Murundaka Cohousing Community

Murundaka Cohousing Community

Murundaka is a cohousing community situated in Heidelberg Heights, Victoria, Australia. It has shared common spaces including a beautiful garden.

We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and pay respect to the traditional owners, past, present and emerging, on whose land we live, work and play. Murundaka

We are an independent, citizen-run, private housing cooperative. An ‘intentional community’ of 20 households; two houses and an apartment building comprising 18 units - a vertical village. We choose our own members, develop our own

Operating as usual


We love our intimate potluck with a glass of red at the end of the busy week at Murundaka Cohousing Community

I always love the apple pie made by my lovely neighbor. People bring homemade dishes. Everything is made from scratch.

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Something is amazing about living in a Cohousing when you catch Covid-19 and self-isolating, nutritious hot food cooked with love is delivered to your door, with fresh juice made by Gail and pesto made by Andrew using basil from our garden. People get better when they can feel you are not alone, but supported and cared for by their neighbors. Thanks to Jewels, Ralph, and Sunao for delivering food.


Wholesome family activity alert 📢
This Saturday night we're hosting an Apolline concert in our lovely living room! Will you come?


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Had a super busy week.
Waking up at 3, not coming home till after 7. How lucky I am to come home and the dinner is cooked already. Thanks to the cooking team and people doing dishes.
Friday common meal at Murundaka Cohousing Community now playing Mario Kart.

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Planting done after Mariles helped me with weeding yesterday.
Soil test, added organic compost, sprinkle of potash for broad beans, blood and bone for brasicas.
Netted to prevent catapillaers, snails...
What a beautiful day.
Feels good.

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It was a beautiful sunny winter day today in Melbourne. There was about an hour and a half, a window of opportunity for gardening, between my telehealth video interpreting assignments.
It was a beautiful sunny winter day today in Melbourne.
There was about an hour and a half, a window of opportunity for gardening, between my telehealth video interpreting assignments.
Renovated our summer garden into a winter garden, pulled summer vegetables, e.g. zucchinis, eggplants, and weeds, and got ready for planting winter vegetables and Broad beans we got 2 weeks ago from the 'Plant to Harvest' workshop at Sustainable Macleod
Thanks to Mariles Factora Young for your company. (Mikoto)


🎤 Speaker Announcement: We're thrilled to introduce Dianne Wall, Acting CEO of Regional Development Australia - Mid North Coast, as one of our esteemed speakers at our upcoming co-op conference!

Dianne brings a wealth of finance and hr management expertise across various industries, including the not-for-profit sector, community services, manufacturing, and more. With a Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management from Southern Cross University, Dianne's passion lies in delivering outcomes for local communities and their most vulnerable people.

🌟 Panel Discussion at 11am: Join us for "Our Co-operative Economy - Successes and Challenges," where Dianne will provide a local perspective on the opportunities and current landscape. Learn how RDA Mid North Coast collaborates with government, industry, and community groups to drive sustainable development and enhance the well-being of our region's community.

Don't miss the inspiration you'll take from our conference. You can register now to secure your spot:

Capturing the inner zeitgeist 03/04/2024

"Immersion in this vision and lifestyle can open us up to be able to be inclusive, validating, truly empathetic in a selfless way. And when not able to be as honourable as one might like, to then be able to acknowledge human failings, manage some damage control, learn how to give and to receive mindful feedback, learn how to apologise and make amends, ultimately learn how to embrace change, becomes part of ‘the work’."

An article from one of our founders..

Capturing the inner zeitgeist A Cohousing (i) community needs a minimum of twenty-five households (ii), up to forty (iii), in my view, to function well, plus the residential buildings, the individual homes to house them all. Al…

Living in Community | Humanitix 23/03/2024

Crash course + weekend retreat + emersion + good food and lots of laughs

Living in Community | Humanitix Get tickets on Humanitix - Living in Community hosted by Moora Moora Learning Centre. Moora Moora Co Operative Community, 109 Moora Rd, Mount Toolebewong VIC 3777, Australia. Friday 3rd May 2024. Find event information.


