Education, a right for all humans

Education, a right for all humans

This page is meant to raise awareness on the right to education for all, its defense.

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A shirt, a great souvenir of wonderful people

Hello and warmest greetings to you all. I would like to share with you my memory of Ivory Coast. Special greetings to our Piarist brothers and to all those who work on our projects or benefit from them.

Una camiseta, un gran recuerdo de gente maravillosa.

Hola y un cordial saludo a todos ustedes. Me gustaría compartir con vosotros mi recuerdo de Costa de Marfil. Un saludo especial a nuestros hermanos escolapios y a todos aquellos que trabajan en nuestros proyectos o se benefician de ellos.

Une chemise, un super souvenir de gens formidables

Bonjour et salutations cordiales à vous tous. Je voudrais partager avec vous mon souvenir de la Côte d'Ivoire. Un salut spécial à nos frères piaristes et à tous ceux qui y travaillent à nos projets ou en bénéficient.


Homage to my primary school teachers.

On this day, October 5, 2023, I will like to pay a vibrant homage to all teachers in the world, past and present, to my teachers at all levels but those of the Primary school in particular. I remember all your names and I hold you dear to my heart even though you were not perfect human beings. I honour your for your love for us young minds and for your courage to engage yourselves in a exacting and challenging task that some of you were not even prepared for. I thank you for grooming me and my classmates. I thank you for sowing the seeds that have germinated and grown and are still growing today. I honour you who are still alive and pray and ask God to grant eternal rest to you who have been called home to rest and receive the reward of your service. I will name all of you today and pray all who identify and can channel this my word of thanks and gratitude to do so. Below are my Primary school teachers and the different classes where they taught me:
1. Mr Henry Sengka - Class
2. Miss Kongnyuy Morine for a very short moment and Mr Jumbam Ivo (May your soul rest in peace)- Class 2
3. Mr Ngwan Barnabas- Class 3
4. Miss Amshatou Limla - Class 4
5. Mr John Ye-eyka - Class 5
6. Mr Benjamin Yovla (May your soul rest in peace sir) - Class 6
7. Mr Omer Nkuf Mbiydzela (May your soul rest in peace sir) - Class 7.

All these ken and women participated in laying the foundation of my educational life and merit the homage of my lips even though words cannot thank and honour them enough.

Happy Teachers' day to all of you my teachers and dear colleagues. Never forget that as St Joseph Calasanz said, we have received and carry out the responsibility of angels.

By Rev. Fr Njodzəla Louis, Sch.P. wo wan Tume, a believer in a more humane society.
international Teachers' Day #



Welcome everyone and thanks immensely for joining us on this call to be part of a good idea to put a smile on our brother's face. We believe this is the true essence of life.

Leonard Sharila hails from Nseh, Nkum Sub Division in Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. He completed secondary education in the then GSS TATUM now GBHS TATUM in 2001. He was so brilliant, fondly called *Sambeng the friend of all men* and unfortunately his mental condition started failing him when he was just about to graduate from the university. Because of this he couldn't complete his university studies in 2010 when he was already in his third year in the university of Yaounde 1. The situation further deteriorated in in 2017 where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia psychosis which is a medical condition for mental instability . Leo has been battling with this condition for 13 years now. His father, a peasant farmer started taking care of the situation but as it persisted he ran short of funds and it's only his mother who has been struggling with him in their Tsenlam neighborhood, just beside Nseh palace. Leo has not taken his bath for *15 months*, his mother told us. We of the 2001 alumni batch of GBHS TATUM have decided to sow a seed of health in Leo's life by contributing to help handle his situation both spiritually and medically. We are targeting the sum of *1,000,000FCFA* We're extending an olive branch to friends of good will to join us in the quest to solve Leo's problem. We will deeply appreciate your empathetic donations and we promise you every franc shall be duely accounted for. All contributions should be exclusively channeled through our financial secretary Lamla Ladifatu, momo number 675725796. God bless you abundantly.


Do not babble in prayer

The Lord Saint Paul enjoins the Corinthians to remain faithful to the Gospel that he preached to them free of charge in word and above all in action. He reminds them and us that eventhough it was his right to depend on them for livelihood, he didn't bother them as he worked and helped by the Macedonians and other communities. We can also learn from them to work and take care of ourselves and even assist other needy persons and since to succeed in this and in life in general we have to pray without ceasing and also according to the mind of Christ, we learn that we should not babble in prayer but pray following the model prayer that Jesus gave us, the "Our father". It's a prayer of praise, of Thanksgiving, of adoration and of petition. It hold in it a condition, "forgive us our since as we forgive those who trespass against us" May we listen to Jesus and heed for this moment you hear him is the favourable moment. May God gave us the grace of faithfulness and sincere prayers according to God's will.

By Rev. Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.


