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Embodied Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Wie gewohnt öffnen


The sweetness of Self-holding.

Down regulating the nervous system can be as simple as a loving hug, or a hand on the heart.

This New Moon Eclipse 🌚 is a reminder to take care. To indulge in the joys of being. To come back to the needs of your bio-individual self. To listen out for the yes yes yes response.


Join me on Wednesday’s for a Soma Flow - where we articulate the bodymind through movement and breath
ch 17.30
Or online (dm for more details)
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Photos from Sharne Scott Yoga's post 25/10/2022

Film Moments Summer 22’

Photos from Sharne Scott Yoga's post 26/08/2022

The salty summer breeze is leaning in for one more dance, before we return to the sock draw.

If you’re needing an adventure with intention, packed with embodied yoga, creative workshops and delicious food
there is one open place for my retreat in the hills on Mallorca.
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SEP 8 - 12
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The incredible will chime in with some tasty offerings too.

I’ve been having the best time prepping the flows, playlists and workshop content. Pulling out embodied memories from where it all began for me, when I first experienced the omnipresence of sound vibration. Those first practises where inner resonance ran deep.

I can’t wait to create a container for this inquiry. To discover and play with sound, vibration and the power of deep listening. All in harmony with the Song of the Self, the instrument of the body.

More details through link in bio. Dm with any curiosities.



"Whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. What is soft is strong." —Lao Tzu



Can’t waaaaait for more of this.

This Wednesday come and join me for an embodied breath-flow to illuminate the bodymind system, and return the baseline of calm to where it belongs.

Sign up through the link in my bio or DM to secure your mat.

Kreis 8
Limited places


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