CSS & McNaughton GRAD 2023

CSS & McNaughton GRAD 2023

This page is to Parents of Graduates for Correlieu and McNaughton Grad of 2023. On

Operating as usual


Thank you Grads of 2023 ♥️


April Dueck is looking for anyone that might have caught on video her graduate if you did end up videoing the Friday night ceremony please reach out to her♥️🎓♥️


UPDATE: it was FOUND and is back with the graduate !!!!!!!

Very important:( a Grad was given this beautiful bracelet as a grad gift and it was lost in the park yesterday:(( if found please contact Wanda Klics 250-255-2107. 💔

Photos from CSS & McNaughton GRAD 2023's post 25/06/2023

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! To all the amazing volunteers and staff, committees and the Graduates of 2023. You all made my job easy!! A big thank you to Marissa Knauf, Shane Mummery, Carli Coben, these principals and vice principal they did it for your graduates♥️🎓♥️and thank you!!

Games and Prizes Commitee you guys rocked this, kids had so much fun and went home with unreal gifts!!! Thank you as well to our donators and Quesnel Community!!! Lisa Hayes and Damion Shaughnessy great job of organizing and having a good commitee crew!

Lisa Hayes thank you for making and decorating the cupcakes 2023♥️♥️♥️ much appreciated!!!! And they were yummy!

Decorating, WOW stunning and beautiful not easy to decorate that huge area!!! It took 3 .5 full days 8am to 8pm Lots of hard work!!! Cara Nault great job and your hard working Commitee!

Food ummmmm nobody went hungry!!!!! So much good yummy eats!!!! Tiki Bar was a busy place and lots of cold drinks!!!Thank you Quesnel for feeding our grads!!! Shawna Veitch and Kayla Powell you both did outstanding make sure our grads weren’t hungry, and no chance of running out of food.

Linens, lots of washing now to do but Tammy Bjornson and a few helpers steam linens and taking them now to the cleaners so they can be ready for next year.

Set up big job with a lot of muscle!!! Moving things, getting things, and organizing a outstanding crew of volunteers. Note for next year a Cube Van is a lot of help!!! Thank you Jeff Lefebvre and your crew and use of Design Floorings Cube van for setting up Arena 1 and the Park.

Clean up, OH THE CLEAN UP! Well this years record time was 45min to take down all of Arena 1 and 1hr 10 min for Arena 2!!!!!! This wouldn’t have gone so fast if we didn’t have a HUGE crew!!!!! Thank thank you to all that came and lifted a hand!!!!! I’m pretty sure this could be the fastest year of clean up times lol Brad and Linda Currie thank you for getting that crew! Also the extras that stayed to pitch in.

Security/Parking keeping your grads safe and having them organized for parking in the park, thank you for all of it!! Arthur Knauf your organizing the parking was great for Grads that had vehicles were all safely parked. Security Arena 2 thank you to your crew for staying late!!!

Also huge thanks to the City of Quesnel Arena Maintenace staff for always being on call with anything we needed!!

If your grad is missing anything, a couple sweaters were found and given to CSS so go ask there:)

Thank you from Commitee Chair
Heather Lefebvre last post from me but Grads of 2024 chair I can be contacted for questions:) but this is my last one♥️🎓

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!!! GRADS OF 2023, be safe make smart choices and enjoy your future ahead of you, it’s yours to conquer!!!!♥️🎓


We are here :))))) Have amazing day with your graduate, just a reminder 6:00 stage in park starts and once it does start all umbrellas need to be down:))) ♥️🎓♥️🎓♥️🎓


Parents for TOMORROW please tell your grad cars and vehicles enter the park in between the water park and the Den (shiroi house) there is a gate that will be open and there will be people to guide them on where and how to park:)) that happens at 3:00-4:45, then the Grads and escorts are asked to go line up:)) the cars can stay at the park for the promenade on the park stage but will need to be moved after. No vehicles in the park overnight♥️


ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!!! tomorrow reminder Craig’s table is donating a burger and a water to each graduate:) there location will be in the parking lot of arena 🙂 The general public can purchase burgers and water as well. Please support Craig’s table as they have been very generous with feeding our grads:) if grads want a burger please come at 4:00-4:45 to eat then you are asked to be at the arena for Grad gown dressing at 5:00.

4:00 - 5:30 Burgers and water donated from Craig’s table
5:00 Grads get into gowns and get into order:)

5:00 Doors open at West Fraser Centre for ticket holders, you must have a ticket to enter.

