Planting A Future

Planting A Future


Sack garden is promising people are busy doing this simple water saving methods lets go green even in dry season water that has been washing plates can still be used watering

We try to empower people in a rural area in Zambia with skills, infrastructure and education. We also fight to end chronic hunger.

We are trying to grow Breadfruit Trees and other fruit trees like PawPaw, Banana, Mango or Papaya in Zambia in order to provide them to Schools and poor households. We want to end chronic hunger and malnutrition among children and other vulnerable people in Zambia. We are planting trees, fruits and veggies and take care of a permanent water supply for our community. Also we try to create a self-sustaining community and offer the perspective of Jobs and work to the less fortunate, and especially to women. We are building a sewing room to teach women how to tailor clothes. We also build a library to teach children and adults how to ready to fight illiteracy. Education is the key. That is why we are helping families to pay for their children's School fees andtry to find Sponsors for them. We are an ambitious project, located in the Kazungula District in Zambia. Numerous volunteers help collecting seeds for the nursery and watering the seedlings, build the sewing room and library and work hard to Change people's lives. Also we recieve so much love and help from our friends from Germany, the United States and Australia. Planting A Future - Love without Borders - ...a fruit garden for each home. orchard for each school.

Mission: We want to fight chronic hunger and malnutrition and create a food secure Zambia by supplying vulnerable people and institutions with fruit trees. We want to create jobs and educate people, both children and adults through teaching them skills such as sewing and teaching them English and how to read. Also we help paying school fees for the less fortunate through a sponsorship programme. We want to ensure a permanent water supply throughout the year for our community. We want to create a self-sustaining community. We want to change lives and open minds.


Zambian Goat Express 🐐🛵

...more infos coming soon...

We are wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤️

Happy 4th Advent, everyone! 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️
While we are probably all feasting on our Christmas meals, Wesley decided to start the day right with some delicious homemade pastries 🤤

A New Oven

While everyone is enjoying their Christmas cookies our villagers in Chinkonono have no such things. So Wesley came up with the idea to build an oven at PAF Center.
If you wanna know more please read our blog post 🤓😊 It is Christmas time now and the air is full of delicious smells: gingerbread, Christmas cookies, marzipan, cinnamon, clove… I bet your mouth starts watering already just imagining it. For ou…

Now that finally the first rains are here our villagers are starting planting season!
Smith and little Told prepare everything for tomato planting 🍅

DIY Oil Press

Beach clean-up? Well, no beaches around. But we are collecting scrap metal and now have built a DIY pressing machine. So now we can process sunflower, pumpkin and moringa seeds and produce oil for the villagers! :)

Read more on our blog! Everybody is talking about beach clean-ups now. Collecting garbage and plastic particles when you are at the beach to save the environment. Well…in Chinkonono we don’t have any beaches close by. Bu…

Shout Out from Jeremy Loops

Jeremy Loops sends a huge Shout Out to PAF! Thanks for your support and encouragement, man!! Keep up the good work! Much love from Chinkonono and Planing A Future!

Shout Out PAF from Jeremy Loops (Deutsche Untertitel)

The amazing Jeremy Loops sent us a huge Shout Out!
Thanks man ♥️ in times like these such warm words are well appreciated.
#jeremyloops #loopssquad

Jeremy Loops, famous South African musician and founder of Greenpop SA, sends a Shout Out to PAF! Thanks man! Keep that up and keep doing good! We love your ...

Severe drought is hitting Chinkonono and the surrounding villages hard this year. Rivers dried out and people have to dig deep to reach even the tiniest amounts of water... Which, to be honest, is more of a muddy liquid these days. Yet buckets and canisters line up endlessly to provide water for their owners families and crops.

Why Africa should 'stop eating one of its favourite foods'

Zambia without nshima? Could that even work? Read this interesting article about the attempt to change to a more nutritious diet in Zambia! Zambia's vice-president calls for a radical change in the eating habits of the nation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our villagers are now helping to preserve nature by collecting metals scraps for recycling and also earn some extra money with that. ✊
Read our blog for more info! I don’t know if you guys have listened to the song „3Rs“ by Jack Johnson. But when Wesley sent me those pictures it instantly came to my mind. Especially in times like that when global warming, pol…

Did you hear the cow bells?

You all know that we don't have the latest edition of tools in Chinkonono. So check out our blog to see how our blacksmith and welder work and what kind of tools they build! 💪
#DIY Zambian Style Ever wondered how we work metal in the village? Well…meet Marvin. Marvin is 40 years old and has no education. But he certainly knows his way around and how to make a living as the welder in Chinko…

Goats all over the place

Wesley attended a workshop about goat breeding. Check our blog for more info and find out what he learned! 🐐🐐 Wesley always has his focus on PAF and new ideas and projects we could start. Recently he attended a workshop on goat breeding and production. Well, „production“ sounds a bit rude. But this worksho…

Kulya Kabotu – Enjoy your meal!

With the drought the water levels decrease and lots of fish get stranded. Time to prepare some smoked for the upcoming months. 🐟

Check our blog for more info! As dry season goes on and on the water levels of rivers and lakes decrease gradually. This is a catastrophe for all farmers. The farmland, gardens and countryside turns brown and savanna gold. But …

PAF - The Year 2018 German (English Subtitles)

The year 2018 has been exciting for us. Now that 2019 is halway through we show you our highlights of 2018! Check out our new slideshow! We added English subtitles. ;)

Leute, guckt euch unseren Jahresrückblick 2018 an! :)

Bruni once more visited Chinkonono. Join her on her adventure and see what happened at PAF Center and with all our bigger and smaller projects. Music Credits...

