@ztallion waooo the best
@ztallion formation très bénéfique pour nous
Formation Googledigital,assez enrichissant
Je me nomme Mansour ouro-agouda étudiant en informatique a Esgis je suis actuellement à la formation GOOGLE digital skills
Merci @Ztallio
#Formation Google de ce matin s'est bien débuter
La formation est très intéressant
Formation Google à esgis
Que du lourd avec Google

GOOGLE Digital Skills une aubaine pour la maîtrise de tout ce qui concerne le digital. #en pleine séance. @Ztallion 👌
Good morning , please I can't locate the venue for the program.am at MTN erevan

We are Ztallion We are Ztallion. We go beyond crafting pretty designs to combining ideas and strategy, into creating beautiful digital experiences that attract, convert and retain customers for our clients.

We focus on telling better brand stories that help improve interactions and build a stronger digital presence, through design & Digital. Contact:
Nigeria Office:
Kubwa FCT. Abuja

Cotonou Office:
MTN Business Center
Avenue Steinmetz
Cotonou, Littoral Benin
+229 67 69 28 15

Fonctionnement normal


How to Secure Ownership of your Google My Business Account

🎯 DID YOU create your Google my Business account yourself?

If you didn't, then you might be at risk of losing access to your GMB account unless you secure ownership of that account.

In this video, I'll show you how to take back ownership and secure your GMB account, even if you didn't create it yourself.

** Links to all resources mentioned in this video can be found in the comment section.

Got questions? Ask me below 👇🏼


Vanessa Mbamarah

How do you know if your business has been verified after filling out the GMB verification form and claiming your business?

In this video I'll show you how to find that out.

Questions? Let me know below.


Vanessa Mbamarah

How to verify your business on Google even if you run your business from home.

Fill out this form to get your business verified -> https://shor.by/ON3I

Questions? Let us know below.

In this video I talked about you can verify your business if you work from home. So if you are a VA, an author, course creator, freelancer working from home, this is for you.

Fill out this form to verify your business today: https://shor.by/ON3I

Questions? Let me know below.


Vanessa Mbamarah

If you filled out the form to verify your Business on Google, then go check your Google My Business account because it has been verified.

We verify new GMB accounts weekly so if you need to get yours verified fill out this form --> https://shor.by/ON3I

[French copy: https://shor.by/TPNO]

Questions? Let me know below.

fashionomicsafrica.org 20/07/2020

The Number 1 reason why your Business is Losing Customers Online and How to Fix it

fashionomicsafrica.org If I Google your business name right now, what kind of information will I find? This might seem like a very simple question, but if you actually do this little exercise yourself, you might discover 2 things. 1) Your business isn’t visible online; 2) The information you have out there is either inc...


How to know if your business has been claimed on Google!

Open a new browser on your mobile, laptop, or desktop.

Now type in your business name.

Look at the search results on the page. DO YOU SEE a menu on the right that shows your business information - business name, a map to your store/office, website link, products, reviews, open and close hours, phone number etc. about your business?

If you are using your mobile, it should be the first thing on your screen as you scroll down.

Well, if you do not, then your business listing hasn't been claimed and verified by Google.

If you want to:
- Increase the chances of being found by prospective customers
- Control the information that appears online about your business
- Gain access to the first search result that people see when searching online

Then you need to get your business verified now.

Fill out this form -> https://shor.by/ON3I and we will do the rest. It will take you less than 2 minutes to complete it.

PS: You must have created your GMB account before it can be verified. If you are yet to create one, we have created some resources to help you get started.

1. How to claim your business name on Google: https://youtu.be/3NX4FCfd9sw
2. How to optimize and verify your GMB account: https://youtu.be/2pn1IHaXMuY

If you want to guide in PDF, then download it here: https://www.vanessambamarah.com/why-your-business-is-loosing-customers-online/

Let us know if you have any questions...


Vanessa Mbamarah

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the replay here.


Vanessa Mbamarah

COVID-19 took us all by surprise and hit us where it really hurt. So many people lost their jobs, while lots of businesses struggled to remain afloat.

