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What are you good at?

I never thought about this until I looked around me.

BOOOOOM see below.

At giving love, time, creativity, compassion and expression. AKA as my "Super Powers"...

Look through your photos to find yours.


The most common question today is "what is wrong with people"

How's that for a weakness focus.

Here is an empowered focus.

"Fix what is wrong"

Inner strength will take care of itself once you change your thoughts to enable you to change your experience.

You manifest negative everything if you are down on everything with complaint.

Raise your vibration people.

Healing is collective.


Make room for happy endings, it's now within your grasp


My guideline for life is to live it fully and be an inspiration to others.

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Womens circles are the coming together of and connecting with each other in a shared space to honour, uplift & embrace our divine feminine.

When we come together the real magic happens, the power is felt & wisdom is known.

The theme for this circle is 'Birthday Lifestyle'. It's about women celebrating themselves, who they are and what they give.

It's fun-filled, creative, insightful, soul nourishing and inclusive for all the gals.

I love facilitating these gatherings, it warms my heart seeing women uplifting, nurturing and holding space for each other.

If you are interested in holding a circle with the females you admire and wish to experience such a profound bonding experience with, please reach out and we will make it happen.

A circle can be held at a space created by you or on the Central Coast, 'at our place'...

So why not take the time to celebrate you and your female tribe.... your worth celebrating.🫶💛🫶


✓ Experience an all-inclusive Circle with a difference.

👉 Do you want a unique way to connect with your people. Your friends, your family, your significant other and or your peers?

All circles are inspired to make human connectedness with a sense of belonging, understanding and equality.

There are a variety of Circles for you to select from with all inspiring, thought provoking, fun-filled, energy lifting, bonding experiences at 'Get2Gather Circles'.

Circles can be held 'At Our Place' or at yours.

Get2Gather Circles list of Intentions for you choose from below:
🌟 Birthday Lifestyle - a celebration of you everyday.
🌟 Afterlife - Honour their presence
🌟 RIFT - Relationship Improvement Freedom Tactic
🌟 Psychic Surgery - healing past, present & future
🌟 Sistership Tarot - The real magic happens.

👉Just to name a few.👏👏👏


An experience for all females to tap into themselves & their happy place by holding space for themselves, finding time for themselves, giving attention to themselves & connecting with others.


My life's mission begun with me wanting to break generational toxicity, misery and trauma.

I wanted to break this because I felt the blunt force of it in my soul growing up and it wreaked havoc on my spirit as the years went on.
I became a changed person.

Breaking the cycle & bringing awareness to the errors of their ways was the title of my mission...

Making family members realise the harm this pain-filled toxicity had on others & them kept them living in a painfully dark world....

The idea was showing them why people move away from them rather than toward them in their life... But this all soon changed for me when I realised I lived in a house filled with people but yet I was so ALONE, and I soon realised I had changed others too

I told my concerns to my very open and honest friend.... My friend asked me why and how it was that I lived with so many family members and yet I was isolated. My response was filled with certainty and direct..., "because I have nothing in common with my husband, my children, my grandchildren or my son in-laws".
I then went on to list more of my unwarranted beliefs surrounding my feelings of isolation in a filled house...
"We don't watch the same stuff.
We have no common interests.
We are with each other to much.
We spend our time differently.
We have nothing to talk about.
There is a generational gap".

My friend listened intently, then she said to me, NOW..... "what is the real reasons your alone Keeley"?

I was gob-smacked at her implying it was me & I let her know.
Then she begins to mirror me and my words... This was very confronting.
She said.... Do you realise there is one common denominator in your story ........YOU.

This one statement rolled over and over in my mind... I could hear myself, see myself and know I had taken on the exact same victim mindset as many if not all my relatives have.
(My friends name was Keeley.)

F#, I was a huge part of the generational toxicity. I dished out the toxicity, the pain, the misery the exact same way I recieved it. No wonder my children, their partners, my grandchildren, my husband preferred the distance & peace from me... I imparted all I had suffered on them daily.

They placed me in the 'to-hard-basket', where I fitted nicely with my anger and rage,

my resentment and bitterness,

my frustration and complaining,

my know-it-all attitude,

my expectation and judgement,

my oversized ego that kept me in control & having the last word everytime.

With me always being right and never having to say "I'm sorry".

With me looking at everything with tunnel vision (black & white).

With me being outspoken no matter who my words impacted.

With me having one set of rules for myself with another set for everyone else.

With me feeling a STRONG sense of entitlement... The world did me wrong. I was a victim of circumstance.

Phewwwwww that was tiring and energy zapping.

I could only imagine how hard I came at my family with my s**t... much like an uncertain Wrecking Ball.

I'm blessed I know and am so thankful they seen in me more than I gave them. Their love for me was ingrained and kept them with me.

Well it's my time to give back to them and I strive everyday, minute by minute to provide the love, nurturance, protection and guidance they deserve and I can offer now with a true heart.
With no more broken promises or shallow words of change... Only with full acknowledgment of what they need from me as their mum, partner, grandmother and mother in-law and or relationships, because they matter.

