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We are a student-led initiative aiming to create a plastic-free University of Geneva. We try to achi

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Timeline photos 23/02/2020

Sharing our message at the PechaKucha night last week!! We have told our story and our will to push for a PLASTIC FREE UNIGE 💧

Rotten Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix 12/02/2020

Go watch this serie!! It's incredibly interesting and in season 2, the 3rd episode is about bottled water, tap water and the main multinational's role in the industry! 💧

Rotten Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix Rotten returns with six new unsavory truths about the underbelly of the global food industry. Avocado. Wine. Bottled Water. Sugar. Chocolate. Edibles. The fo...

Timeline photos 10/02/2020

We use stuff for so little yet they will pollute our environment for so long! 😱 LET’S SAY NO TO SINGLE USE ITEMS!

Timeline photos 30/01/2020

D’où vient le plastique et où finit-il ? Découvrez son parcours en 6 étapes🥤

Photos from Tap Your Water's post 27/01/2020

to when we participated at the Semaine de l’entrepreneuriat and we won the 7th price!🏆. Follow our journey in the next months, we are organising something AMAZING 💙 @ Université de Genève

Timeline photos 07/01/2020

There are many different reusable bottles, so there will always be one that fits your style and budget 💧Here are some of our favourites 😍

Photos from Libérez vos idées, semaine de l'entrepreneuriat à Genève's post 19/12/2019
Photos from Tap Your Water's post 13/12/2019

Meet our fantastic team!! ☀️. Our workshop is over but we will keep working for our goal: a PLASTIC FREE UNIGE💧 @ SDG Solution Space

Signez la pétition 09/12/2019

“Be the change you want to see in the world”!! 💧

Sign our petition to support the change you want to live in the UNIGE community! ✍🏼
Let’s create the FIRST PLASTIC-FREE UNIVERSITY in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Signez la pétition Plastic-free UNIGE

Timeline photos 05/12/2019

Did you know?

Timeline photos 04/12/2019

Bottled water leads to plastic pollution, is expensive, and completely unnecessary in Switzerland where the tap water is of high quality. Tap your water and stop plastic pollution! 💧

Timeline photos 29/11/2019

Plastic is destroying our planet! Join us and reduce people's impact on our environment 🌍

The Danger of Plastic Pollution | WWF-Australia 28/11/2019

Plastic pollution has devastating effects on our ecosystems! Let's take action now and reduce our use of single-use plastics!

The Danger of Plastic Pollution | WWF-Australia Plastic pollution is having a detrimental affect on our marine species. For endangered green sea turtle hatchlings, ocean plastics now stand in their way fro...


Le saviez-vous? L'eau de Genève a une super qualité !!

Timeline photos 22/11/2019

Join our movement for a PLASTIC-FREE University of Geneva!

Timeline photos 19/11/2019

Plastic Fact: did you know that only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled? Plastic pollution is a massive problem that requires action now! Support our initiative for a PLASTIC-FREE University of Geneva and sign our petition: http://chng.it/VdfTJHxLgQ


We are growing SO FAST, we already got to 100+ likes!!
Thank you so much for your support :)

Timeline photos 11/11/2019

Let's reduce our impact on the environment and use less single-use plastic!

Plastic Pollution 09/11/2019

Plastic pollution is so widespread that is deeply affecting everything around us and even our health! 😱

Watch this video to know more about the numerous problems our excessive use of plastic is generating!

Plastic Pollution Plastics are durable, light and versatile. However, they take up to 400 years to decompose. This will affect people’s lives for the next 16 generations. Our ...


Hi, welcome to our page!
We are a group of five students at UNIGE, studying sustainability.
Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems we are and we will be facing in the following years if we don't try to change our collective behaviour! We are therefore currently working on a project to make the University of Geneva the first PLASTIC FREE UNIVERSITY in Switzerland!!

Follow our journey!!

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