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I’ve always loved the proverb “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

Earth Day is every day and the climate emergency is here. One of the ways Jonah and I are committed to addressing the climate emergency is to help our girls develop a deep and trusting relationship with nature.

One day, they will become the stewards of the Earth and in order for them to want to take on that role, they need to love Mother Nature and all that she provides for us. As a family, we spend a lot of time nurturing that relationship.

If you happen to be Toronto urbanites like us and want to nurture that relationship for your kids, I would highly recommend The Pine Project!
Our girls love their outdoor school and it’s helped them tremendously with getting comfortable in nature year round. They always come home smelling of the Earth, with exciting new facts or skills and when we pick them up, they usually don’t want to leave the forest.

Hope you had a great Earth week!
We had so much fun making forts for The Pine Project’s contest that we lost track of time and missed the submission date! ;) The awesome abodes we made as teams is a cool enough prize though ❄️☃️ One of them even included rainbow blocks 🌈

"Treaties Recognition Week is the first week of November every year.

Most of Canada is under treaty for shared use with Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous communities. Treaties help demonstrate "ongoing rights and obligations" for all who live in Canada."

The Toronto Public Library a has series of resources for all ages who'd like to learn more about and engage with what it means to live as treaty people. While many of the resources are local to Ontario, the historical and contemporary nature of treaties is important to understand in the path towards decolonizaiton and reconciliation.

Grateful for this share from The Pine Project!

the story behind my original song ‘Woman of Fire’ and the song itself

performed at Canopy Music Theatre and filmed by Soundlive

you can find the livestream over at Canopy Music Theatre’s YouTube and Facebook

special shout-out to The Pine Project for inspiring the song and for keeping me curious ✨
You will ~knot~ regret checking this event out brought to you by our friends at The Pine Project✨
Have you considered what animals do in the winter? Some migrate (move to a warmer place), but what about all the ones that don't?

Check out this fun scavenger hunt style activity page from The Pine Project. (Read the brief post or simply scroll to the bottom to access the pdf).
The Pine Project is hiring Instructors and Operations Coordinators for our in-person summer day camp in Toronto for July and August 2021. This is a great opportunity to engage in outdoor education in an urban environment, learn some awesome new skills (like plant identification, friction fire techniques and more) and learn from incredibly knowledgeable camp managers. Hiring is happening on a rolling basis so apply soon! Job descriptions and how to apply can be found here:
Join us Monday evenings for this FREE series focused on nature awareness, expanding your knowledge of ecology, self-reliance, and seasonal food.

Each week naturalist and wildlife tracker Chris Gilmour will be hosting guest nature mentors. The goal is to help participants unwind from the stresses of the world, tap into the seasonal cycles of nature and explore foods that may be available this time of year.

Upcoming Guests:

Monday, Jan 25, 7 pm EST (4pm PST) Alexis Burnet from Earth Tracks Outdoors School. Alexis is a certified wildlife tracker, naturalist, herbalist and organic grower. Join us as we explore all these topics as they relate to the current season. Earth Tracks

Monday, Feb 1, 7 pm EST (4pm PST) Caleb Musgrave runs Canadian Bushcraft, an Indigenous-owned and operated wilderness skills school in central Ontario. This week we will explore the natural world, seasonal cycles, and winter food security from an Anishinabe perspective. Canadian Bushcraft

Monday, Feb 8, 7 pm EST (4pm PST) Lee Earl from The P.I.N.E. Project. Lee is an avid naturalist, internationally-certified wildlife tracker and co-founder of Wild Foragers Society, facilitating the hands-on exploration of wild plants in Toronto. The Pine Project

Monday, Feb 15, 7 pm EST (4pm PST) - Special Event - Introduction to Wildlife Tracking & Nature Awareness with Christina Yu. Tracking is not just about identifying footprints. In essence, it is about knowing how to read and interpret the story of life in nature's tracks, signs and sounds.

Click here to register:
Earth Path is very excited to invite you to a free online nature mentoring series with friend and mentor of our Executive Director, Chris Gilmour.

