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One-on-one lessons and advocacy services, providing learning strategies for each student's needs and abilities in Simcoe County.

We provide on-on-one lessons to support students' individual learning goals in your home or local library. In addition to literacy and math for Grades K-9 we also focus on developing executive functioning skills such as organization, planning, time management, and focus/attention. We boost our students' confidence by tailoring lessons to incorporate their interests and abilities. All of our tutors

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What's on your reading list this summer??

I've been enjoying a couple series with my students lately:
- And Then It Happened by Laura Wade and Michael Wade
- Mac B Kid Spy by Mac Barnett
- Phonic Books for decodables


Our reading camp has 1-2 spots for each session!
July 22-Aug 2, or Aug 12-23.
Mon to Fri, 9am to 12pm in Barrie. ☀️ 

Email [email protected] to register.

Read the extended testimonials below.


My son Ryan has attended reading camp each summer since grade 1. He will be starting grade 6 in the fall. Enrolling him in the reading camp was one of the best decisions I've made for his education. Not only did he learn to read, but he had an absolute blast doing it! The incorporation of games and outdoor activities made the learning process engaging and enjoyable for him. It was amazing to see how he looked forward to going to camp every day, excited to explore new stories and improve his reading skills. I'm truly grateful to the dedicated staff for creating such a nurturing and stimulating environment for Ryan's literacy journey.

I had fun going to reading camp. I loved playing games and spending time outside. Learning to read was fun.  Now, I can read all sorts of cool stories on my own, and I feel really proud.


Our summer camps are filling up! The July session has 1 or 2 spots left. Please reach out with any questions!

We are excited for our 5th summer of reading camp!! 🔆😎📚


We've confirmed the dates for the summer's reading camp! It runs Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm for 2, two week sessions.

🔆 July 22 - August 2
🔆 August 12-23

This camp is best suited for children entering Grades 1-4. We practice reading and spelling through games and structured literacy activities. Contact us for more details!


Have you been considering support for your struggling reader? With new team members joining us, now is a great time to get started! Our online structured literacy tutoring is available for all ages and skill levels. 

Contact us to learn more. We are excited to be part of your child's reading journey! 

Photos from Access Learning's post 25/08/2023

That's a wrap on reading camp for 2023! We didn't get many pictures of this energetic group. Though the group dynamic changes, one thing that is consistent year after year is the kindness and acceptance these kids show to each other. They are encouraging and patient while learning, playful and creative in free time.

Until next summer, we are back to our regularly scheduled tutoring. Spaces are available with our exceptional online teachers. Reach out for more details.

Photos from Access Learning's post 18/08/2023

Another fun week of reading, spelling, and so many games is complete!

Photos from Access Learning's post 04/08/2023

Week 2 was so much fun! The kids worked hard and made new friends. Our favourites were word games, floor is lava, scavenger hunts, and water balloons.
📚 🔆 🔤

Photos from Access Learning's post 28/07/2023

Fantastic first week of reading camp! 📖☀️😎


What are your favourite stories?

Studies show that children's books contain rich vocabulary. Reading or listening together and discussing words and concepts is a proven way to develop children's vocabulary. Especially if your child finds reading tiring, audiobooks can be a wonderful tool into new worlds.

My long time favourites include:
- Chronicles of Narnia series
- Charlotte's Web
- Matilda (or any Roald Dahl)

What can you add to the list?


Both sessions for our reading camp are full, with a small waitlist. We are excited to meet everyone this summer! ☀️

We have some space for virtual, one-on-one tutoring. Please reach out to discuss your child's reading goals and learn more about our successful structured literacy lessons!


We have 2 sessions of reading camp this year! Students entering grades 1-5 will practice decoding and spelling through structured literacy activities and games. Groups are kept to a max of 4 students per teacher, and are matched by skills.

Email Pamela for more details or to register. [email protected]

July 24- Aug 4 and Aug 14-25
2 weeks each, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm
Located at NWBUC, Barrie, ON


I finished this podcast series over the break. It is an important listen for educators, parents, and anyone who's struggled to learn to read.

Though they are mainly exploring American schools, it's the same story here in Ontario. It is fascinating to learn how the current teaching methods developed and why it's been so difficult to make a change to the science of reading.