Prayer, fasting and alms giving according to the mind of Christ

2Co 9,6-11; Ps 111 (112), 1-2, 3-4, 5a-9; Mt 6, 1-6, 16-18.

This morning, in continuation of his sermon on the Mount, Jesus recentres some values of Religion in general of Christianity in particular, that true prayer, true fasting and alms giving. If he talks about this it is certainly because they were being instrumentalised or practised wrongly. How do you pray, fast and give alms? Jesus tells us that prayer, fasting and alms giving should be done in all discretion and not to satisfy the vain glory of those who practise them. These Christian values according to Christ should be practised in secret away from the microphones and television screens for they are adressed to God who sees in secret and gives his reward to those who merit it. How do you help your brothers and sisters? Do you do it to humiliate them and glorify yourself or to raise them up from the dung hill? Let us listen carefully to Christ and heed. May God accompany us with his grace so that we may always be true witnesses of his in action.

By Rev. Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

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Love your enemies

Yesterday, Jesus told us to turn the other jaw if we are hit on one jaw in preparation for his radical message that will follow and what we hear today- Love your enemies. To love one's enemies, one needs first of all to shun giving back evil for evil and start forgiving and loving, start fighting for one's rights without trampling of the rights of his/her persecutors. We must first believe that it is possible to practise what Jesus enjoins us to do and then be ready to pay the price for that to be realised, that is dying to self for others to have life. Jesus taught us this by word but above all by actions, by the testimony of his life when he forgave his oppressors. The Saints who imitated him did same. Let us accept this challenge and ask Christ for grace if we really want to be true witnesses of his. May his Holy Spirit lead us and enlighten us in this our pilgrimage on earth!

By Rev. Fr Njodzela Louis


Fight for your rights while preserving even the rights of your oppressors

Good morning dear brothers and sisters. Today, the Lord Jesus teaches us not to ripost to the wicked by paying back evil with evil, by paying back violence with violence. He tells us to show the other jaw to be hit when hit on the other jaw. This is unnatural and abnormal according to our human criteria. But Christ, did it himself by accepting to continue shaking the foundations of injustice but peacefully and non violently thereby risking his life and finally being crucified. This reveals Moral and Spiritual strength over physical strength. But we can ask ourselves, what about people who are happy to crush and dominate everyone else? Does it mean we should allow them to do to us and others whatever pleases them? How do we understand this in relation to Jesus' fight against operation and injustice? This permits us to remind us that we need to situate this discourse in it's context. It is aimed at correcting the ravages caused by "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" which in application was not working. Jesus here leads us to a radical reality which demands much grace but he doesn't tell us not to protect our lives and goods against unscrupulous individuals. This text can be easily instrumentalised and it has been and is still being instrumentalised. Let us ask for God's grace to for our rights while not trampling on the rights of others even those of our oppressors. This is certainly very difficult but Christ gives us his grace if we seek it.

Rev. Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

La discipline educative dans les limites des droits de l’homme – WFM 10/06/2023

Etes vous préoccupés par le comportement de votre enfant ou élève et vous demandez le discipliner tout en respectant sa dignité ? Clickez ici pour obtenir un Manuel approprié sur la discipline éducative dans les limites des droits de l'homme :

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I invoke upon each one of you at the beginning of this year, the blessing that God through Moses instructed Aaron the priest to invoke upon every Jew at the beginning of the year. It goes thus: "May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord let his face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord uncover his face to you and bring you peace." Nb 6, 24-26

J'invoque sur chacun de vous au début de cette année la bénédiction que Dieu par Moise a instruit Aaron le prêtre d'invoquer sur chaque israélite au début de l'année. La bénédiction est comme suit: "Que le Seigneur te bénisse et te garde. Que le Seigneur fasse pour toi rayonner son visage et te fasse grâce! Que le Seigneur te découvre sa face et t'apporte la paix!" Nb 6, 24-26. NB: J'ai remplacé "Yahve" par "le Seigneur".

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Never abandon your objectives because of difficulties (Lc 13, 31-35)

Today, the pharisees who have been looking for a way to trap Jesus are telling him to go away because Herod wants to kill him. And Jesus answers seemingly with much arrogance telling them to go and tell Herod who he even calls a fox and gives him a more detailed program of his work and what he will be doing. Jesus is not stopped by the threat on his life. He keeps on healing the sick and delivering the possessed. Lord Jesus, give us the grace never to ever allow ourselves to be stopped by our difficulties and obstacles.

Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

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Tuesday, 25th October 2022
The Kingdom of God starts very small and insignificant

Today, Jesus share with us two images on the Kingdom of God: the mustard seed, one of the smallest seeds which produces one of the biggest shrubs and that of the little yeast which makes all the dough to rise. The main characteristic of these images is smallness and insignificance. Jesus is reminding us that the seed of his word and grace sown in our hearts is always seemingly too small and insignificant but it is called upon to grow and harbour the whole humanity. Let is continue edifying this kingdom that is already there with Christ so we may a shade for all who need it.
Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.


