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I used to post a new cover photo at the start of each month for what was inspiring me. Much of this year has been taken up with my Master's dissertation in coaching and mentoring, but I have just one more month when my desk will look like this.
I'm now getting excited with great ideas to create an autumn coaching program starting in October - 1:1 sessions to help you achieve your end of year goals. Anyone interested can PM me now for a very special offer, before the full details are posted here next month.


This reflection led me to think about the reflections created by the way we act towards others. For example, smiling at people (including random strangers) produces a lot more smiles in return and can brighten a mid-February day.


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo

[11/01/15]   It has been such a golden autumn that I couldn't resist another cover photo with the wonderful colours, combined with the sense of energy that comes from blue sky days outside.


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo

[10/01/15]   My cover photo for this month plays with the question of departures. Either where are you going next or what can you do that is a departure from the norm?


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo


Great fun yesterday presenting an Icebreakers and Energisers session. Lots of inspiring ideas shared and energy to try them out.

[09/14/15]   Usually I update my cover photo at the beginning of every month, with something that speaks to me at that time. But there wasn't really anything on the first of September. The time didn't feel quite right, a little out of sync, rather like this tree which started changing its leaves too early in the heat of August. But now I feel ready for it, and for everything the new season brings.


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo

[08/25/15]   "They're always telling me to live my dreams. But I don't want to be naked in an exam I haven't revised for..." - Grace The Child

This one from the Top 10 Funniest Jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival made me laugh



Open Focus: there is an upcoming workshop on Fri 28th August in Basel looking at how can we focus clearly on something, without getting tense in body and mind? More information available herehttp://mindfulatwork.ch/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Clear-Vision-Friday-28082015.pdf



Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo


The next workshop was on Solutions Focused coaching which works on the principle of finding out what works and doing more of it. I really liked this exercise with Sparkling Moments.
Try it with a partner to get your week off to a sparkling start.

marthaborst.com 18/06/2015

Assessment Tools (Personality and Behavioral Styles) - Martha Borst

Continuing the theme of reflecting on recent workshops, this time last month Rylla Resler of http://theexpatexperience.com/ ran a workshop looking at personality styles. Now I've completed quite a few of these in the past, but she used an assessment tool that I hadn't seen before. While the personality type came out similarly to what I expected, some of the interpretations gave new insights to how this applies in real life. If you'd like to try, here is a link to the tool.

marthaborst.com Martha Borst, Senior Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant, Leadership and Team Development Facilitator and author of Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You!


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo

[03/28/15]   An fun evening yesterday to celebrate the fifth birthday of Coaches Connecting in Basel organised by Kirstin Barton of Alive to Change - Beyond the Juggling Act. It is inspiring to be part of a community of practice with so many talented coaches.


Katie Christensen Coaching's cover photo


I was asked this question this morning, in a way that contained genuine interest and invited a meaningful answer. It was a three minute conversation that let me acknowledge something I was stuck on. The external engagement let me think what to do differently and gave a boost to my internal motivation. Onward...


Today was a good day to remember that not everything has to be done in front of a computer screen. A walk, a bench, a book, note pad and pencil resulted in much better ideas under a blue sky.


Start before you're ready is a scary concept for anyone with a perfectionistic streak. It was much easier to say "Oh, but I need to have this and finish that and build a website* and whatever else" before feeling ready. But this time I was brave and the difference is amazing**. To go from "I will" to "I am".
So here I am, and if you know anyone who might be not quite ready, but might like to find out how coaching can help them take that next step, please put them in touch at [email protected]

*For those of you who have asked, the website is in progress...
**As is the support from all the lovely people who have liked this page. Thank you so much :-)


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