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Chloe Weir Vocal Studio

Hi! My name is Chloe and I'm offering voice lessons to all ages and experience levels in Embro, ON. Visit my website for information on pricing and availability!

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Fridays are now available in Woodstock!! Book soon, as these are sure to fill up quickly!


Now teaching in Embro and Woodstock! No experience necessary!

7 Benefits of Voice Lessons for Adults 27/02/2024

Check out this interesting article about the benefits of taking singing lessons as an adult!

I'll add that singing is a great way to get in touch with your body and see where you're holding tension and stress.

7 Benefits of Voice Lessons for Adults At least 5% of the population is tone-deaf. They can’t accurately distinguish how high or low a note is. Is it a waste of time to try to correct this issue later in life with voice lessons? The short answer is no. Everyone from the most tone-deaf to the most experienced can get something out of


I bet you're all tired of the "New Year, New You" posts...but January really is a great time to reset and consider your priorities. And shouldn't you make music a priority in your life, or the lives of your children?

If you've ever considered singing lessons, NOW IS THE TIME to take the plunge! I have availability on Mondays and Saturdays. Coming soon: Tuesdays in Woodstock!


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There's still time to order a gift certificate, or maybe two!

Give a gift that keeps giving long after the holidays have ended.


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Gift Certificates Available Now!

Whether it's for the child with a bajillion toys, or the adult you don't know how to shop for, experience-based gifts will be a stand-out this year!

Message me for more information.


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A helpful resource for the theory students out there!


Thanks so much to Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation for the awesome write up!

Chloe grew up just outside Embro in Zorra Township and has opened the Chloe Weir Music Studio in Embro after a lifetime of singing. “I started lessons from a lady down the street when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was jealous that my older sister was doing it and it turned out I had a real affinity for it.” She sang with her sisters as she grew up and eventually attended the University of Toronto. “I took the vocal performance program and I studied with Darryl Edwards who is actually from Woodstock. He has had a wonderful career.”

Chloe recently decided to leave her place of work as a receptionist to concentrate on her passion for music and sharing it with others. “I recently took the plunge into full self-employment and working toward making the arts my full-time career.” Learn more about Chloe by reading the full article, here:


I'm so happy to have seen Stratford Festival's RENT this week! What a fabulous show, and this is the best time of year to have seen it. Happy Pride Month, and GO SEE RENT! Fabulous performances from all.


Why take In-Person Singing Lessons?

Day 3: Improve Your Mental Health

In 2023, more of us are aware of our mental health than ever.

In 2017, a study suggested that cortisol, the "stress hormone" lowers after singing. Other studies have shown that singing at a young age can boost brain function later in life.

Singing regularly can have measurable effects on confidence, attention span, and happiness, all of which can contribute to your improved mental health.

Call, email, or message me to take your brain to the next level!

[email protected]


Why Take In-Person Singing Lessons?

Day 2: Improve Your Physical Health

Physical stamina is a huge part of singing! It takes a surprising amount of energy to stand and sing for 30, 45, or 60 minutes in a row. Anyone who's ever performed in a choir or parade will tell you!

It's made even more difficult when you add proper breathing to the mix, but this is what makes singing so beneficial. When you stand up straight and take deep breaths, you can improve your posture, your lung function, and your abdominal strength. I know I'd rather sing than go to the gym!

Call, email, or message me to start your work-out!
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Why Take In-Person Singing Lessons? Three days of very good reasons!

Day 1: Take Control of Anxiety

Singing in front of people--even if it's just one person, your singing instructor--takes guts. Literally! The physical sensations of nerves (butterflies in the stomach, racing heartbeat, trembling hands) aren't easy to shake off, but practice makes perfect.

With every lesson, you build the skills to blow past the anxiety holding you back. And of course, that skill-building bleeds into other areas. Job interviews, meeting new people, public speaking…even talking on the phone is easier!

Call, email, or message me to start taking control!

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Thanks to everyone who has liked and shared so far! I'm so excited to start!

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Fridays are now available in Woodstock!! Book soon, as these are sure to fill up quickly!
Happy Diwali 🪔