5:50 audience should be in their seats

6:00 Grads of 2023 walk into Arena 1 Weat Fraser Centre

****************************************************Just a note that you will see empty seats in the stands of the arena because we have floor seating:) The capacity number in the arena is bleacher seats. But we put floor seating in:) Everyone will have a great view for the ceremony. ****************************************************



Grad rehearsal tomorrow at West Fraser Centre at 3:00 pm - just for grads and casual. Don’t be late! This is getting REAL!!!


Everyone needs to know that the amount of Grad tickets is still sitting at 6 tickets per graduate. Friday night 6 tickets and Saturday we are still hopeful to have it in the Park. Saturday then as many people can come as they want.

Just a REMINDER this is not a school decision, the arena with floor seating only holds to fire marshal regulations. We can’t over exceed the fire marshal or grad will get shut down. One option is if you have siblings and it’s a decision siblings over grandparents or other family you could send siblings to the movie theatre for movie at 6:15 then when movie is over we will be finishing and they are their outside for pictures ♥️♥️♥️

Please understand the school is getting a lot of phone calls and SOME calls are very disrespectful😞 the staff can’t change this policy of the fire Marshall. Please please please be respectful ♥️♥️♥️


Parents please make sure school has this info if your grad didn’t have it on their sheet:) 🎓♥️🎓♥️

Photos from CSS & McNaughton GRAD 2023's post 15/06/2023

Please look through time line again for a schedule of Grad ♥️🎓♥️🎓♥️🎓♥️🎓♥️


Well one more week and day left!!!!!!!! Then your graduate willl be walking on the stage!!! A few details and reminders:

1. Food drop off at Arena 2 main doors Shawna will meet you at the door, Wednesday 21st 5-7 and Friday 23rd 1-3!!! Thank you for donations.

2. Don’t forget Craig’s table is donating their time and giving each graduate a burger and a bottle of water Friday before getting dressed into the grad gowns. This will be located right between the arenas outside. ALSO Craigs table will be selling to the public this time as well please support this wonderful venue as they are doing this for our grads:)))

3. Indigenous Grad walk out on Wednesday June 21st 12:00 at McNaughton Center.

REMINDER ALL GRADS……REHEARSAL THURSDAY 3:00 arena 1!!!!! Please be there so you know what you are doing!!

I will also post graduation at a glance again for the time line of events:))))

Exciting times🎓♥️🎓♥️🎓♥️🎓


From Correlieu School:)

Grad Tickets are available for pickup in the office before school, during lunch and after school. Grad Fees ($150) must be paid before you can have your tickets. Please contact Mrs. Knauf if the cost of the fees creates a hardship. Please note that if you requested more than 6 tickets, we won't know whether we can accommodate your request for at least another week.

From Me:
Please DONT contact the school for info on more tickets we need to have patience and wait ♥️♥️♥️

Also still more Grad lawn signs available:)))
Contact Cara Nault♥️


Hello everyone as time gets near we are thinking of things that we could use a little help with, if you haven’t been able to be on a commitee but would like to help in someway. Could you please help out food Comitee with this request from the chair:) please use the contact in this letter:)) ♥️ greatly appreciated


There is still some grad lawn signs available if you would like to purchase one or know someone that wants one please contact Cara. They are $30.00 each, thank you for supporting your Grads of 2023🎓🎓

Cara Nault: (250) 261-9614

Photos from CSS & McNaughton GRAD 2023's post 01/06/2023

Tomorrow is the Grad BBQ at CSS. There will be food for the graduates supplied by CSS and we are also running a fundraiser:))) we have a bucket dunk. Students can nominate a teacher or a teacher can nominate a grad:) There is a list in the office to sign up 🙂
Enjoy your School BBQ Graduates🎓

Also we have MORE LAWN SIGNS TO SELL at the farmers market this Saturday!!! Signs are $30.00 and can be cash or cheque, cheques make payable to CSS. There will also be the bucket dunk at the farmers market too, could we please have some Grads volunteer to help out with selling of the signs and to be dunked:) parents please talk with your graduate and have them come help out:) We need graduates there from 10:00-1:00 at the Market. Bring a Towel:)

Photos from CSS & McNaughton GRAD 2023's post 25/05/2023

I have some news for those of you still looking for Grad 2023 Lawn signs we have more that we can sell at the farmers Market June 3rd. Lawn signs are $30.00 cash, cheque or etransfer. No presales please come to the market:))

We would like some Grad Volunteers to help sell these signs at the farmers market:)) The community has been amazing for our Grads and we would like to have some Grads come out to show appreciation:) the market opens at 8:00am and goes till 1:00.

We also will have a Bucket dunk fundraiser at the farmers market:) 2$ minimum donation, parents please have your grad sign up in the office to help:))) The grads that want to be dunked need to come prepared to get wet bring a towel.

