Joseph-Maurice Weder

Performing as a soloist at Carnegie Hall in New York, Berliner Philharmonie, Musikverein Vienna, Wig "A wonderful musician with an amazingly brilliant technique" Star-Cellist Gautier Capuçon

Since launching his international career with winning the prestigious Swiss Ambassador's Award in London and his debut recital at London's Wigmore Hall in 2013, Joseph-Maurice Weder has continued to capture the attention of critics and audiences.

2014-2015 saw him on tour with Berliner Camerata in South America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay) and in Norway.

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Photos from Classic at Home - WorldVision's post 12/01/2021

Looking forward to be a jury member of the largest global classical music online competition! Classic at Home - WorldVision


Chers amis,

En attendant de nous retrouver le 28 février au Victoria Hall pour le concert exceptionnel d'Arcadi Volodos, toute l'équipe de Musika vous souhaite d'excellentes fêtes ! ✨

Pierre-André, Ani, Marina, Jordan, Vincent, Julie, Kristell

📷 Gilles Pernet


Vivement 2021 et la suite


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60 Seconds of Classical

Tomorrow in Geneva and on the 17th of May in Aarau (plus Schumann, Liszt, Giger)

Richard Dubugnon, one of the leading composers of his generation, is working closely and dedicated his pieces to eminent orchestras such as Los Angeles Philharmonic, Orchestre de Paris as well as world renowned soloists such as Gautier Capuçon and Janine Jansen.

He dedicated his "Sonata V Op. 82" to Joseph-Maurice Weder👌

You can attend his concert tomorrow in Geneva 😊🎹 Joseph-Maurice Weder – To Be or Not To Be


Joseph-Maurice Weder - To be or not to be
Un concert exclusif avec un nombre de place limité !

Ne ratez pas cette chance et inscrivez-vous en envoyant vos coordonnées ainsi que le nombre de place souhaitée à [email protected].




"Je ne crois pas me tromper en affirmant que parmi la pléthore d'excellents pianistes qui inondent le monde musical, Joseph-Maurice Weder est une exception. En plus d'une technique infaillible (ce qui est devenu banal), d'une remarquable musicalité (ce qui est plus rare) il pare ses interprétations dusceau de sa forte personnalité."

Gérard Wyss, pianiste, 2016



Tomorrow on radio SRF 2! Tune in!;-)

Ne manquez pas le passage de Joseph-Maurice Weder sur la @srf avec des extraits de son splendide @robertschumann

Neuaufnahmen von Schweizer Pianisten


2nd concert in Buenos Aires!


I'm very excited about my 3rd South America tour! 3 weeks, 4 countries, 7 concerts!
musiKa 09/04/2018

Leipzig aus Schweizer Sicht: Joseph-Maurice Weder spielt Schumann

On the 25th of April on SRF2 with Schumann's Kinderszenen! Leipzig aus Schweizer Sicht: Joseph-Maurice Weder spielt Schumann


A dream come true:
Playing chamber music with legendary cellist MISCHA MAISKY and leading members of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich on the 1.4.2018 in Zurich!


Finally some good news from the USA...;))))
A nice review by PHIL'S CLASSICAL REVIEW ATLANTA: ".... couldn't have asked for a better artist to record than Joseph-Maurice Weder. The 29 years old Swiss pianist cultivates, among other things, a beauifully centered tone of bell-like clarity that is ideally suited for MDG's audiophile credo. His command of piano technique is so pervasive that he does not make a great issue of it, and he is free to address the two vastly different works on the present program in purely musical and interpretive terms. And his sense of timing is absolutely flawless..."


Nice review from PianoNews magazine in Germany:
"...The Piano Sonata in B Minor by Liszt is an highly appreciated work and at the same time dreaded by pianists, which at the time of its world premiere has brought performers and instruments to their limits. To this day, the sonata is regarded as the epitome of the highly virtuoso piano art of the 19th century.
Joseph-Maurice Weder masters this hurdles effortlessly and convincingly...the emotional touch of the pianist and the sound of the instrument enter into a unique symbiosis, making the CD recording a rarity...the recording by Weder is an enrichment at any point of view..."