We all had our own share of the effect from the pandemic, I did too, but you see regardless of how hard it hit, this is not the end of you.

While some people saw only the crisis, others saw opportunities, leveraged on it, pivoted their business models and kept building.

How did they do all that?

I'll tell you, but you need to come join me on today's webinar where I will be talking about "The Positives of COVID-19" - how to look past the challenges, build from it and thrive beyond it.

To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/fnt-yehu-pne


Google Digital Skills For Africa

Vanessa Mbamarah shares her experience with the Google Digital Skills Program: “I became a partner on the Google digital skills program for the same reasons I joined the program as a trainer - I wanted to share the knowledge I had received from the program to people in Francophone Africa. I had learned so much from the sessions, things I never knew about before. I also knew that there were a lot of people back home in Cotonou who would benefit from the same training.

As a trainer, I was only able to train people in Cotonou, but as a partner, I was able to take the training to other countries in francophone Africa. First I started by training more trainers in different countries, who in turn began training people on the program. That was how my journey with the program started, from attendee to trainer and then partner, representing Francophone Africa.

As a beneficiary of the program, I know how the impact of the program has had on my business and it gives me joy seeing other people benefit from the same program, just as I have. I believe that for African youths to survive and remain relevant in their industry, they need to Identify what makes them different, what digital skills they have, and how they can use that difference + skills to drive more impact both for the organization they work for and in their communities.

It is no longer a question of what did you study at the university, but what skills do you have? What can you do now and what have you done in the past? The ability to provide proof of such competence is key to being employable and remaining relevant in the workplace.” #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle #FacesOfGDSA


Vanessa Mbamarah

If you’re posting everyday on social and you’re still struggling to make sales ... well it doesn’t mean your product is bad, it just means you might be doing a few things wrong.

Starting with who you’re targeting and the way you use your content as a tool in your marketing.

If this is a problem you’re currently having, then you might need to change your current marketing strategy.

I recently shared a similar post here and received a lot of DMs with questions around « How to fix this problem.

Well here you go. In the images below, I explain “Why your marketing keeps failing and how to fix it “

If you still need more clarity - Ask me 👇🏼


Ztallion's cover photo


Don’t send another customer to the wrong address. Follow the steps in this guide to set up your free Google My Business account and claim your business name on Google.

We will be verifying accounts from next week so set up your accounts today and click here -> https://shor.by/iE5E join our Facebook community to attend the next session.


Ztallion's cover photo


Marquez vos calendriers et rejoignez-nous aujourd'hui.

LIEU: Dans le groupe Facebook de la communauté Ztallion ici -- > https://shor.by/iE5E

HEURE: Ce soir à 20H 00 (samedi 11 avril 2020)

Si vous voulez une notification instantanée une fois que nous sommes en direct, veuillez rejoindre notre chaîne Telegram ici -> https://t.me/ztallionn

Marquez vos calendriers et rejoignez-nous aujourd'hui.

LIEU: Dans le groupe Facebook de la communauté Ztallion ici -- > https://shor.by/iE5E

HEURE: Ce soir à 20H 00 (samedi 11 avril 2020)

Si vous voulez une notification instantanée une fois que nous sommes en direct, veuillez rejoindre notre chaîne Telegram ici -> https://t.me/ztallionn

~ Vanessa M.


Vanessa Mbamarah

Click on "Get Reminder" so you can get instant notifications once we go live.

To participate in the LIVE conversation, Join our Facebook community --> https://shor.by/iE5E

In this 40 minutes LIVE session, we will be looking at "How to Focus all your effort on the Vital Few to Help You Increase Productivity While Working From Home".

Click on "Get Reminder" so you can get instant notifications once we go live.

To participate in the LIVE conversation, Join our Facebook community --> https://shor.by/iE5E

~ Vanessa M


Join HERE-> https://shor.by/iE5E

Yesterday we had a conversation in our Facebook group around some of the challenges faced during the lockdown.

100% of the responses were the same thing... DISTRACTION.

AT 9PM WAT tonight, I will be hosting a 10 minute Q&A session in response to the subject.