I sent everyone email saying

'Tomorrow is Phoebe's birthday. She has been very busy, a bit ran down and sick.
She is going out tomorrow night so we can't celebrate her bd together but if you see her during the day please wish her a happy birthday and thanks her for her work at Murundaka as a helpx. You might not notice her work but every bits helps to make Murundaka more beautiful. '

Then my neighbour Gail said
'Thanks for that Mikoto.
I have put a present and a card together for Phoebe from all of us wishing happy birthday and thanks from all of us.'

Really warmed my heart at the end of a non stop busy day. We got 29 people live here but Gail remembers everyone's birthday and gives presents to everone.

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It was an warm day but we had a lovely Friday night common meal of baked potatoes, various toppings and salad.
Well done Sally and co.

Home 15/03/2024

Launched today - Articulating Value in Housing Co-operatives: project findings report

Home Articulating Value in Housing Co-operatives Project findings report The project report presents the findings from the report. It discusses the nature of the sector, the cost and work that go into rental co-ops, the values that are generated, challenges encountered, and recommendations. The project r...

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It was too hot to go out during the day, so I was working on my translation deadline but decided to ditch my work.

We are trying to save the cherry trees in our garden and other trees and shrubs on our nature strip nearly dead because of the heat. Sally and I went to get a car boot full of free mulch from Sustainable Macleod. Good teamwork. Very satisfying.

Thank you to Robin Gale-Baker for the water-saving tips.

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My 81-year-old neighbor Gail is a genius. She made these apple pies using our own green apples.

Forgot to take a photo of the meal of bean burritos with fresh corn from the cobs with rice and salad. We had a very nice common meal.
but we used tins of beans and rice we had in our pantry, tomatoes, and green apples from our garden, fed 13 people, and only spent $50.
Well done to the team

Photos from Common Ground's post 29/02/2024

The Wattle Fellowship is an extracurricular program that runs out of Melbourne University . Their aim is to nurture student leaders into sustainability champions: "we want more young people leading us to a more sustainable planet."

It is great to be able to be part of this and to share Commonground with all it has to offer with the next generation of sustainability professionals who have so much passion and enthusiasm.

Photos from National Sustainability Festival's post 27/02/2024

25 years of SLF!!!

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Erica the visitor from QLD helped us cut banana trees and hang green bananas to ripen. It's a cold climate banana, using the thermal mass of the east-facing concrete wall.
Murundaka-grown bananas are the best. We planted it when we first moved here.
Tomorrow morning we will chop the banana trunks and leaves to mulch the garden.

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Friday night.
We had a very successful pot luck dinner, using our garden tomatoes, zucchini and figs.
Kids entertained us with performance and trivia night quizzes were fun.

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Happy Friday everyone. Well done. We made it. Our weekly common meal. Common meals are the glue of the community.
We are so busy during the week working, parenting, studying...
We need to catch up with each other and share a meal at least once a week at the end of the hectic week. Vegan rice paper rolls with homemade peanut sauce
with homegrown mint/Vietnamese mint.
So fresh, refreshing, and delicious.

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Summer abundance of freshly picked organic vegies and fruits from our garden. Even we live in a suburb of Melbourne, direct contact with nature is important to us and keeps us busy. Never a dull moment.


Christmas/New Year is getting closer by the minute. Handmade felt advent calendar is hung the heater is decorated with Mary, Jesus and a donkey and bees wax candles 😍

Darebin Festivals - Our Songs 02/12/2022

Hi everyone would love to see you at 4pm at the chalice in High st Northcote (oppsote the Wesley Anne) today... singing with Sonidos del Alma choir, Lisa M

Darebin Festivals - Our Songs Produced by FUSE, Our Songs is a celebration of peace, love and community from some of Darebin’s favorite community music groups.

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