It's now my life's mission to commit to be the best version of myself for them and my other mission extends beyond my family to inspire and heal other families to.
Families can recover and heal together and with love, understanding and consideration, without blame or shame all they need is a willingness to acknowledge and change.

Thank you for reading part of my story. If it's familiar then it's time to consider changing your story to. 💐


Couldn't have expressed it better myself.


I don’t have crow’s feet,
I have happy happy memories of laughing with friends until the tears flowed.

I don’t have frown lines,
I have the marks of my frustration and confusion, which I battled through, smiling in the end.

I am not going grey,
I have shimmering highlights of wisdom, dashed throughout my silver hair.

I don’t have scars,
I have symbols of the strength I was able to find, when life got tough.

I don’t have stretch marks,
I have the marks of growth and the marks of motherhood. My womanly evolution.

I am not fat,
I bear the evidence of a life filled with abundance, blessings and good times.

I am not just forgetful,
I have a mind so full of stories, memories and moments there is scarce room to hold much else.

I am not old,
I am blessed, with a life of great length, something not everyone can say.

Don’t change the way you look my friend,
change the way you see,

change the way you see.

Donna Ashworth
From ‘to the women’ on amazon:

❤️ Art by the FABULOUS Lisa Aisato ❤️

The word ‘vakkar’ means beautiful 🤩


Linda Cliatt-Wayman - The Last Hope For The Most Dangerous School In America


Tyler Perry - Be A Point Of Light For Others


What if, instead of accepting the myth that there’s something wrong with people who were abused, we place full responsibility and accountability for the abuse on the people who perpetrate it?

What we need is a culture where the common experience of trauma leads to a normalization of healing. Being able to say I have good reasons to be scared of the dark, of raised voices, of being swallowed up by love, of being alone.

And being able to offer each other: I know a healer for you. I'll hold your hand in the dark. Let's begin a meditation practice. Perhaps talk therapy is not enough. We should celebrate love in our community as a measure of healing. – Adrienne Maree Brown


🌿Don't abandon yourself for the sake of someone else.

🌸You never have to fight or chase someone for their love and acceptance for you.

🌿Never settle for less than the life that you deeply desire for yourself.

🌸Leave them be, wish them well, and trust that “your people” will find you.

(Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be.-Adrianne Hemenway)


I have taken that step and I'm still alive and far happier being the best version of myself.



You can go through your entire life not realising this is part of your world.


Abuse that is subtle, deceptive and devious confuses us and affects our reality

Covert abuse is death by slow poison, administered by toxic dysfunctional human beings. Usually, it occurs in close relationships. Since, there is no physical violence, at first, you try to ignore it and try to brush it off.

Moreover, as a child, you have no point of reference. You tolerate, deny rationalize and even empathize the bad behaviors. Because it is insidious and deceptive your mind takes a long time to accept that something is off.

Unfortunately, by the time we realize that this is abuse it is too late, Because steadily, bit by bit it has destroyed your trust in yourself. and your world. Covert abuse slowly chips away your sense of self

Read full article:


When as a child have been raised in a chaotic, unpredictable or with emotionally absent parents you grow up in life a little different from others that recieved calm, stability and emotionally present parenting.

What happens is you will most likely lack self-belief along your journey of growth into adulthood. You won't know what it is or how to possess it.
You will see it in others, those that are centred, grounded and often positive in mind and you will wonder if that could ever be you.

Yes we can gain belief in ourselves. We have to learn how to create calm from the inside, we have to acknowledge our worth and we often have to emotionally reconnect with ourselves.

Learning to love you.

What everybody ought to know about Self-Belief.
What skills does it take to possess it, Why is it important to possess and can it be developed?


Gloria Allred - The Woman Behind Epstein's Downfall Kept Horrifying Secret For Years

Amen Gloria... Thank you


People ask "Why should I stop complaining"?

👉The number one reason is because it energy zaps all your relationships (people move away from you, not toward you)
Number two reason is constantly complaining keeps you in a looping negative mindset, and that's hard on you and others.

People ask "how do I Practice gratitude"?

👉 It's very simple, you change the use of 1 word in your daily language.

- When you say "I GOT to do ........"
- Change 'got' to 'get'. Say "I GET to do.....".

Once you master this and see, hear and feel the change, the magic happens.

People ask "why should we practiced gratitude"?

👉 Because gratitude is the only way to erase complaint.

You cannot, it's not possible to do both.

Therefore, if your a constant complainer or you know someone who consistently complains this is what needs to be done.


The Waterfalls of Krka National Park, Croatia! 🎥 @filippoejessy on Tiktok

Take me to Croatia

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To give is to receive... To give is to give for me...




No one can change you or fix you. Because you are not broken.

You are the only one that can get a better understanding of yourself.

Your emotions are not an illness. It is you not understanding yourself properly.

Doctors are not trained in diagnosing emotional turmoil. They diagnose only on symptoms.

It's your beliefs around your emotions that takes you to the doctor for a diagnosis.

You are not broken.


