Aspirant Opleiding DPS, Locatie Sta. Cruz

Nos scol actualmente tin 198 alumno y mayoria ta entre 12-18 anja

Werkend zoals gewoonlijk 19/04/2015

Paul Croes: Persigui culpabelnan di filma y post pelea di hoben ORANJESTAD – Si ta pa minister encarga cu hubentud, Paul Croes, e asunto di filma pelea y post nan riba e.o. facebook, mester a disparce ayera. E mandatario a duna un bista di primicia den su plan, cu ta ensera 'converti filmamento y postmento di peleanan di hoben, den un acto castiga…


Nos ta Front Page awe den AweMainta... Keda pendiente pa nos page nobo...


Nos Scol ta oficial!!! Desde awe nos scol ta jama "Scol Practico pa Ofishi"


Awe nos tin bish*ta di nos Minister di enseñansa sra. Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar cu ta bai presenta nomber di nos scol officialmente.



Niños creando una hermosa huerta para su comunidad reutilizando botellas de plástico.


Nos docentennan hayando Lezing tocanta di Droga




Cosecha di nos amigo Bryan.
Simia: " Danvers 126 carrot" obtenibel na miSimia Hydrolife shop.

Bo tambe por.


Awe nos tin double celebracion !! Nos docentenan Mr. Fingal y Juf Esther awe ta cumpli un ana mas di bida... Hopi Pabien !!! 10/02/2015

10 feb 2015 #ClippedOnIssuu

Nos ta hopi contento di tende cu nos scol a keda oficialmente Funda cu e nomber "Scol Practico pa Ofishi" (SPO). Sperando awor cu e periodo di transicion por bai lihe y pa asina nos por habri ana escolar 2015-2016 cu nos propio identidad. AWE Mainta di 10 di Februari 2015 10/01/2015

How To Easily Grow an Endless Supply Of Onions Indoors How awesome would it be if every time you needed an onion for your recipe or meal, you just reach over to your window and pluck a fresh one out!


Korps Politie Aruba awe di bish*ta na nos scol dunando informacion importante na nos alumno nan. 06/01/2015

How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells | 17 Apart: How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells Such a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial. I was wondering about your avocados. Sounds like you've done well with those :)


Architecture & Design

A Wonderful Interior & Exterior Decoration Element: Bonsai Fruit Trees ᴷᴬ


Leoshuel Robert tambe un ex-alumno cu a termina e prome fase di Formacion Social exitosamente. Hopi Exito den futuro Leo, nos ta orguyoso di bo.


Nos ta hopi orgyoso di nos ex-alumno Jorick Perez cu su tremendo resultado di su prome fase di Formacion Social. Nos ta desea Jorick hopi exito den futuro y cu bo sigi cu mas logronan bunita asina.


And we won 3rd Place


Awe nos a ricibi bish*ta di algun Parlamentario cu a bin specialmente pa felicita nos Alumnonan ariba dia Internacional di Mucha, caminda tur alumno a haya un treat di Donuts. Tambe nan a haya un rondleiding di nos GreenHouse 1 y 2 caminda nos alumno Tyrone Chirino a duna un splicacion ariba nos systema di Aqua Phonics. Na final Parlamentarionan a ricibi un mata como recuerdo pero miembronan di prensa tambe a haya nan mata. Si bo no a vota ainda pa nos proyecto di G4N bo por VOTA ainda ariba e link


And we have our first newborn tilapia babies



Awe den corant "AWE Mainta"

AWE Mainta di 11 di November 2014


Still working at school. Preparing for tomorrow's grand event G4N


Setting up tent for our presentation tomorrow G4N.


Cheff Boland y Cheff Tony den nos cushina


Mike Eman

EPB Santa Cruz ta un di e scolnan ehemplar riba tereno di sostenibilidad. Nan tin algun aña caba cu nan a crea nan Greenhouse den cual nan produci tanto fruta como berdura. Esaki nan ta haciendo den cooperacion cu Santa Rosa, cu a haya un rol hopi importante den e maneho di Gabinete Mike Eman I y II pa haci ciudadanonan mas consciente riba produccion di alimentonan pa Aruba bira mas sostenibel. [Oficina di Prensa GME II]


This is the final week for our awesome proyect G4N. If you haven't voted yet, you can still vote this week. Please support our students! They have worked very very hard with the support of the teachers, parents and volunteers.


Everybody works,...everbody can help,....No one has been left out, cause we r One team, One family, it is OUR Greenhouse.
We can not be prouder of our students, they run the job on the field. We r in the final phase of the project and This Saturday we celebrate spantenbier. JEPSSS we reached the highest phase of the project and we r finalizing our Greenhouse. WHILE the boys r greenhousing we have the girls helping out with the aquaponic. The r setting up the plants in there pvc fixtures for the growbed. We r trying to set up approximately 200 plants of different kind of veggies, and herbs to experiment with our system. Be pending to see the final results.

