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*Stride-Ahead* is launching a 2 days *Master-class cohort* for all students and professionals those who want to kickstart their journey of *Data Analytics.*๐Ÿฅณ

We have onboarded *Mr Sajal Garg(Data Analytics Expert, DTU Alumni )* as a mentor of this masterclass and partnered with few companies who will provide Internship/project certificate after reviewing the report. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

*Master class Details*
*Date- 18th July 2020 and 25th July 2020*

*Why Stride-Ahead Masterclass?*

1)Stride-Ahead provides you with *Internship opportunities* to enhance your resume, directly when you complete your course in organisations like *,, Cadx, micrographics India and many more.*

2) *Certificate* provided on completion of the masterclass and Internship(if project assistance if being taken) on successful completion.
3) Linkedin recommendation
4) Schedule a call with our in-house experts and gain insight on your preferred field of career and interest.
5) *Weekly discussions* with subject matter experts from AMEX, Mckinsey, Grand Thorton etc
6) Become a part of the Stride-Ahead Community and stay updated on *unlimited opportunities* in your field of interest.

Stride-Ahead is a recognised startup by *DIPP, Government of India* , incubated under *UINCEPT Accelerator program*

*know more about the Masterclass*:

For any queries, contact Mr Piyush- 9953089067
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Learnings from Mistakes

Those who wants to take entrepreneurship as a career, do have a read, well written

Why user psychology is important for any business model
Hello Striders,
The Indian economy has been affected unprecedentedly as the humanitarian disaster from COVID-19 pandemic unfolds.
It has led to the disruption of the entire economy๐Ÿคฏ
The country is now staring at the face of large scale unemployment with urban unemployment soared upto 30.9% while unemployment as a whole risen to 23.4%.
Have we reached a point wherein we will have to choose between saving the people and saving the economy?
Having a lockdown means saving the lives of people in the current scenario and removal of lockdown means risking the lives of people and saving the economy.
This is the time when the crucial people of our lives like the parents and academicians seriously implement the culture of skill development required to cope up with updated industry trends especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
We, the team of Stride Ahead, are committed towards this mission and would like to enable students to Thrive In Life no matter what.
#strideahead #keepstriding
#togetherwecan #commitment
#thriveforit #timeforchange
Hey guys.. I want to ask a statistical question for Food Science and Technology research work.

For a new product development, can Pareto charts be used for valid result analysis?

Helpful thoughts/comment are welcome. If someone from the field can attach research papers based on the above mentioned, it will be helpful.
Thanking you in anticipation.
We are a group of psychometricians, industry professionals and academicians working towards creating an ecosystem for mentors and mentees to help the younger generation in making crucial life choices related to studies and careers. We want to assist them in answering the important question:

"What after school or college?" and โ€œ How to find the correct path and unlock our own potential?โ€

For this purpose, we are looking for professionals entrepreneurs, college students from various industrial sectors, who are specialized in at least one domain. Individuals should have shown tremendous output in their chosen field.

Perks of this position include:
Side source of income along with training opportunities.
Being part of a noble cause like this will be a great way to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others
Greater visibility professionally and personally.
Analytics of your impact on students.
LinkedIn recommendations.
Collaboration opportunities for content creation.

If you want to contribute to this cause you can fill the form below and we can have further discussion.

To get in touch with us, contact us at [email protected].
#mentorship #skilldevelopment #careerassistance

STRIDE Ahead is an AI-powered Platform consisting of Psychometricians, Industry professionals and Academicians working towards creating an ecosystem for Mentors and Mentees to help the younger generation in making crucial life choices

Stride Ahead visualizes a world where every individual is satisfied with their careers and specialize in their domain. We aim to achieve this through unbiased guidance, mentorship and adaptive recommendation engine for curated content that will take them on the path to success on the basis of their talent, interests and skills.

Operating as usual


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Important Soft Skills ๐Ÿ“ฃ to Add to Your Resume ๐Ÿ“œ

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Stride Ahead is now on WhatsApp. 02/17/2022

Stride Ahead is now on WhatsApp.

Stride Ahead is now on WhatsApp.


