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Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, the United International Business School organization (UIBS) is an independent and accredited private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. UIBS offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate/Bachelor/BBA, Graduate/Master/MBA and Postgraduate/Doctor/DBA level.

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Our American-inspired, professionally-oriented and English-taught flexible study programs allow students to customize their studies by choosing courses based on program requirements, previous studies, current interests and future ambitions. Our modular course design and program structure provides students with multiple options to meet the program requirements and allows for optimal further education planning.

Connect with one of our Admissions Advisors and learn which educational opportunities are available to you. We will happily meet you virtually or on-campus!


Reminiscing about last week’s Event Management class at our campus in Amsterdam. We were delighted to host Sjors de Hooge and his colleague, Dave Castricum, who shared their extensive industry experiences from working at Poppodium Victorie in Alkmaar and from an entrepreneurial perspective.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Sjors and Dave for their invaluable contribution and for inspiring our students with real-world insights. It was truly a pleasure to have them share their knowledge and experiences! 🌟📚


Wishing everyone a weekend as joyful and refreshing as the social event we hosted on Wednesday for our students in Milan! 🤩

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🏒🎓 Spotlight on Success: Meet Alen Filipovic, our shining star from the Brussels campus! As this week skates to an end, we’re bursting with pride for Alen’s ice-cool achievement on the global stage. Not only does he pursue a career in business by following our BBS program, but he’s also a pro ice hockey player representing both Belgium and Bosnia with distinction. 🌍🏆

During the recent IIHF World Championship Div 3B, Alen led his team to victory against North Korea, clinching the championship with skill, dedication, and teamwork. This monumental win is a testament to his hard work and our commitment to supporting our athletes through our sportsmen status.

Here’s to Alen and his team – champions on the ice and inspirations to us all! 🌟💪

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Wishing you all a great and sunny weekend, just like our students in Barcelona had last weekend, during their outdoors group activity 🌳☀️. With exams on the horizon next week, it's crucial to balance study with rest. Hit pause, soak up some sun if it's out, and recharge those brains. 📚⏸️

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Our Zurich campus kicked off the new year with a delightful dinner! From students to faculty and our amazing team, it was an evening filled with laughter, delicious dishes, and cherished moments. 🌟 Here’s to a year ahead brimming with success, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences! 🥂🍀🎓


Dear students, as you are easing back into your school schedule, we have a few tips on how to smooth sail through your first week:

- read the entire student guide 📖
- come to class on time 🕘
- check your emails 📩
- re-read the student guide 📖
- double check you correctly enrolled for your courses. ✔️

Wishing you all a lovely start of the Winter quarter!


Holiday notice 🌟: our offices will be closed from Monday December 25, 2023 to and including January 1, 2024. Some of our team members may also be away before and after this week, and will have their out-of-office message redirect you.

We take this opportunity to thank you for our time together in 2023, to wish you a happy holiday season ahead, and to extend our best wishes for the new year full of health and prosperity!

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Cosy snapshots from our heartwarming end-of-year dinners in Brussels, Milan and Barcelona. 🌎✨ Our team, students and professors came together for a night filled with warmth, fun, good food and good conversations! 🍽️🍷


We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a remarkable rating of 4 Stars by QS Stars, a leading opt-in rating system for higher education institutions. This esteemed recognition is a testament to UIBS’s commitment to excellence in education and its outstanding performance across various performance indicators! Head to our website to read more about the rating: https://www.unitedinstitute.education/qs-stars-awards-uibs-with-4-stars/


Immerse yourself in the heart of international education in Geneva, where the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps meet a vibrant multicultural atmosphere. 🏔️✨ Join UIBS for a truly global learning experience, surrounded by the city's financial prowess, humanitarian spirit, and a commitment to academic excellence.

