Intrinsic Safety - RTO 45803

Intrinsic Safety - RTO 45803

Intrinsic Safety (RTO#45803) is a boutique safety training company, providing practical training and compliance advice to enhance safety performance.

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Why Stress Makes First Responders Suck (and what can be done about it) 22/02/2024

You will fail地nd you better prepare for it!

Something we address in our first responder and rescue training is stress innoculation and the need to practice critical skills so they become second nature圯xperience shows you will under-perform (sometimes fail to perform) when placed under stress and duress.

Knowing how humans respond means you can train and develop processes to mitigate the effects of stress when performing critical skills.

Why Stress Makes First Responders Suck (and what can be done about it) This video explores the effect of acute stress and how it diminishes the abilities of first responders to effectively execute their work.Some interesting res...

Work at Height - Emergency Rescue 15/02/2024

A pretty succinct overview of heights rescue planning considerations她ften paid lip service to or neglected entirely

Work at Height - Emergency Rescue This short video concerning emergency rescue planning for work at height is produced by the City of London Corporation's Health and Safety Team for those who...


Elevate Your Team's Safety and Productivity with Our Working at Heights Training

At Intrinsic Safety, we recognise the paramount importance of specialised training for individuals tasked with working at heights. Our Working at Heights Training is carefully crafted to empower your team with the critical knowledge, skills, and assurance required to perform tasks at elevation both safely and productively.

Why Choose Our Programme?

Expert-Led Sessions: Our training is conducted by seasoned professionals with extensive field experience in working at heights.

In-Depth Curriculum: We cover every vital topic, including hazard identification, fall protection systems, correct use of safety equipment, and rescue plans, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of height safety.

Customisable Learning Experiences: Acknowledging the unique requirements of different teams and projects, we offer tailored onsite training options. These are developed to align with your specific timetable, location, and educational goals, providing your team with focused, impactful training that fits seamlessly into your operations.

Nationally Accredited: Successful participants will be awarded a statement of attainment recognised throughout Australia, validating their proficiency in working at heights.

Opting for our training not only boosts your teams safety but also reflects your dedication to maintaining the highest workplace health and safety standards. Partner with us to foster a safer, more efficient working environment.

Get in touch with us today on 1300 990 336 or [email protected] to find out how our training can be adapted to suit your exact requirements. The safety and success of your team at heights are our top concerns.

Elevate Safety with Our Working at Heights Training Unlock the key to workplace safety with our Working at Heights Training. Customised for various industries, our course prepares you to work safely and confidently above ground.


Intrinsic Safety has been the trusted training provider for Defence units across Australia for several years, recognised for our commitment and the effectiveness of our programs.

Our veteran-owned and operated status enhances our Defence-oriented approach, ensuring our training provides a comprehensive safety solution tailored to the specific needs of Defence personnel and units across Australia.

Contact us on 1300 990 336 or email us [email protected] to start the conversation about how we can enhance your units capability and skills to ensure their safety.

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Top Tailored Defence Training in Australia | WHS & Emergency Courses Discover Australia's leading Defence Training for military personnel. Specialised in WHS, rescue operations, first aid, and fire emergency response. Equip your team with the best.

Breathing Apparatus Limitations You Need To Know | Intrinsic Safety - RTO 45803 12/02/2024

To safely and effectively operate in hazardous atmospheres, breathing apparatus operators must be aware of the limitations of their breathing apparatus. These can include limitations of the wearer, the equipment and air supply.

Breathing Apparatus Limitations You Need To Know | Intrinsic Safety - RTO 45803 To work safely and efficiently in dangerous atmospheres, breathing apparatus users must be aware of their breathing apparatus limitations.


Enhance Your Team's Safety and Efficiency with Our Confined Space Entry Training

At Intrinsic Safety, we understand the critical importance of comprehensive training for professionals working in confined spaces. Our Confined Space Entry Training is meticulously designed to equip your team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to operate safely and efficiently in these challenging environments.

Why Choose Us?
Expert-Led Training: Our courses are delivered by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering all essential aspects of confined space work, including risk assessment, atmospheric monitoring, and emergency procedures.
Flexible Learning Options: We understand the diverse needs of teams and businesses. That's why we offer customised onsite training solutions designed to fit your specific schedule, location, and learning objectives. Our approach ensures your team receives targeted, effective training without the need to adjust to pre-set course schedules.
Nationally Recognised: Upon completion, participants receive a statement of attainment that is recognised across Australia.

Investing in our training not only enhances your teams safety but also demonstrates your commitment to adhering to the highest standards of workplace health and safety. Lets work together to create a safer, more efficient workplace.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our training to meet your specific needs. Your teams safety is our priority. Lets ensure they have the training they need to succeed in confined spaces.

Become an Expert with Confined Space Entry Training: Get Trained Now! Join our Confined Space Entry Training to master safe entry and work in confined spaces. Learn essential safety practices for challenging environments.


Explore the essential guide to handling hazardous chemicals safely and effectively, as outlined by Intrinsic Safety. This comprehensive overview addresses the critical importance of occupational standards, including legislative frameworks, risk assessments, control measures, and emergency preparedness, ensuring workplace safety, environmental protection, and public health. Ideal for professionals across various industries, it's a must-read for anyone involved in managing hazardous substances. Learn more about safeguarding your workplace today.