What are your thoughts?


We are trying something new! Starting November 1st for 6 weeks, we are offering a virtual French group for students in grades 4-6. Each week will focus on a theme and a verb or part of speech. Students will practice oral French skills through conversation and games.

The cost is covered through funding for SCDSB students. Limit of 5 participants. Students should be comfortable participating online.

Email Pamela for more details or to register.

Photos from Access Learning's post 19/08/2022

Reading camp is finished for 2022! Thank you to the teachers, volunteer, and of course the hard working kids! We hope everyone enjoys the rest of summer. ☀️

Photos from Access Learning's post 12/08/2022

Reading Camp Week 3. Our new group jumped right into learning and friendships!

Photos from Access Learning's post 29/07/2022

Week 2 of reading camp was so much fun! ☀️📝📖😃

Photos from Access Learning's post 22/07/2022

We had a fantastic first week at reading camp!

Each Friday, we ask the kids to share what they've learned and favourite parts. Today we heard:
✏️ This is my favourite school, I like learning here
✏️ Thank you for teaching me
✏️ My favourite part was learning the letters and playing

We can't wait for more fun learning next week!


Does your child guess at words while reading? When a child doesn't recognize a word, they should rely on their knowledge of letter sounds. If they don't know how to decode, the common strategy taught has been to look at the first letter and then the picture for clues. They have been taught to guess!

Using a picture is problematic because it takes the readers eyes away from the letters. It's also not transferable to text without pictures. Luckily, the author of this strategy is updating her curriculum to remove guessing and include the science of reading strategies.

What can we do?
✏️ Teach letter sounds and patterns in a systematic and explicit way.
✏️ Teach syllable division.
✏️ Use decodable books/texts that have sounds you have taught. This is important! When you ask a child to sound out a word in a carefully chosen decodable text, they can rely on their knowledge, be successful and build confidence! Asking a child to sound out a word with sounds they don't know will cause confusion and encourage guessing.
✏️ Praise effort and attempts to sound out unfamiliar words.

There are many ways to learn more about the science of reading and effective teaching strategies. Send a DM if you want suggestions. We love talking about literacy!


Our reading camps are half full! We will have groups practicing CVC words, closed syllable rules, magic e, and vowel teams! Students attending are entering Grades 1-4 in September.
Send us a message with questions, or register here:


Has anyone else been watching The Home Edit?
Teachers have so many resources! I've been categorizing the summer camp supplies and editing down to the most used, and kid-approved games. Favourites so far are magnetic letters, whiteboards, and any games that can be played with multiple card decks for different skills.


Our summer camp is filling up! Both sessions have students entering grades 1-4 in September, and we are starting to make groups based on the skills they will work on.

We are also dreaming up new games to go with the old favourites. 🎲🐍🪜🧩🎳

Send us a message to inquire or sign up!


We're dreaming of summer on this beautiful, warm day! Our reading camp will run for 2 sessions this year. Please email [email protected], or send a message for more details.


Thank you to the parents, children, educators, and all who contributed to this report!

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Monday February 28 at 11:00 a.m. EST


Happy holidays! We are enjoying a restful break, and wish the same for you.

This fall, we focused on our students and continually improving our online lessons. I am grateful that the online format has opened new opportunities for us: lessons before/during school, reaching students outside of Simcoe County, and expanding our team with amazing educators from across the province!

Looking forward to new connections in the New Year! 🎄☃️🎉

Photos from Access Learning's post 20/08/2021

Summer Reading Program 2021 has come to an end. We really appreciate being able to come together and share the joy of learning to read! 📚😄

Photos from Access Learning's post 13/08/2021

We have had a blast at camp this week! Our group is energetic and enthusiastic about learning. We got caught up in the fun and didn't take many pictures, so here are just a few highlights. ☀️📝😎


Taking some time to read and enjoy the beautiful day. This book lives up to the reviews: brilliant, profoundly positive, and a must-read!


Date update: We will only be doing one session this summer, Aug 9-20. For those who have already emailed, watch for the registration form today!

Send a message or email for more information. ☀️📚😄📝

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