Monday, 24th October 2022
All laws are subordinated to human life and human dignity

In our Gospel text of today, we contemplate Jesus delivering and curing a woman from the bo***ge of evil spirit that had tormented her for 18years. This deliverance takes place on a Sabbath day and there it meets with the disapproval of the Synagogue official who turns to the worshippers and tell them to come and be healed on the 6 days meant for working. Jesus responds to him immediately asking why they do the essential things like tieing their animals and giving them water on the Sabbath and yet insist that a tormented daughter of Abraham should not be freed on the same Sabbath. We are sometimes like the Synagogue official. Let us imitate Jesus in his compassionate love when treating our brothers and sisters.
Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

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Learn the skills which you don't yet possess

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, our educational system arms us with certain skills necessary for life but not all. For example, it arms us with language, basic mathematical and scientific (theoretical) skills but not very much with marketing skills. But, marketing skills are very necessary for our survival for we don't need them in the first place to sell something but to sell ourselves, to sell what we have. Since, generally, our school system doesn't not provide us with these skills and when it does it remains very theoretical and disconnected from our reality, we need to go get it from those who have developed these skills and practised them successfully in our context. One of those reliable structures is PEAK PERFORMERS UNIVERSITY (PPU). Do you desire to at least experience what they offer and see if it suits you? Click the link below to explore the available formations and make your decision.

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A piece of farmland is fought for not with bare hands but with working tools

The Nso' proberb,"a yíì táŋ súm a dzǝ̀ kisó'ò kí" which we loosely translated above tells us that we cannot be fighting over a farmland with our bare hands but with working tools. This is because the one who will likely own the farmland is the one with the hoe for the one without it will become "too late Hewett". In life and especially in our fluid and fast changing world of today, we must arm ourselves with most up to date skills in order to be competitive enough in the job market. Are you sure you have your own tools with which to fight over today's farmland which the job market? If you don't have or if they are no longer up to date or sharpened enough, PEAK PERFORMERS UNIVERSITY (PPU) is there to help you with well adapted skills for today's job market. For more information, click on the link below and follow:
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The Lord listens to the cry of the poor

In the book of Ecclesiasticus, the sage reveals that the Lord is close to the poor; he listens to their cry. He watches over and protects the widow, the orphan and the stranger. But who is poor in the sense of Holy Scripture? The Gospel helps us with an answer through the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee who went to pray. The poor is the one who went home justified, the tax collector. He is poor not because he is a sinner but because he recognized his sin and asked for pardon with great humility. The poor is one who depends wholly on God and acts towards him with humility. On the contrary, God does not support the arrogance of the Pharisee. Let us therefore be humble and dependent on God for all that can only come from him and we will be exalted.
Fr Njodzela Louis,Sch.P.

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Why Africans are the most disrespected people in the world

When i mention Africans here, i am referring to all people of khemit descent where ever they may live in the world. Many reasons have contributed and still contribute to making Africans the most disrespected of the world. Through slavery and slave trade on them by different actors, through colonialism and today through neocolonialism, the African soul has been trampled upon in a terrible way that he no longer knows who he is and and no longer believes in himself as he has been crushed, humiliated and made to believe that he is worthless and inferior to other humans. These horrific practices endured by African have had on them terrible consequences ranging from serious cultural, spiritual, economic, financial, social and political. This has also produced among the African people pseudo-leaders who are controlled by the neocolonial offices and so serve their interests and those of their masters thus sacrificing the interests of the people. This has also left our country with inadapted school systems tailored to make Africans forever dependent on others and only consumers and never producers. This is a serious problem that we need to solve and the solution is not only in complaining and blaming others for our suffering, we need to solve to acquiring adapted skills that transform us from consumers to producers, that revive in us our pride as a people and descendants of the birth place of human civilization. I invite you therefore to visit the PPU website through the link and get yourself schooled to be a wealth producer and not a wealth consumer. Do it now and benefit from a GREAT discount.

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Repent while the Lord still gives you time

In the Gospel text of today, some two groups of people came to Jesus to speak to him about people that were killed or who died as a result of an accident and Jesus told them that they didn't die because they were more sinners than all the other citizens and he concludes his answer by strongly exhorting his interlocutors to repent hic et nunc or they will perish in a similar. He went forward to add that as the vine dresser begged the master who wanted the unproductive grapevine to be cut to allow him to put manure and see if it can produce fruits did, so he too does for us before God. Let's seize this prolongation time and repent and be saved.

Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

Home - Peak Performers University 22/10/2022

I am an intellectual, i am educated

Most litterate people pride themselves as intellectuals or educated people because they have some school certificates and can speak English, French, Spanish, German or some other European language. They even go forward to tag those who don't have their certificates and cannot speak the languages they speak as ignorant, illiterate, uneducated and so useless to humanity. But from observation, we discover that having certificates and speaking European languages fluently is an advantage but not enough for we have encounted people without these qualities who contribute more in wealth creation than the so called intellectual and educated folk. The truth is that the business magnets we meet around us are not the people with the highest academic certificates and with the best european language skills. This means that we need some other qualities to be productive wealth creators for our communities. These skills are a positve mind set, a character that respects other but defends its own interest, the necessary entrepreneurial, marketing and managerial skills. These can be gotten from many rising centres in our community but I present to one of them which has any a lot of experience and results, the PEAK PERFORMERS UNIVERSITY (PPU). If you want to update your skills in the above mentioned domains so that your certificates and language skills should bear more fruit, click on the link below and follow. Buy the courses and invest on yourself and be productive.

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Be interpreters of the will of God

Today, the Lord Jesus tells us that as we are capable of discerning and interpreting correctly the signs of times like the weather etc, we should do well to discern and interpret the will of God. This will help us to live in communion among ourselves and with God. This will permit us to dialogue and solve our problems before they reach the courts and other jurisdictions. May the Lord grant us this grace of discernement and interpretation of his will.

Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

Home - Peak Performers University 21/10/2022

A golden crown is just another face of a thorny cross

In life most of the time when someone receives a new responsibility by election, appointment or any other means, what is immediately seen is the crown of glory he now wears. This is very misleading because the stressful side of the responsibility is never in view. For anyone who wants to be realistic, he/she has to always be aware that the crown which is envied by many is just another but seemingly more more visible face of a thorny cross. So, anyone who accepts the crown also accepts at the same time the cross. This cross should be carried with dignity and it will make the crown brighter. To make this cross lighter and easy to carry, adapted knowledge and skills are indispensable. To get these necessary skills, visit the PPU site and serve yourself by clicking: Do it and thank us later.

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have not come to bring to the world

The Lord Jesus, the prince issued a seemingly contradictory statement to his disciples about his mission saying came not to bring peace but division. He is insisting on what the purifying fire of his word will provoke. There will be division between those who believe in him and those who do not. The division is just a step on way of purification towards the realisation of true peace. May the Lord make witnesses of his word heard and practised so that we will be architects of peace.
Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

Home - Peak Performers University 20/10/2022

Freedom is not free of charge

Freedom is ability to dispose of oneself and goods without constraint while respecting the ability of others to dispose of themselves and their goods as well and all this within the confines of the natural laws and laws of different countries or human communities. This Freedom is the prerogative of all human being but it must fought for and worked for. It has a price and therefore it belongs to all who are ready to pay the price. This is because, human beings while exercising their Freedom have the temptation and tendency of infringing on the Freedom of others. Therefore, the fight for Freedom is a permanent one given that there are always people seeking to infringe on other's Freedom. This fight is in different dimensions: the political, the cultural and economic. The cultural dimension through the acquisition of knowledge and skills is a means to the economic and political Freedoms. Therefore we have to arm ourselves with adapted knowledge and skills. To do this, PPU has put in the place courses adapted to our African economic and managerial context. To get access to them, click: This knowledge and skills are indispensable for our cultural liberation and hence economic and political Freedoms.

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To whom much is given, more will be demanded

In today Gospel from Lk12, 39-48, Jesus reminds us that we will be called upon to give an account of what we *have done in our lives. He expresses this reality saying, to whom much is given, much more will be demanded, this is in all the dimensions-spiritual, human* , social etc. For example, what is demanded from the president of a country is not the same from a governor because they have not received the same honours and responsibilities. Let's live our life knowing we will give an account of them.
Fr Njodzela Louis, Sch.P.

Home - Peak Performers University 19/10/2022

Never give up on your dreams - The case of Karim Benzema

What happens to us in reality starts like dreams that are properly reflected upon and constantly renewed and worked on until they are realised. This process is sometimes easy and less laborious especially when it doesn't take a very long time. When it takes long and demands many sacrifices, we are tempted to give up. Yesterday, October 17, 2022, Karim Benzema, player of the French National team and of the Spanish Division one side Real Madrid was crowned " ballon d'or" by France football. This was so many years since he started dreaming and working for it. At the moment he is almost 35years and when asked what accounted for his hard work and brilliant performance even at this age, he said he first decided never to give up on his dream and to work harder despite the long and difficult moments of his life and career. Like him, keep working, don't give up on your dreams. Keep building yourself and one day your efforts will be crowned with success. In the domain of entrepreneurial skills, business and marketing, personal development etc click on the link below to get to the next level in the achievement of your dreams. Click :

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