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Student welcome event sneak peek: Milan and Barcelona, November edition! 🤩🍝🍷


Dive into the dynamic energy of Madrid, where studying becomes an adventure! 📚✨ From world-class education at UIBS to the lively cultural scene, every moment is a blend of learning and fun. Head to our website and schedule a call with one of our admissions advisors, to learn more about what studying at our Madrid campus entails! 🌍

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Let’s relive the excitement and joy of our UIBS graduation ceremony which took place in Barcelona just a month and a half ago! Congratulations to our talented and dedicated graduates. We’re so proud of all that you you’ve accomplished and the hard work you put in to get here!👏🎓 As you embark on the next chapter of your life, remember that you are always part of the United Institute community of lifelong learners and trailblazers. Go forth and make a difference in the world! 🌍💡


We are thrilled to share our latest achievement – institutional accreditation from BAC! 🎓🏆 It's a significant milestone that recognizes our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education across our campus network. This wouldn't have been possible without the dedication of our incredible team, faculty members, and our invaluable students who are at the heart of our success 🙌. You can read more about this accreditation www.unitedinstitute.education/


Following the recent introduction of United Institute as the overarching brand for our parent institution, we are also proud to formally introduce the identity of United International Business Schools (UIBS).

UIBS will now be known as the United International Business School (UIBS). We are dropping the final ‘s’ in order to clearly identify as a single school – spanning multiple campuses – and no longer as a group of schools the way it was originally conceived in 2006 when the name was introduced.

Read our full rebranding statement on the United Institute page, via the following link: https://www.unitedinstitute.education/introducing-a-identity-for-uibs-and-ecls/


Elevate your expertise and join the ranks of distinguished scholars with one of our doctorate programs at UIBS! Unleash your research potential and make a lasting impact in your field. 🎓⭐️

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Take your career to new heights with the graduate programs offered at UIBS! Unlock your full potential and excel in your field of expertise. Explore our master programs and propel your career forward! 🎓

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Unlock your potential at UIBS! Explore our bachelor programs and kickstart your journey towardsa succesful career. 🎓


Calling all Graduates of 2022-2023!

Join us for the much-awaited 2023 Graduation Ceremony on September 9th in the vibrant city of Barcelona! It's time to celebrate your remarkable achievements and create lifelong memories with fellow graduates. 🎓📚

We cordially invite you to mark your calendars and be a part of this momentous occasion. Your hard work, dedication, and resilience deserve to be honored in style. Barcelona's rich history, breathtaking architecture, and vibrant culture provide the perfect backdrop for this special day.

To ensure we can accommodate everyone, kindly RSVP as soon as possible to the email you've received. Space is limited, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Let's celebrate together and embark on the next chapter of our lives with a memorable ceremony that captures the spirit of our academic journey. We can't wait to see you all in Barcelona on September 9th! 🎓🎉

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Upon graduation, students mainly advance their careers with:

📈 entry to upper-level management positions in national and multinational companies and organizations in various economic sectors.

Others decide to:

🚀 launch a new business venture
👨‍👩‍👦 join an existing family business

Students can also choose to continue their studies without interruption in almost any of our programs to further enhance their career prospects.

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Barcelona: the perfect destination for your undergraduate summer studies at UIBS! 🌞📚 The vibrant city offers the best of both worlds - our UIBS campus and endless opportunities for summer fun. From the beautiful beach to the rich history and culture, there's something for everyone in Barcelona. Come join us at UIBS and experience the perfect balance of work and play! ⛱️🏛️

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5 Reasons to study abroad in Spain:

🏖️ the campus
🏛️ the campus
💬 learn Spanish
🏝️ beach
🥘 paella

The only thing missing? You! Submit your online application, and start your today.


Exam week is just around the corner so, for the last few days of studying, our lovely Prof. Dr. Maria Chalaveleki has 3 tips for how you can ACE your exams:

"✔️Add creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to your paper. This will make your exam original and it will stand out!
✔️ Critically discuss and analyse all questions!
✔️ Enjoy your exam and you will enjoy...your grade!"

