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How does the Charlotte Mason method work with Charlotte Mason?
Should we encourage children to read the classics?
End of year exams - how does Charlotte Mason suggest they are done?
Have you made a Book of Centuries yet? This is perfect for teaching your child the chronology of history.
I was asked this questions so many times. Yes we do need to learn how to teach at homes but school teacher training is not as helpful as you would think.
Recently I saw a post with people categorised as pure or impure Charlotte Mason homeschoolers! Such distinctions are a little too unhelpful. Where do our own ideas about education fit in with a Charlotte Mason philosophy?
When I first began homeschooling I was the lynch pin for work being done. The kids were always saying what do I do next. If I got distracted then the whole routine of the day fell apart. But then I discovered workboxes. It was an absolute game changer and I love to share this practical way to organise homeschool lessons for a few children.
When we start homeschooling the future is unknown. These are the things that helped me hang in there.
For all the newbie homeschoolers, I've been seeing some pretty crappy advice for homeschoolers lately. I hope this will help you.
Want to try our Year 7 high school program for the last two terms of the year?
Here is our Lite Year 2 Curriculum. If you want to take the mid-year plunge and try a fully worked out inspiring program then give us a try.
Look at our new Lite Version Year One Primary Curriculum. Age 6 - 7
Perfect to begin mid -year.

My goal is to help homeschooling parents home educate. Inspire My Homeschool is run by Michelle Morrow a veteran homeschooler who began homeschooling in 2001.

Her four children are now graduated and all went to university without a high school qualifications. One is doctor, one an 3D animator, another works for a charity and runs her own successful businesses. She began using a Charlotte Mason inspired version of homeschooling three years into her homeschool journey. Michelle has been supporting Australian homeschoolers for many years. In 2021 My Homesc

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Unschooling and Curriculum 26/04/2022

Unschooling and Curriculum

When I first looked into unschooling in Australia in 1997 John Holt was the unschooling guru. He was a American teacher who discovered that children could learn as they followed their interests. He said, “children who were provided with a rich and stimulating learning environment would learn what they are ready to learn, when they are ready to learn it”.

Raymond Moore, another alternative educator and friend of Holts’, began sharing his research on education without schooling and his phrase homeschooling gained momentum. From the 1970s unschooling or homeschooling meant the same thing, your child learnt away from school and within the family setting. In some countries, like India, unschooling is still the more commonly used term for home education.

Let me share my story of the evolution of unschooling in Australia and how the terms have changed over the years.

Unschooling and Curriculum What's natural learning? Is it the same unschooling in Australia? Is curriculum OK? How can my child learn what they want when they want to?

Homeschooling in WA - What's To Know 26/04/2022

Homeschooling in WA - What's To Know

If you plan on homeschooling in WA it is a legal requirement to register to homeschool from ages 5.5 to 17.5 – if your child is not enrolled in distance education, or at a school.

Need more info?

Homeschooling in WA - What's To Know Information on homeschooling in WA including, registration, part-time homeschooling, travelling, and curriculum requirements.

NESA Homeschooling and Planning 25/04/2022

NESA Homeschooling and Planning

How do write up a plan for NESA without compromising the beauty of homeschooling?

NESA Homeschooling and Planning What is required for a NESA homeschooling plan. How much of the syllabus do I use? Do I have to use NESA resources? Can I DIY or buy...

That's Why I'll Never Homeschool! - My Homeschool 25/04/2022

That's Why I'll Never Homeschool! - My Homeschool

People have a lot of opinions about homeschooling.

That's Why I'll Never Homeschool! - My Homeschool We want to make your homeschooling easier. We are Christian home educators who have resources and programs inspired by Charlotte Mason

Homeschooling In SA - What's to Know 25/04/2022

Homeschooling In SA - What's to Know

If you live in South Australia and plan on homeschooling your child the DECD (Department of Education and Child Development) states it is a legal requirement for your child to go to school from ages 6 to 17.

In order to be able to homeschool in SA, you need to be enrolled in a South Australian school and then get an exemption. If you are moving to South Australia and have been homeschooling in another state, you still need to enrol in a South Australian school. The Principal can give you a Principal's Exemption for a month while your application takes place.

Homeschooling In SA - What's to Know An unofficial guide on homeschooling in SA including: exemption, part-time school, travel and curriculum requirements.

Homeschooling and University 25/04/2022

Homeschooling and University

There are many pathways to university for homeschooled children. Here are some of them.

Homeschooling and University Do homeschooling and university go together? Yes they do! Read some success stories & get some application tips.

