Musical Kids

Musical Kids

Musical Kids aids development in young children through musical play. Come join the fun with us at Musical Kids!

Musical Kids is about offering a musical experiences that helps aid development in children as young as one month old. The class is fun, interactive, with a relaxed environment that allows parent and child to enjoy the class at their own pace. We include the following activities during a Musical Kids Class - singing - instrument playing/exploration - dance/movement to music - listening to new lan


Hi Musical Families! I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful summer weather, I sure miss you all!

Unfortunately due to the unknown circumstances of the school start in September I have decided to put all Musical Kids classes for The fall on hold at this time.

Your safety is most important to me and realistically we just don’t know how this virus will move once kids are back in school. Once the school year is underway and we can see a positive outcome I will be happy to start classes again. This is just a hold ❤️

In the meantime I will periodically add musical learning ideas and activities that you can enjoy with your child. It will be a ton of fun!

Thank you for making musical kids part of your child’s learning experience!

Hope to see you all soon!

Kelly Kalden


Mommy duties have gone up this week, so I will need to reduce our videos to fridays only. But I will create a little more in depth videos for that day with some movement, singing and piano! Will be lots of fun! Hope to see you all each Friday!! ❤️


We will be using our homemade soup can guiro today for our song the Marvelous Toy! If you weren’t with us last week to make this please check out the live video below for instructions. This picture also shows how the instrument was made! Simple and fun! See you at 11!!!


Enjoy your day everyone and see you Wednesday for more musical fun!!


Join us now for a rattle and strum concert live!!!!


If you would like to join us in crafting today, please have ready and empty soup can, some sticks (popsicle sticks, chopsticks or sticks from outside) and duct tape, lots and lots of duct tape!!! Starts at 11am!


Hi folks! We are 10 minutes from our crafting program today. You will need....a water bottle empty and dry with the lid. Beads seeds or gems to fit inside, and straws, pipe cleaners or ribbons and a long screw driver. Parent supervision is a must! See you soon!!


Hi everyone!!! Here is your supply list for Wednesday’s make a rainmaker program! Hope to see you there!! 11am!!!


Hi moms and dads! Don’t forget to print this keyboard for the kids to play along to today’s music moment!


Sorry had some technical difficulties today. Please join us again Monday for some music fun!!


Hi folks!! I am so sorry about that, my live video shut down 😞 I will work on getting it back and running....


Here is all you’ll need for tomorrow’s piano activity! See you at 11!


See you all soon for some music and dancing fun!!


See you all at 11am for a live mini music moment!! TGIF!!


Today sky and I have a special performance of the ‘Bunny Hop’ and a story to share, hope to see you at 11!


Excited to make up for Wednesday’s technical difficulties with an extra special extra fun Eastery music moment Friday at 11am!! Requests included!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Hi folks I am so sorry.... I am having technical issues and cannot get a live video going. I will keep trying for the next 10 minutes.


Hi folks I am sorry but the internet is not on my side today and I will need to cancel musical kids music moment. There are some other videos posted here if you would like to move and groove along. We will see you all again Friday! ❤️


See you all in 15 minutes! For an all request show!!


This is all request week!!! So send me your favourites and let’s boogie! See you at 11 am Monday Wednesday Friday!!!


Please join us every Monday Wednesday Friday live at 11 am
for a fun music and movement moment!!!
Great for the whole family!


Having a small internet crisis lol! Should be online in a few minutes! Thank you for your patience :)


Please join us tomorrow for a fun musical break to the day.....

LET’S PARTY!!!! Like it’s 11am on a Monday!!!!


Hi everyone!!! Join in a half an hour for a Facebook live music moment with musical kids!!!! ❤️. This picture is a hint for the dance we will be doing!!!


Meet us tomorrow (Monday) at 11 for a live interactive music moment!! Lets sing, dance and have fun!!! Tomorrow is a craft as promised!! For supplies you will need....

Cardboard or card stock paper
Bottle caps or jar lids
Paint and crayons to decorate

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