Nice review by
"...Swiss pianist Joseph-Maurice Weder displays marvelous dexterity and nuance...Weder beautifully and clearly lays out the drama inherent in Liszt’s Sonata in B minor...Weder’s Kinderszenen is limpid and loving, each of the 14 sections nicely defined. The charismatic chestnut Träumerei is truly dream-like, and the quiet ending Der Dichter spricht, melts into the ether..."


Relieved to know that my new CD "survived" the comparison with legends like Argerich, Aarau and Brendel!;)


Getting ready for the SCHUBERT EVENING:
Performing the song cycle "die schöne Müllerin" in Liechtenstein!:)


WDR (Cologne) review:
"...Joseph-Maurice Weder takes himself back as a narrator, he lets the music speak and the result is excellent. He shows a lot of refinements that directly touch the listener. This is exactly what the recording makes so special, maybe so unique... It is Weders ability to play with such delicacy: only, whoever controls the pianissimo as he does, can create a sounding jewel out of the 'Kinderszenen'..."


CD-presentation at CLASS:aktuell!
(one of the best-selling classic magazines in the german-speaking area of Europe)


NDR-review: the last piece of Schumanns Kinderszenen is called the "the poet speaks", the name of the poet is Joseph-Maurice Weder... 20/08/2017

Aparte Werkkombinationen

Really curious about the upcoming presentation of my new CD in one of the biggest radio stations in Germany: NDR.
Today 19.15-20.00,sendung679720.html Aparte Werkkombinationen bieten die CDs, die Philipp Cavert diesmal ausgesucht hat.


On the way to Geneva!
Looking forward to performing Mozart piano concerto K414 with the Orchestre des Jeunes de la Suisse Romande at the Puplinge Classique Festival!:) 14/08/2017

Sonate H-Moll/Kinderszenen

New CD available at


After 10 years of working/studying/practising and more than 40 performances on stage with those pieces I felt it was the right moment to make this recording!
International release in August...


Joseph-Maurice Weder's cover photo


Joseph-Maurice Weder


Here a nice review of Heidi Schmid and JM's debut with Mendelssohn double concerto (more performances of this masterpiece in autumn 2017) in Germany!
Augsburger Allgemeine:
"In his interpretation of this youthful masterpiece - Mendelssohn-Bartholdy wrote it at the age of 14 - Joseph-Maurice Weder's technical bravura was fascinating. By virtue of his touch alone, he effortlessly created entirely new tone colors, whether in tender piano passages or a furious prestissimo. And Weder's magic at the piano was matched by Heidi Schmid with her violin. The two of them created a world of sound full of drama, and made the hall vibrate and then come to rest again. Where the Baroque had demanded accentuation, Heidi Schmid now gave the Romantic a gentle, flexible delivery, which masterfully reflected the rise and fall of the clouds of sound.
The breathtaking velocity of the third movement left the audience astonished and happy..."


Looking forward to performing today Schumann (Kinderszenen) and Liszt (b minor sonata) at "Fête de la musique" in Lausanne!


Kazakh State orchestra Swiss debut in Basel-City at Volkshaus Basel June 2 28/05/2017

Swiss-Kazakh Klassik Fest - Mit Werken von Chopin, Tschaikowski, u.a

Coming soon: 6 days now. Don't miss it!!! Swiss Pianist meets Kazakh State Orchestra 2017 - mit Joseph- Maurice Weder am Klavier Im Rahmen der feierlichen 25-jährigen diplomatischen Beziehungen zwischen Kasachstan und der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft, sowie im Vorfeld der am 10. 23/05/2017

Swiss-Kazakh Klassik Fest 2017 | June 02, 03 & 05

Save the date! Swiss-Kazakh Klassik Fest 2017
For the first time a Kazakh orchestra will perform in Switzerland!
June 02 in Basel, 03 in Zurich, 05 in Lugano
Purchase your tickets ►

The Kazakh State Chamber Orchestra will be touring in Switzerland during June 2017 with the young Swiss pianist Joseph-Maurice Weder (laureate of the Swiss Ambassador’s Award 2013), celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Kazakhstan.
Together, they will perform great works of classical music such as Chopin Piano Concerto n° 2 as well as beautiful and invigorating works of celebrated Kazakh composers: Аlmas Serkebayev and Tles Kazhgaliev.