The series is called "Living With the Seasons" and focuses on themes like self-reliance, nature awareness and seasonal food.

Every Monday for the next 6-weeks (including tonight), he will be hosting interactive web calls bringing on amazing guests from diverse backgrounds and experience in nature connection and education.

This is definitely a series you do not want to miss out on.


Jan 11 *TONIGHT* @ 8 pm EST - Stawhawk & Charles Williams - Earth Activist Training
Jan 18 @ 7 pm EST - Lee Earl - The Pine Project
Jan 25 @ 7 pm EST - Alexis Burnett - Earth Tracks
Feb 1 @ 7 pm EST - Caleb Musgrave - Canadian Bushcraft
Feb 8 @ 7 pm EST - Laura Gilmour - Wild Muskoka Botanicals
Feb 15 @ 7 pm EST - Special Event - Intro to Wildlife Tracking & Nature Awareness with Christina Yu

For more information and to register, visit:
A message from our Executive Director:

Dear Earth Path community,

As I step down from my post as Executive Director and reflect on my past 8 years with Earth Path, I feel such deep appreciation for all of you- children, parents, staff, board members, friends from partner organizations, funders, and advisors- who have built this community, sharing a love for nature and a commitment to nurturing healthy relationships for a better world.

To Earth Path children, thank you for reminding me every day how to be curious, play and have fun; to be excited about everything from slugs to puddles, dog tracks to deer s**t and hiding in tall grasses; how important it is to look out for others, big or small; and to be fully in the moment, going with the flow each day.

To parents, thank you for believing in our vision, entrusting your children to us, and showing up week after week to drop off and pick up your children, no matter how muddy and wet they were!

To staff, thank you for being the AMAZING mentors that you are: guiding the children in our programs with so much heart, dedication, care, and coyote wisdom; keeping morale up regardless of weather; and working so beautifully as a team, everyone sharing their unique gifts, leading, and helping wherever needed. I have learned so much from all of you.

To board members, it is no small feat to keep your own busy lives and jobs going while also volunteering for Earth Path to keep our non-profit running. Thank you for your many hours of service and support, which have been essential to guide and sustain our organization in the best possible way.

To our funders and partners, thank you for your generosity, which has enabled us to engage many more people in nature connection, including underserved groups, and to offer a greater range of programming.

To all other friends, advisors, and community members, thank you for the numerous ways you have contributed to the Earth Path community- through ideas, resources, donations, and much more.

To my dear sister Corinne, cofounder of Earth Path, thank you for being the best companion imaginable on this journey, a true nature spirit, loving mentor, and warmest guiding light.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Earth and all its beings for the wise and nourishing web that holds us.

I am proud of what we have all accomplished together and am excited to see how Earth Path continues to evolve. Our new Executive Director Nikki Satira has a wealth of experience directing nature programs, training staff, fundraising, collaborating with a diversity of educators, and bringing creative elements to programs, having worked with Toronto’s Pine Project for 7 years. As Acting Director these past 6 months Nikki has excelled, skillfully navigating Earth Path through a pandemic, no less. Together with our exceptional staff and board, I see Earth Path continuing to improve and expand its positive impact on the world.

Wishing you all the very best,
Absolutely loved being able to flex around my day today to join Maia at Nature School!

As soon as we got there I could feel myself breathe again.

It’s been a busy week; I know I haven’t been sleeping enough, moving enough or just breathing enough.

But there’s something about nature that just draws you back, so quickly.
I immediately felt more grounded, less distracted.

We sang a welcome song, practiced gratitude, observed the birds, searched for animal tracks, named seeds, made echo sounds, climbed over logs, watched the stream.

We even observed a deceased coyote- I know! But it was neat to take a moment to actually observe an animal like that up close. We sang it a beautiful Death Song, thanking it for its life and the gifts its bringing back to the Earth in its death.

It’s usually Dave who gets the joy of bringing her each Wednesday, but with his sprained ankle I was able to juggle around my day today to join instead.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do that when I need to in this new position!

Thanks The Pine Project for a wonderful morning!

