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solve them

Circle the lettwr of the underlined portion whice is not correct.

1.Chilldren enjoy telling and listening (A) to ghosts stories(B) espacially on HAllowween night(C).

2.At the rate the clerks were processing(A) the applications, Harry figured that it will take(B) four hours for his(C) to be reviewed(D).

3.No one would have attended(A) the lecture if you told (B)the thruth about (C) the guest speaker (D).

4.We had better to review(A) this chapter carefully(B) because we will have some(C) question on it on our(D) test tomorrow.

5.The(A) little boy's mother bought him(B) a five speeds(C) racing bicycle for his(D) birthday.


1. অল্প বিদ্যা ভয়ঙ্করী = A Little Learning Is a Dangerous Thing.
2. অতি ভক্তি চোরের লক্ষন-Too Much Courtesy ,Too Much craft.
3. অতি লোভে তাতী নষ্ট- Grasp all lost all.
4. অভাবে স্বভাব নষ্ট- Necessity knows no law.
5. অসময়ের বন্ধু প্রকৃ্ত বন্ধু- a friend in need is a friend indeed.
6. অর্থ অনর্থের মূল- Money is the root of all success.
7. অসির চেয়ে মসীর শক্তি বেশি- The pen is mightier than the sword.
8. অহংকার পতনের মূল- Pride goeth before destruction.
9. আয় বুজে ব্যয় কর- Cut your coat according destruction.
10. আয়ের অধিক ব্যয় কর না- Do not spend above your means.


Vocabulary Update:

টেকসই: durable, viable, stable, serviceable, lasting, endurable

মজবুত: strong, durable, firm, hard, lasting, perdurable

স্থায়ী: stable, adjusted, permanent, standing, fixed, durable

স্থিতিশীল: stable, static, lasting, durable, permanent

Timeline photos 14/04/2014

A*O HE BOISHAK A*O A*O..........

Timeline photos 14/04/2014

Timeline photos


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From today we will provide you basic information about different universities. Here are some information about subject distribution of Chittagong University.

Ka-Unit ( Science Faculty)

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Physics and Electronics

Kha- Unit(Arts Faculty)

Bengali, English, History, Islamic History and Sanskrit, Philosophy, East-Language, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Fine Arts, Mass Communication and Journalism

Ga-Unit(Business Faculty)

Accounting and Information System, Management, Finance and Banking, Marketing

Gha-Unit(Social Science Faculty)

Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Public Administration, Anthropology, International Relation

EEU- Unit(Law Faculty)


Cha-Unit ( Forestry and Environmental Science)

Chho-Unit( Institute of Merin)

Ja-Unit(Biology Department)

Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry and Micro-Biology, Biology and Environmental Science, Anthropology, Genetics Engineering.

Admission Test Method

All of the admission test is taken in MCQ method.

Time-1 Hour, Marks- 100

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