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What Shark Tank India Revolutionised ๐Ÿ’ผ

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Do you often think about the following but arrive at a dead end while seeking answers -

1. I am in Tier-2, Tier-3 College, Will I get an Internship !?
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This Republic Day, give your career the new heights it deserve, and march ahead to success!

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It's time you let go of traditional conventions about what makes a successful candidate and adapt to the changing times.
Merit today comes not merely from certification, but from more dynamic sets of skills and experience. It is hence essential that you focus on all-round development and increase your chances of landing a job.
With world-class faculty, a plethora of internship opportunities, strong mentorship, and more, StrideAhead prepares students to brace the challenges in their careers.

Join us for a life-changing experience!
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Heyy Strider's !!
It's Obvious We all want to Upskill Ourselves and Achieve our Goals this Year.

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Are you tired of applying to jobs? Do you think you lack the skills to kick start your career?
If your answer is yes, then all your career needs are in the right direction!

With StrideAhead 360-degree guidance, you can be assured of staying ahead of the learning curve and acing every job interview.

Sign up for a 1:1 Mentorship program for data-driven mentorship that aims at helping you discover your career path.

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Our youth is a promise of what we can achieve together.
Let us make our move to utilising our strength and skills towards building a better tomorrow!

StrideAhead wishes all its young-at-heart followers a Happy National Youth Day!

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You might wonder why recruiters do not prefer freshers for a job. Well, the answer is not quite easy.
While recruiters face the pressure of hiring freshers, they also have to generate reasonable returns on their resource investment. This is where they prefer hiring experienced candidates over freshers.
Other factors that restrict freshers are the lack of experience, cost incurred to train them, and a mismatch in the required skill set.

But does this mean that freshers would never get the industry exposure to start with?
This is when we come to your rescue! By giving you 360-degree guidance and direction to begin your career journey with the help of our AI-powered assessments, an expert team of industrial mentors, and skills to bridge the gap; we prepare freshers to take on the job market competitively!

Check out more at StrideAhead and join our community to make your stride to success!
Drop your comments if you have experienced the same!

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A new year calls for a fresh start.โœจ
Give your career a new edge with opportunities and guidance from our trusted mentors.

StrideAhead family wishes you a year filled with growth and progress!

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'Tis the season of fulfilling dreams and aspirations!โœจ
Your Santa at StrideAhead is bringing the best counsellors and mentors to help you in your career journey.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a bright career ahead!๐ŸŽ‰

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Hope you're doing well and healthy because it's Friday which means CAREER HOUR day!
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We, at Stride Ahead, extend our heartiest congratulations to Harnaaz Sandhu on winning the Miss Universe title and bringing home the glory after 21 years. You taught us how true efforts are always rewarded.โœจ

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General Rawat was instrumental in modernising the Indian Army and being the pillar of support to the country. Such heroes are the true symbol of valour and courage!

Our heartfelt tribute to CDS GEN Bipin Rawat, the man who dedicated his life to protect our land and our pride, and taught us to always !๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ


Our Story

With the boom in internet content sharing, massive online open courses and advanced training centres amongst other changes in the domain of education, everyone had hoped for a better and quality output from themselves and others. However, this did not happen. The reality was that despite having Google in our pockets, tuition centres, schools and colleges with huge amounts of content; people were still stuck in careers that didnโ€™t match their interest or skill set, most students were still confused and lacked awareness to make informed choices. As a result, the unemployment rate was increasing, youth depression rates were high along with a deteriorating mental health and the gap between required and provided skills was still prevailing.

After careful research and studying the patterns, we realised that content overflow leading to confusion and wastage of resources like time and money was one of the reasons. Furthermore, mentorship was not personalized and adaptive workshops were missing. Our experience had taught us that real-life case studies and experiential knowledge aid learning and knowledge creation, which were largely absent.

To solve these problems, we brainstormed and developed a model based on machine learning and human mentorship with adaptive reporting. And thus, began our journey with Stride Ahead, aimed at revolutionising the sphere of education and being a one-stop solution to all the woes of the current system.

Our mentors are skilled and successful in their particular domain and their guidance based on experience of industrial ecosystems and personal journey, is invaluable to students. Having mentored 1000+ students in the past, we seek to transform more lives with our AI Powered Ed-Tech Venture.

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