Home Education Registration & Homeschool Record Keeping 25/04/2022

Home Education Registration & Homeschool Record Keeping

To be registered for homeschooling in Australia you must apply to the state or territory in which you are a resident. You cannot register to homeschool in Australia if you are living overseas, or have no fixed address. The parent (or legal guardian) who will be the home educator is the person who registers each individual child.

Home Education Registration & Homeschool Record Keeping Home education registration varies per state. Our homeschool record keeping system will help you get registered quickly across in your state or territory.

Social Studies - A Literature Approach 25/04/2022

Social Studies - A Literature Approach

Social Studies is often overlooked in the typical homeschool, or relegated to dry history texts or boring geography resources. However Living Books can teach this subject in a multifaceted way - and it's a lot more enjoyable for all.

Social Studies - A Literature Approach Homeschool social studies can be taught using a literature approach. Using books we guide parents in lessons on society, current affairs...


So many parents observe that their children are naturally drawn to science. With fascination and wonder we see them watch the world around them as they seek to understand all that they see.

Sadly, too often this amazement and natural wonder is replaced with lifeless resources that explain scientific concepts and ideas without any zest for this wide-ranging subject.

P.E. Homeschool Curriculum 25/04/2022

P.E. Homeschool Curriculum

Whether you are a long-term homeschooler or have found yourself suddenly homeschooling, finding homeschool p.e. is important to keep our children happy and engaged in their learning.

Introducing some homeschool sporting activities can be easier than you think.

P.E. Homeschool Curriculum What exercises for kids can you do when they are at home all day? Here are some homeschool PE lessons to keep your kids active.

Homeschooling in Canberra ACT - What's To Know 24/04/2022

Homeschooling in Canberra ACT - What's To Know

What's the process for getting registered to homeschooling the ACT? Can I do part time homeschooling? Here are some FAQ answered.

Homeschooling in Canberra ACT - What's To Know Info on homeschooling in Canberra including, part-time ACT homeschooling, removing child from school & registration requirements.

Maths Homeschooling Curriculum 24/04/2022

Maths Homeschooling Curriculum

All too often the topic of homeschool maths is met with despair and groaning from families sick and tired of the homeschooling maths curriculum that promised them excellence but has failed to live up to its expectations.

Here are some tips for find a good math curriculum - the perfect one does not exist!

Maths Homeschooling Curriculum Our homeschool math in the early years lays a foundation for more complex homeschooling maths curriculum. We offer revision resources and ...

Homeschool Music Appreciation 24/04/2022

Homeschool Music Appreciation

Following the Charlotte Mason method for teaching music was easy for me to do. I just needed to know where to find the right resources.

Homeschool Music Appreciation From my early homeschool days I was encouraged by Charlotte Mason homeschoolers to include music appreciation into our homeschool day.


Languages is a key learning area in the Australian Curriculum. But does that mean we need to learn a second language?

How do you teach languages in the homeschool? Do you need to teach fluency? What if you don't know another language?

Homeschooling in Tas - What's To Know 22/04/2022

Homeschooling in Tas - What's To Know

Are you looking into homeschooling in Tasmania? Many feel a little daunted when they first begin. There's a lot of jargon very specific to Tasmanian homeschooling and it can be hard to get your head around it all. However, it’s really not as scary as many think.

Homeschooling in Tas - What's To Know Find out about homeschooling in Tasmania including, part-time school, remove your child from school, and registration requirements.

Homeschool Civics and Citizenship 22/04/2022

Homeschool Civics and Citizenship

Many of us discuss politics with our kids. However learning how the system works can be a mystery. Here are some ideas for teaching children about how government and civics works.

Homeschool Civics and Citizenship Homeschool civics and citizenship can be done studying flags, states, PMs and reading good books about Australian government for kids.

Homeschool Art Curriculum 22/04/2022

Homeschool Art Curriculum

I have two homegrown artists who taught themselves many skills. We created an environment that helped them excel.

Homeschool Art Curriculum My Homeschool provides curriculum and community. This is how we encourage you to teach homeschool art the Charlotte Mason way.

Geography Homeschool Curriculum 22/04/2022

Geography Homeschool Curriculum

Geography was something I just thought was learning about countries and capitals. It is so much more than that. It includes field work, cultural studies, population statistics and so much more.

Geography Homeschool Curriculum My Homeschool's homeschool geography helps parents give their children a robust curriculum with a global perspective.

Homeschool Dictation Curriculum 22/04/2022

Homeschool Dictation Curriculum

We didn't do spelling tests we do dictation the Charlotte Mason way.

