Josiane's second grade 2019-2020

Josiane's second grade 2019-2020

This page is exclusively for the parents / guardians of the children in my class for 2019-2020.

You are not allowed to share pictures from here, unless only your child is present on it.

Waachiyaa waapinichikush nichiskutimuwaakin 30/03/2020

Hi everyone!
In case you don't see it on the bulletin board, here's a video from the school staff.
I miss my students a lot and can't wait to see them again!

Waachiyaa waapinichikush nichiskutimuwaakin To you my student from Waapinichikush! This video is for the student of Waapinichikush elementary (Chisasibi, Baie James). The teachers made a little somethi...

Everyday life 09/03/2020
Special breakfast and maple syrup on snow 09/03/2020
Working with Ilana 09/03/2020
Elephant Thoughts 09/03/2020

Science activities with Elephant Thoughts on Valentine's day.

Photos from Josiane's second grade 2019-2020's post 09/12/2019

Today we started cooking Christmas sugar cookies!👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🎅

Students had to go "buy" the ingredients at the "store", in French, and pay for it with school money. The dough need to cool off, so tomorrow or Wednesday we can use cookie cutters and bake them. What an afternoon!

They even did the dishes! 😇

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Photos from Josiane's second grade 2019-2020's post 06/12/2019

Students had a good time enjoying the outdoors this morning! They're getting good with the snowshoes. We also picked a Christmas tree on our way back. :)


We go snowshoeing tomorrow morning (Friday) with the gym teacher! :D

Snowpants, hat and mittens are mandatory.

Thanks in advance! :)



You are the expert of your child, and it is important I meet you to discuss your child's progress. :)

I will be available Friday 22nd, from 9:00 to 11:30, as it's a ped day. I will also be available Monday 25th, from 4:15 to 6:00. PLEASE TELL ME WHEN YOU PLAN TO COME

If you can't come at any of those time, I still need to meet you, please contact me so we can find an arrangement. I am very excited to meet all of you again.

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It's school picture TOMORROW TUESDAY 10:45.

I was away for my convention when the schedule was set out, I have no idea if it was sent to parents.

Apparently, kids need to come with their 20$, I am not familiar with how it works. There are still retakes, if the photographer don't want to take their pictures tomorrow if they don't have the money.

I am soooooo so sorry for the last minute info, if the schedule wasn't sent to you while I was away.
Sely Soro Lorraine Kanatewat Stephanie Matthew Stella Matthew Shirley Gull Sealhunter Angelina Firemann Ricky-lee Matthew Iris Alice Sarah Bobbish Janie Napash



Hi everyone,

I just want to let you know that I will be leaving the class for a few days for a convention. I will be gone from Tuesday 5th to Wednesday 13th.

Tina will be my substitute teacher for those days. Maybe some of you know her; she was a teacher here last year. She has all my trust and your child’s presence during those days is important, as they will continue working hard and learning. If you have any questions or concerns, I remain available via Messenger, do not hesitate to contact me. :)

Because I will be driving from Matagami on Wednesday 13th, I will not be there for parent’s night. I will still need to meet you to discuss your child’s progress, but we can set an appointment when I come back.

Also, for the children who do not have indoor shoes by now, it is really important they get them. If there is a fire alarm, my only goal will be to get everyone out of the school safe and alive. They will leave their outside shoes by the door to grab them quickly on their way out, but they will not have time to put them on until we’re outside. It's November and I wouldn’t like your child to go out on their socks. Plus, running in the gym on socks is hazardous. Indoor shoes can be old outdoors shoes, cleaned. I thank you for your understanding.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions! :)


Hi everyone! Welcome on the class page! :)

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