Ontario's leading nature connection organization. We inspire a love of nature through transformative outdoor programs. The Pine Project is a Toronto-based charity dedicated to inspiring a love of nature 💚 🌿 We believe all people need nature.

Research shows that time in nature makes people happier, healthier, smarter and more connected to the earth. Pine facilitates transformative nature connection programs for people of all ages. Our programs take place 100% outside, in all seasons, in any weather. Each year, we support over 1,600 people to discover their unique gifts and form deep connections to nature and community. Together, we co-create a brighter future for people and the earth.

Operating as usual

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/28/2022

Did you know that tomorrow is GivingTuesday? GivingTuesday is a global movement that’s all about gratitude and community, two values close to our hearts here at Pine. Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, what better day to embrace Pine’s motto, “Be More Need Less”, and focus on ways that we can give back to our human and more-than-human communities!

To help you get outside, express your gratitude for nature, and contribute to your community, we're thrilled to share a few Outdoor Activity Resources, created by the Pine team! We hope these help you and your loved ones learn something new, build connections, and have a ton of fun. See the full activities here:

Happy exploring!

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/25/2022

How nice it is to spend time in all different types of weather this week! We had an adventure-packed week, and our West end Weekend Wanderers programs ran last weekend too! Here’s a few things that we got up to:

☃️ At Eastview on Monday, we made lots of different snow people, and with teamwork we made a super tall snow person!
🥄 Practiced coal-blowing spoons in our Monday Run Wild program, especially cool that the coals are so visible at night.
🪵 We made shelters and enjoyed doing our sit spots with the Monday foxes
🐢 We helped a baby snapping turtle out of the parking area at Kings Mill with the Wednesday Coyote Pups. There has been more than one sightings of smooshed turtles this week, so we hope this little one made it.
🪺 On Wednesday, we found a bird’s nest. We’ve been loving all the birds that have been in the area this week - red-tailed hawks, chickadees, robins, downy woodpeckers and nuthatches!
❄️ On Thursday, the Coyote Pups did some target practice with our snowballs! We also played “cold potato” and built a “snowpire” - which of course is a mixture of a snowman and a vampire!

Hoping to join in on the fun and have some adventures of your own this year? Our March Break Day Camp registration opens on Wednesday, December 7th at noon! Head over to to learn more!

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/24/2022

Brrrr, it's chilly out there! As the weather gets colder, here are some of our best tips to stay warm! ❄️ There are so many fun and exciting things to do outside this winter - from animal tracking to building snow forts. Staying happy, healthy and safe while adventuring out is important. We hope these tips help you get outside, no matter the weather!


Pine’s March Break Day Camp is all about having fun outside in any weather! March Break falls in a magical time right before Spring Equinox, when we are saying goodbye to the snow and welcoming the surge of life to come. 🌱

March Break Day Camp runs from March 13-17, for campers ages 4-13. Join us as we explore all this season has to offer. Registration opens on Wednesday, December 7th, at 12:00pm (noon)! Click here to learn more:

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/22/2022

Nature connection is about so much more than what meets the eye! 👀🌿

"Nature connection is important to me because it’s about so much more than ID’ing plants or practicing survival skills. It’s about a sense of community, gratitude, self-transformation, and feeling connected to nature here in Toronto. I remember one day soon after I joined Pine’s Wild Deer adult program, I was inspired to try to weave a basket so was out harvesting dogwood, and my husband later reflected, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you happier.” It was soon after that we decided our kids needed to be a part of Pine too. Everything about Pine is so in line with our values, so in line with what we want to bring into our family. I’ve seen how Pine holds space for my children and others to explore their own interests, to feel recognized and proud of their gifts and talents, and to learn how to manage risks for themselves. It’s so beautiful. I’m so grateful for all that Pine and nature connection has brought to my kids and my family. These experiences go beyond what they are learning, to who they are being." - Meghan, Pine Parent and Participant

Hearing from families about the impact connecting to nature has had on their lives inspires us and reminds us of why we do this important work. If you feel inspired too, please help us bring life-changing nature connection experiences to more families by donating today. Learn more and donate today at

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/21/2022

What a pleasing pickle party! Last week's Community Nature Night was fun, connective, and scrumptious. We really enjoyed hearing about Pine mentor Kate's family pickle history, learning the importance of canning and lineage, and of course pickling together!