Also Grad school BBQ and open house is June 2nd and the grads have a option to dunk a teacher OR a teacher has the option to dunk a grad:)) for a donation. PLEASE pre sign up in the office:) please dress accordingly and bring a towel lol


For the Grads that went out to camp on the weekend you are representing your school well!!! Thank you for being so kind ♥️♥️♥️♥️ parents give your kids a compliment for this!!:)

Photos from CSS & McNaughton GRAD 2023's post 05/05/2023

Just wanted to pass this along:) it’s a time line of events for Friday June 23rd and Saturday June 24th


REMINDER meeting for all parents and grads 6:30 tonight CSS theatre.

We will be selling up to 60 signs tonight so bring cash, cheque or prepare to e-transfer. The signs are $30.00 each. The email for etransfers will be available tonight at the table. Cheques made out to Correlieu Secondary School.

We will order more signs if we run out tonight. ♥️ Thank you in advance for supporting the grads.


REMINDER parent and Graduates meeting in CSS theatre tomorrow night 6:30, I will have a proof of the lawn signs at this meeting. We will post here on the page when the signs are ready to sell and a list of commitee Chair contacts for payment and sign pick up.


Keep a eye on this page for info on lawn Signs about 2023 Grads:)) you will be able to purchase a sign to put on your lawn or your business to support Grads of 2023🎓🎓🎓🎓 we are trying to get a portion of our order by May 1st for the parent and Grad meeting at CSS theatre 6:30. I should know more by tomorrow:))


MEETING MAY 1st 6:30 in the CSS theatre for all parents of a graduate and Grads for a info session on the two days of grad. Also discussions and input, please attend if you can :))) we need parents to be informed of a few things on both the Friday and Saturday of Grad for June 23-24th.


Just a reminder to all Grads scholarahips and Bursaries are due TOMORROW APRIL 5th!!!!

Scholarship & Bursary Applications are due tomorrow, April 5th, by 3 pm to Ms. Kinloch!

Also we need some more volunteers for games and prizes. If you are not comfortable with soliciting businesses, there is help needed with games. There is also times needed for putting baskets together or just organizing prizes the day of as well. Please Contact
Lisa Hayes (250) 255-0924
Damion Shaughnessy (250) 255-5825


Things are coming together, the Chair of each Commitee met last night with Marissa, Shane, Carli and my self. Each chair has a list for their Commitee that some people have volunteered for. The Commitee chair will be in contact with those who have signed up soon.

Now we are just looking for some more volunteers to help in those committees. We need a few more to make this run smooth:) if you can help in one or more of these following committees please reach out by text or phone call to the following chair:

Set Up Jeff Lefebvre 250-991-6568
Clean up Linda Currie 250-255-6997
Decorating. Cara Nault. 250-261-9614
Security. Arthur Knauf. 250-316-0598
Linens Tammy Bjornson 250-983-1193
Food. Shawna Veitch 250-255-1301
Games and, Lisa Hayes 250-255-0924

Thank you
Executive Parent Chair
Heather Lefebvre


Just a reminder if you haven’t signed up for a volunteer position please respond to this thread:) we could use more people on decorating, clean up, set up and possibly food:) the chair of each commitee is meeting next week and you will be receiving phone calls or text on a meeting soon with that commitee by end of next week:)) thank you for those of you that have signed up, the more help the better and smoother things will run:) it takes a lot of volunteers to have a great Graduating weekend:)))


Parents of Graduates, Outlaw has tuxs to rent you have to go in for a fitting during the week Monday to Friday it is something you need to book:)


Just a update, Mrs Knauf and I met today to go over the committees and look through our volunteers the Chair of each of those committees have been contacted. The Chair of each commitee and Mrs Knauf, my self and Mr Mummery and Mrs Cobin will meet and give info to chair people for committees . The Chair is responsible for contacting people that have signed up on that list. If you signed up for a commitee you should get a phone call or text or email the week of the 13th by the end of that week.

If you haven’t signed up for a commitee/job for the two days of grad please reach out to me and I will add you to the list of which ever you would like to help with. Committees are as follows:

-Clean up both days
-Set up both days
-Security for Saturday night at the promenade
-linens ironing gowns and Sashs then after washing for storage
-Games and prizes (getting donations)
-Food (donations) and running Saturday night at promenade

Their will be an other All parent meeting in April, to see where we are to date.

Please feel free to reach out to me by text or call with any questions or if you would like to sign up for something. Volunteers still needed and it takes a whole community to pull this off:) thank you to those that have volunteered to chair a commitee:)
Much appreciated

Heather Lefebvre

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