Homeschool Dictation Curriculum Homeschool dictation using quality literature is an efficient way to teach spelling, grammar and literacy. Charlotte Mason suggests we...

Handwriting and Copywork 22/04/2022

Handwriting and Copywork

We used copywork regularly in our home throughout primary school. It is excellent for independent work.

Handwriting and Copywork Teaching handwriting can be done using copywork from great literature. What are the best fonts to use for teaching printing and cursive.

English Homeschool Curriculum 21/04/2022

English Homeschool Curriculum

Here are some ideas for teaching English in your homeschool.

English Homeschool Curriculum Our Homeschool English curriculum includes living books including many Classics plus copywork, dictation and grammar instruction.

Homeschooling Curriculum by Subject 21/04/2022

Homeschooling Curriculum by Subject

What subjects do you need to teach when you homeschool?

Homeschooling Curriculum by Subject My Homeschool provides curriculum and community. Read about our homeschool subject choices and the Australian Curriculum.

What is Notebooking? 21/04/2022

What is Notebooking?

Textbooks and worksheets can be greatly reduced when you use notebooking. It's far more creative and children showcase what they have learnt.

What is Notebooking? What is Notebooking? Notebooking can be used for practically every subject. See samples & find ways to use it successfully.

What Is Homeschooling? 21/04/2022

What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschoolers get lumped into one category - but one size does not not fit all.

What Is Homeschooling? What is homeschooling? There are many definitions and homeschool methods. Charlotte Mason, Classical, unschooling,...

Homeschooling 21/04/2022


What are some of the outcomes of homeschooling?

Homeschooling Homeschooling is an alternative to school. It doesn't take long to realise there are many different homeschool methods to try.

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling | My Homeschool 21/04/2022

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling | My Homeschool

What are the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling | My Homeschool My Homeschool makes homeschooling easier. We are Christian home educators who have resources and programs inspired by Charlotte Mason.

How To Start Homeschooling 21/04/2022

How To Start Homeschooling

What do you need to do to start homeschooling?

How To Start Homeschooling When asked, 'How to homeschool?' I begin with these main suggestions on how to start homeschooling quickly and simply.

How Much Does Homeschooling Cost 21/04/2022

How Much Does Homeschooling Cost

Is it cheaper to homeschool? In most cases yes. But it's not a free option.

How Much Does Homeschooling Cost How much does homeschooling cost? What are the hidden and actual costs when homeschooling. What equipment and resources should you buy?

How Many Hours of Homeschooling a Day? 20/04/2022

How Many Hours of Homeschooling a Day?

Homeschool hours - the secret recipe.

How Many Hours of Homeschooling a Day? "How many hours do you homeschool?", was a question I asked a lot as a new homeschooler. When someone told me the truth - I was shocked!

Homeschooling Multiple Ages and Combining Grades 20/04/2022

Homeschooling Multiple Ages and Combining Grades

At My Homeschool we get asked this often. How do I teach them all at the same time?

Homeschooling Multiple Ages and Combining Grades Here's some tips for homeschooling multiple ages & combining resources. When do you use group lessons and when do you to teach individually?

Homeschool Narration And Examples 20/04/2022

Homeschool Narration And Examples

Chuck out the comprehension worksheets and use narrations. It will really help you understand if your child is grasping the content you are teaching.

Homeschool Narration And Examples Narration is a key tool in the Charlotte Mason method. Here are some tips to implementation and examples of oral and written narrations.

Homeschooling In Australia: 13 FAQs Answered 20/04/2022

Homeschooling In Australia: 13 FAQs Answered

Homeschooling in Australia is legal in all states and territories.

Each state government has different requirements.

You apply to the education board in the state you reside but if you have no fixed address you cannot apply.

If you do not live in Australia, or you are not a resident then you cannot apply for homeschooling in Australia.

You do not get paid to homeschool in Australia.

You choose and buy your own curriculum.

Homeschooling In Australia: 13 FAQs Answered Find essential information about homeschooling in Australia including: FAQ, statistics, uni entry, laws, and finding support.

Australian Christian Homeschooling 20/04/2022

Australian Christian Homeschooling

What are the options for Christian parents who want to homeschool?

Australian Christian Homeschooling My Homeschool is an Australian Christian homeschooling curriculum inspired by the Charlotte Mason method. Can you teach it in a secular ...

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method | My Homeschool 20/04/2022

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method | My Homeschool

I've heard the Charlotte Mason described as lots of nature and books. It's much more than that.

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method | My Homeschool My Homeschool makes homeschooling easier. We are Christian home educators who have resources and programs inspired by Charlotte Mason.

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