Keep a lookout for more Nature Nights coming up (offered monthly through June)!

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/18/2022

What a week to be outside! This week we prepared for winter and welcomed the snow by:

🪵 Designing and building shelters
🥄 Coal burning spoons
❄️ Building, playing and experiencing SNOW! We also reflected on how nice it is to be surrounded by people who like winter and welcome the snow! Sharing gratitude can be an incredible way to change our perspective of challenging things.
🧵 Making sumac beads for necklaces and keychains
🐺 Working as a wolf pack to explore a hollow log in our den
🎶 Singing and jumping around in the cold, appreciating how it warmed our bodies and made us so happy - song really is a survival skill!

We know it's still officially fall, but we're already excited for all the many wonderful winter adventures ahead. Want to join us? There's still space in some Outdoor School programs! Head over to to learn more.


First snow of the season fun! ❄️

At Pine, we love playing in the cold. Not only because it's SO much fun, but also because kids who go outside and play in any weather grow up resilient, adaptable, creative, positive, and aware – things they’ll need to face their future in a good way! Check out this article by Pine's Executive Director, Andrew McMartin, to learn more:

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/15/2022

Here at Pine, the shorter days, chilly air, fallen leaves signal a time to reflect and share gratitude. Looking back on 2022, we’re especially grateful for the ways our community is reconnecting. Red Wolf Overnight Camp ran again for the first time in 3 years. Families are re-joining program circles. Community Nature Nights are meeting in person for the first time since the pandemic began. And we’re expanding our community to reach new people, like partnering with Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre.

Feeling inspired, we opened new conversations with voices in our community – children, caregivers, mentors, volunteers, partners, and others – to understand why connecting to nature is important to them. The stories we heard, like the ones shared here, were truly inspiring and they reminded us of why we do this work.

Looking towards 2023, we're building on this momentum and raising critical funds to help more kids get outside. Your gift can give children life-changing outdoor experiences. Check out the many ways you can support by heading over to and stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share more inspiring voices. In the meantime, we'd love to know - why is connecting to nature important to YOU? Share in the comments!

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/10/2022

Our Monday Coyote Pups had an especially exciting week! In just 3 short hours, they fit in a lot of fun. Together, they:

☀️ Spent time in the fall sun (It fills us with so much warmth and happiness!)
☕️ Made cedar tea (Packed with vitamin C and healing properties. We're so grateful for what the land provides)
🌼 Practiced moving quietly through the goldenrods (When we're quiet, we disturb less and see more!)
🌲 Identified conifer trees with the help of field guides (How many conifers have you met in your area!?)
🐇 Played games like Run Rabbit, Run (In this tag-based game, rabbits must avoid a hungry coyote. It's incredible to get in the mind of animals to understand how they move, their needs, the challenges they face, and how they're connected to others in their community)

Want to get in on the fun? There’s still space available in our Monday Afternoon Coyote Pups group in the West End! Head over to to learn more and register.


Red Wolf Overnight Camp 2023 Registration is Now Open!

Find yourself in the woods this summer. Red Wolf is a transformative outdoor summer experience for kids. Campers have the rare opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the wilderness. Living backcountry with peers and experienced mentors, campers learn new wilderness and survival skills, explore the forest, play nature games, and more. They leave with a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and resilience, life-long friendships, and a deep connection to nature.

Learn more about Red Wolf and how to register by visiting


There's so much beauty all around us 😍 🍂


Welcoming kids back to Red Wolf Overnight Camp this summer was so incredible that we're already gearing up for next year. Registration for 2023 Red Wolf Overnight Camp will open on Wednesday, November 9th, at 12pm (noon)!

If your 7-14 year old camper is ready to sink into nature, try new things, form life-long friendships, and discover their unique strengths, Red Wolf is the place to be.

Learn more about Red Wolf by checking out !