First PAF Workshop on “Sack Gardening”

We had our first educational workshop on Sack Gardening and how to re-use old plastic buckets, maize sacks and banana stems to plant veggies in those. :)
Check our blog for more info and pics! Guess what?! Just a few days ago Wesley was leading the first PAF Workshop on Sack Gardening. Five headmen of the area welcomed this workshop to be held by us. We don’t really have facilities…

[05/30/19]   Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there! Keep being a good role model for your kids.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there 💐❤️

Giving is a Gift

It seems a small thing to do to hand out some plants to vulnerable people. But it has a huge impact on their lives. Please take 3 minutes to read our newest blog post and meet Banene Naomi (99 years old!) and Mary and Maluba! 😊❤️ Today PAF went back to our roots. Wesley has been out in the surrounding villages to hand out some plants to people in need. And I know it doesn’t sound like much, but due to severe drought p…

PAF is now trying something new. The kitchen garden concept, you ask? Well.. Read our blog for details!

Belated Xmas Surprise

Well.. All over the world people enjoy Easter with their families.. In Chinkonono a few days ago our PAF members celebrated a belatee Christmas. ;)
Check our blog for more infos! Well… Easter is almost over already. But guess what? Our PAF members just recieved their Xmas parcels from last year a few days ago ;) Bruni, Julie and 2 of her workmates sent the parcels out…

Happy Easter, everyone 🐇🐣🐰

Our kids are helping to collect leaves and greens for the new trench gardening that we are trying at PAF Center to help us with irrigation during dry season. 🌱

PAF members meeting... Lots of things have been discussed. We will update you soon about the most important developments.

The small greenhouse is now being prepped for the first planting. Once the soil is wet enough we are sure it will work out great.

The Butterfly Tree Charity

The Southern Province of #Zambia is experiencing a severe drought, coupled with unseasonably high temperatures. March should see crops flourishing, and rivers and streams flowing. The rainy season never came and already the communties are experiencing water and food shortages. The river in Nyawa in March 2018 - the same view in March 2019. #Boreholes and bags of maize are in much need.

Greenhouses-the next step - hard work but now its done… the first is ready now

[03/08/19]   Happy Women's Day to all the ladies out there!

This Is Africa

Just for your own interest :)

The award-winning Zambian film “I Am Not a Witch” will be the country’s first film to debut on Netflix. It joins other African films, such as “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” on the international streaming service.

PAF Shop is open now

Breaking News: Our PAF Shop is open! Come pass by and grab some biscuits and a soda!
Check the link below for details! Finally. Finally we were able to open the shop at PAF Center. It took a while to sort things out and get our order done. But now the goods and items were all delivered. Our PAF member Venuli, the s…

[02/14/19]   Happy Valentine's Day to you all :)

We are wishing everyone a happy new year! May 2019 grant you with health, happiness and success in all you strive for!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy a few days with your families and loved ones ❤️🎅🎄 Thank you for all your support and love this year!

We are wishing you all a wonderful 3rd Advent 🕯️🕯️🕯️

Christmas time... We recieved a little gift from our friend Murray from Australia. Thank you so much 🎄🎅
This will be a good read :)

We wish all our friends a peaceful 2nd advent with family and all people you love 🕯️🕯️

We are wishing you all a peaceful 1st Advent. 🕯️

Greenhouse 4.0

Folks, it is happening. We are almost done with the new and bigger greenhouse at PAF Center. Right now we are waiting for the shade netting to arrive so we can finish it up.
Check our blog for more pics and info! You guys all know that PAF basically started with planting fruit trees and handing thm out to people in need. Of course back then we set up a greenhouse to protect the saplings. This one was, how c…

Zambian Mall, our PAF Shop

Window shopping in Chinkonono? Our PAF Shop is almost done. Check our blog for more info and pics :) You know the deal. You are home and feel like eating that special fruit or chocolate or you realize you forgot to buy soap. What do you do? You just get outside walk or drive a few minutes and get …

Meet Sonic, the PAF caretaker

Folks, meet Sonic! He is our long awaited caretaker at PAF Center!
Check our blog for more info about him and his job: Many times did we announce that PAF is trying to find a caretaker for PAF Center. And guess what…after years of waiting we finally found someone. Meet Sonic, everyone! Name: …

Our greenhouse shaping up.☺

[10/24/18]   Happy Independence Day to all our Zambian friends! 🇿🇲

Our greenhouse is taking shape😊.Guess how we get the shape we want?while!we use tree wedge and human power😉

We are building our long awaited greenhouse.Here you can see Gwisai and PAF members measuring and cutting pipes.

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Shout Out from Jeremy Loops




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Donations of any kind are highly welcome and will bring smiles on many many faces in our community. If you want to send some (English) books for our library project or other material goods you consider helpful for Planting A Future, please feel free to send them here: Lloyd Kasela Planting A Future P.O. Box 620288 Kalomo Zambia If you want to get involved as a member or sponser a child to help pay school fees or if you just want to donate some money, please send it to the folling bank account: Account Holder: Juliane Friedrich Bank: comdirect Location: Quickborn, Germany IBAN: DE30 2004 1144 0752 5074 00 SWIFT/BIC: COBADEHD044 Reference: Planting A Future, Purpose, your name (purpose: donation, sponsorship, membership) PayPal: Account Holder: Juliane Friedrich Location: Berlin, Germany Email: [email protected] Reference: Planting A Future, Purpose, your name (purpose: donation, sponsorship, membership) Thank you guys so much! We appreciate every sort of donation and interest in our organization. Please feel free to contact us for any further information about Planting A Future.
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