We wish you all good luck! 🍀💪📚

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☀️🏝️ Summer school allows students to speed up their studies (or start sooner for those who do not want to waste any time over the summer). 🏖️✈️

Thinking about joining us this summer? Then you can do so online or at our Barcelona campus. Send us a direct message and we will tell you all about what studying during the summer quarter looks like!


Our Careers Department supports our students in planning their career paths by:

🚀 organizing several career seminars
🤝 offering the possibility of meeting with business professionals interested in recruiting graduates
📈maintaining job and internship listings on our Careers Portal

Questions? Send us a DM or reach out to your Academic Coordinator!


Several support services for (international) students are available on-campus such as:

🏡 accommodation advice
✈️ student visa support
🚀 study planning
🙋 assistance from other students through the Student Council
👨‍⚕️ references for medical support
💬 local language courses

Your local Academic and Community Coordinators are always happy to assist you!


Ranked as the #2 top study abroad location in Asia, Japan also ranks as:

🍣 #1 in Asia to experience a new culture or lifestyle

⛩️ #2 in the world to have an adventure

🌍 #16 top study abroad location in the world according to the 2021 rankings!

Send us a message to learn more about your study abroad options!

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Our students had an incredible time during our annual Tokyo trip. Besides all the company visits and business seminars, they also had the chance to immerse themselves in the Japanese culture by visiting historical sites, savoring traditional food, and taking in the breathtaking scenery!

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Andere Volkshochschule in Zürich (alles anzeigen)
Biology Undergraduate Summer School Zurich - BUSS Biology Undergraduate Summer School Zurich - BUSS
Winterthurerstrasse 190
Zürich, 8057

An international summer school for undergraduates in life sciences!

HF TGZ Polygrafische Akademie HF TGZ Polygrafische Akademie
Badenerstrasse 414
Zürich, 8004

Die HF TGZ Polygrafische Akademie bildet seit über 40 Jahren Kaderleute aus der Kommunikationswirtschaft aus.

Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland
Www. Alss-edu. Ch
Zürich, 8050

www.alss-edu.ch Master Graduate Programs in Leadership Leadership Advising, Consulting and Coaching Research

Weinbergstrasse 56
Zürich, 8006

ETH Zurich’s Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management

BIUZ Fachverein der Biologie und Biomedizin UZH BIUZ Fachverein der Biologie und Biomedizin UZH
Winterthurerstrasse 190
Zürich, 8057

Wir sind die offizielle Studierendenvertretung des Fachbereichs Biologie der MNF seit 1981 an der Universität Zürich. BiUZ: Our purpose is to represent and support the interests of all biology students at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Autonomous Systems Lab ETH Zürich Autonomous Systems Lab ETH Zürich
Tannenstrasse 3
Zürich, 8092

AMP - Akademischer Mittelbau am Physikdepartement AMP - Akademischer Mittelbau am Physikdepartement

AMP (Akademischer Mittelbau am Physikdepartement) is the association of non-faculty scientific staff at the physics department of ETH Zurich.

Fachverein Ethnologie Zürich Fachverein Ethnologie Zürich
Andreasstrasse 15
Zürich, 8050

Der Fachverein Ethnologie Zürich (FVEZ) ist die Organisation der Studierenden am ISEK - Ethnologie

Art&Society Art&Society
Zürich, 8003

Haus der Farbe - Fachschule für Gestaltung in Handwerk und Architektur Haus der Farbe - Fachschule für Gestaltung in Handwerk und Architektur
Langwiesstrasse 34
Zürich, 8050

Das 1995 in Zürich gegründete Haus der Farbe ist eine Fachschule für Gestaltung in Handwerk und Architektur.

Comparative and International Studies ETH / UZH Comparative and International Studies ETH / UZH
ETH Zurich, MACIS Office, Haldeneggsteig 4
Zürich, 8092

MACIS is a top-of-class, research-oriented graduate program in political science offered by ETH and the University of Zurich.