Join us here --> https://shor.by/iE5E


As a result of the current pandemic, a lot of people have been forced to work from home and the need for remote work has increased like never before.

The problem however, is this - a lot of them are struggling to adapt to working remotely, and still remain active and productive.

This 60 minutes, high-impact LIVE session will outline the essentials needed to successfully transition and remain productive while working remotely.

At the end of this session, you will:

- Learn how to plan and organize your schedule, set goals and avoid distractions to help you remain productive while working from home throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

- Access resources to help you continue learning online and tools to help you be to increase performance and productivity.

- Learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay focused, committed and happy while working from home.

- Be prepared and empowered to face the challenges of the upcoming weeks with confidence.

Date For English Audience: Friday 10th April 2020 | 1PM

To participate, join our online community here to attend the LIVE sessions and get all updates --> https://shor.by/iE5E

PS: Si vous êtes Français, veuillez visiter la page GBG Cotonou pour une mise à jour sur la session en français.


Ztallion's cover photo


En raison de l'épidémie de coronavirus, la session avec l'ambassade des États-Unis a été annulée et nous avons
déplacé toutes nos sessions en ligne afin de continuer à offrir de la valeur aux membres de notre communauté.

Pour participer, veuillez remplir ce formulaire et sélectionner toute session en ligne à laquelle vous souhaitez participer ici -> https://shor.by/OeuX

PS: Toutes nos sessions avec GBG Cotonou sont gratuites et ouvertes à tous les membres de notre communauté.

Pour plus d'info, envoyer un message WhatsApp à : +229 6769 2815


Chères dames, dans le cadre de la célébration du mois de l’Histoire des Femmes, vous êtes cordialement invitées à une conférence sur le thème “La femme Remarquable”. L'objet de cette conférence est de permettre aux femmes de parler ouvertement de leurs réalisations et de partager des outils pouvant les aider à créer et à promouvoir une marque personnelle forte et visible en ligne.

Cette conference sera animée par notre directrice Mme Vanessa Mbamarah et aura lieu au Centre Américain le Vendredi 27 Mars à 9h. La session s'adresse aux femmes entrepreneures, débutantes comme expémentées.

Pour y assister veuillez remplir et soumettre au plus tard le 18 Mars le formulaire disponible sur le lien suivant: www.tiny.cc/PASCotWL

NB: Le nombre de places est limité!


Congratulations à notre formateur à Lomé 🇹🇬 Ajavon-m Roland Nishta qui s'entraîne consécutivement depuis le début de la semaine à l'Université ESGIS de Lomé.

Quand nous disons que nous nous engageons à construire l'écosystème numérique en Afrique francophone et à doter les jeunes des compétences nécessaires pour prospérer dans l'économie numérique d'aujourd'hui ... c'est ainsi que nous nous présentons.

Bravo Roland. 💪🏼



Programme de la formation Google Digital Skills avec les étudiants de ESGIS - Togo.



More than 8 in 10 middle-skill jobs (82%) now require some form of digital skills - a number that will continue to rise as we move towards the 4th Industrial revolution.

Now more than ever, students in higher institutions need to equip themselves with the necessary skill to prepare for the job market.

We are happy to partner with ESGIS to train their students on the Google Digital Skills program in all their campuses in Togo.


Une session Google Digital Skills organisée pour les étudiants de ESATIC à Abidjan.

Souhaitez-vous que nous formions des étudiants dans votre université? Envoyez-nous un message sur WhatsApp +229 67692815

Ce lundi, les étudiants de la prestigieuse ESATIC ont eu le plaisir d'être formés au programme Google Digital Skills For Africa par David Yao.

Module :Améliorer votre employabilité grâce au numérique !
Cc Ztallion


Pour célébrer la Journée internationale de la femme, le GBG Cotonou organise une session WomenWill sous le thème: La Femme Remarkable - Possédez Votre Succès, Faites Votre Marque Dans Le Monde.

La session se concentrera sur l'autonomisation des femmes pour parler ouvertement de leurs réalisations et partager des outils pour les aider à construire et promouvoir une marque personnelle forte et visible en ligne.