Njoy the pictures and please help us win this competition, so we continue this beautiful journey, by doing more pratical classes for our students.
Vote on
Vote for aspirantopleiding

Saludos Juffr. Bermudez


Nighty night to all.. we r quiet, cause we r extremely busy. Today we r happy and motivated to keep up the good job. Today we had "cosecha* of comcomber. Fresh and healthy from our own garden at Santa Rosa. These are 2 students of class 2AA on there own land at Santa Rosa. DANKI meneer Lopez and Fingal.


And we just finished week 2, take a look how far we r with our magnificent sustainable project. Hard work pay off, team work make the job easier and funnier. Thank u students, teachers, volunteers, parents. This week we r going to set up our aquaponics system On. Stay pending.

Njoy the pictures n do not to go to our link choose our dynamic school Aspirantopleiding and VOTE for us. We deserve ur support, we appreciate ur vote.
One love juffr. BERMUDEZ


As promised Cheff Boland. Pictures, pictures and more lovely pictures of ur visit at our school.
What an amazing experience we had with u. Hope u had a fun time with us, teaching us what u do BEST. We appreciate ur visit and u r more than welcome to come again.
Thnk u Juffr. BERMUDEZ


Bus di Salud na Aspirant Opleiding

We are doing A LOT. It is already day 9 of the G4N -project.

We are working hard on the field, BUT we are also concern about our students health. What could be a better idea of eating healthy and have check-ups by the doctor of Bus di Salud who already became a family member of our school.

Monday the 20th of oktober Bus di Salud visit us. See more on this you tube link.

Stay pending for more awesome quests,.....tomorrow we r in the kitchen with a famous CHEF preparing simple, easy healthy dishes.

njoy the Bus di salud you tube-film

goodnight Juffr. Bermudez


Studiantenan di Aspirant Opleiding a bish*ta Minister

Nos studienatenan hasiendo un tremendo exposure pa Aruba Bank N.V. su proyecto di Good 4 the Neighborhood y nos scol.


Otmar Oduber

Mi ta sumamente contento di por a aprecia e presentacion di e studiantenan di Aspiranten opleiding DPS awe merdia, unda e grupo di hoben talentoso aki a haci nan di dos proyecto di greenhouse y aquaponics cu a hay sosten di Santa Rosa.

Ta tremendo pa mira cuanto interes e hobennan aki tin pa agricultura unda nan a yuda Santa Rosa cu 1000 mata di fruta di nan propio greenhouse.


Tyrone Chirino explaining and showing our Minister, our representative of Santa Rosa, Ibisa, Serlimar, parents, media and guests, where Greenhouse #2 will be by 7 november. More pics on our Aruba Bank G4N / aspirantopleiding page.
Give us ur support, just VOTE *-*


World Food day, a special day to present our Greenhouse project, where we r going to plant veggjes and fruits for our own consumption. An awesome team presented a Powerpoint to the guests an our Minister of Culture, while a dynamic, energetic group of studemts kept the work outside going.
Thnk u Aruba Bank, our students are competing with heart n soul. Work is progressing as is planned and we will continue working hard till the end. We r creating a one sustainable school. 15/10/2014

15oct2014 #ClippedOnIssuu AWE Mainta di 15 di Oktober 2014


NIghty night to u all,.......G4N project started today.
What a great start.
What an awesome and fulfilling day.
Amazing TEAMWORK and GREAT Leadership.

Stay pending for pics and stories about
" the process of building our Greenhouse 2 + an aguaponic system"
Thank U to all colleagues who worked today on the field in the super hot sun, to all G4N leaders for helping out, for being supportive to the volunteers by helping out with food and refreshments. To the media leader for all this wonderful memories, nice pics u took. To all students who showed interest and took leadership of the project. Amazing job, i"m so proud of all of u,....
let"s continue the good work,
let"s stay focused, positive and
let's do not forget, we r in this project together, reaching one goal, to improve our school, to make Aspirantopleiding GREENER!!

Blessing to u all,...Juffr Bermudez

NJOY OUR 1ST DAY OF "MAKING A change" g4n 2014

Tomorrow more pics on our FB page of Aruba Bank,
we''ll share the link,...ShaRE AND please VOTE.




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Santa Cruz
Andere Onderbouw in Santa Cruz (alles zien)
Colegio San Antonio Aruba Colegio San Antonio Aruba
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Colegio San Antonio ta un scol catolico cu ta cay bou direccion di SKOA. Nos meta ta pa prepara tur alumno pa funciona como ciudadanonan responsabel den nos comunidad. E base di nos educacion ta esun catolico cu enfasis riba respet y comprension pa otro.