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Name the common noun in the sentences :
a. Rumi hate bananas . b. Don’t eat that rotten apple .c Here is a book for you ,my dear friend. d. My father is a doctor . e. The phone is ringing now. e. What is your name ?


Try to learn Parts of Speech for Learning English


About teaching profession in Finland


Learn English ,Speak In English and try to do the work in English


Teaching English is an important profession so I am much devoted to Teach English


Really, The winner is Bangladesh

Under the cover of contempt neglect exploitation
There were dreams in the heart,
To live like a human being
Freedom must be taken away.
People's solidarity struggle sacrifice
A land cherished by hearts won,
I love you, O victorious Bangladesh.

Tearful eyes, chest full of hope,
Happy smiling faces of people from all walks of life.
Together we will build my newly found country,
I love you, O victorious Bangladesh.

Heart's accumulation of hope and love,
I can open my mind and speak my language.
A new form of exhortation in my language,
I love you from my the sense I developed O victorious Bangladesh.

Natural beauty walking in green harmony is a satisfying pride to everybody ,
The feeling of the sight of animals and birds roaming everywhere is wonderful.
Every day the mind of free Bengal fascinates.
Order to cultivate unique fertile homelands,
I love you from the core of my heart
O victorious Bangladesh.


I like to teach English


Our Dear Bangladesh of our heart won the greatest VICTORY establishing our golden independence after the heartrending struggle for our existence for 9 months long liberation war against the inhuman oppression by the notorious Pakistani Army on this day, the 16th December, 1971, the golden year after the painful history of 24 years has been going to be celebrated through out this day showing great respect to the martyrs/ freedom fighters who have laid down their lives for founding our legal and fundamental rights.


English is an important and updated Languages


We have to learn Listening, Speaking, Reading and ,Writing to learn English


English is an international language .So ,we should Learn English


Making Sentencesঃ
Present Continuous Tense :
I am taking tea.
I am not taking tea
Am I taking tea?
Ain' t / Aren't I taking tea ?
Am I not taking tea?
We are taking tea.
We are not / aren't taking tea.
Are we taking tea?
Aren't We taking tea? / Are We not taking tea?
You are taking tea.
You are not taking tea
Are you taking tea?
Aren't you taking tea? / Are you not taking tea?
He / She /Rahim is taking tea.
He / She /Rahim is not taking tea.
Is he / she /Rahim taking tea?
Isn' t he / she /Rahim taking tea?
Is he/ she / Rahim not taking tea?
kamal and Mina / they are taking tea. Kamal and Mina / they are not taking tea. . Are Kamal and Mina / they taking tea?
Aren't Kamal and Mina / they taking tea?
Are Kamal and Mina / they not taking tea?


Money, you are the beloved son-in-law of the father-in-law's house.
Taka, you are the chief guest of the program.
Money, you are so kind hearted for the village people.
Taka, you are a distinguished social worker.
Money, you are the leader of the people.
Money, you are the friend of the poor.
Taka, you are the responsible son of your parents.
Taka, you are Shala Shali's dear brother-in-law,
Money, You are the most popular person among relatives,
Taka, you are a very close friend of a friend.
Money, you are the best husband to a wife,
Taka, you are the best father to your a child.
Money, If you are not on me , I don't have anything.


Change the Narration into Indirect Speech
I said to my friend ,”How are you ?”
INDIRECT SPPEECH : I asked my friend how he was
2. 'I'll call you tomorrow morning,' John promised.
INDIRECT SPPEECHI: John promised that he would call me the next morning /The next day in the morning.
3. 'I have finished reading this book.' said the boy.
INDIRECT SPPEECHI: The boy said that he had finished reading The book.
4. 'Why don't you come tonight?' suggested She .
INDIRECT SPPEECHI: She suggested why she didn’t go that night.
5. 'You can finish the report tomorrow,' he told her.
INDIRECT SPPEECHI: He told her that she could finish the report the following day


Dear Students
It is to tell you that in this phase you will be able to learn some rules of changing Narration from Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :
When in the Indirect Speech there is some single word expressing a full sense , in that case We
can chang it using the subject and the auxiliary verb according to the tense
DIRECT SPEECH : He said , :Do you go to markiet ?" I said , "Yes"
INDIRECT SPEECH : He asked If I went to market and I answered that I did.
Hasan said , "Will you go there ?" Samira said , "No"
Indirect speech : Hasan asked Samira if she would go there and she answered that she didn't
If Yes / No means the part of some sentence and in that case We can use answered in the affirmative and that in the nagative for Yes/ No and useung some conjunction we can change the Other part of the speeh
DIRECT SPEECH : He said , "Do you go to school ?" She said , "Yes , I am going there in the morning :"
INDIRECT SPEECH : He asked her If she went to school and she replied in the afffirmative and told that she was going there in the morning

DIRECT SPEECH : He said , Do you love me ?"Nina said, "No, I love my friend "
Indirect speech : He asled Nina if she loved him and she replied in the Negative and said that she loved her friend


Man is such a strange creature that he cannot be judged by any ideal or single standard, no, this may not be true for all but in reality there is one quality in man and that is a little different in outward behavior than other animals. It's surprising to think that man is sometimes counted among other animals like that the men has the beast like quality, isn't it?


Making Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense by using
Subject + verb, 'tobe' +etc
So, We can use the subject, 'YOU' and apply the structure :
You + are +to + Present form of the verb +(etc) to mean that there are some necessity to accomplish some job/work.

You are to work without losing any time because your life is short
You are to learn English for your betterment
You are to start your work in time
You are to manage the situation
You are to remain calm in the room
You to study hard to pass the exam
You are to study hard for getting the job
You are to learn English to teach English
You are to give the class to the students in time
You are to go to school in time
Yiu are to work hard to shine in life
You are to learn reading and writing at first
You are to respect people to sustain your own respect
You are to learn general knowledge
You are to be responsive to you teacher.
You are to be very attentive to the class
You are to gain success in life
You are to maintain hundred percent attitude to be successful in any work
You are to be a good man / woman because you are the supreme animal on the earth


Telling a lie is a great sin


Making Sentences using the Structure : Subject + Verb,'Tobe' +Noun--- phrase + of + a Noun Phrase
In this part I am going to discuss the Present Simple Tense using the Subject, 'First Person Singular,' I'
And So the Structure is :
I + am + Noun phrase + Of + Noun phrase

I am a teacher.
I am a teacher of a chara
I am a teacher of a village.
I am a teacher of a town
I am a teacher of my town.
I am a teacher of my village
I am a teacher of a city.
I am a teacher of a country
I am a teacher of my/ our country.
I am a teacher of Canada
I am a teacher of a foreign country.
I am a teacher of a Primary School.
I am a teacher of a kindergarten
I am a teacher of a High School.
I am a teacher of a teacher of a Madrasa
I am a teacher of college
I am a teacher of a university
I am a teacher of English
I am a teacher Of Bangla
I am a teacher of mathematics
(To be continued)

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