Essential Guide to Handling Hazardous Chemicals Safely Discover the importance of occupational standards in handling hazardous chemicals, covering safety measures, training, and compliance with Australian regulations.



The most forgotten capability on fire appliances

Evaluating Rescue Knot Efficiency in 11 mm General Use Ropes | CMC PRO 20/01/2024

Good info

Evaluating Rescue Knot Efficiency in 11 mm General Use Ropes | CMC PRO Motivated by mounting questions about the strength and characteristics of 11 mm NFPA General Use Rope, CMC School Instructors, LeRoy Harbach and John McKently, began a series of tests in the CMC lab. Their exploration into knot efficiency involved 487 tests across a number of rope types, revealing i...

Shock Value: Impact on Rope Rescue Systems 04/01/2024

Great demo on the advantage of TTRS over belay!

Shock Value: Impact on Rope Rescue Systems : Clinton Crafton of Advanced Rescue Solutions and company review what happens when a load is released a captured on two different rope rescu...


Love it




Simple triage process


Love it 不不不

Sharps Handling, Infectious Waste & Infection Prevention Training 23/11/2023

∴ Introducing our new Distance-Mode Sharps and Infectious Waste Handling Course

Sharps Handling, Infectious Waste & Infection Prevention Training - Tailored for today's diverse work environments. Empower your team with essential skills for a safer workplace.

Who Benefits?
Healthcare Workers
Cleaners & Sanitizers
Waste Handlers
Lab Technicians
Tattoo & Piercing Artists
Emergency Responders
Community Health Experts
Beauty & Public Facility Staff

Customized Corporate Training Get the best value with our competitive group rates, quality training, and flexible payment options. Our focus: A cohesive, goal-oriented learning experience.

Statement of Attainment upon successful completion

Diverse Learning Formats Choose from:
Full-Day In-Person Training
Online + In-Person Refresher Course
Self-Paced Online Learning with Hands-On Assessments

Key Learning Areas:
Sharp Object & Infectious Waste Handling
Infection Types: Viruses to Prions
Prevention & Control Strategies
Organizational Safety Protocols
Effective Use of Personal Protective Gear
Contaminated Sharps Clean-up
Biohazard Spill Clean-up
Comprehensive Incident Management
Efficient Waste Management Techniques

For more details & enrolment, visit:

Sharps Handling, Infectious Waste & Infection Prevention Training


Be careful when renovating


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest We Forget


Understanding Confined Spaces: Critical Insights for Worker Safety

Hey everyone,

Confined spaces are often unnoticed threats, prevalent in places like industrial tanks, pipelines, storage bins, and more. We must shed light on the common dangers and characteristics of incidents related to confined spaces to safeguard our colleagues and ourselves.

1. Multiple Victims in One Incident: Often, accidents don't just impact one individual. Many times, a colleague might rush to rescue someone without the proper tools or training, becoming a victim too. Proper training can prevent these tragedies.

2. The Importance of Training: A significant number of incidents happen due to a lack of proper training. From not understanding the risks to relying heavily on past experiences, it's essential that we regularly refresh and update our knowledge and protocols.

3. Hazardous Atmospheres A Stealthy Danger: The silent killers in confined spaces are often oxygen-deficient or toxic environments. Continuous monitoring can help us stay alert to these threats.

4. The Need for Robust Rescue Plans: It's alarming how many workplaces lack a proper rescue plan. Remember, in emergencies, every second is crucial. A well-equipped and trained rescue team can save lives.

In conclusion, while confined spaces are integral in many industries, they come with their unique set of dangers. Proper training, continuous vigilance, and a well-thought-out rescue plan can be the difference between safety and tragedy. Let's prioritize safety above all and remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Stay safe and informed, everyone! 返儭

Navigating the Corporate Ladder: Managing Up as a Safety Manager in Australia 24/10/2023

Feeling sandwiched as a safety manager between workforce expectations and executive pressures? 左 You're not alone! Dive into our newest read, 'Navigating the Corporate Ladder as a Safety Manager', to discover how to balance and champion workplace safety. Essential for anyone in the thick of corporate dynamics! 把

Navigating the Corporate Ladder: Managing Up as a Safety Manager in Australia Explore the intricacies of navigating the corporate ladder as a safety manager in Australia. Learn strategies to champion workplace safety, despite profit-first mentalities. Navigate, champion, and transform with confidence.


Good demonstration of why we roll pregnant women to the left for recovery position

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Our Story

Intrinsic Safety was founded in 2017 by active firefighters with the vision of becoming leaders in the safety industry by delivering exceptional training standards and unmatched professionalism. With that vision in mind, we centre our processes around creating a training environment that places the highest value on the individual, to instill a sense of ownership and to embrace excellence in all aspects of safety.

All of our trainers are specialists in their field. In addition, they have all had to qualify to attend our intensive Train-the-Trainer program. That makes sure they meet our high professional training standard and ensures every course is consistent in quality and content.

All our trainers are dynamic, friendly people who have years of experience and are highly skilled in using interactive teaching techniques and accelerated learning principles. You will not find a comparable group of such skilled professionals anywhere else.

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Safety Managers, are you aware of the expertise steering your safety training? We'd like you to meet Brendan Day, the he...
Safety and Training Managers - Are you happy with the quality of your current First Aid Training? At Intrinsic Safety, w...
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