Photos from The Pine Project's post 11/04/2022

The fall fun continues! From exploring to crafting to games, we had the best time together outside this week. Here's some of what we got up to:
🧭 An Adventure Out Foxes group created an obstacle course with rope and helped each other navigate through it.
🌸 One group made willow rings, inspired by a Pine volunteer sharing that in her home of Latvia they have a midsummer tradition of making rings with summer wildflowers and throwing them up into oak or apple trees to try to catch them on a branch, believing the success of the throw predicts future happenings.
🦌 An Adventure Out Ravens group played with different kids of materials, making all kids of creative crafts from felted animals to leather bracelets.
🍁 A school group from Royal St. George's College went searching for different kinds of leaves...and found 94!
🌊 An Oaks and Acorns parents and tots group read the book "Nibi is Water" by Joanne Robertson, which led to discussion about how Nibi (meaning "water" in Anishinaabemowin) takes so many interesting forms this time of year like dew and frost.
🎃 A Run Wild group carved gourds in celebration of Halloween!
🪶 Nature museum items sparked curiousity and inspired kids to activate their different senses.


We're so excited for November's Community Nature Night: "Preserving the Harvest - A Pickle Adventure!" Join Kate and others as we make a batch of fridge pickled vegetables, discuss preserving methods, and trade techniques! Food systems are part of our local ecology, and this is an opportunity to share some creative ideas and enthusiasm for making home preserves. In this event, each attendee will be able to make a small batch of pickled root vegetables. RSVP here:

Thursday, November 17th, 7-9pm
Pine Office (276 Carlaw, Unit 302)
Hosted by Pine Mentor Kate!


Hey adults - Are you interested in getting to know your local environment? Or learning survival skills like friction fire and shelter building? What about connecting with a community of like-minded folks? Then Pine's Wild Deer Adult Program is for you!

One weekend each month from January - June, participants will meet at various locations in Toronto and southern Ontario. All experience levels are welcome, whether you're an avid naturalist or just beginning your nature connection journey. Join Wild Deer's Lead Instructor, Lee Earl, and a variety of guest mentors, to deepen your connection with nature and build community!

Registration is now open! Head over to to register.

Photos from The Pine Project's post 10/28/2022

What a beautiful fall week we’ve had! We are feeling so incredibly lucky to be able to spend time outside while the seasons are changing, the weather is pleasant, and the colours of the leaves are so vibrant. We had a very eventful week here at Pine - here’s what we got up to:

🪺 Went searching for leaves and found an intact bird’s nest - inside the nest we found baby bird bones!
💀 Came across some natural Halloween decorations
🍂 Found a big pile of leaves… or is there a person in there?
🪵 Enjoyed time carving in the sun
🐌 Made a home for our new friend "Sluggy" the Slug
🍁 Met the trees with our eyes closed, hearts open, and feeling the trunks with our hands

We’re having a blast outside this autumn! Excited for all the future adventures we will have this season.


We're so excited to announce that after a couple years of Covid hiatus, Pine's much loved Wild Deer 1 adult program will be BACK this January! Registration will open next Wednesday, November 2nd, at noon.

We've heard how keen many of you are to connect with other adults who are similarly enthusiastic about nature. We're thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity again. Wild Deer is a great opportunity for educators, parents, and outdoor enthusiasts to deepen their connections to nature, community, and themselves. Through a mix of active instruction and experiential learning, participants learn in-depth naturalist knowledge, wilderness skills, and mentoring techniques.

Wild Deer takes place over 6 weekends, January - June, at various locations in Toronto and southern Ontario. All experience levels are welcome, and with a wide variety of guest mentors joining us this year, everyone can find opportunity to grow their skills.

Head over to for more details.

Photos from The Pine Project's post 10/25/2022

We had so much fun with our first weekend of Weekend Wanderers in the West End! We really soaked in the sunshine of this early autumn warmth. It was such beatiful weather to spend time outside and we are so grateful to be able to spend these October days in the outdoors. We watched the salmon run in the Humber River, played lots of fun games, spent time with some bug friends, and learned about the three sisters (corn, beans and squash), a traditional form of agriculture practiced by many Indigenous Nations. Each plant helps the other grow in different ways!

