a new generation of Cameroonians".

Insta-Skul is Cameroon's first E-Learning platform built to help students prepare better for their exams and as a resource centre for adequate and proper education. To know more about Insta-Skul following the link below.

Just like Benjamin Franklin the famous American scientist and statesman, Franklin has stressed the importance of education to the liberation and safety of people. Syndy Emade believes "An investment in education pays the most interest".

Insta-Skul is pleased to have Sydny Emade Foundation on this project; to help students with preparation towards exams through E-Learning, in a way to foster the quality of education. This way students will be able to meet up with lost 720 hours of lost classes as a result of the 2 shift system implementation.

Special Appreciations to Mofor Clementine Cendoh of NEST Consulting for making this union and meeting possible.

Like, comment and share our page and stay updated!

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