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Creative Music Finding Our Inner Self

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Rudolf Steiner on Child Development.pdf

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[12/18/16]   The following publications will appear this year in due course.

1. Research to be published by end of 2017 with the Project "Musical Child."
2. A small brochure about the "Elements of Fifth Mood". Appears May 2017.
3. The short version of "Monochord-scales of Pythagoras, also called Grecian Aulos-scales, and the Experience of the Intense Melody in the Single Ton." Translated from my book: Monochordschule des Pythagoras.
4. A lyre school for mothers and other beginners.
5. Publication of my papers, given at conferences and workshops during this year.


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On Logos and the Logoi, who were creating our musical experience by ourselves in our music.

Music doesn’t exist. We can’t hear it. It doesn’t exist for our ears. Unless... we find the played sounds are just keys for the inner sound, the inner singing, the created by each of us tones, themes, images, inspired by the beings, which we are ourselves, but not in our limited being, pocket editions, usually when we are in our bodies, no, the entire encyclopedia is us, you and me. The encyclopedia of the muses surrounding their musagetes Apollon, or if you wish Dionysos Areopagites.







Hofmattweg 5
Andere Schulen/Universitäten in Arlesheim (alles anzeigen)
Room and Move Room and Move
Baselstrasse, 5
Arlesheim, 4144

Yogastunden, Meditation, Coaching und vieles mehr.

Schule FOKUS Schule FOKUS
Malsmattenweg 3
Arlesheim, 4144

Freie demokratische Tagesschule nach dem Sudbury-Modell

Heinz Martin AG , Nelkenweg 2
Arlesheim, 4144

Plan-+Schema ab 390.00/Jahr inklusive Support und Update!

Stiftung Sunnegarte Stiftung Sunnegarte
Stollenrain 10
Arlesheim, 4144

Wir betreuen Kinder zwischen dem 3. Monat bis Ende Primarschule. Wir betreiben ein Tagesheim, betreuen Tagesfamilien und führen 2 Tagesbetreuungsstandorte

Fahrschule Glattfelder Fahrschule Glattfelder
Hauptstrasse 45
Arlesheim, 4144


Gerenmatte Progymnasium Jahrgang 2000 Gerenmatte Progymnasium Jahrgang 2000
Arlesheim, 4144


Move Art in Training&Coaching GmbH Move Art in Training&Coaching GmbH
Baselstrasse 5
Arlesheim, 4144

Ob ein Thema ansteht oder Bewegung, Körper, Kopf und Herz bilden eine Einheit. Yoga und Coaching hilft bei Veränderungsprozessen und Potenzialentfaltung.