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Ruziba secondary school is one of more than 100000 bullion schools on buja town.

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Timeline Photos 17/06/2015

Good morning our school,

we are so appreciate to all learners for Grade 10 now are here write examinations council of Burundi.

1. Read these instructions carefully.

2.Do not turn this page before you are told . Your teacher will tell you when to turn this page to begin the questions.

3. There are more than 12 questions in all the subjects such us French, Maths, Bio and so on. The paper has 3 or 4 parts:

Part 1 has questions 1 to 13 , part 2 has questions 5 to 20 and part 3 has questions 12 to 33.

4. For each question, four answers are given, but only one of the four is right.

Work out which is the answer. Then, on your Answer sheet, mark the box completely by shading the answer space of the letter of you choice. If you had chosen answer D for a question, you would show it like wrong answer.

5. You must shade your answer spaces COMPLETELY and DARKLY using an HB pencil, if you have to change your answer, you must rub out the shading Very Neatly before shading the new one. use a clean Rubber.

Step 6. When you have finished one page, go straight on without waiting to be told. If you have time left at the end of the question paper, use it to check your work carefully.

Step 7. Look at your ANSWER SHEET, On the top left hand side are boxes which should heve, Examination year, your school number and Examination number, it should also say subject 1 Paper 1.

Step 8. Look at your ANSWER SHEET again. At the bottom left hand side, it should and your high of choice.

9. Put up Hand now if: You have any Question.

You have the wrong answer sheet.

You will not be able to ask questions once the Examination has begun.

Good luck my students from Ruziba high school


Ruziba secondary school we provide the students to teach very well then they'll become a Minister, Lowyers, Journalists, Mecanicians, Misicians,Medical doctors,Engeeniers.

Timeline Photos 10/06/2015

Good afternoon or Good evening its support where you are my brothers and sisters my names many People known me POST-B,

I went to Ruziba High school since 2001 to 2009 I learned there from Grade 7 up to Grade 10 by now i m a student to Technical school of Kamenge (E.T.S) I wish to congratulate to all over teachers who teaching me to our schools i don't have any words i can use to congrate but only my God may blessed us because u make me well, cool, i had something on my head, our teachers thanks to gave me knowledgeable and through my God continue to keep u very well.

In short I m also appreciate the opportunities i got when i studed to Ruziba high school I m not failed that 's good to me...and to my Ruziba high school.

I m steel remember my all friends, neighbours , and families were stay and learn there i would like to say continue 2 pray for your brother Esteric.

My purpls pray for mother Burundi.

Peace and love all.

Timeline Photos 10/06/2015

Hey, We are greating to all learners.

Mr Yves Marimbu on behalf to all teachers,

our student many months ago without learn any subject did u know that both teachers and learners we steel lose a time my dear learners no time to lose we will invite to all learnes to Ruziba high school this monday, 15th june 2015 we will begin teaching actualy come with their school materials ( books, pens) .

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Timeline Photos 23/04/2015

pleaze all students on facebook like and share to ur friendz( colleagues) this page so that next time we want to debate about our educations , our teachers and students.

Sil vous plait Les etudiants Vs etez sur facebook Aimez et Partage cette page pour votre amis(es) collegues nous voulons de contributer sur notre Enseignants meme les etudiants. Merci a vous tous.




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