These concerts will be the opportunity to celebrate the relations between both communities, and show the skills, artistry and some part of Kazakh Culture. They will be some of the highlights among the many activities expected during 2017, as part of the celebration of 25 years of collaboration between our two countries and linked to Astana’s Expo 2017.
This tour is also part of the project “Building bridges between the East and the West”, which proposes artistic events emphasizing and celebrating the approximation and integration of cultures. Don't miss the Kazakh State Chamber Orchestra's first tour in Switzerland with the young Swiss pianist Joseph-Maurice Weder (laureate of the Swiss Ambassador’s Award 2013)...


CD-recording with Liszt b minor Sonata and Schumann Kinderszenen for MDG done!
What a wonderful old Steinway from New York!;-)


Grateful and happy to be a part of it!

Queremos compartir con ustedes nuestra programación de 2017, esperamos verlos en nuestras actividades.


AFTER Berlin is BEFORE touring South America...
Looking forward to play 4 recitals, one concert with the Orquestra Sinfônica do Teatro Nacional de Brasilía playing Chopin 2 (what else..;)) and giving masterclasses in Brazil and Colombia... 27/02/2017

Chopin-Fest - Berlin Programm

Liebes Berlin Programm, danke für die schöne Konzertankündigung meines Konzertes am So., dem 5.03.17 in der Berliner Philharmonie! Ein weiteres Highlight meiner Karriere. Zum zweiten mal hab ich die Ehre, in einem der schönsten Säle der Welt, mit der herausragenden Berliner Camerata auftreten zu dürfen.





Andere Schulen/Universitäten in Aarau (alles anzeigen)
Neue Kantonsschule Aarau, Schanzmättelistrasse 32
Aarau, 5000

Bei bist du richtig. ist der innovative Lehrgang an der Neuen Kantonsschule Aarau - Melde dich jetzt an!

Eignungstest Eignungstest
Graben 16
Aarau, 5000

Gezielte EMS (Numerus Clausus) Vorbereitung.

Konsumentenbefragung Konsumentenbefragung
Bollweg 2
Aarau, 5035

die marktforschung untersucht faktoren, die eher im subjektiven bereich liegen wie z.b. geschmack, aussehen, handhabung, nutzbarkeit, spass

Toby on Tour Toby on Tour
Graben 10
Aarau, 5000

So vielfältige Bauwerke sind, so vielfältig sind auch die Bauberufe. Eine Ausbildung im Baugewerbe ist solide und hat Zukunft. Gut ausgebildete Berufsleute der Baubranche sind gefragt! Mit "Toby on Tour" erfährst Du mehr über Deine Zukunftschancen.

Laurenzentorgasse 14
Aarau, 5000

Ausbildung im Bereich Permanent Make-up, Microblading, Nanoblading, Sugaring Haarentfernung, Wimpernextension, Jeunesse Produkte & Network Marketing.

Freizeitwerkstatt Aarau Freizeitwerkstatt Aarau
Pelzgasse 17
Aarau, 5000

Die Freizeitwerkstatt Aarau bietet verschiedene Kurse, Vorträge und Werkstätten für Erwachsene und Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

Careum Weiterbildung Careum Weiterbildung
Mühlemattstrasse 42
Aarau, 5000

Inspiration. Wissen. Können. Modulare Weiterbildungen Profis im Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen: individuell – zielorientiert – praxisbezogen
Delfterstrasse 10
Aarau, 5000

Wir sind Transport-und Logistikberater

Bvoice Sprachschule Bvoice Sprachschule
Aarau, 5000

bvoice ist eine kleine Sprachschule inmitten der Aarauer Altstadt, an der Sie in familiärem Rahmen moderne Sprachen lernen können.

SLA Aarau SLA Aarau
Delfterstrasse 14
Aarau, 5000

Die Supernatural Life Academy ist eine Schule, an der du den Lebensstil vom Königreich Gottes entde

AME - Aargauische Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene AME - Aargauische Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene
Schanzmättelistrasse 32
Aarau, 5000

- Maturitätslehrgang für Erwachsene - Passerellenlehrgang nach Berufsmatur - Vorkurs Pädagogik I

Coachingprofi Coachingprofi
Kasinostrasse 19
Aarau, 5000

Bewerbungscoaching. Neuorientierung-Standortbestimmung-Beratung-Entwicklung. Mit Professionalität einen Schritt näher zur Veränderung.