Cette session est organisée en partenariat avec the U.S. Embassy Cotonou le Vendredi 27 Mars 2020 à l'American Corner, US Embassy Cotonou a parti de 9H 00.

Nous sommes ravis d'avoir Madame Vanessa Mbamarah notre CEO et le lead de GBG Cotonou pour l'Afrique Francophone.

L'entrée est libre et gratuite mais l'inscription est obligatoire. La date limite d'inscription est le 18 Mars 2020.

Inscrivez vous ici --> http://tiny.cc/PASCotWL et partager avec d'autres femmes dans votre communauté

NB: Nombre de places limité


Today, we all know that internet is the best and easy way to learn for adults as well as for the youngest. How can we control or protect kids as regarding all those negative things which are today common with internet?

As we mark the Safer Internet Day in Abuja, our CEO Miss Vanessa Mbamarah will be there the 11th and 12th of February for two days workshop organised By Google on how to keep your activities safe online.

This event is open to parents, teachers, and kids in Abuja.

Venue: Pavillion center, Department of Arts and Culture, Exhibition and Events center, Garki Abuja.

To attend, register using the link here👇
—> https://forms.gle/FkZuFsWdph93Aqvn6

Google Digital Skills For Africa #BeInternetAwesome


Nous reprenons pour le compte de l'année 2020 nos formations Google Digital Skills.

Si vous êtes entrepreneurs et avide de nouvelles compétences pouvant vous permettre de mieux positionner votre entreprise alors ceci vous concerne.

Prenez le rendez vous pour ce samedi 08 Février 2020 à MTN Business Center pour une formation Google Digital Skills réservée aux entrepreneurs.

Pour y participer, c'est très simple! Cliquez sur ce lien et réservez vite votre place --> https://shor.by/aOHv


Nous sommes encore dans la période des fêtes de fin d’année.

Notre CEO Mme Vanessa Mbamarah et toute l’équipe de #Ztallion vous remercient pour ces magnifiques moments passés ensemble tout le long de cette année.

Nous vous souhaitons par anticipation un joyeux Noel et une Bonne et Heureuse Année 2020.


Désormais un cours en ligne est organisé par notre CEO Mme Vanessa Mbamarah afin d’offrir a toutes les personnes désireuses, l’opportunité de Plannifier et CONSTRUIRE leur entreprise a l’orée 2020.

Le Business Building - cours en ligne sera ouvert la semaine prochaine.

Combien ça coûte?
Afrique francophone - 5 000 CFA,
Nigéria - 3 500 N
Ailleurs - 9 $

Ce n’est pas tout, tous ceux qui se seront inscrit jusqu’aujourd’hui a 23h59 auront droit aux cours bonus suivant:

- Comment organiser vos finances - Cours Mini BookKeeping
- Comment monétiser la relation que vous construisez avec votre public à l'aide d'un creuset de vente.

Pour vous insrcire, contactez nous ici
-->https://wa.me/22967692815 et nous vous expliquerons comment procéder.

Vous désirer payer en ligne, cliquez ici
--> https://paystack.com/pay/bbwonlinecourse

N’attendez plus, faites le geste qu’il faut😊



L’année tire a sa fin...
Vous souhaitez avancer dans votre carriere et dévélopper votre entreprise.

Alors rejoignez nous ce 19 & 20 décembre a Parakou et ce 21 décembre a Calavi pour de nouvelles formations Google Digital Skills et commencer 2020 avec toutes les compétences nécessaires.


Yesterday our CEO Vanessa Mbamarah visited NunyaLab in Lomé.

We are excited to partner with the team to provide more hands-on training and equip the youths, startup founder, entrepreneurs and business owners in Togo with the digital skills they need to advance in their careers and grow their businesses online.

This Togolese Incubator is a project by the Ministry in Charge of Youth and sponsored by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a way to support innovative entrepreneurship in Togo.

Our first training program in Lomé will kick off in January 2020.