Meditation I thought was new to me before I realised that meditating and meditation are different. Meditating is the act of doing and meditation is a state of doing.
So when you do anything that eases your conscious state, like a walk on the beach, a swing in the park or playing with the dog... These can be considered meditation because they offer you calm.

I am also participating in the act of meditation. Meditation is intentional.
If you set your intention this is your focus.

Both are powerful levels of consciousness.

My intention today was part of connecting with the earth through meditating.

My experience was dreamlike and a lovely place to be when we manage to get ourselves there.

I would love to share my Truth about earth that was revealed in my meditation.

Mother Earth & Me
"I could feel the coolness of the earths textures as I entered into the depths. Some parts moist other parts dry.
The sensation and smell of the earth separating upon my entry, allowing me to enter it's folds before covering me like a blanket once I passed through was like warming up in a cosy bed.
The rocks were hard and sharp, smooth and cool, moving around with the earth as it's friend, in a relationship, the three of us coming together as one.

Then to rise above the earth and rocks in new formation of 'ME'.


The universe has my back...

I can see clearly through vivid glasses that 'The Universe has my back' at every turn in my life.

When life is good, great, wonderful, smooth ....Yes, 'The universe has my back', because I get the opportunity to remain in my comfort zone for that period of time.

When life throws curve balls at us with minor or major problems... We may challenge this sentiment.
One would ask, how does the universe have my back when all I'm feeling is pain, anger and frustration.

It's in these times that we grow in strength, resilience and deep love.
It comes to us through the appreciation we often lose when we are comfortable in life.
We attune ourselves more deeply for those we care for or the things we care about when faced with adversity in our life.

We become far more grateful for what we have.


Do you live life OR live your story.

I spent and wasted way to many years living my story and unfortunately I can continue to fall into this pattern on certain days with ease.

My story is irrelevant but what that gives me is the power to be acknowledged by others.

The acknowledgment then provides sympathy.
Sympathy is my ultimate payoff.

I pride myself on not sharing my story in order to live my life because gaining sympathy only ever gave me reason to complain to others about my story.

This is the reason we live in a society filled with abundance and yet continuously find something to complain about, minute to minute or day to day.

Acknowledge your story and stop sharing, live life instead.


There is nothing sexier than my authentic truth.

What does this mean?

My belief would be that when I am being truthful from within my being. my authentic self, the all of me, I would see, feel, hear and know...
-the good, the not so good,
-the beauty, the unpleasant,
-the strength, the weakness,
-the optimism & the pessimism,
-the positives, the negatives
-the curiosity and the know-it-all
-the adventurous and the monotonous.
Everything seemingly has its opposite in us all...

(Make your list)

For me the sexiness comes from leaning towards the first of each paired truth, while acknowledging the second half.

It's gives off confidence and self-knowing.

My imperfections are perfectly acknowledged and accepted by me...
My authentic Truth 🤭

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Feeling inspired.
Change needs to happen through my entire being. Mind body spirit. 14/11/2021

Personal Enlightenment equates to growth within


"Make your life make sense
Be the change
you want to see
In the world".



How well do we relate to others in our relationships? Parents, partners, children, siblings or colleagues?

How well do we relate to ourselves?

How well do we relate to our past? Do we bury it, hide it under the carpet, expose it or live it each day?

How do we experience being loved by others? Do you reject it, accept it, expect it or give it?

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If you looking for life satisfaction or personal well being this 35 day challenge is designed with you in mind.


Its about the App for you.
A resourceful way for you to access & unlock your life. In your own time, in your own place.
No appointment necessary.

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Any questions please don't hesitate to connect.

is a Method that is Helping people help themselves independently & discreetly.

Photos from BeYouniq's post 11/11/2021

Here is a Method that is Helping people help themselves independently & discreetly.


Personal Well-being
Life Satisfaction
Positive Behaviour 🤗

👉 What would it take...?

Well imagine you just moved into a new home, the home you have been longing to live in.

It has everything you wanted for a fresh new start on life. 🏠

Place the key in the door now... But before you turn it, ask yourself... Are you carrying the same old baggage you've carried everywhere with life's past resentments, drama and crud?

Before you open the door to your new home and new life.🗝️
You would need to consider 5 things to match your life with your home.

1. ACKNOWLEDGE- What it is your taking through that door with you?

2. SURRENDER- to the awareness as your being shown a door in a familiar room, a room in your own mind.

3. HEALING- Is the door you never noticed before.

4. RESTORE- is having been told by people you trusted, that door was your whole way of thinking and being.

5. REBUILDing- is opening a new door to see what lay waiting on the other side.

COME HOME- All you have to do now is turn the k**b and enter 🚪

Creator- Keeley L (BeYouniq)
- Influenced by Michael Pollan

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Meditation I thought was new to me before I realised that meditating and meditation are different.  Meditating is the ac...
The universe has my back...I can see clearly through vivid glasses that 'The Universe has my back' at every turn in my l...
Its about the App for you. A resourceful way for you to access & unlock your life. In your own time, in your own place. ...
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