PS: Want to get outside this year? Our monthly Weekend Wanderer programs in both the East and the West End still have space available! Check out our website for more.

Photos from The Pine Project's post 10/21/2022

We’re loving this wonderful autumn weather! Bundling up and spending time outside with the leaves and the squirrels has been so much fun. This week, we got up to lots of exciting things:

🏠Built a home for squirrels and baby birds - doormat included!
🍂Made lots and lots of leaf piles. Perfect for jumping!
☔️Figured out some creative ways to keep our feet dry
🍃Built a super cool mask made out of all natural materials
🪵Made friends along the way

We’re having so much fun outside as the leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground. Loving this season and everything that it brings!


Pine is honoured to have received a huge amount of support from our community this year. From kids and families joining our programs, to donors supporting our bursary program, to foundations helping us launch new projects, we couldn't do this critical nature connection work without you. One of the supports we've received is a Grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF). The grant is being used to develop story-based communications that inspire support for the organization's long-term goals, in collaboration with Agents of Good. As part of the project, we've been talking with community members about their experiences with Pine, and the stories we've heard have been inspiring.

For example, Ahmeda, a parent of four long-time Pine kids, shared: “There’s a lot of nature in the city that kids aren’t aware of, and Pine programs are uniquely able to make that real to them. Being in relationship with nature gives them a lens to digest global issues. It gives them a chance to be invested and create meaningful action.” We're excited to share more with you in the coming months. A big thanks to OTF for helping these stories come to life!

P.S. We're loving the beautiful photos by Banko Creative Studio (like the one shared!), also made possible by the grant 😍

Our Story

The Pine Project offers nature based programs that provide long-term mentoring experiences for children, youth and adults in the local environment. These programs are spent entirely outside - there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

A growing body of research is emphatically stating that children are happier, healthier, and developmentally superior (they learn better, quicker, retain more, and are more relaxed) when they spend consistent time in nature. We’ve seen the strongest, most resilient children develop when consistently exposed to nature and strong mentoring from a young age.

We integrate parents and siblings into the experience, with opening and closing circles, storytelling, and celebrations at important times of the year for our participants.

We also offer summer camp programs, as well as nature connection programs for teens, families and adults.

Videos (show all)

Puddle jumping joy at Red Wolf Overnight Camp! How do you enjoy the rain? .....#rainyday #puddlejumping #overnightcamp #...
Volume up - the birds aren’t the only ones singing in these woods! 🌲 Tucked away amongst the trees, Red Wolf campers can...
There were many amazing moments at camp this week, but this was definitely one of the highlights! On ‘mammals and tracki...
For today’s #MysteryMonday, check out these tracks - and the creator of the tracks! Any guesses as to who this shiny blu...
For today’s belated #MysteryMonday, we thought we’d share a clip of one of the voices that has been singing loud and cle...
Why work with Pine? Wolfgang, a long-time Pine Instructor and community member, shares some thoughts on why working with...
There were SO many cool things that happened at programs this week, but this was definitely one of the coolest! 🔥
There are so many incredible opportunities right now for adults to connect with nature, and we're here for it! If you're...
We're feeling so grateful that the snow has stuck around. This week was filled with more snow-filled fun and adventures....
This is what we’re doing with our snow day at Pine! What are you doing with your snow day? Send us some pictures and vid...
This #ThrowbackThursday, snow has us reminiscing on March Breaks past! A few years ago, some March Break campers quietly...
Have you seen flocks of these large birds circling the sky like this recently? We sure have! For this #MysteryMonday, we...





276 Carlaw Avenue Unit 302
Toronto, ON

General information


The Pine Project fosters confidence, competence, resilience and connection to nature through transformative outdoor experiences for all ages in Toronto and beyond.


We envision a world where healthy people are deeply connected to and care for themselves, others and their natural environment.


Gratitude, awareness, connection, community, life-long learning, resilience, fun!

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

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