Don't forget to join the WhatsApp waitlist for more updates on the 2020 Planning workshop --> https://shor.by/gsHc

If you experienced any problem trying to join the group, please send a direct message to +229 6769 2815 (WhatsApp)

Our Mission - What We Stand For

If people don’t develop themselves, their careers and business suffers. At Ztallion we help professionals and growing businesses monetize and effectively market their brands on social media to increase their brand awareness and revenue.

  • In 2017, we partnered with Google on the Google Digital Skills Training Program and the Google Business Group Community (GBG) (representing Francophone Africa) with a goal to equip the youth, young entrepreneurs and small business owners with the digital skills they need to compete and succeed in this modern digital economy.
  • Learn more about our activities --> www.ztallion.com

    Vidéos (voir toutes)

    How to Secure Ownership of your Google My Business Account
    30-Days Digital Skills Challenge.
    Throwback to Google Digital skills Training - TOGO.
    #MarketingTips [Videos]
    Fatima's Success Story - Ztallion
    GBG Cotonou Workshop - March 2019
    [WATCH THIS]Important update for all business owners.#AskZtallion
    La Technologie et vous.
    GBG Cotonou  - Atelier sur les  "Les Outils Numériques pour plus de productivité."
    Aid el kebir



    Autres écoles à Cotonou (voir toutes)
    Les Petits Doigts Les Petits Doigts
    Von Entre La Pharmacie Gbedjromede Et Ecobank Gbedjromede

    Crèche et halte-garderie, Prématernelle, Garde après l'école. Accueil régulier à la carte et ponctuel. Activités d'éveil propices à l'épanouissement de vos enfants.

    Garderie Djidjoe Garderie Djidjoe
    Sis Dans La Rue De La Pharmacie Segbeya En Venant De L'Eglise Sacré Cœur D'Akpakoa, Après Le Deuxième Carrefour, La Quatrième Maison Située à Gauche.
    Cotonou, 03BP2421

    Votre nouveau service de garderie éducative Ouvert 24h/24 et 7j/7 à Cotonou (Bénin).

    Extremes Volunteers asbl Extremes Volunteers asbl
    Cotonou, 02BP 368

    Conquérir le monde par le VOLONTARIAT, la CRÉATIVITÉ et l'AUDACE. Since 2002... Gee Guezo Yamongbe Pastor en est le CEO facebook.com/pastor.geeguezo

    Effy Heaven's School of God Effy Heaven's School of God

    Cotonou, 00229

    Cabinet conseils & formations

    Collège Catholique Saint Jean Baptiste de Cotonou Collège Catholique Saint Jean Baptiste de Cotonou

    Le collège Saint-Jean est un établissement catholique d’enseignement secondaire.

    Automatique redaction Automatique redaction
    Agora Findji
    Cotonou, 00229

    Si un thème d'exposé vous cause un soucis, c'est ici que vous trouverez la solution

    Africa Coaching For The World Africa Coaching For The World
    Fifadji Chabigon
    Cotonou, 358

    Soucieux de la réussite des uns et des autres et de l'Afrique, le Coach Patrick Armand POGNON créa le FIAD, entendez Forum International des Ambassadeurs du Développement qui porte très haut le flambeau du Coaching Intégral.

    Bénin formation Bénin formation
    Cotonou, 00229

    Kiosque.auredo.com est une plateforme de e-learning qui offre aussi des bourses de formation dans les domaines tels que le secrétariat bureautique, la rédaction de plan d'affaires, le e-commerce...

    Complexe Scolaire "Les Petits Chaperons" Complexe Scolaire "Les Petits Chaperons"
    Akpakpa, Zone Des Ambassades

    Maternelle & Primaire Créé en 2011 par l'arrêtée N° 209/MEMP/DC/SGM/DPP/DEPEMP/SP Tél.: +229) 65 76 65 76 / E-mail: [email protected]

    Montessori School of BENIN. Montessori School of BENIN.

    A multilingual montessori school, committed to the all round developement of a today child and a future leader.

    EFE Montaigne Cotonou EFE Montaigne Cotonou
    Quartier Les Cocotiers, B.P. 679, RP 01

    De la maternelle au lycée l'E.F.E Montaigne accueille et forme ses élèves sur la base du programme français. L'établissement fait partie du réseau A.E.F.E